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Desteni I Process website as of October 2011

The Desteni I Process (short DIP) is a life coaching training program designed after years of research and investigation.

This course has been developed for people that are looking for education that is not available at schools and universities. This is a journey into the deepest core of the human being as it currently exists. You’ll learn how and why you think, experience emotions and feelings, make decisions and how to align it all so that you’re in charge of your life.

In general, through the DIP, one is learning and applying tools to remove self doubts, overcome one’s limitations and master introspection. In doing so, one is able to expand one’s abilities and skills to become an effective human being within this world as it currently exists.

Within the simple equation of 1+1=2, the DIP participants, slowly but surely stand as an example for others as they are proving that real change is possible.

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Testimonials from Participants

Kristina Salas:

The Desteni I Process has been a great challenge. I have been able to support myself within - in revealing to myself how my mind resists application that is what is best for all. The words and lessons are specific in every way possible, and is an education that would create an outflow, if all participated, a world where Every Human Being cares for themselves and each other Equally. So not only does it show me how I still allow my ego to want to be 'in charge', but also gives to me support that I cannot find anywhere else, as I am able to learn practical tools I can apply to my Life, everyday - every moment, that are best for me and best for all.

Cameron Cope:

Through the support and tools that I have received within DIP, I have come to not only know myself more thoroughly, but I have also become more effective at changing myself. Before being involved with DIP I was stuck in a pattern of depression and self abuse through drugs, alcohol and addiction to relationships. I could barely keep a job, and I was failing out of school. However, by utilizing the tools of Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Action, just to name a few, I have already transcended many points, and I am significantly more effective in all areas of my life. I am not only continually educating myself about how this world works, but I am expanding myself daily to do things I would have never considered possible before. I have started a company with my agreement partner, and I am even involved in research for a book! DIP has been the key to the assistance and support that I and probably most humans require to break through our pre-programming and actually making a change within ourselves and the world system that we are currently accepting and allowing.

Viktor Person:

In DIP I've learned to structure my process of self-forgiveness, and to go through each detail of the self-reconstruction thourougly and with precision. Further, much help, support and assistance has been given to me for which I am grateful – it's been very beneficial, and has many times saved me from a unnecessary fall. It has pushed me to open my eyes when I wanted them to remain closed, and to stand up when I wanted to crumble. All in all – DIP is a fantastic guide and support that has lead me back to the physical and taught me alot about myself.

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DIP Sponsorship program

We have a sponsorship Program for those individuals who are unable to make the monthly course payment and yet, shown seriously self dedication and willingness to change.

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