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The only word that I would express differently at this stage is divine -divinity we are not yet. That is the trap - we are consciousness expressions with the potential of divinity, but the responsibility that goes with divinity, that is not yet understood and will not be understood till we are together as one as equal with no ideals or ideas - just pure here.

This will stop any disagreements, then we will see.

The idea of being something without expressly being it at a universal level that is here manifest in every moment will be only hypothetical and not in fact.

Amalgamation with self as the all as one still results in a process where one is image yet not likeness yet- this was caused by stretching all knowingness into "time" which means that what we are now discovering we already knew before this began.

But because we allowed enslavement -we will not be allowed back to amalgamation till we prove we stand as all as one.

Sad - but so it is.

Not what I wanted to hear at the time - but in honesty - I had to agree.

What was allowed in creation through our abuse of expression is not acceptable.

Proving our standing up till here no further will not be so easy as we will have to prove we understand creation as we allowed it in fact without getting lost in it to help those that are lost.

There will not be a divine moment--but a lengthy struggle, so

prepare with forgiveness as the release of manifested compound expression that inverted and with knowledge in APPLICATION and action to prove self-understanding.

Sadly, beautiful words do not bring an answer, this the portal proved over and over again. I resisted extensively, but realized- what we created together -we must fix together - in that we are equal and one.



I have used divination cards, and I Ching. My best friend is Ausare Auset where they use cards and we both have had some interesting resuilts while using them. 

Understanding that we should not seek validation or guidence outside of ourseves at least not entirely, are any interdimensional beings participating and assisting in the growth of self, possibly using "divination" as a medium to help others, but not fortune telling? 

Not that cards are needed to grow.


I used cards to assist with self honesty, thus ask a question as a reflection ,but no yes or no questions Rather like; Reveal the situation I face here, obviously specific, and how do I create this experience in my life. 

I used the zen Osho cards specifically. 

The reason was that my mind stopped and I had no pictures to navigate this picture reality and people were abusing that. 

So, I use the picture cards to find my way, some amazing results, if one is self honest in the questions.


Is divinity awareness/ or is awareness divinity ? or is diviniation separation ?


Neither, it is stepping stones we walk till we give it up. 
Divination is a tool, and the starting point assist in its placement, but inevitably to be released as what it is; a tool.