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At Desteni we thoroughly research and investigate the essence of what it means to be a responsible human being. This research is done through the participation of everyone that is interested and dares to take on the journey of self-discovery. We share our findings through video, audio and text through various internet media.

Desteni is an open community exploring and researching Equality and Oneness principles and how to practically apply them within the day-to-day life.

Official website is located at

Why is English the predominant language used by Desteni?

Today the major functions of the system - media and money is English based and thus forms the inner form of information.


Why Desteni?

I studied the material, each video was a piece in the puzzle that would allow me to see and know what the greater picture is - still every new discussion point, word is existing as this - and from that very first video I knew the importance of it for humanity, it was an instant click within myself, even though the mind did the whining for a while. And then came the actual application once I realized there were no 'quick fixes' and that I actually had to see for myself. Then, I started changing my life, leaving the lie to start living life in a simplified way - much was left behind which then I eventually saw as everything that was actually defining and limiting myself, all those initial fears and emotions I see as part of the shock, but they become irrelevant once one starts seeing what it is to actually apply yourself and live all that has been unconditionally and constantly, diligently shared by everyone at Desteni.

(Marlen from the Desteni Forum)


Addicted to Desteni Material


And what about the ones who are addicted to it.?

People I am serious: I need desteni rehab..! sleeping has become useless

at the moment: reading Structural Resonance. forgiveness applications (in my head). Forum headache


Can't be 'addicted to Desteni' - the addiction experienced TOWARDS Desteni indicate 'projection' - projecting addiction existent within you towards something or someone 'outside of you'.

Therefore - identify the 'nature of addiction' existent within you that you project towards Desteni.

Desteni in itself is not an addiction/the addiction - it's the being's nature of themselves of addiction that make their own participation/experience with/within something or someone an addiction.

Exactly as with drugs - drugs itself is not an addiction/the addiction - it's the being's 'nature of addiction' in using drugs that manifest within using drugs - the being individually is responsible = not the drugs.

I have found 'addiction' to be a point that I use to hide to not have to face my world/my reality - meaning, to not actually practically live and face all that is me in my world/reality.

Therefore - I'd suggest to consider not only 'absorbing the words' which would cause it all to manifest as but knowledge and information locked in your mind = which is useless. But to be one and equal within taking the words and living the words practically in your world as you participate in your world/reality and everyone else within it.

So - ensure that you assist and support you to practically live the understandings/insights/realisations within self forgiveness / reading as you participate in your world - to ensure that what you read doesn't just become knowledge and information locked in your mind that is useless - for to be self-effective in actuality - to become real here in and as the physical and actually live self honest self expression = is to apply self honesty in practical living as you participate in your world.



Desteni Truths in Discussion on the Farm

Bernard: What do we do in ‘Desteni’? We take Everyone to the ‘Worst-Possible-Scenario’, so that you can ‘Face’ your ‘Fear’ – Because within-that you’re ‘Standing-up’- You’re ‘Standing-up’ through ‘Facing your Fear’ by going-to ‘Stand’ in the ‘Worst-Possible-Scenario’, so you can ‘see’ ‘How’ you will ‘React’, ‘sort’-it-out, ‘sort-out’ your ‘Existence’ so that you have ‘Power’ – because as-long as ‘Fear’ ‘Exist’ = You Have No-‘Power’ - Everyone that is Not-‘Seeing’ what ‘Desteni’ is doing is ‘Why’? Because: they ‘Fear-Desteni’! What does ‘Desteni’-Present ‘Darkness’, ‘Fear’ -

Anna: ‘Change’.

Bernard: ‘Change’, but was it … what do we ‘Really’ ‘Actually’ Present? We are Presenting ‘Honesty’ -

Anna: yeah, Solutions.

Bernard: we’re showing-you ‘Exactly’ ‘What-it-is’ you have Given-‘Value’ to - which is ‘Fear’, ‘Distrust’, ‘Corruption’, ‘Dishonesty’ -

Matti: and also pointing-out where you actually haven’t been Educated, despite your ‘perception’ that you have ‘knowledge’ - Bernard: Correct we also deal with an ‘Education Process’ I mean, the World’s ‘Education-Level’ is ‘Atrocious’- Taking-part in ‘Desteni’ you will become ‘Functional’ in so-many ‘ways’ because, it’s an ‘Education Process’-have a ‘look’-at your own ‘Experience’: You are being taught ‘How’ to work-with ‘Vocabulary’, How to ‘Write’-‘Effectively’, How to ‘Speak’-‘Effectively’, You are being ‘taught’ ‘All’-kinds of ‘Skills’- And it doesn’t cost-you a fucking-‘cent’, all you have to do is ‘Participate in the Forums’ – and you get an ‘Education’ that you can get ‘Nowhere’ in the World that is-of ‘Extreme-Importance’ in ‘Building’-you with ‘Extensive’, ‘Effective’, ‘Critical’ ‘Thinking-Skills’ and ‘Common-Sense’ -

Anna: and it’s Accelerated.

Bernard: Yes, the ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’ is ‘Simply’ a ‘Program’ where we are ‘Developing’ ‘New Leadership’ for the World, so that’s More-‘Intense’.

Matti: Yeah.

Bernard: So ‘those’ that ‘Really’ want-to ‘play-a-role’ in the ‘Future’ of this World, they need to ‘Really’ be ‘Educated’ to Understand ‘How’ the fuck ‘shit’-works! I mean, that means you have-to Have an ‘Equal-Education’ to the ‘Best-People in the World’, that will take Seven-Years, I mean that’s Not-‘much’ - The ‘price’ you ‘Pay’ for-‘that’ with ‘Desteni’ is ‘less’-than you’ll ‘Pay’ for ‘Education’ at the fucking-‘University’ and the ‘Result’ will be ‘Superior’ in Every-fucking-way. I suggest you guys start making videos about ‘How have you Changed’ in ‘Participating’ in Desteni on the Forum- How did it benefit You, in Your-‘Capacity’ as a ‘Living Word’ as a ‘Living Participant’ in this World, to be ‘able’-to be ‘Critically’-‘Effective’ in ‘sorting-out’ your ‘Relationship’-with ‘Fear’ -

Matti: In the span of a couple of years basically.

Bernard: Yes, have-a-‘look’ and you didn’t even ‘Know’ we were ‘doing’-it.

Matti: yeah, simply by the Participation it ‘happens’ automatically -

Bernard: ‘Automatically’-

Sunette: So it’s not an Evolution ‘into’-something it’s a ‘Natural’- Expression…

Bernard: You have to ‘Develop’-it - I mean, your ‘Participation’ Developed ‘You’- ‘You’ are the ‘Result’ of Your -‘Input’ - ‘Input’ = ‘Output’ - ‘Equality’. You are the ‘Quality’ of Your-‘Input’ - That’s ‘Equality’. And if Your-‘Input’ is to ‘Give’ and ‘Present’ to the World an ‘Equality’ in ‘Education’, an ‘Equality’ in Every-way of ‘Living’- the ‘Input’ will give the ‘Output’= A ‘World of Equality’ - A ‘World of ‘Quality’’, ‘Heaven on Earth’- ‘Practically’-‘Equated’- You can do the ‘Mathematical-Equation’ -

Matti: Yeah.

Bernard: For ‘what it means’ to-have ‘Heaven on Earth’ and What ‘Everyone’ has to ‘do’- We ‘did’ all-that shit, we’re just ‘Practically’ ‘Applying’-it, We’re the Real Fuckin’-thing about ‘Heaven on Earth’, the ‘Real’ Fuckin’-‘thing’ - we ‘Tested’ this-out ‘already’. In that, we take-on ‘All’ the ‘Fears’, and have a-‘look’ what did ‘happen’?-You have all these ‘fools’ ‘shouting’, but you’re ‘shouting’ in your ‘Fear’! You have No-‘Idea’ what you’re ‘talking-about’, if you’ve ‘Dared’ to spend some-time at Desteni, you would ‘See’, it is the ‘Greatest-Gift’ you can ever ‘Give- Yourself’.