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Video's discussing Aliens and UFO's

  • Jack, a dimensional being, shares his observations during the process of the creation of Mankind and how the various dimensional races interacted in the universe before the Creation of Man in this 'History of Mankind' Youtube-Playlist
  • Anu, Marduk, Enki and Enlil, four reptilians that took part in the creation of Mankind as a mind consciousness system, share their stories and insights on this youtube-channel
  • Shi (Alioshenka), an extra-terrestrial, gives his perspective on various topics from UFO's to the NWO to Sex in this youtube-playlist

Perspective on Communicating with Aliens

The dimensional existence has changed two and a half years ago, there are no more aliens, there are no more gods, goddesses, angels, dimensional planes, masters. Nothing of what was understood of heaven/dimensions and the universes exists any longer, it has all been stopped. All that remains is dimensional beings, standing within and as oneness and equality within and as human beings, to assist, direct and support you in stopping the mind. The mind is not who you are, so you may realise, experience and understand who you are as life within and as oneness and equality. The dimensional existence in its entirety no longer exists, because we're all here within and as human beings to assist and support you in stopping the mind.

There is and will be and exist no other solution for the current status and manifested experience of this world, but to stop the mind. For each individual human being to take responsibility for themselves and stand up within and as themselves, through realising and understanding and seeing that they are not their mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions, as you are not your mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

This is done through self honesty in every moment, in every moment of every breath when you see that thoughts, feelings and emotions arise within you, to apply self forgiveness in releasing the thoughts, feelings and emotions. The process of stopping the mind is simplistic: Self honesty, self forgiveness and self application.

For further clarification, I really suggest you check out the Desteni website. Read the articles and then ask further questions. An entire world / existence has unfolded within and as you and within and as this world, but you are veiled from realising you because of the mind still existing within you. The mind of thoughts feelings and emotions, manifesting and creating the 'alternate believed mind dimension reality' which you perceive yourself to be experiencing in this moment, but which is not real.

Billy Meier

Billy Meier did not go on an expedition with the Pleiadians - this is clearly seen by the Photographs of the 'spacecraft' and also the picture of him taken with the Pleiadian, they didn't wear 'white space suits' nor did their 'spacecrafts' look anything like illustrated on the photographs - even in the photographs, the illustration of the 'dinosaurs' is exactly how human beings perceived them to look like, even coloring - when it's not even close to the manifestations of the 'dinosaur era' - who were manifested and designed in the exact image and likeness of the Annunaki: Green and brown, with slight gold/yellow 'tint' - this was all of them - fierce by nature.

He was part of an organization to validate 'aliens' existence within this universe - and was informed of what exactly to say, how to say it, how to explain his experience - everything was 'set up' - to generate a 'movement' within human beings / another method of pre-occupying human beings' minds in believing in the existence of 'alien races' manifested in this existence - when there weren't any - they were interdimensional.

Although the Pleiadians had the capacity and ability to do this: Taking pictures would be impossible - because in terms of 'going back in time', they'd have to do it the following way: The interdimensional beings would place an interdimensional gridline structure - within which 'no time' exists and 'connect' this gridline structure placement, within which no-time exist, to the centre of a human beings' mind consciousness system - thus - placing an 'era' in manifestation of the past - which would be seen with the human beings' human physical eyes, through the 'eyes of the mind consciousness system' - and the human being would be interdimensional as well.

Thus in 'no time' which is quantum time - everything exists here - thus - what the Pleiadians would do is manifest this 'here' of past within a interdimensional gridline placement, connected to the centre of the human beings' mind consciousness system - not what exists in 'current time manifestation' - but what existed in the past - which would be 'opened' by the Pleiadians.

The being would be taken on the 'spacecraft' - though - it would be within this 'spacecraft' that the interdimensional gridline placement of 'past manifestation' in quantum time would be possible - and they could only place a being in such a scenario for so long - to ensure that they don't manifest within this universe - Three days - too long, they would've manifested then - half a day is 'more than' enough, depending on the capacity of 'slowing down time' within this physical manifested universe and at the same time 'speeding 'time' up - moving, very fast yet very slow at the same time.

Though - in this scenario - there is no way he would've had the ability to 'take pictures with a camera' - because he would be interdimensional - not manifested.

Thus - the Billy Meier Pleiadian expedition did not take place.



I am a confused being at the moment. I want to know more about the channelings that Barbara Marciniak has made over the past decade. She is a channeler who channels the Pleiadians. I have read all her books, which are four, and want to know if her channellings have been by the white light. I find it very difficult to believe they came from consciousness systems because the information channeled talks about the Annunaki and how they have controlled humanity and how it is time we use our discernment even from them to become aware and change the route of where humanity is headed. They talk about so many different things and how our bodies can do much more than we believe. Well I just want to know more info about these beings and who they really. They say they are beings from the Pleaides and they have realized their ancestors have made a mistake with humanity. So what gives? I really feel they are beings honest but since I found out about this site, supposely all the channelings have been predesigned scripts. So please tell me who these beings are and their intentions.


The Pleiadians were a race, mostly feminine expressions, they were referred to within the interdimensional existence as: The guardians of wisdom and creativity.

They were believed to be the 'heart of existence' in its entirety, the source of existence in its entirety. Thus, the Pleiadian race were 'spared' by the Annunaki who were the position of their task to enslave existence in establishing a 'Kingdom', to live and be 'God' of existence. To be 'God' of existence, he had to spare the 'source' of existence, the 'life' of existence which were represented by the Pleiadians.

The Pleiadian race were very much 'honoured' and renowned within existence, they were one of the races spared by the Annunaki in the process of enslaving existence in its entirety to have the ability to establish Anu's 'Kingdom' to have dominion, power and control over and of all of existence.

Satya being the 'One' of the Pleiadians, the 'Queen' of the race. She was known all over existence, as were the Pleiadian race. Some races were very 'careful' amongst the Pleiadians presence, for it was the Annunaki's ancestors together with the Pleiadians ancestors that established, designed and manifested the interdimensional existence which consisted of existences, planets, races, cities, where each race had their own 'home' consisting of a universe, planet(s) and city, each race having a specific 'expression' as the 'signature' of what the race represent. (For more on this - I suggest you watch Veno's History of the Universe video interviews)

So, within all of existence, the Pleiadians and the Annunaki were the 'mother' and 'father' of existence. Pleiadians the guardians of the source, creativity and wisdom and the Annunaki as the manifestation of the source, creators of wisdom.

See, the Pleiadians were in 'relationship' with the Annunaki from the perspective of 'controlling' this physical manifested universe within which human beings experience themselves. The Pleiadians and the Annunaki together responsible in manifesting a Kingdom within and as which Anu remains God. Although the Pleiadians and Annunaki were in relations together, Anu certified his position within existence and all and everyone was 'beneath' him. He was the only 'One' that claimed and could claim dominion, power and control over and of all existence. He corresponded most with Satya, Satya the 'director' of the Pleiadians and Anu the 'director' of the Annunaki. The Pleiadians weren't much 'bothered' with 'position' or 'stature' within existence - though grateful as to not being enslaved within and of this physical manifested existence.

Before 1998, Channelings of dimensional beings came through human beings as dimensional beings 'descended' down to the earth plane from the higher dimensional planes to come through and 'channel' through human beings.

Anu posed the question as to how to 'entertain' or 'preoccupy' human beings minds' as they're programmed to live in this physical manifested universe and prepare his 'Kingdom' to return one day and then eventually have power over and of heaven and earth within which he will exist infinitely, Anu establishing a 'Kingdom' within which he will exist infinitely as God. This desire became his greatest fall in existence.

Satya naturally presented the 'solution' of pre-occupying them with 'channelings', coming through the human beings, only having to stick their heads into the human beings' mind for a moment and speak. Satya suggested she 'prepare' messages of words which will 'lift their spirits', which will keep them believing in something, which will keep them hoping in something, designing a method to keep them in hopeful mind essences and thus keep them (human beings) pre-occupied until Anu is satisfied with the establishment of his 'Kingdom' and then returns to manifest here on earth, thus be 'God' of heaven and earth and exist infinitely within and as 'his own creation'.

Satya prepared scriptures of words in which to prepare the channelings coming through human beings, 'taking over a beings entire life' on earth, pre-occupying other human beings, many human beings within the words of the scriptures prepared beforehand, within which human beings place their hope, faith and trust, enslaved to knowledge and information presented by Satya and other interdimensional beings. And Satya actually really only channeled maximum 10 times, the rest of the times it was another Pleiadian female that channeled through the human being, because she personally disliked coming through human beings and talking, it is extremely uncomfortable, because you have to suppress the human beings' mind for a moment, then stick your dimensional head into the human being's head as complete integration was not possible and speak words from a scripture already prepared, to entertain and pre-occupy human beings while everything else within the world is being prepared for the manifestation of Anu's Kingdom on earth upon which he will return.

As 'time' went by, Satya and many other dimensional beings complained about having to come down to earth from the higher dimensional planes and channel through human beings, or even talk to human beings, especially the angels and guides, as the demons amongst humans, who existed within and as the earth plane, bothered them extensively and was very much afraid of them. They were brutal, gruesome and unpredictable creatures, and there was said that demons could convert higher dimensional beings, existing within and as the higher dimensional planes, into demons as they please.

Kryon then suggested to have the entire interdimensional existence become 'automated', to have 'channelings' become automated so that dimensional beings don't have to come down to the earth plane from the higher dimensional planes, then all that will be required is 'maintenance' occasionally. Thus only once in a while, a dimensional being can 'come down' and 'check' on this physical manifested universe as earth. Satya agreed and so did Anu, the angels and guides were much relieved.

Satya, together with the Pleiadians and Kryon was 'in charge' of the unconscious mind developments of 'channelings', thus Kryon together with Satya developed the unconscious mind of human beings who previously channeled dimensional beings, as a pre-programmed scripture, automatically having the ability to 'communicate'. So, since 1998 (when Anu closed off the dimensions from earth completely and everything within and of this world became automatic) human beings have been 'channeling' their own unconscious mind, this is all and every single channel. Some channelers unconscious mind had to be re-designed and developed while they were asleep, so this was done. The unconscious mind of the human being was developed as a pre-programmed scripture, 'communicating' words pre-designed and pre-written within and as the manifestation of the unconscious mind.

Thus, Satya, the Pleiadians, Kryon and the Annunaki were all together very much involved in the establishment of Anu's 'Kingdom' here on earth through human beings.

Underground Tunnels/Aliens/Cloning


I just watched Jack's video on the inner earth. I find it interesting that there are underground tunnels all over the planet. I was wondering if they lead to another "outdoor world" or whether it's just a system of "indoor worlds" of caverns etc.


Yes - they're just a system of 'indoor worlds' of caverns - they do not lead to another 'outdoor world'.

Yet, governments have discovered such tunnels, caverns and 'indoor worlds' and have been using these for quite some time, building upon the foundation that has already been set, for instance building underground facilities etc. This is also where they discovered a few beings termed of 'alien races', not many, only a few and have been investigating them over the years together with the 'space ships' they came within.

Such beings (termed as 'alien'), as Jack explained, came to investigate earth but did not understand the 'gravitational manifestation' of themselves if they were to 'dwell' on earth for a certain period of time. Because they didn't know they'd actually also start to manifest on earth and become of earth, in terms of 'manifesting' into and as the physical if they were to stay in this 'realm'/atmosphere, they also began to manifest and 'lost' their interdimensional abilities. Understand that all beings were interdimensional, yet if they remained within the earth's atmosphere for too long, they'd manifest because they'd use substances of the earth and of the earth's atmosphere to manifest, amalgamating with the substance of the earth's atmosphere to 'manifest' and be seen and experience themselves here on earth with and as all that earth consist of. Because they remained too long, they manifested together with the earth as one, and thus couldn't transcend to interdimensionality and to survive, they existed under the earth, by Anu's permission.

See, Anu and them were aware of this situation. If they wanted to 'manifest' here on earth, for a moment, only to be seen and to do what was necessary to be done, they amalgamated with that which the earth and this universe consist of, but only for a moment, only long enough that they're able to release themselves from the momentary amalgamation and exist interdimensionally.

These beings termed as 'alien' did not know, only when they were 'stuck' here did they inform their races, existing interdimensional, of the situation to not manifest, even for a moment, here on earth. They actually viewed earth as a prison, and stayed away from earth from that moment on .Though some beings had fun 'playing' with humans, revealing their 'space ships' for a moment, human beings experiencing this as a UFO sighting, because they (the beings termed 'alien') could only reveal themselves for a moment, to make sure they don't manifest and become 'stuck' here on earth as this was the last thing they wanted to do. Though, this 'playing' of revealing their space ships stopped completely approximately 10 years ago - because 10 years ago earth's/this universes manifestation was to such an extent that no interdimensional beings had any access to earth whatsoever.

So, there exist no manifested 'alien races' within this physical manifested universe, all were interdimensional, meaning not manifested as human beings are physically manifested, only human beings, the animal kingdom, the earth, the planets, nature etc. is manifested. And the few beings (termed 'alien') that manifested here many, many years back, not one of them survived, they've all 'removed' themselves. Though the government continued to develop clones of the 'aliens' they discovered existing under the earth's core - this is where cloning of human beings/animals originated from. It stemmed form the cloning of the 'aliens'.

Therefore, all interdimensional beings are dimensional, meaning that they are not manifested here on earth as human beings within and as this physical manifested universe.

Jack expands more on this in the History of Man interviews


You told me that the UFOs are in a container of some sort to hold them there? why? what kind of being is in them then??? you said all was on earth?


Yes, the space ships were interdimensional, had interdimensional abilities and there were beings on interdimensional planets who used them. Though, we brought all beings from all over existence to one singular 'point' and to one singular 'place' which is here on Earth: Life will be born from the physical, so that all may see and understand and realise oneness and equality as who they are and no longer exist in separate existences to support consciousness existence as separation which we allowed and accepted as 'who we are' and 'got us' where we are currently. The space ships are 'locked up' and sealed interdimensionally so that they are not able to be abused by anyone or anything in existence. Therefore we know that the spaceship atrocities in this world are manmade.

Man on the moon


my question is have we been on moon yet? And have the government on the earth done anything like moon hoax or is the moon hoax a hoax? Or is it both. What's the truth in all this.


Yes, the first man on the moon was a hoax, though after that through the years they managed the ability to reach the moon and be on the moon. (Though I'll have to investigate this more specifically, so don't yet accept this as the final answer!)

Perspective on Symbols


what do you think about these symbols?

egyptian winged Isis Statue:


Symbols such as this for instance (as indicated in above post), the wings representing a god/royalty and the round circular manifestation representing the sun/creation, the sun itself representing creation.

Thus, in both such symbols representing a god/royalty of 'a specific creation representation'.

For instance: The Isis statue represents Isis as the manifestation of the symbol as god of a specific creation, thus such 'beings'/'manifestations'/'representations' were worshipped accordingly.

The symbols (wings and sun as creation) becoming symbolic of worship to a god/royalty of 'a specific creation', whichever a specific 'being'/'manifestation'/'representation' 'stood for' such as Isis for instance.

Exactly as with Anu in the dimensions, the staffs his protectors/guards had with them was the symbolic allegiance/worship of Anu as god of creation in its entirety.

Seeing "Reptilian Eyes"


The thing is this, I see in certain people, specifically one, that has perfectly shaped, so called reptilian eyes. Well my courtesy stops me from asking him directly, and I don't know if it's only me that sees it. Maybe he has some kind of sickness in his eyes, I don't know, that's why I ask this question. And maybe it's not relevant. My question is: do he have some strange formed eyes, because of I don't know what (you know), or it is only me that sees it.


Let me put it to you this way: If 'pictures' of 'reptilian eyes' didn't exist in this world - and if 'reptilian eyes' as what they are defined within this world weren't 'connected' to the term 'reptilian' or 'picture of a reptilian' and you saw his eyes: What would you have said then?

My 'point' is - is that he is not a reptilian, there are no 'reptilians' in this world nor in this entire existence - they do not 'really actually exist'; they did yes, but interdimensionally as 'constructed ideas'. And were designed within and of the unified consciousness field for purposes of enslavement, separation, 'mind-imagination', 'mind illusions', 'attention diversion' etc.

So, he is not a reptilian, his eyes are just differently shaped, that's all. He as a being within and as the human physical body = not a reptilian, his eyes aren't exactly the same as any other human being, that's all.

Nothing to be concerned about.

Intergalactic Starships

There are most certainly no more such ‘intergalactic’ ‘starship’ ‘galactic federation of light’ beings existing within the interdimensional existence or within this physical manifested universe. All that is here that is physically manifested within this existence are: The Animal Kingdom, nature, earth, planets, stars, asteroids, meteorites, oceans, rivers, sand and human beings – in other words: There are no other ‘races’ that exists within this existence such as described below. All beings within the dimensions are equal and one together with all as one within this process we’re currently within.


The Arcturians were the 'Keepers of Truth' for the Annunaki within the interdimensional existence.

They, within their very design were able to contain 'information', within their very 'being' existed containments within which it was stored. They had a 'third-eye' metallic implant within which they were always 'kept track of at all times'.

They were a planet which Anu approached, 'promising them' eternal life of they would 'serve him and his kingdom to come' = and so they did. Within them Anu stored knowledge and information of existence which he utelized to be able to do what he had done.

See - the one that stores the information, is the only one that is able to access it again within the beings. The storage of the information was done through a metallic pipeline structure attached to the area where the spinal cord would be. The information would be liquefied and 'downloaded' into the Arcturians' entire being within which the information is automatically contained and locked. Therefore, according to the signature of the information connected to the being who placed it within and as the Arcturian, the information can only be accessed by the one who 'downloaded' it into them.

The Arcturians, instead of having other methods of storing information outside of themselves, their very design of themselves allowed them to store information within and as themselves.

It is also from their design that Anu designed the Mind Consciousness Systems currently within and as human beings.

The Arcturian race do not exist anymore.

Lapetus - Small Artificial Planets

Perspective on: small artificial planets which Anu had, were he put his enslaved beings within long tubes of light, to use for his flying saucers.

This existence is a manifested 3-Dimensional physical Universe.

Anu, Draconians, Marduk, Kryon (and other interdimensional beings of the 'magnetic force') and the Sirians were the 'main' 'group' of beings/races who geometrically specifically aligned and manifested, designed and established this very manifested 3-Dimensional physical Universe - for the purpose of enslavement and power and control.

As Jack indicate in the History of Mankind interviews: In the 'beginning' everything was interdimensional and this particular existence was not yet a manifested 3-Dimensional physical Universe. Only when Anu placed in the gravitational core within other planets as there was in earth which the Atlanteans placed in - did this entire existence start to 'compress'.

Iapetus was indeed a manifested placement which Anu 'created' for the Draconians, Marduk, Kryon (and other interdimensional beings of the 'magnetic force') and the Sirians. This was done for the following reason:

This entire existence, the manifested 3-Dimensional physical Universe was a geometrically specifically aligned and manifested, designed and established enslavement 'prison'. Where literally everything of this existence: The universe, the starts, the planets, the atmospheres, nature, oceans, human beings, animals, literally everything of this manifested 3-Dimensional physical Universe was 'interconnected' interdimensionally and physically as part of the entirety of the enslavement of Mankind.

For instance:Ian Xel Lungold's interviews regarding the Mayan Calendar and the Mayan's, he states that for each star there exists/existed a human being, that since the very beginning, the 'pre-programmed' / 'pre-ordained' experience of mankind within this existence was placed and thus everything of this manifested 3-Dimensional physical Universe 'played' a specific 'part' in this. Thus, that everything of this existence partook in the 'pre-programmed' / 'pre-ordained' experience of Mankind on earth.

Where does Iapetus fit into all this?

Marduk informed Anu that in placing such an existence into 'sequence' as a 'program' that is able to 'run' by itself, then all that is required to be done is basic 'maintenance' as the 'program' continues into the 'future': He requires a singular manifested 'point' within this existence that will 'stabilize' and 'hold' the 'enslavement program' of this entire existence, which establish the geometrical specific aligned and manifested, designed and established 'enslavement program' of this entire existence, with which all the 'parts' will be interconnected to have the final product as the 'existence of infinite enslavement and control'.

Thus Iapetus was the 'point' for all those (Anu, Draconians, Marduk, Kryon (and other interdimensional beings of the 'magnetic force') and the Sirians) who interdimensionally designed, manifested and placed this entire existence as a perfectly synchronized sequenced enslavement program that 'run' by itself, with only minimal interdimensional intervention required when it all finally manifests as a 3-Dimensional physical Universe.

So they may remain interdimensional and that only Mankind will inevitably remain here and prepare the way for Anu and a select few to return to their creation and 'take it over'. Because as is said: Anu wanted to exist infinitely, and thus this 3-Dimensional physical Universe would be 'his creation', to which he would raseturn once he's satisfied, but first his 'creation' will be 'prepared' by his 'creations' as Mankind.

Iapetus was a mere marker/point that indicated the specificity of the alignment, design, manifestation, placement, sequencing and synchronization of the interconnected enslavement program of this entire existence - within which all of this existence 'played a part'.

This was all done interdimensionally, yet, Iapetus 'compressed' along with this entire universe because Iapetus was the 'holding' / 'stabilizing' 'point' of the manifestation of the entire 'enslavement program' of this entire existence.

Thus, as you see according to the Iapetus manifestation - what the interdimensional being designed as this existence of 'interconnectedness' for the ultimate enslavement 'model' - it was done with absolute precision and perfectionism.

Iapetus is the manifested 'demonstration' of the interdimensional gridline structures that were placed for the 'enslavement program' of this existence - though all been removed.

The stability of this existence is not dependant on the interdimensional gridline structures, thus Iapetus is an expression by itself, yet one with all that exist.

Mila of Atlantis

Mila from Atlantis is a dimensional being that worked with the Annunaki in the Ascension deception, this was done through channeling with unconscious mind implants.

The Alien named Vrillon

It was a British citizen who was 'channeling' and 'communicating' with dimensional beings of the Ashtar Galactic Command, this particular 'being' instructed the human being (male) to 'organise' the ability for him (Vrillon the Villain (I couldn't stop myself)) to do such a 'transition' 'transcription' on audio while broadcasting is continuing.

Nothing but to f-u-c-k with human beings' minds. Vrillon the Villain was not a alien, he was a being of the Ashtar Galactic Command as stated, that were of Anu's 'guards' in the dimensions to ensure human beings remain on their path of enslavement, control and separation.

All part of the White Light pre-programmed / pre-ordained 'federation institute' of the enslavement of mankind.

The Ashtar Galactic Command, dimensional beings of the Ashtar Galactic Command was Anu's guards of 'his creation of enslavement', maintaining the enslavement of mankind on earth.

Aliens, Desteni and Proof


I have followed some of Kryon teaching and concepts of indigo and nesara ascended masters also and now thanks to your clarification I can see that those are just ideas and whatever they are not of the earth, of the body and not human. I heard Michael Tsarion once refer to this alien presence as the 'alien thought form'. So please help me with establishing idea though it be, why you have only portal. what is proof


There is no proof - we are not here to prove ourselves to anyone:

The only 'proof' you will find is within and as your own individual self-application in living and applying the words spoken for you as you unconditionally and that you will manifest and experience within you and your world that which you have accepted and allowed yourself to be one with and equal to within you:

What you do unto others will be done unto you - until you finally stop and realize that you're responsible for you and all that you experience as you within you and your world. And that you must stop within you, as you, stand up and take self-responsibility and realize for you as you that that which you do unto another, will be done unto you (an eye for an eye) - one and equal - as all that you have accepted and allowed you to be one with and equal to as the nature of you..

And so each one will stop within themselves, stand up and take self-responsibility, live self-honesty, self-trust and self-expression in every moment of breath as life within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal when they realize the proof of themselves: That you manifest and experience that which you have accepted and allowed you to be one with and equal to, what you do unto others will be done unto you - one and equal as the nature of you.