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That which brings the best possible outcome to everyone and everything involved within the context of the decisions one is taking.

2007 - 2008

What does "Best for All" mean?

What is Best for All - is what is IN FACT Best for All life on Earth - thus ways of living and existing that are the most optimal for All as a whole and the most optimal for the individual life-form equally.

Is it an ideology or a religious point of view?

No - What is Best for All is based on practical and physical common sense. This means that are we to measure all life on Earth as 1 being or life-form each, such as 1 human being + 1 cat + 1 fig tree + 1 fig leaf etc., we would be able to prove that when a decision is made that is Best for All, it is in a physical and practical Best for each equally.

Practical Example of what Best for All entails

It is Best for All that All has clean drinking water. When all has clean drinking water, the diseases that are created through dirty drinking water where animals and humans get sick, will disappear. Also no one is in fact harmed by All having clean drinking water. Thus it is Best for All that All has clean drinking water as a physical, practical and indisputable fact.

If someone were then to dispute this point, it would mean that they were existing within a starting-point that was NOT Best for themselves, as what is Best for All is Equally Best for the Individual as well.

Making decisions that are Best for All

One is able to make decisions that are Best for All through being able to look past one's own beliefs, convictions, backchat, thoughts, fears, angers and every single feelings and emotion that changes and influences who one is at the moment in the decision. Investigating the consequences of one's actions and learning from them, always being able and ready to change based on the feedback from reality.

  • "Put yourself into the shoes of another" and see the consequences of the decision being made from another perspective.
  • Do to others what you want to be done unto you.

These are the basic common sense considerations that help one establish what is Best for All in any given moment.

The Solution to this world

There is a solution, but not the way it is done as you have experienced.

When each one of us that become aware of the situation and develop enough passion to act - begin by clearing ourselves with self-honesty and self-forgiveness and we enforce that in our lives and upon our friends and family, some will change and do the same, some we will lose and that is ok. But as more do this and refuse to accept anyone or anything in their world but what is self-honest and serve all life we will force the change that we seek through our own application.

This is exactly what is happening in Heaven, all acted accordingly not accepting less than self-honesty and equality as life and so heaven was set free.

Higher Purpose and Living what is Best for All

“Is there a Higher Purpose that we can live and how do we live What’s Best for All?” The Highest Purpose is to find a Practical way for All Life to coexist without having to lie, cheat, deceive and live from each other – some of the points are more difficult than others. So we start first with a Practical System that’s Best for All within the Human context and then, we include the Animals and then we include the Plants.

Within that context we look at what it is that each specie require to Live a Life without stress, without fear and then we understand the problems that we have within our genetic design. When we’ve got this system in place, we can then introduce a Higher Purpose to say how do we transcend our genetic design within the context of the Human, the Animal and the Plant to bring about an existence where we do not have to feed on flesh of any of each other, where we don’t have to be these monsters that need to eat – where we can take out the crown of thorns from our mouths and actually Live as Self-Sufficient, Self-Supplied and we are no longer dependent on energy that requires something else to die so that we can live.

But that Higher Purpose only once we have proven that at least we can take that which we have within limitation and we can make that work to the best of our ability – then we have integrity and intent in place to take on the Higher Purpose.

(Bernard Poolman)