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2007 - 2008

Why, where and how did Angels exist?

In the 'grand scheme of things' - the 'manifestation of angels' represented that 'part' within self and each other we did not accept as ourselves as who we are. See - existence in it's entirety, the source of existence, the foundation as existence - meaning the source of ourselves, the foundation as ourselves is that of = separation. We have separated us from ourselves to such an extent that we disregard nature, disregard the poor, disregard the animal kingdom, disregard each other and disregard ourselves to the point where we have succumb to an existence within this world as that of survival - the very nature of man is to do anything and everything to survive - be it through the means of money, spirituality, religion, business, family, belief, hope, faith = all 'points' within this world used to 'hold onto' for 'meaning' / 'validity' to justify the reason / purpose for our existence - much the same with what angels represented.

The belief in angels of human beings in hope is much like the manifestation of the belief in 'god' of human beings in hope: An illusion. Angels 'representing that which does not exist within this world as the nature of man' but 'designed' to hide the truth of the nature of man.

Angels representing: Hope, love, bliss, grace, freedom, care, beauty, magnificence, splendour, brilliance, beauty, magnificence, greatness, power, trust, fulfillment, completeness...

Human beings' true nature: deceit, dishonesty, anger, resentment, fear, control, judgment, separation, disgust, incomplete, petrification, ignorance, enslavement, lost, confused, sadness... have a look: The world as humanity speaks for itself.

None of what 'angels' represented to human beings exists in this world as we experience ourselves within today - this is obvious, but human beings are oblivious to this because of their ignorance to actually directly seeing what is REALLY going on this world.

Human beings are always looking for the answer separate from themselves, in doing this, separating self from self, manifesting the apparent 'answer' in separation as a 'projected illusion' of 'the answer' such as 'angels / god' - instead of realising if we want to stop what has been accepted and allowed within this world: We all have to do it by ourselves for ourselves - no 'god / angel' can do it for us, we have to do it. And many fear hearing this because they DON'T WANT TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY - they fear self responsibility - rather 'hope' / 'have faith' in something or someone separate such as 'love' / 'angels' / 'god' to 'sort it out' or 'give it direction' - instead of each one living the solution, the answer for themselves as themselves.

So - it's actually quite simple: Human beings will either continue in hope of angels - until they 'one day inevitably realise' that angels were but an illusion and 'angels' no longer exists and 'angels' cannot help them, nor save them not anything or anyone else for that matter, which is a very long process with much suffering until the human beings inevitably realise that they HAVE to and MUST stand up and do this for themselves - sort out themselves. I'd suggest realise this yourself in this moment here - you have to 'sort you out' by yourself for yourself and live in self trust and self honesty - no-one and nothing can do it for you. I may say this to you: But you have to realise it for you as you.

Angels were a design within the dimensions - an actual system design in the polarity of what human beings were designed as - so, both angels and humans were designed systems to control and enslave beings within existence, within this world - they are not 'real' - meaning that that which they represented was not 'who they are in manifestation of themselves' - they were designed / programmed to be what they presented themselves to be to human beings within this world - to 'trap' / 'enslave' human beings within this world in 'hope / faith / believe' - to divert human beings' attention and focus from themselves and the current status of this world - to 'believe' in angels - instead of living practically here in breath - realising that what human beings are, is mind systems that are 'generating' this entire world as what it is and has become in this moment.

So - angels was a 'diversion system' within this world in the dimensions - all part of Anu's design, as human beings as mind systems were part of Anu's design. See the polarity illustration between what human beings' nature have become and what angels represented = polarity - and because human beings did not accept themselves as that which angels represented - they 'worship / believe in' angels, hypnotized by their presence / splendour' = separation. If each being in existence would just accept themselves as one and equal with all other beings - would the 'magnificence / importance' of angels existed = NO, all would just be here expressing themselves - recognizing each other as self.

But alas - this does not exist in existence - we have succumb to the acceptance and allowance of separation through polarity instead of standing within and as oneness and equality as self as all others as self.

Angels no longer exists - they have been removed from the dimensional existence as they were but designed systems projecting a programmed illusion - they may still exist within human beings' minds as memory manifestations because they have defined 'who they are' according to angels - instead of living here in breath with themselves as themselves. That's why they were so simple to 'remove' from existence - they were designed systems that stopped existing in one moment by just 'pulling out the plug'.

The dimensional existence has changed - there are discussions on the Forum on the website on this subject.

Angels had no 'relationship' with anything or anyone - but carried out the task they were designed and programmed to represent: To control / enslave human beings - a 'lesser' / yet similar example of 'a god' - they were an illusion - not real.

This is what angels were, and are to human beings - but they more exist in the dimensional existence - but within human beings' minds as memories - who will within this process realise the 'truth' of 'angels' and how they accepted and allowed the illusionary representation of angels to influence / control and enslave them.