Déjà vu

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What is Déjà vu and why do we experience it?

We hold many memories of many places we have been before. What you will note is that it is nonspecific and energy/emotion based, which is part of the programs uploaded from the soul construct that was used in the next life to install a sense of mystery and greatness that seldom or never went beyond the experience that last a moment.

If the Déjà vu brings specific linked memories, unconditionally integrate and forgive it. Make a statement of who you are and walk. Careful though for statements that you are not willing to live, the structural resonance become your teacher and is ruthless and specific in manifesting the master/your bidding.

Déjà vu is timeloops of the same mistakes we are unable to see because we have given the experience emotional and feeling value. Emotions and feelings are the energy the robot mind system generates to enslave us, while we are kind to those hiding behind excuses for not being responsible, while the earth and animals suffers and because we are hiding behind the emotions we will not act, but accept people's excuses and blame them later for the suffering we see in the world. Yet we caused it in allowing emotions and feelings to exist as the mind.

Déjà vu and Mistakes


So you mean that Déjà vu happens when you make mistakes, mistakes you yourself don't recognize? Are you saying you cannot be kind to people hiding behind excuses which they are not aware of themselves. Does this mean I am doing those things? Because I don't really recognize it this way you speak of, because I do act and don't accept excuses. But I am kind, and I don't have the feelings of reacting in aggression to others. I thought deja - vu's were like dreams, like you have dreamt it the night before, that’s how they feel to me.


This is a programmed mind reality interpreted by the subconscious mind of all together, while all are not aware of anything else but the unconscious mind holographics.

It is important to study the material. Many have tried to make a difference in the world and not understood what was faced and made no difference but creating more inner mind dimensions and versions of belief to remain stuck in cycles of perception. These cycles of perception is Déjà vu. Each have made the mistake before. In fact this same mistake has been made for 350 billion years in different ways.

Past Cycles

Study the material, we will assist you to understand the problem. Look at the history of all beings that tried to make a difference, everything just got worse, no matter how they tried. So we will have to do it differently, by stopping the mind through self-forgiveness and self-honesty and this self-honesty means to look and see how our being here at this time in various ways support what happens in the world--even if we do not take part directly.

No one wants to see this and because no one wants to see this, all are trying to survive in a system of abuse and thus in this way they abuse themselves and nature.

Therefore love cannot yet exist, because love would not allow this to happen and it is happening -27 000 children die a day - who really cares and what are you willing to do to stop this?

Will you run and hide in survival and fear? This life the truth of each being will be known.