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2007 - 2008

What Common Sense is NOT

The “common sense” that is mostly known and used by human beings is the “common sense” design that exists directly in relation to parents passing down their “wisdom” to their children of “right/wrong”, “good/bad”, and “positive/negative” – as polarities that creates friction. The children are thus programmed according to these polarities and that is what they come to understand to be “common sense” – it is exactly what the entire world system is based on, governments, institutions, relationships, laws. Common sense is thus deceptive logic of knowledge and information that humans are conformed and conditioned to through and by their parents.

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What Common Sense is

Common Sense is a direct seeing, a direct realization of what is here in the physical as the human condition, the animal condition, the plant condition – everything. Common Sense is thus asking specific questions from the perspective of absolutely brutal Self-in oneness and equality.

Common Sense is the manifested in-fact Reality as it is being lived – to see what that is and how it works: is Common Sense. To adjust that in the physical so that it works for what is Best for All – that is Common Sense. To color it in and make beliefs about what is here is delusional and dishonest. This is what we as humanity will face until we face ourselves.

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Practical Common Sense

Common Sense is the ability to reason and apply oneself within what's Best for All within the context of this world.

Common Sense is at disposal to everyone that is able to allocate oneself past ones beliefs, Ego and Fears.

Common Sense is that which you see in an instant, that which you cannot deny in self-honesty. There is no way around it, it stands absolute. It is that which you know that you’ve always known here as yourself, but didn’t want to recognize and see because of its implications/consequences.

It is those moments that human beings usually suppress a realization, for example of thoughts being ridiculous Practical common sense would for example be not suppressing self. Practical common sense would be stop thinking. Practical common sense is thus a living application of Self-Honesty.

Common Sense is simple. What is complex is human beings, is what we exist as in and through the mind.

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Practical Common Sense


Common Sense and Equal Money

In the initial part of process there is are only two points to be established on earth as a system that will support humanity into heaven on earth which is an equal money system and everything that goes with that meaning equal support and an equal education system. So that all speak the same vocabulary so that there is no misunderstanding so when one use a word everyone understand the meaning of that word and all agree, because the meaning means the same thing – you do not have your personal assumption or idea attached to the meaning of words that makes you special and makes others wrong, ‘cause when all agree in vocabulary, nobody is wrong and nobody is right – there is just one meaning – now there is a meaning to life, now one can work towards a solution what’s Best for All.

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Caring and Love vs. Realization and Practical Common Sense

Caring is an action we participate in because it's what we're told is 'good' and 'right' and 'ethical' - we do it because we feel bad for someone 'other' than ourselves

this is different from seeing that what exists on the earth is what we have created, and that it is actually ourselves that are experiencing the suffering. So naturally you see that it must stop - so you go about doing what is practical to stop it.

imagine you were blind and had always felt pain in your life but were not able to understand where the pain was coming from - you would then focus on the feelings which made you feel 'good' in order to dull the pain or try and forget about it.

Then imagine that suddenly you could see and you looked down and saw that you were standing on a field of sharp nails. You would now see exactly and specifically where the pain was coming from - and it would be common sense to begin walking off of that field of sharp nails and you would do everything in your power to walk away from that field of nails. What would not be common sense would be to continue focusing on good feelings in the hope that the pain would go away.

So 'caring' from this perspective takes place in the blindness of the mind.

Practical correction of what we have allowed is possible when the 'I' is opened, when we realize for ourselves exactly what we have allowed and created in this world, and then we do what is practical to STOP it.

Is Common Sense opinion or real?

Common sense is that which practically support all physical form effectively in all ways one and equal, there is no opinion possible, as it is a manifested physical outflow that is measurable as actual events. 

All thinking about is as to better or worse, are opinion, because for a starving person, there is no opinion about starvation, but for the wealthy there is a justification why some suffer and others not. 

The fact is, enough food for all stop starvation in all ways, no opinion possible about that, that is common sense as practical support.