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Utilized as a tool to stop and ground oneself by focusing, being with and being aware of every single Breath one takes in order to accumulate Self-Stability. Breath assist one in seeing through and past Beliefs, Emotions and Feelings and Preprogramming as it is a basic common sense physical action available to everyone.

The Technique


And how is that breathing technique called? I'm known with some breathing techniques but this one seems different...


It’s called: Breathing.

Breathing is breathing – that’s it.

Simply you being self-aware here in and as breath – nothing more, nothing less.

No grandeur or glamour – only you here with you yourself in and as breath, breathing naturally, yet within breathing, being self-aware in and as breath. You actually breathing: I breathe.

Being self-aware here of and as each breath you take.

(Bruce L.)

Is the 21 days of breathing guarenteed to assist me?


It's quaranteed, if you live it and thus guarantee it for yourself

21 Days because it take effectively 21 Days to 'break' a habit entirely, with absolute, ABSOLUTE self dedication and self commitment.

Counting, you count within you with awareness. It is YOU that is counting, there's a difference. Have a look at thoughts and voices in the head, they 'pop up' out of nowhere and you allow them / it to direct YOU. Here with counting, you're speaking within yourself and directing yourself, you're directing you, there's a difference.

You don't need the mind to remember, the mind is so goddamn limited it is frighteningly scary. When your mind stop, all of you, all that you are, have been and will be is here as who you are within and as oneness and equality. You'll know and realise you don't need the mind, as everything is here as you.

Multifunctioning - don't limit yourself, you'll be able to breathe and focus on your breathing and do the math's test (per example), though if you believe and think you can't as the mind, ofcourse you won't. Though, this takes 'practice' because you have not once in your life been aware of your breath, nor have you actually lived the gratefulness thereof.

The 4 count Breath


Yip - the breathing application may seem 'difficult' and 'strange' - it's a 'new way of life' - because for the first time in your existence - you are 'becoming' aware of the breath of life as you.

See - the pause - the 4 count hold - is the moment - the moment of awareness of life as you. If you just breathe with no awareness - you are in the mind - 'stuck' and 'lost' in past, present and future and not here of presence of awareness as the moment that is you within and as the breath as you of life.

So - it's going to take practice, self-discipline and self-commitment - but you have to go through it - whether here or in the dimensions - we're also applying the breathing application within and as human beings - so you might as well do it here and really DO IT - once and for all.

Why 21 Days - to 'break' the habit of breathing with no awareness - taking life for granted as you take the breath for granted - NO MORE.

Stop for a moment in your existence and focus on breathing - where is your breath coming from - the trees, the grass - what would happen I they cease to exist - would you be able to live? So who is actually your God? Nature is it not? Therefore - be grateful for the very essence that is you as life as the trees and the grass as Nature that give you the gift of life as the breath you take - as you inhale - have each moment you inhale and exhale be the breath of gratefulness to the very essence of life as Nature for 'giving' you unconditionally the opportunity to live.

So live - breathe of gratefulness - the breath of gratefulness of yourself within and as oneness and equality as Nature.




Yes - for the moment count - it's okay - you will soon notice in a moment - O' my God - I am breathing - I am here - as the silence that is you. So - for a moment - support yourself by counting...

If in conversation, does this distract me from the 4 count breathing?


Practice multiplicity - you will most definitely be able to remain in conversation and hear the other being speak to you while you breathe and count within you.

You'll be surprised.


Harmonic management


What I found fascinating was that eventually I got really pissed off with myself and realized that I must push through my moments of weakness. I tried shortcuts, but when the harmonics played out the same stuff and I missed the moment where I could change it - I was not happy with me, because then I have to walk through the same event again. So we will get to harmonic directive management as well, this is where you change your reality and know when you miss the moment of change.

These are called lock ins - so the breathing help to identify when a time loop activates - to then stop it or do the self-forgiveness during the time loop and next time stop it. Although in each cycle - the time loop will reoccur, as all is programmed in the unified field in time loops, as time was stretched to give the idea that time exist.

To change it fast will cause much distortion and most minds cannot handle such things - thus the reason for the process, to through discipline, dedication build effective self-awareness that supports one in the unified field while the dimensions are collapsing it

(Bernard Poolman)



Remember that counting is an initial help until it automates, like the times table. But, like the times table, if you automate 2 plus two as 5, you have a bigger problem. Thus, in the application to automate, make sure you remain aware without stops. If stops occur and it automates, you would likely have stops at crucial points of direction and thus eventually have to debug yourself, which is more difficult as multiple layers again lock you into the process.

As you will note, this is a system you are creating in assistance, like self-programming and even your own creation will be transcended. So what you do for yourself, do it properly and eventually you transcend your own assistance and step forth free.

(Bernard Poolman)

What is Breath?


BREATH is the key to Everything

an Inbreath at birth - an Outbreath to death

looking at the characteristics of the physical breath - one could call it `god´
it is always Here
it is always Everywhere
always Equal for All

what do we actually breathe?
is it air?
could it be everything?
could it be substance?
do we breathe with our lungs?
could it be that we breathe with the whole body?
what IS breath?
what is practical Breath?

how can we use Breath in/as self-assistance and support?
observe breathing-patterns
a sudden Inbreath as when one gasp for air - indicates that a breath has been missed
then -fascinating- it´s a moment of Fear (a sudden Inbreath)
instead of Here

be here with the breath
as the breath

breathe in - - - embrace all as one as equal
hold here - - - self-honesty
breathe out - - - self-forgiveness
hold here - - - let go

consider the implications of ONE breath as shared in many videos
breath is the `connection´ `between life & death´
what does that practically imply about breath?
what does it imply about life & death?
what does it imply about polarity?
what does it imply about who we are?
what does it imply about why we are here?


B r e a t h E a r t h H e a r t

Breath as Time


What is the point of breath? 

As BREATH I slow down my REALITY to the SPEED I can handle effectively. 

In that breath as MY time, I equalize myself by standing equal and one to myself as my world in every moment. 

What does that imply? 
In that breath as me, in that time as me, in that speed, slowed down to breath as me, I walk through everything in my world until I am equal as one with my world as myself. 

In BREATH I make myself equal to time, I walk MY time equal as breath, I walk ME as breath equal to every moment, unconditionally, until I am equal to all the moments of my world, equal and one as my world. 

That may imply stopping a job, stopping a relationship, stopping that which is unacceptable, which is not equal, which is not supportive of Life as who I am. 

As practical application in every moment that implies that whenever something or someone enters my reality, my ´moment´, I STOP. I BREATHE.

If there is an emotional/energetic charge, I stop. I breathe. I ´do the breath walk,' stopping, stopping, stopping, not accepting energy to move within me or take over or justify itself. Otherwise in that moment I am that energetic charge, I am an energy, I am an emotion. I am not equal to what has entered my moment. I am even less than the energy/emotion if I allow it, because it can direct me, control me. then I am ´here´ as a fragment, as an energy/a frequency, not as SOUND, not whole, not HERE. 

If I am only ´here´ as a fragment of me, then that ´here´ is not all and everything, it is but a fragment of me, I am but a fragment of me, existing in a fragment of time, a ´time trap´ as ´time trapped´.

If an interaction, an influence, an event, a person can control me, change me, confuse me: I am not HERE. 

HERE is the ´point´ where I amalgamate all and everything of my world as myself, giving it direction as me. 
I direct me, whatever comes, whatever happens, whatever word spoken, whatever thrown at me: I am HERE and I direct all as one equally. 

Only then am I able to actually assist another as me. 

So, BREATH is the key to EQUALITY within and as SELF, where TIME becomes support equal and one HERE because I direct so. Bella


To add: 

WE’RE not Breathing, meaning, we haven’t ever been the directive principle of Breath, as Breath, our breathing has been synchronized to the ‘timing’ of the mind consciousness system equal to our current time-manifestation as seconds, minutes and hours within the design of the clock/watch.

The Mind Consciousness System move according to space and time in conjunction with the design-manifestation of time within the design of the clock/watch, time equalling the second and space the moment between the seconds. 
Due to us existing as the Mind Consciousness System, we’ve synchronized our existence according to time, existing within the motion/pace of the Mind Consciousness System as the motion/pace of the clock existing within the motion/pace of seconds.

Therefore, within existing as the Mind - we exist within time – and thus subject to time/ a slave to time – as time itself within the manifestation of the Mind Consciousness System that exist in/as time, as, for example, thoughts come up second, by second, by second, exactly as a clock/watch, as we accept/allow ourselves to participate in thoughts that come up second, by second, by second. We allow ourselves to be lost within the cycle of time within our Mind as we accept/allow our thoughts of time to direct/dictate us, for us.

Then, before we know it, our ‘life-experience’ and ourselves as ‘gone by’ and we stand before ‘death’s door’ as we were lost in the cycles of time within our mind, enslaved to time by being preoccupied within thoughts that move second, by second by second, that form into minutes, then hours, then days, then months, then years, then centuries. 

We’ve deserted ourselves from Breath, thus separating ourselves from the physical – existing within the pace of the Mind Consciousness System as illustrated by thoughts that move second, by second, by second – every second a different thought that can lead to minutes, hours, days, months, years of preoccupation within the Mind – lost in time within the design of the Mind Consciousness System. 

Never HERE. 

Always preoccupied. 

Existing according to Time as the (s)Pace within the which the Mind Consciousness System is designed, not living within self expression as Breath as the directive principle equal and one as the Physical. 

Therefore, we suggest Breathing, ‘focussing on Breath’ in the beginning and then eventually becoming Breath as self stabilize self equal and one with and as the Physical.

Because, See: 
Within focussing on Breath within the Principle of Self Breathing, self directing self within self awareness to breathe, Self Here become the starting point foundation, become the ‘stability factor,' to assist and support self within distinguishing between the Actual Real Self that is Here and what Self has existed as/separated Self from that the Mind reveal of self. 
This distinguishment requires self-honesty, for self-honesty is self living the directive-principle of asserting ‘who I am and accept and allow me to be’ within the principle of equality and oneness and what self will not accept and allow and according actually apply/live this.


1234 Count Breath


My question is whether it is of importance to speak within me the words 1234 or whether it is about having the same length for all 4 parts of the breath? 

Sometimes my in-breath is smaller or bigger than the 4counts. Do I adapt my breath to the counting or the counting to the natural length of the in-breath (which is not the same length always). 
What is the meaning of 4 (1234) if it really is of importance to speak within me 1234 ? 
It came to me that 4 =square =the box and if we stand as the box as the breath we transcend the box?


It is a guideline to assist with stability in the here moment, to not drift off so to speak, find thus what is comfortable to assist, I prefer a stable consistent breath, no matter if I am walking fast or slow--same breath.