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2007 - 2008

Video Links for More Support by Nature and the Animal Kingdom

Why do We not See Animals/Nature Live in Harmony?


If Anu created nature and the animal kingdom, how come they are existing peacefully, harmoniously, and as one. Why would Anu create something that can exist like this? If Anu indeed created everything of this Earth, why is some of it existing so well? Wouldn't he want to control EVERYTHING? Animals and nature don't seem to be controlled at all.


No, the animal kingdom only started standing up within and as oneness and equality of life when the Portal opened in 2005, when they became directly active in participating in this process in assisting and supporting each and every single human being unconditionally as life of life within and as oneness and equality - they MOVED and APPLIED in this process - thus - the animal kingdom, nature, the universe, earth - is 'more' aware than you are in this moment.

The animal kingdom has been assisting and supporting man for quite some time - but the White Light didn't bother much with the animal kingdom or the beings incarnating as animals - because human beings cannot communicate with animals - and because human beings have a mind - they're apparently 'more superior' than the animal kingdom and can treat them as they wish.

There is much of this process, the animal kingdom, existence humanity has taken for granted - so suggested we, as humanity, start taking responsibility and live and experience the process of life being born from the physical within and as oneness and equality as yourself.

The animal kingdom was designed by the Annunaki as part of the design for human beings to exist within this world - to feed the mind consciousness systems within and as the human physical body - sustaining the mind consciousness systems while humans live out their pre-programmed / pre-ordained life experience. However - this has been changed - the animal kingdom now standing up - while we're here, for a moment - our bodies requirement nourishment and nutrition until this process is done - thus whatever you put into your mouth to eat: Realize that it is you assisting and supporting you for a moment until this process is done - thus be grateful for you.

Quote from Bernard Poolman:

"In the unified consciousness field nature always adapted and evolved to serve and support man--When Nature and the animals realized what they were serving and supporting--they stopped--and thus the weaknesses of man that was covered up will be revealing and nature will disappear in areas where the support was not as equality and oneness."

Perspective Given by Veno through the Inter-dimensional Portal at Desteni

Do Animals/Nature feel Pain?


Why do animals suffer psychologically or feel pain? Do they consist of mind consciousness systems like humans?


No - they do not, the animal kingdom/nature is 'more aware' than human beings are in this world at the moment - they are not of 'mind constructed systems' anymore - since the changed occurred within existence in 2005 when the Portal opened - naturally we experience pain, as the animal kingdom experience pain because we're here within this physical manifested universe. 'Suffering psychologically' occurs only when human beings do unto the animal kingdom such acts which they would not dare practice on other human beings - another reason why we must stand up within ourselves and take self responsibility.

Why do Animals eat Each-other when Life is Equal and One?


Why do carnivores kill other animals to eat? Are they applying equality as one?


The animal kingdom became the 'manifested reflection' of what human beings has accepted and allowed themselves to be and become: Existing within fear for the need to survive within this world, this existence.

The animal kingdom within this world, as human beings are very much aware, they are beings, such as us - yet, within a different physical manifested form and they are assisting and supporting human beings within this world quite extensively.

So, thus, unless man stand up and take self responsibility - we will destroy all that exist within existence as ourselves through self destruction. Until all stand within and as oneness and equality of life: This what exist within this world as what has been accepted and allowed will not end, it will not stop until we say: ENOUGH, 'TILL HERE NO FURTHER in stopping participation in the mind, the very manifestation as the nature we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become manifesting the experience of all within this world currently - so each may live the expression of life here in every moment of breath as all as one as equal.

See nature as the animal kingdom - the 'atmosphere' of this planet / this existence within which we experience ourselves is but 'reflecting' a manifested mirror of the nature we have become within ourselves - the 'truth' of ourselves - which is 'not a pretty picture'. The current status / manifestations / experience of the animal kingdom, nature, the planet, humanity is what we have accepted and allowed to exist within ourselves as the 'nature of the mind' - so, in assisting and supporting ourselves to stop participation in the mind and live who we are as breath in expression here as all as one as equal - we assist and support the animal kingdom as ourselves, this planet as ourselves, this existence as ourselves and all of humanity as ourselves as nature as ourselves to no longer accept / allow anything less than who we really are.

So - there is quite a process ahead...

Have a look at it this way - instead of seeing the animals in the video 'Earthlings' - place you there within such an experience, or any other human being - because this is exactly what we're doing - what these animals are being done unto by others - we are accepting and allowing this to be done unto ourselves - literally - which is unacceptable and which MUST STOP. The only way we're going to do this is through stopping participation in the mind - in doing so, we no longer participate / support the system of the world but support who we really are by living here in every moment of breath = no mind.

Do Vegetables feel Pain? Can we Live without Eating with No Mind?


If i was a plant I wouldn't like to be cut or burned or eaten. Do vegetables feel pain? And if so, is there a way of living in a 3D body without eating?


Yes, vegetables are also very much aware as is everything within this existence aware - realize / understand that vegetables of the earth is here unconditionally assisting and supporting humanity to nurture our human physical body accordingly - so, as we eat - eat with gratefulness: "I am grateful for you tomato of the earth as me for assisting and supporting my human physical body as me in this world within which I exist."

Not eating at all - not yet an option at the moment, because we're currently in this world, this physical manifested universe and the human physical body requires nurturing and sustenance while we're here within this process - so, with regards to what we eat, apply gratefulness - as it is us assisting and supporting ourselves within this world as we participate.

Perspective Given by Jack through the Inter-dimensional Portal at Desteni

What is the Nature of Animal Behavior?


It's weird that these insects capture and eat live mammals like mice. A chicken with its' head chopped off, it runs around a little before it dies. And a catfish still tries to breath with its' gills after having its' head chopped off. Does the same thing happen to with humans?


The animal kingdom's genetic design, alignment and configuration was specifically manifested in such a way - to survive in this world - the animal kingdom adapted to the 'survival code' of human beings, thus, the animal kingdom actually started becoming the nature of man, instead of the nature of life of life as life.

Thus - because of the genetic design, alignment, configuration and structure - they're physical expression in this existence is MUCH different and unique that human beings' and thus to a certain extent - more 'advanced' as well.

The nature of the animal kingdom has changed from the perspective that the animals are now supporting and assisting mankind within and as [[Equality and Oneness|oneness and equality] of life - to assist and support human beings in self revelation and self realisation - thus in this moment - the animal kingdom is 'more aware' that human beings themselves.

Thus - the animal kingdom's entire expression will change extensively and dramatically - as well as their specific expression in this world.

Here's an excerpt from a statement that'll give perspective:

Quote Bernard Poolman: : "The animals and nature transcendence was equal and one in one moment interdimensionally--fascinating-- no mind can conceive --yet there is more about the mind-- look carefully at the design interviews-- and remember--it is an individual process-- I may say what is to be placed as the point to transcend-- the statement of self --the living word --equal and one."

Since the Portal opened - the animal kingdom's expression changed instantaneously to no longer support the mind of survival - but life within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal.

Much change ahead.

Perspective Given by Veno through the Inter-dimensional Portal at Desteni

Is the Process for Animals/Nature the same for Humans?

Understand - we're within a process - all of existence exist within and as a process: Of birthing life from the physical where all stand as, live, as, express as, manifest as and apply as life of oneness and equality.

Thus - for the moment - we require to nourish and nurture our human physical bodies - until process is done.

Thus - the animal kingdom in their current placement will remain so - yet - they're not limited/defined by their placement in this world and will thus appropriately, where necessary assist and support and direct human beings.

This so - until all in existence is the manifestation of the Tree of Life: Life in expression within and as oneness and equality.

Perspective Given by Veno through the Inter-dimensional Portal at Desteni

Why are the Bees Disappearing in this World?

The bees withdrew of their own accord--so also the bumble bees-- many killed themselves--their statement--man will not be supported as what man has become--this will continue for years to come--and one of two things will happen--man will stop the mind or nature will stop man.

Is Nature in true Oneness and Equality? Do Animals/Nature need Mankind to Continue to Exist?


If you remove all humans from the Earth and restore nature; will the Earth continue in oneness and equality. I mean, you can become an animal right? And what about meat eating Dinosaurs, did they exist before or after oneness and equality of nature


Yes, nature, the animal kingdom, earth and the universe is not dependent on mankind in any way whatsoever and would be able to thrive and exist within and as oneness and equality as the manifested expression of life. Yet - we have an opportunity here - and even if we do 'remove all humans' - we'll still exist, so, we're here - we're all here.

And because we're here - we must take self responsibility and face what we have accepted and allowed within this existence as ourselves: How else will we ensure that we do not ever, infinitely, do this again?

Is Nature God?


How come there is no GOD? I mean, isn't NATURE some kind of GOD? Who created those that created US? Who created the Anunnaki for example? Or who removed the white light?


No – nature is life as all as one as equal – each and all within the process of becoming life as who we really are through practical application in stopping the mind.

Understand that we have always been here – we have created all that exist through the very nature of our being – each one of us individually throughout existence participated in existence to manifest/create where we are now and what we are now. And thus – what is important is that we are here – and that we are required to stand up and take self responsibility to sort out this mess within ourselves and this world/existence as ourselves.

The White Light was removed in a moment of realization – that The White Light/Soul Construct/the White Light was a system of enslavement, an inter-dimensional system – nothing more and nothing less and thus was accordingly removed.

For more perspective on God, please click the allocated link.

The appearance of moths


In these past couple of weeks, around six moths have been appearing in my room (1 per day, but not all days). We have mesh in the windows so I don't know where they've been coming in. I've also seen that they might be different species, so not necessarily they all come from a 'clutch' that some older moth might have left in the curtains. Anyway, I don't have a problem with the moths but, in face of the constant appearance, I started to wonder if they might be telling me something; any comment?


The animal-kingdom, exactly as with Humans is in the process of changing directive-principle in and as the physical, with the animal-kingdom already being at the point/stand of/as physical self-awareness and so in the process of assisting and supporting themselves to change their directive-principle in/as the physical-itself, with humans still in the process of transcending the Mind = not yet close to the Physical; the Animal-Kingdom is to a certain extent, in relation to physical-awareness - extensively more 'aware' than humans, though - still, also in a process. Therefore, in terms of the Moths - temperature and light, in relation to physical-comfortability still direct their inherent-DNA programming and so also behavior; though they say that within your room there is also a warmth in presence, a 'settling-in comfortability' which they do experience and enjoy as well.

So, showing that there's points of self-acceptance that you've been settling into with yourself and realized about yourself that's made you more solid and stable within and as your self-experience in and as the physical, within and as which a gentleness has emerged.