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Originally when man was created, we were solely created for the purpose of enslavement by a race of beings called the Annunaki. They created the mind construct that consists of our entire body to ensure that we as human beings could be controlled and directed as slaves. The Annunaki were a race that enslaved other beings due to how manipulative and deceitful they were, so that they could have slaves to always ensure that their world were prepared and taken care of - with gold provided to them from human beings as slaves from earth. That is basically what we are doing to our world: We are creating an enslavement environment for them, which they were planning on visiting again one day. They were power hungry beings that go about preparing entire planets so that they are able to enjoy its resources, so you are able to imagine how entertaining this planet was for them. You are able to read more about the Annunaki to get an understanding of who they were.

When the Annunaki created us they placed within the entire design of our mind consciousness, the desire and need for direction induced by others, to remain slaves to others in power and control instead of all as one existing in equality. What they then created was the entire White Light construct to support this. The White Light construct was a conscious implant and manifestation within our Mind Consciousness System (mind) that was to be the master control point behind the Annunaki’s enslavement and control.


Who is Anu in his current manifestation?

Anu is in the interdimensional existence within his own process, as all beings within existence is. He is the manifestation of what exist within all beings within existence. He exists because of what he represents exist in all.

The Return of Anu to Earth--What is happening?


Anu was supposed to return sometime around 2004/2005 if I understand correctly. If this was the case, would not there have been pre-determined activities we, as humanity, would have undertaken in preparation for that arrival? Furthermore, would not the lack of his arrival then created a void within the grid system that would have caused some type of collapse or major "short-circuit" event or outcome? Please explain how the system accounted for this major, climactic event which never transpired.


Aha! Yet, there was 'something' Anu did not take into consideration, which was...'being trapped and enslaved and lost' within his own creation, by his own creation, which is exactly what happened. See, in 1998, he 'closed off' and 'locked down' earth from the dimensional existence completely. Because the dimensional beings was just no longer interested in participating here on earth amongst and within human beings, they just couldn't be bothered and couldn't care less, they much rather preferred existing in the dimensions 'away' from the 'horrific nature of earth' and the dimensional beings then 'feared' the demons on earth, because the demons existed on the 'earth plane' within and amongst human beings, whereas other dimensional beings 'came down' to either channel, or stand for a moment next to a being when they do the 'guide seeing' from the 'higher planes' in the dimensional existence, they never actually remained with human beings, only demons did. This was 'mentioned' to Anu (the not wanting to participate on earth scenario) in 1989.

See, Anu had specific beings he 'appointed' within the interdimensional existence, to assist and support in 'carrying out his plan' to design earth as 'his kingdom', to return when he's satisfied that all is 'prepared'. Though, while his slaves as human beings are 'preparing in establishing and building his kingdom' together with dimensional beings 'directing accordingly' (who was trained to do so), he had to keep them 'pre-occupied' and 'entertained' so to speak. Therefore, 'religions', 'cultures', 'apparitions', 'specific human beings 'diverting the course of humanity', spirituality, 'war', 'conflict', 'money'...and the list goes on - whatever exist within this world, as how and what human beings experience themselves is designed 'attention diversion', while humanity 'prepares' Anu's Kingdom, without them even being aware of it.

This is also where the 'elite' comes in, the 'rulers of the world', which no-one knows of, that has worked 'closely' with Anu for generations in 'hoarding humanity' in the position and placement of themselves within this world as is. No, not the illuminati, they're controlled by the 'elite', this world isn't how it's organized today 'by chance', it's been prepared and directed this way accordingly, specifically.

So, in 1991, the preparations started to design this existence, this physical manifested existence, into a 'automated programmed system', which 'run by itself', then only occasionally, when necessary to 'once in a while' 'check up' on existence. This was done by Satya and Kryon. So, since 1998, everything became 'automated' within this existence, the 'channelings' were designed within and as human beings' unconscious mind system, so, all 'channelings' were pre-programmed unconscious mind system designs, no more dimensional beings actually coming through, except the occasional once-a-month 'check-up' done by Kryon and Satya. The 'entire plan' of Anu, was transferred from 'dimensional beings who usually previously directed human beings accordingly interdimensionally' was designed, infused and manifested within and as the mind consciousness system within human beings, as well as within and as the 'unified consciousness field gridline system' within and as this world. Thus, since 1998, earth, this physical manifested universe, became a 'prison', 'running automatically' within and as human beings' mind consciousness systems and the unified consciousness field gridline place within and of this world. Anu 'appeared still to the 'elite' afterwards, but as a projection, meaning he'll place him within the mind of the human being as elite and then they'll see him standing and talking before them, when actually he's inside their own mind. So, even he didn't have access to his own creation.

So, he may have said that he's 'returning to his Kingdom' prepared by his slaves, but he got 'separated' from and as his own creation, which had become a 'far greater living entity than himself', because this had become a physical manifested existence and he remained interdimensional and had no 'power or control' here. The mind consciousness system as human beings was 'in power and control' of this existence. Yes, he could direct it, but he himself had no actual real 'power' here. His 'plan' was to manifest within and as George Bush and then to in one moment 'change' this existence, as his 'essence' permeate and penetrate within and as human beings as he integrates within and as George Bush, but to 'no avail'. Don't think he didn't try, because he did, but he couldn't. See, he presumed that even if he 'locks down' earth from the dimensional existence, he'd still be able to manifest within and as George Bush when 'the time comes' which was prepared for 2003. But when he attempted to do so, he couldn't, he couldn't gain access into this existence, because he was a 'dimensional ghost', and this physical manifested universe was 'far greater' than he himself. And so, he 'f-ked' himself. So, he 'quietly' 'hid away', all dimensional beings were lost anyway, only some actually had 'sense', and when they asked Anu when the 'plan will be fulfilled', he stated, not yet: I'm not satisfied. So he left everything as is, he left the world to itself, including the interdimensional existence to continue as is, attempting to 'devise a plan' to 'sort this out', yet, he still remained the 'ultimate being' in existence, earth was still seen as 'his kingdom in preparation' and he still had control and power of the dimensions: He was satisfied with this, as long as he was still in his position in existence, he was fine, whether or not he would integrate here on earth would be irrelevant, all was still 'his' and everyone else agreed upon it.

See the severity of separation between this physical manifested universe and the dimensions, that even if the plan of Anu did not come into complete fulfillment, everything within this existence 'remained stable'. Realise that there is nothing wrong with this physical manifested universe Ray, the 'problem' is who and what human beings have accepted and allowed themselves to become.

See, even when the Portal opened and Anu came through, because he 'now for the first time since 1998 had absolute full access into 3D, completely within and as a human physical body' he attempted to 'carry our his plan and 'activate' human beings accordingly to 'in one moment' 'be his slave-worshippers', which was an activated implanted key within and as the mind consciousness systems of human beings: It did not work, because this reality was so 'far gone', the 'dimensions' no longer existed here in any way whatsoever. So his entire plan 'failed', the moment he 'locked down' earth from the dimensions.

Anu made us, so why am I responsible?


in the edgar cayce interview you speak of all this that goes on is our fault and yes i've learned a tremendous amount about myself that needs fixing from you..but anu made us i didn't choose this so how is it my fault? i wish i never existed period much less as whatever...i don't know maybe i just don't get it all yet..


There have been beings on the Forum making the exact same statement as you above: ‘It’s not my fault’, ‘I am not responsible’, ‘Anu did this to me, to all of us’, ‘It’s Anu’s responsibility to sort this out not mine/ours’. Yet have a look: Such words is a statement, of accepted and allowed: Blame, ‘pointing fingers’. And blaming someone/something separate outside of ourselves will make no difference whatsoever to anything/anyone currently, especially the experience within and as self. And we have found that those who ‘blame’ through ‘pointing fingers’ are too afraid to actually look within themselves and realise that they are equally responsible for this current experience of ourselves within this world, within and as self, this existence as any other being that exists, because we’re here.

You can point fingers and blame as much as you desire, but have a look, the experience of you within you remains the same. Thus, the only way you’re able to assist and support you to stop what your current experience of you is within you and within this world: Is to apply you practically here in every moment of breath and stop participation in the mind, for it is your accepted and allowed participation in the mind that is causing the experience of you within you currently in this moment, and you are able to stop it, by standing up within you and taking self responsibility and remaining here focused on breath as you. There are many video interviews that give perspective on how you’re able to assist and support you here in every moment of breath.

Also have a look at this: Within the principle of oneness and equality, Anu is you, all that Anu represents and is exist within each one within existence as Anu represents a part of ourselves within ourselves we have accepted and allowed to exist within and as ourselves. That’s why he existed as he did and had done what he did as ‘who he was’, because ‘who he was’ as ‘what he had done’ represents a part within ourselves we have accepted and allowed to exist as ourselves. Have a look at all and everything that exists within this world, each one of us have accepted and allowed this to exist within ourselves and thus accepted and allowed it to manifest as an experience of ourselves so we’re able to actually open our eyes and see: This is what exists within and as ourselves as the nature we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become. We did not once in existence stand up and say: Till here no further, I will not accept and allow this to continue. That’s why each one of us is responsible, because not one has stood up and taken self responsibility, but just accepted and allowed ourselves and this existence to continue as is.

So to stop, what has been accepted and allowed to exist: Is to stop within ourselves in every moment of breath through stopping participation in the mind and living here as breath in every moment, so stand up and take self responsibility.


There are tons of videos here saying how we have to suffer the consequences of what we have allowed and the damage we have done to this Earth. But if we were being deceived by the Annunaki's, why shouldn't THEY be the ones who suffer. Why should WE be the ones to carry the debt of things we didn't really know we were doing, we were all just scared and unconscious...? This doesn't make sense. Why don't we put Anu into a torture chamber for a while or something?


Anu is most definitely within and as his own process within the dimensions, facing all that he has accepted and allowed. He's been placed within a containment within which he's experiencing his own hell, his own creation, actually experiencing and facing every minute detail of his entire existence and all others as well, which he accepted and allowed to manifest, design and experience. Through this he'll have to stand up and apply self forgiveness and self corrective application together with self honest before he'll again partake in this process.

Your statement above is coming from the mind, which is simply put as: Blame and justification. You may blame and justify and point finger at Anu and the other who designed manifested and created this existence as it's currently manifested, but it will make NO difference.

Your statement is also of separation, an example of how separation has been accepted and allowed within this existence: 'No, it's not MY fault, it's HIS/HER fault. I don't give a f--k, I don't have to do ANYTHING, let them deal with it.'

Yes, this 'type of attitude' is what has become this world today: 'I'm not responsible for the rapists, the molester, the murderer, let other's sort it out, it's not MY responsibility': Absolute separation.

You are as each individual being in this existence, responsible for what has been accepted and allowed to exist within this existence: You accepted and allowed yourself to be enslaved, since the beginning. Why didn't you stand up then? Because you didn't stand up, because you accepted and allowed yourself to become a mind consciousness system enslaved in separation within this world: You are as responsible as Anu for this existence and what has become of it.

By the sounds of it, you just don't want to take responsibility for yourself and actually apply yourself in stopping the mind, realizing that you are responsible for what has been accepted and allowed within this existence...what are you afraid of losing?

All of us in the dimensions had to realize that we are Anu, one and equal. We placed Anu here.

Was everything known by Anu?

To a certain extent yes, though, everything was pre-programmed in this reality and ran automatically. Only when there was a 'problem' he'd 'send in' a 'maintenance' being to check up and fix or do occasional upgrades etc., but no more. Now, each human being in this world is within their own individual process, so are you. The process of stropping the mind and living you as who you are of life in oneness and equality, until all are one and equal of life: Then, we'll see from here.

What happened to Anu?


what happened to anu? who or what was able to set him straight? what is the essence that is the all and where does it come from, i don't really buy the whole "this is how everything was, is , and ever will be. everylthing has a source/designer. can you please answer.


He has been ‘absorbed’ by life, meaning he as an individual expression as the being ‘Anu’ no more exists.


who or what was able to set him straight?


He himself under the principle of oneness and equality as life. In other words he had the opportunity to assist and support himself within and as his individual process as all other beings within the dimensions, but he chose self dishonesty and separation and thus because of this, will not experience the process of birthing self as life as all as one as equal, and become self aware as life as all as one as equal, but will amalgamate within and as life with no individual expression whatsoever, literally becoming non-existent.

Anu and his process

There are many points to consider. Beings are removed and also returned to start their process again. Anu has been removed several times and returned, that is forgiveness in action. Some though are a system birth as a clone from another being, in most cases they amalgamate with their source again.

Currently Anu is busy with the question "Who am I?"

He is also a being in the dimensions to be transcended as he invoked a lot of fear in beings while playing God. So, much to be considered.

The purpose is for all to realise themselves, whatever it takes

All are equal, also in process, till all is one and equal. There is really tough processes, some will only transcend at the end within the principle that those that were placing themselves first by being masters/gods, will be last as they had all opportunity in the last 2 years for redemption/forgiveness of self, but feel mankind will not stand up and choose to wait and see if they will have another opportunity to take over.

Accordingly, this point had been dealt with to assist in the purification of self.

This is indicative of the nature of man and interdimensional man, it has become the nature of self expression and equality and oneness will correct this, also on earth, which is why there will be an extreme few years ahead.

Who or what created the Annunaki?

From the principle of oneness and equality of life as who we really are: The Annunaki is us.

Have a look: We're here in this existence aren't we? And when you 'die', meaning you 'leave this world', then you still continue to exist.

Who we are is here, yet this 'current accepted and allowed nature' as 'who we are' is pretty fucked up as seen in the manifested reflection of ourselves as all of existence within which we experience ourselves. And all of us together are here, currently, within this existence experiencing ourselves. Thus, we are all as one as equal responsible for existence as ourselves - because WE'RE HERE.

Thus, with regards to your question: Naturally WE DID THIS and we, as each and every single individual expression within this world / existence is responsible for the experience of ourselves individually, including everyone / everything else as ourselves.

So, this process within which we are currently is for us, as each one, as all together to understand/see/realise how we got here, why we did this, and why and how we have become 'the current accepted and allowed nature of ourselves' within this existence - so we ensure we will not do this to ourselves and to others as ourselves again. So - you will answer this very question for yourself as each will as we continue within this process - how did we get here, how did we become what we are, how did we create this current manifested experience for ourselves, individually, together as all, why did we do this to ourselves and others as ourselves?

So, apply this process of taking self responsibility and answer the question for yourself.

Reptilian Babies

The birth of the reptilian babies was part of Anu's coming to earth, to finally deploy his plan of taking of the world and all of humanity as his creation. Though he didn't come (obviously) and couldn't come, because of the Portal that opened and all of the dimensions standing up and taking self responsibility.

See, from the beginning of man, it was Anu's plan to have his slaves, his creation as man to establish, build and design and create his 'kingdom' and his 'creation' on earth to return and exist infinitely, everything was for this purpose only, then to return and become god of his own creation, so you can just imagine the patience he had. But, it all came crashing, everything he had planned and done for billions of years, the moment the Portal opened, so you can just imagine the process he's going through.

That all he had done, prepared for billions of years and waited for, fell in one moment.

Thus, there will be a few more reptilian babies born, but it's been stopped other than that. Nothing will come of them and they are removing themselves from this world, though here as an example to show human beings what has been accepted and allowed within ourselves and within this world.

How were we supposed to stop Anu/Marduk etc.?


in History of man 27 - you said it's "all our fault because we didn't stop it" how exactly were we supposed to stop anu/marduk.etc...????


We have ‘then’ existed in fear, inferiority and separation and the ‘reason’ why we did not stand up then was because of fear, inferiority, separation, the belief that we are powerless and hopeless and that we have nothing that exist within and as us as ‘who we are’ that has the ability to ‘stand up’ to that which we ‘know’ within and as ourselves is unacceptable. We watched and observed ourselves and others become ‘slaves’ to those who were ‘seemingly more powerful’ than us and thus surrendered to our own fears that existed within and as us, manifested as those who we allowed to enslave us.

And have a look now, with regards to our experience of ourselves in this world at the moment, to what it was then: No difference.

We still exist in fear, we still exist in inferiority, we still exist in and as the belief/idea that we are powerless and hopeless, we still exist in separation as we can’t even trust ourselves, let alone our ‘family’ as all exist in fear of each other. We believe that not one of us has the ability, the power, the will, the strength to stand up within and as self to what has become of this world, humanity = and because of this, we are contoinuing to accept and allow this world, humanity, ourselves to continue as is, because we remain within and as the idea and belief that ‘we can’t do anything about it – it’s out of our hands’.

But = there has been a misconception with regards to what it means to stand up = for eons of time. Standing up is not about rebuking/fighting/counteracting/initiating conflict or war against that which we do not accept/allow to exist within this world, no, it is about WHO YOU ARE.

And we’ve been making the exact same ‘mistake’ (see the word miss in mis(s)take) for eons of time, we’ve ‘missed’ the point that is ourselves, we’ve missed ourselves.

The mis(s)take that we have been is believing that ‘standing up for what you will accept and allow and what you will not accept and allow’ is an act of ‘war’ / and act of ‘fighting’ / an act of ‘conspiring against’ the ‘forces’ that enslaves, that are seemingly ‘more powerful’, that are ‘seemingly more superior/great’, but such an act of perceived standing up is done out of fear, not an actual self standing statement. And that’s why human beings have developed a ‘fear of standing up’ because within them, they perceive it to be that ‘something huge has to be done such as counteracting / circumventing the ‘forces that are against us’, when it is not.

We have been that very ‘force, that very power’ against ourselves, for even ‘believing’ that we are able to be enslaved, for ‘believing’ that we are ‘powerless’ / ‘hopeless’ against those according to our belief that are seemingly ‘more powerful’, this ‘belief’ existed within ‘who we were then’ and still exists within ‘who we are now’: That’s why nothing has changed since then and why this world is continuing in the state that it is in, as humanity constantly exist in fear, separation, inferiority, hopelessness, helplessness, disempowerment. Thus, it is within and as the very nature of ourselves we have accepted and allowed existence to continue as is, why we accepted and allowed ourselves to be enslaved then, and why we’re now enslaved to our own fears and beliefs within ourselves: Manifesting this world experience as is.

The question: What now? As I have mentioned before: ‘The ‘point’ that we have missed is ourselves’. What would ‘happen’ if each one rid themselves from their fears, their separation, their belief that they are powerless/hopeless/helpless, discovering their own strength, will, determination, realising that that which has perceived ‘more power and control’ within this world can only have it if it is being given to them on a golden platter by many/by masses. In realising that it is through and by the very nature we believe ourselves to be, that this world and the experience of ourselves is what it is in this moment, the very nature of ourselves as we constantly and continuously exist in fear, mistrust, perceived powerlessness, hopelessness, helplessness and separation manifesting what we are and what we experience: That’s it, only our nature.

Because have a look: It was our ‘nature’ as ‘who we believed ourselves to be then’ that allowed and accepted ourselves to be enslaved and it still exist within and as us in this moment, because we have not stood up to say within ourselves: I will no more accept/allow me to exist in fear, in separation, in helplessness, in hopelessness, in powerlessness and inferiority.

Thus, your question may also be transformed into asking: So how exactly are we supposed to stop what is currently existing within and as this world?

The ‘answer to that question is YOU. Stop existing within and as the nature you have accepted and allowed you to be, and that nature is manifested as your mind as the thoughts/feelings and emotions you experience, the thoughts/feelings and emotions reveal the nature within and as you that you are, that you believe you to be and because you believe you to be the mind, you will experience you as the mind. And have a look: Would fear exist in existence, if no-one exist within and as fear within themselves? No, it wouldn’t. Would inferiority exist in existence if no-one exist within and as inferiority within themselves? No. Would ‘power’ exist in existence if no-one exist within and as inferiority/superiority within themselves? No. Would separation exist in existence if no-one exist within and as separation within themselves? No, each will be one and equal within themselves and thus oneness and equality will exist within and amongst and as all.

Therefore, all that exists, exists because it is by our allowance, our acceptance according to the nature of ‘who we are’ we have become. And we are assisting and supporting each one to purify their ‘nature’ to no more exist in separation, fear, inferiority etc. but to stand up within themselves as ‘who they are’ that is not the mind.

The question is actually not about ‘how exactly were/are we supposed to stop’: But why haven’t we stopped…

Do you have proof of the existence of the Annunaki?

There is no physical tangible proof as that which you are requesting – only our expression within and through the Portal of our individual experiences with the Annunaki and that the only ‘proof’ if you will of their existence is within and as the manifestation of the mind consciousness system within and as you – of which I have given you material above to go through that’ll give perspective. Though ‘asking for proof’ such as you are – is quite interesting, because have a look: One thousand years from now – you will not be here in this world, though – you will continue to exist – you are an interdimensional being – what ‘proof’ of your existence within this world will remain – ‘proof’ of your own existence as a being that was once of this world – NONE – so, the same with Anu and the Annunaki – though but what remains of them is here within and as the human being as the mind consciousness system. And frankly – if you’d ‘want’ proof of their existence – then I’d suggest the most effective way is to ‘prove’ their existence for yourself – certainly there is no ‘better’ way than that! And – you are able to do this – by leaving your body and experiencing you within the interdimensional existence – and checking out for yourself.

What if Anu and the reptilians never unify, then how is it possible for us as the creation to unify?


Yes, that is a perspective, yet this is the furthest we have come where all is in one dimension. Not all are integrated yet, but we are working on it.

This will take a while, still unsure how long, but the structural resonance is accelerating compressing in every moment.

Remember, be not dependent on another - focus on self - that is the key.

Self-direction, self-reflection, self-forgiveness, self-realization do it for self as all as one - I do forgiveness for all, substitute for another, because I understand I cannot take away their self-realization, but I may support.

Forgiveness as self-expansion is really fulfilling, yet the systems dislike it and see it as weakness and fear losing power and control.

But with freedom there is no power or control - just me and all the other me's.