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The Death of Culture


Native Americans have the highest suicide rate within any race group. They are a dying people and our society is overlooking that. I've recently been told by a man who is knowledgeable on racial and cultural issues that there are about 1 million full blood Native Americans left and that is quickly diminishing. Their culture will die with them.

What will be the state of Native American affairs in 20 years or more? They have been fighting for years for justice and recognition but they still haven't received anything.

It doesn't seem like the American Government cares to preserve the culture


All cultures will stop, all diversity will stop, all that stimulate the physical desire will stop


You said: "All cultures will stop, all diversity will stop..."

I understand we will be in oneness and equality, but did I not read somewhere in Desteni material that we would "express individually" and therefore still have a certain diversity of expression? Not be all the same?

Could you perhaps clarify this?


Diversity as it is understood will stop, as it starts in separation

Individual expression is not diversity, but actual choice of expression, as all will be equally able to express exactly the same, but choose what to express. It will be about inner expression manifesting. Much more to come that man could ever imagine.

Make sure that loss of diversity is not a fear of loss, as all that can be lost will be lost, because that which can be lost is not real


Can individuals not just stop these cycles of self-abuse?


No - the individual cannot, just as you cannot make a choice for world peace, because you cannot see a way, so each is trapped and each other caused the trap for each other.

Thus we will live in this perpetual cycle repeating itself, without realizing we create it in every moment as the self we have allowed ourselves to become. This self is not even seen, because it is our very being that is destroying life in all expressions, not only those that lived with nature - now it is nature itself being destroyed.

Unfortunately, nature disagrees, as it can already be seen and this is just the beginning.

The very fear of the end of the world will manifest and there is nothing any one can do about it. Learn skills to walk through it or be consumed by it.

Then we will have peace, but see the design video of Casey and Nostradamus

(place link here)

that which is already created will manifest and then we may learn how we created the mess.

At the moment though very few will hear.


I’m not sure i can accept that. Just as the people on this forum are choosing to read the material, so can someone choose to not go down the path that has lead them astray in the past.

You're saying they are fully INCAPABLE of this?


They are incapable of understanding due to the system. Understanding becomes possible once the system is removed.

Like this, once the system is removed and in this self-forgiveness and self-honesty are the tools - the moment comes of the directive nature of self, stepping forth. That is the point of birth. Now to learn to crawl, speak and walk as life in every moment, these are some of the points missed by many great men that only left legacies.

Obviously, no-one expected the portal to express so different from anything known and being the only one doing it like this way - that must be a clue already.

Lots doing the same for long - no effect.

A little girl – and suddenly all got up in arms. How dare she!

Maybe they all thought they were going to be the second coming and came second anyway


So the question would be, if I can do what winged can do, why do I not speak yet?

It is in her youth - it mess with all the systems and no matter what, is not so easily dismissed

Soon we will release the next stuff, many have made fools of themselves to fault self forgiveness and self honesty