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What is the point of carrying on and depression


The answer is a difficult one to fathom. There will be no direct support on an individual basis--the power is within each one to stand and enter the world and participate and change the world. The dimensions will not and may not interfere--that will enslave you again.

I understand where you are. I stood up and then waited--something must happen now--nothing did. 2 years later I had 2 children, no food, no money, no future, no way forward--so--in every breath I walked--taking care of the basics--in equality and oneness--and in the breath--I found the map--the way out for support.

I could have fallen and destroyed myself in depression or anger for no support coming from Heaven--I did not--so my inner strength grew, and made possible for what is now unfolding. This took 1-2 months from the moment I realise I had to do it for myself to get out of the ditch. I had to try every door so to speak to find a way. Move myself--let go of my judgements and pre-conceived ideas of the world. In this seven years since then, much happened--I became a millionaire--and gave it up again--it is not the way. And thus Desteni was born.

We are each on our own journey, and we have the power in us to stand in this world and make a difference, assist others to see what we see and to realise self practically.

The dimensions are no different to here, the same stuff, all will have to stand and participate, and in our participation--in every breath--we will make our mark and the reality will adjust. It won't happen in a moment--it happen as we will it--stand up or fall--it is still our will.

Scream or breathe--it is still our will.

We are the answer. Man is the answer, not dimensions. There you are screwed and subject to what happens on earth. We really screwed ourselves because we allowed ourselves to be enslaved without looking at the long term effect of our doings or not doings.

So stand up--breath--fend for yourself and do it for all as one--it will be a battle--an inner battle--but--if done with resolve--each breath will support you--and the breath is all the support each require to support self.

But I had to realise-- if it is to be--it is up to me--alone in my world--which sometimes touch other worlds--it is in the touching other worlds that we create the way we experience the world.

The DESIGN of Giving Up and Standing Up


What happens if we give up?

Understand that if we do not make it on earth as all--no one will make it and we start the cycle again--this time times 4--every cycle toughens up--this is our 11th cycle--the next will be more traumatic.

The ones that stand--will change the outcome--but to do it because it is a mess--is not self honest yet--to do it because it is for you as you as life--is self honest--to be the living self--that is to be self realized.

It is not about helping humanity--it is about self. And when you focus on self honesty it will be easier as the breath.

No one will save mankind. Each will do it for self--alone--the road to self in self honesty is.

Living in the Wilderness to stop


Being aware of how my systems can be triggered in this world where humans live door to door, trillions of programs running in a square inch, I am considering myself going into the very wilderness and rest there in order to effectively live stopping.

I've realized in the past few weeks that I'm moving my body more and more to what our systems call "nature". Hanging around on the balcony, outside of four walls, cycling to the lake 2 miles from here, etc.

My process kind of "speeds up" everytime I move my body out of "familiar" systems.

So, how about going into the wilderness to stop?


Do not accept or allow your environment currently to determine you and your process, because at the moment your starting point is in separation of 'wanting to go into the wilderness' - to 'only stop there' and assist and support you in your process 'there' = separation.

No matter the environment, you're still with you here - therefore, I'd suggest considering the reason why 'the wilderness', because in your mind exist a perception that it'll be 'easier' / 'simpler' 'there' - not realising that your process isn't determined according to 'where you are' - but 'who I am' 'where I am'.

And wanting to go to the wilderness because you perceive your process will be simpler/easier 'there' - is determining and defining you according to your environment - and not towards you, yourself.

Herein, I'd suggest observing the perception / idea that exist within your mind with regards to 'in the wilderness it'll be easier/simpler' - and what in your world/environment at the moment is causing this perception/idea - what in your world/environment are you judging that you believe is 'hindering' your process - not realising that it's not your environment that's hindering your process - but a perception/belief you have of your environment currently.


Another perspective

I have removed myself from society from time to time to focus on my consistency in self honesty in self expression--but inevitably one must return and live in this world to transcend this world in and as the breath in every moment.

I'm so tired of this existence, can't wait to be free once again


Well, then within this tiredness – stand up, take self responsibility for you and actually participate to stop what we have accepted and allowed = through stopping within you first.


When/how is 'Not Understanding Something' a form of Giving Up


I'm certain that I'm not the only confused being in all of these. If you can explain it well and I still don't get it, then I shall join the billions of people in the planet in their blissful ignorance...


So – what you’re ‘in essence’ stating within your statement above, is that you’ve ‘already given up’ or even ‘preparing the road/path before you to ‘give up’’, because instead of then, if you still ‘don’t get it’ = ‘push yourself to get it, by asking more questions of that which is still then unclear’ – you’re attempting to manipulate by stating “then I shall join the billions of people in the planet in their blissful ignorance...” – through ‘shifting blame’ on those that would/will unconditionally support you in Understanding the Point, instead of realising that you, yourself would be the one responsible for ‘not understanding’, because you, yourself didn’t ‘push yourself’ to ‘get to’ the Point of Understanding.

So – realise, that: If you still don’t ‘understand’ the Point of your Question within the Responses given thus far by beings, unconditionally to support you and you didn’t push yourself to ask for further clarification in specifying what it is exactly that you’re still not understand: You’re responsible, and your ‘blissful ignorance’ will only last so long, until you get to the end of your Time-Loop – looking back, wondering: Why didn’t I just Push myself in that Moment to Ask for further clarification?

Then – I’d suggest investigating this Point further: Do you really want to know, see, realise and understand the answer to your question – even if it is well-explained in obviousness right before your very eyes in commonsense, or are you attempting-to or trying-to justify your actual desire of remaining within ‘ignorance is bliss’ and using this Point of “I’m not understanding” as a means to justify this Desire, wherein you won’t Push yourself until you get to understanding, but revert to blaming others for your Not-Understanding and so continue in your blissful ignorance for as long as it last, until you finally time-loop back to the same Point?

I’d suggest considering looking/investigating these Points within you, and pushing yourself to get to Understanding – instead of trying-to or attempting-to Manipulate. See – because if you don’t push yourself to get to understanding, you’re revealing the truth of you unto yourself: You don’t actually want to Understand, but want to remain in ‘ignorance is bliss’ and use ‘Not-Understanding’ as a justification to remain there.