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2007 - 2008

Video Support on Drugs

Elvis Presley 3 on Drug Abuse: http://desteni.multiply.com/video/item/ ... DrugAbuse_Forgiveness


Veno - Self Forgiveness - Self Control and Mind Research on Control article http://www.desteni.co.za/Osho/veno19.htm

Veno - Self forgiveness - Anger http://www.desteni.co.za/Osho/veno22.htm

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Video and Document Support

Alaiyea: The Long Lasting Effects of Marijuana: http://www.desteni.co.za/Osho/Aliayea1.htm

Exposed: History of Man 107- MariJuana (cannabis) from Reptiles http://youtube.com/watch?v=trDciQzrq04

Hi guys/girls/woman/men/ 'aliens' (kidding) this is Veno.

The world is in reverse.

Deeming Marijuana = Good and Cigarettes = Bad when actually it's all in reverse.

Systems don't enjoy cigarettes though systems love marijuana and here's the reason:

Smoking cigarettes support with here-ness in this world - it brings you here, it's a support for a moment. Have a look when smoking, when holding a cigarette. For a moment observe the experience of yourself when smoking and holding a cigarette - you're here! Practice this here-ness experience with the cigarette as you - then one day you won't require cigarettes to experience/be/live/applying the here-ness that is you in every moment.

Why do you think the world/society will condemn cigarettes but support alcohol? Because systems love alcohol, it boosts their integration and infusions and expansion within and as your human physical body, the chemical construct of alcohol is designed to support the construct of systems. It's amazing to observe inter-dimensionally as the systems within human beings consuming alcohol light up in excitement and gains drive to expand within the human physical body and the mind consciousness system.

Understand the apparent illnesses and diseases are NOT caused by cigarettes whatsoever, but through human beings participation in thoughts, feelings and emotions. Nothing of this world, cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol is able to cause harm but your relationship to that very substance.

We're not here to define cigarettes/alcohol/marijuana as good/bad, though from an inter-dimensional perspective we're merely sharing with you what human beings experience when consuming/using such substances and especially assisting you with regards to where you're in your processes.

Thus smoking assist with here-ness of self in this world. Marijuana compounds systems and suppresses emotions and feelings further and intensifies thoughts. Alcohol compounds and intensifies the integration and infusion of systems within you.

That's why we suggest for a moment, while in your processes to not unnecessarily use marijuana (unless used as a bridge as, for instance, in Diane's situation with dimensional support), to rather stay away from alcohol as you continue in your process and smoke cigarettes, if you smoke, from the perspective of supporting yourself as the here-ness of you.

If you prefer the consequences, be my guest, and I'm not making this statement as a threat, if you do, then it's merely the fear that exists within you because you actually already understand the consequences. Not that consequence is bad, just unnecessary, though if you don't want to take my word for it, then you'll have to experience it for yourself, your choice!


Marijuana as Bridge


Marijuana as a bridge with dimensional support - as referred to in above article by Veno.

I've had 21 hip surgeries including 4 hip replacements and have been in and out of the hospital since I was 3 years of age. I am now 42. I've been through the ringer with medications.I don't like how they made me feel, they either didn't help or I grew a tolerance for them and needed more to help with the pain. The head of the pain clinic at UC Davis in California prescribed me with Methadone! IT WAS HORRIBLE! Took me out of myself! I couldn't carry on a conversation. I've self medicated with marijuana since I was a teen and now have a script for it. I do not use any pain killers except for Motrin and marijuana. It has helped me with appetite and takes the edge off the pain and stops muscle spasms. I grow it in my garden and feel proud that I'm not dependent on the pharmacy to help with my pain.


Where you are currently within your process, marijuana and other substances you use is a bridge. So, as per Jack's perspective regarding marijuana and other substances (the effects thereof), we have removed all the System Manifestations as effects of such substances within human beings, except for those who are required to go through specific processes.

So, your structural resonance/child and fairy, are within you supporting you, because they understand your placement within your process and know that the substances you're using, you're using as a bridge of support.

So what they're doing at the moment is transforming the essence of the substances as that which they consist of, to that of supporting you within where you are in your process at the moment.

For instance, what you're able to do with Marijuana, is - realize this - this plant is one with you - it's you supporting you as a bridge, because at the moment we're in this consciousness existence, so for a moment we'll use bridges such as marijuana to support us.

Through this form of support you're able to give yourself and also, which your structural resonance/ fairy and child are assisting you with, is specific according to your own individual process. As not all human beings within their processes are in the exact same placement as you at the moment.


Stopping the use of Marijuana and the work begins in De-Constructing the Mind


I gave up my canabis addiction end of june 2010. I abused it for 13 years, tried stopping several times, 3 months was the best I managed.

The difference this time is I mindfucked myself out of this addiction using language.

First I took the concept of language for what it is, a sound representing something fysical or a concept. Written language is a picture of sound.

In Dutch 'mental' is translated as 'mentaal' wich sounds almost the same 'mijn taal' , translates as 'my language'. So I can play with it all I like, it's not real anyway, it's of the mind.

So then I looked at my name, Koen D'Hondt, and I realised I had made the assumption I actualy was my name, as in : "Hi, I'm Koen D'Hondt, ......." Wich is insane, how can I be name.

But my problem was with canabis. So I looked at the word Canabis , and started to play with it. Cana-bis, bis meaning 2, so cana-cana = canabis

Written language didn't always use vowels ( Hebrew, ancient Egytian ) so I can play with changing them, dialects from different areas do it all the time, so I can do it too. "Cana" and "Koen" both have the "K" and "N" sound, and cana ,canis, canine can be translated to Dog or in Dutch hond.

So I now had a connection between words Canabis and my name Koen D'Hondt. to make it even better, my mothers family name is Stockx wich can roughry be translated as cane.

Now I had 'cracked the code' of the words between the substance and myself I was able to let go my addiction of canabis, with ease.

I now see how being stoned was an important part of my personality wich was linked with me identifieing myself as my name.

I had myself assisted by my doctor who uses homepathy and for the first time in 20 years I changed from Antimonium Crudum type to Canabis indica type in unitary homeopathy. Antimonium = anti-nomenum = against name

Am I totaly mindfucking myself ? probably

The physical is real I am here my body is mostly water water is what-there is = what is there so I am here, what is there

Somehow this helps me see what I have allowed myself to become getiing insight from what seems to be outside myself.


The 'process' you walked to get to the point of realising, seeing and understanding how you've accepted and allowed yourself to continue smoking Cannabis as part-of feeding/remaining within/as a part of/as your Personalities of Mind - is interesting.

Meaning, you walked/took a structural-approach in relation to seeing for yourself and what you accepted and allowed in relation to Cannabis - saw it, stopped and change you.

Though - understand; your process doesn't Stop there.

Cannabis was simply the manifestation behind-which you Hid the actual source/cause/origin of/as addiction; which is you and all that you are within and as the Mind Consciousness System. So - stopping Cannabis is the start, now you've given yourself the opportunity to get to the reality of yourself and stop, stand-up and change the actual nature of/as you as the manifested-addiction that exist through and as the Mind to deliberately not face self here and the manifested consequence we've accepted and allowed to create/manifest and proliferate in reality, the physical as-Ourselves.

So - I suggest start walking-with and joining everyone within the Forum in de-Constructing the construction of yourself as the Mind, remove yourself from the energy of arrogance and ignorance as the addictive energy we've participated in to not take self-responsibility - get to self-honesty and start becoming a living-example of/as what we as Human Beings can be and become in starting the process of establishing a reality of/as equality and oneness as what's best for all.

This starts with self; a breath; the expression of self with keys on the board as we type the keys in unlocking the locks of/as the Mind within/as which we've imprisoned-Ourselves and so open ourselves unto-Ourselves to face the truth of-Ourselves as the Mind; expose it for what it is and start establishing/re-manifesting ourselves, here as the starting-point within and as the Principle of and as Equality and Oneness.

So - start unlocking those locks though keying yourself to freedom; you've got the keys right here; with you and as you = you've got to take that first step of applying it...

Start typing...


Can Marijuana be accepted as Life?


Hi, I just wanted to hear some perspective on this idea: Could the same technique that OSHO discovered with accepting sugar as life and over-riding the systematic attributes that they were created for by ANU, be used with Mary Jane...or do the chemical properties not support the same acceptance? Thanks... I'm asking if marijuana can't be accepted as life in any circumstances. My main purpose of using marijuana in the past was that it changes my whole experience of listening to music, seems to make my frequency analyzing ears become more attuned with the individual vibe of the band. Don't get me wrong this is still greatly possible without marijuana but music just seems to come more alive with it. I remember my first time smoking, was the first time I started to realize that my life/system was falling through time in an odd perspective. It just seems if applying words before eating sugar to re-direct their original purpose can be used with Ganja too? Your Perspective?


I suggest not using Marijuana, especially if the mind still exists, because if the mind consciousness system exists, marijuana's consequential effects play out within the experience of yourself and your world as you.

No , in this moment where we are within process, there is a difference between sugar and marijuana from the perspective of making a statement, though Osho is in process of clarifying the usage of substances to the extent where they will have no influence/effect on human beings whatsoever.

For the moment, assist and support yourself in remaining clear of Marijuana.

Keep it simple, remain here as the breath, within and as self honesty as the moment, apply self forgiveness if any thoughts, feelings and emotions exist within you as you remain here as the breath.


Does Marijuana Make Me More Alive?


It's not that I need marijuana at all to comprehend the music I can already understand the lyrics and music find with or without marijuana. It is just that marijuana seems to bring everything more alive, and you could say spiritual, it seems to add more of a frequency attune-meant to myself and the frequencies being purveyed throughout the music. Why does the breath of life feel more powerful/radiant when on marijuana? Everything in the atmosphere seems more alive, I'd really like to hear Terence McKenna clear up these marijuana and psychedelic experiences. And some bands with great understandings on this machine we are in, are FEAR FACTORY,GOJIRA,DYING FETUS,JUDAS PRIEST,DECREPIT BIRTH, ORIGIN,PINK FLOYD,SHADOWS FALL,GOD FORBID,UNEARTH,NEVERMORE,BEHEMOTH...Many more....Thanks


The experience you have while using marijuana is not you, it is the euphoric ecstasy the mind consciousness systems within you experience, because such substances within this world assist and support the proliferation of mind consciousness systems within you, it's the nutrition of the mind systems within and as human beings. So, the experience you're having is the euphoria-of-the-mind within and as the unified consciousness field, lost in a mindf-k illusionary dream-world, while you waste away, slowly but surely.

When you hear Terence McKenna's experience and the reason why he manifested within this world as a mind consciousness system, what his actual reason for being within this world was , you'll start to realize why I say this, “Stop believing the lie of the illusionary dream-world of the mind, and start living in every moment as all as one as equal to stop the mind as what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become and experience.”

Because while you're on your trip to merry-land on marijuana, lost within the mesmerizing illusionary dream-world of the mind, your mind consciousness systems start proliferating within you and within the rest of the world, through the unconscious mind within you accepting and allowing the proliferation of wars, violence, murder, starvation, famine, rape, abuse. All manifestations of the mind within and as the unified consciousness field. So, I suggest, wake up man and start dedicating and committing yourself to stop being mesmerized by your mind and live for all as one as equal of life.


Does Marijuana Relax Me?


When I smoke marijuana often times feelings of love, non-competitiveness, and altruism arise in me. Sometimes tears start flowing as I am overcome by many powerful emotions. This is not regular behavior for me. I don't cry in life very much at all. Does this mean I am really suppressing a lot of my emotions in day to day life? This could be true. I don't experience that much love in my life with other beings on a day to day basis, but I am always trying to cultivate sort of an altruistic frame of mind as I walk through life. I try to be calm, breath, and reduce anxiety flowing through me. My family doesn't express their emotions very well and these are the people I spend a lot of time with. I have tried showing love to them but it is often not well embraced or received. I'm not sure how this truly affects me but I try not to let it affect me and continue to show love.

It should be noted that I usually feel better after smoking marijuana and it makes me want to deal with these problems. When I say I feel better I mean the next day I feel better. I feel as though emotions have been released in a sense. This could mean that I am attaching marijuana to a thing that marijuana shouldn't be attached to. Meaning that I should be able to release these emotions on my own without the drug. I also find that a lot of the time I am not being completely honest with myself and marijuana exposes these lies. For example, I like this girl but I deny the feeling because I'm not sure if acting on the feeling will produce anything beneficial to either of our lives in the long run - i.e I could cause her a lot of suffering down the road because I am not sure what I want, where I am headed, etc. The only thing I am sure of is that I want to find some kind of truth. We also have a lot of different beliefs that could come into conflict once we start getting to know each other better. When I am high my feelings for her rise to the surface and are quite intense.

Does Marijuana Suppress My Issues?


The article of Alaiyea about marijuana was a hard blow for me. What I've understood is that weed suppresses my issues, binds the refractions of those together and infuse them into my body cells.

Now the refractions are "hardened" or "crystallized." I interpret that as “fortified.”


Cool that is placing it well into your own words, nice. What I suggest is do the following work with the ganja. Lie down comfortably, do the 4 count breathing exercise and relax. Now you are going to work with clearing your cells and your body of all and any residual compounded 'ganja'd issues. While lying on your bed, just breath and be still, meaning no thoughts, nothing must move, just your breathing. Now you work with your cells. Look within your body and speak to your cells. See the cells. Are you able to close your eyes and look within your body? Look within yourself and see what your cells look like. Just trust the moment and see what your cells look like when you close your eyes. Now that you see your cells, you will be cleaning them. Firstly, state the simple forgiveness statements of: I forgive myself that I allowed myself to become dependent on marijuana I forgive myself that I allowed myself to need marijuana as a form of support. I forgive myself that I required a substance to keep me calm and to make me feel better about myself. You are able to add to this as you are aware of why you smoked it. Now start with the cleansing of the body. look within yourself, within all your cells. They are round structures with tiny little structures floating around within them. Right through from your toes to your head feel yourself cleans yourself. That is it, just look within yourself and clearly move yourself up from your feet, as a clean flow, in whatever form you see it in. Some see the cleansing of them-self as a pure-energetic moving through them, some see it as gold. It is you moving up through your body, assisting you, so however you see it is up to you. Now, you move yourself up right through all your cells. Remember to breath and, while moving up through your body, just focus on the cleaning of all your cells. Apply forgiveness as you move up through the body. Do this technique until you experience yourself as clean. You have moved yourself from your feet up to your head and washed yourself clean.

Then, unconditionally forgive yourself, breath and release yourself from any guilt or the belief that you must hold onto the past or onto the ganja in your body.

As for making the decision to not use it any more, well, nobody is able to decide that but you. You are able to see now how it assists the compounding (if used in excess and without awareness) of issues, so that decision is yours to make.

Cheers Andrea


Keep it simple:

Self Breathing - the 4 count breathing 21 Days to Self Freedom .

Self honesty in every moment.When a thought, feeling or emotion arise within you, live self discipline to stop immediately, by applying self forgiveness.

Self forgiveness

Self corrective application = living self statements as you: I do not accept / allow addiction - I am breath - I am moment



Does Alcohol Manifest Mind?


My MCS is quite self-aware. I drink alcohol, and I start saying things that are...out of this world...please look into this. I in no way justify drinking alcohol, and I will suffer the consequences, but something is going on. I basically identify any and all polarity systems, and ask, what is outside these polarity systems, when I drink. It's a huge mindfuck. If I am being dishonest, expose this. I wish I could have recorded myself when I talk to myself when drunk. Can you access this point in time and space to see for yourself? I've never gone so far outside...I know, I know! It's just me fooling myself... but I identify polarity systems and go 'insane' when I drink. I am very, very curious about this. This is very interesting to see what happens from the MCS as self-aware.


On alcohol, for the mind – everything ‘seems to make sense’, everything ‘seem to be clear’, when it is not. The communication you’re having is a diversion…

The alcohol induce, yes – the mind to emerge as the alcohol ‘liquefy’ the systems to manifest as the entirety of you and then ‘steps forth’, though within this what takes places is that you’re ‘the nature of you that power/generate and charge’ the mind to exist – participate. In this participation of and as the entirety of the mind as it literally ‘possess you’ is an example of how you are controlled and influenced by the mind – that you have become the very manifestation of the mind.

In doing this ‘the alcohol mind communication’ – you ‘replenish’ the entire system manifestations of and as the mind within and as you – and open the ‘pores’ / ‘access points’ within and as your human physical body for the mind consciousness systems to manifest further within and as you – right into the core of the human physical body as the entire skeletal structure – which means you will die sooner as your human physical body will ‘give way’ much quicker because of the intensified integration/infusion and manifestation of the mind’s systems within and as your human physical body. Every time you do this – you literally take nine (9) to months to one year from your life experience here on earth.

The communication is but the mind’s way to ‘keep you pre-occupied’ and mesmerized for as long and as much as possible, for you to continue participating within and as the mind through the alcohol and having these ‘seemingly interesting conversations’ as it continues with it’s process of replenishment and infusion and integration within and as your human physical body to manifest itself more effectively within you and your ‘life experience’ to control / influence the entirety of you – eventually having ‘no way out’ because the mind’s integration has become so extensive – suppressing who you really are to the absolute.

I’d suggest stop – you’re literally, physically killing yourself.

The Design of Alcohol

Alcohol is assisting and supporting the mind consciousness systems, compounding mind systems of thoughts, feelings and emotions, boosting the alter personality ego of the mind and intensifying the extremities of you as a mind consciousness system.

So, I suggest you stop drinking alcohol all together, because you're making the experience of yourself much worse than it is required to be.

Then, all you do is remain in the moment as the breath, within and as self honesty, when a thought - any thought - even the desire to want and need to drink alcohol, comes up, you apply self forgiveness immediately.

You are attempting to use the alcohol as a way out as an escape to not have to stand up, face yourself and take self responsibility. So, I suggest clean yourself up, stand up, face yourself and take self responsibility in stopping your mind, through self honesty, self forgiveness and self corrective application together with the breathing technique suggested.

And I also suggest watch this video interview for perspective:


(Design of Alcohol)

Then assist and support yourself, participate in reading the material and watching the videos to assist and support you in your process of stopping the mind.



Cocaine is very much like any other drug within this world, in terms of the proliferating effects thereof within and as the mind consciousness systems'. Though, cocaine specifically amplifies the alter-personality of the mind consciousness system as the Ego induces the proliferation of your being as the Ego-of-the-mind and compresses you into the becoming of a mind consciousness system as the alter- personality as the Ego-of-the-mind extensively.

No drugs suggested to be taken while in process, it quickens the manifestation and integration of you as a mind consciousness system extensively. It's like euphoric-nutrition for the mind consciousness systems within and as human beings. Thus, the experience one has while on drugs is not your experience, but actually the mind consciousness systems' experience within and as you.



Is Salvia and Di-mensional Travel Real?


Who knows what about Salvia Divinorum? There is talk about dimensional travel and guides that share fundamental truths that are unspeakable. I wonder what the folks behind the portal think. Jack? Veno? I think the plant was discovered in the 1950s. I found a doc. that shows a debate between scientists speaking about the type of laughter that salvia causes and whether or not it is universal. I am very curious!


Remember that the mind is a unified field and scientists are working within a unified field from within their own mindsets as a unified field, also that beings using a substance access their unified field as the unconscious mind that has been upgraded multiple times through either sex or words placed as programs or through implants through the chakra system, to name a few. When you then use the substance, whatever it is, you have an experience that will install the program that is your next stage of enslavement .

Lately, the trees that stand as you to assist, will assist, but what you will experience is a perspective through the mind's interpretation and if anything but silence is experienced, it is the mind trying to project and interpret.

With humans using very little of the mind consciously, anything "out of this world" will be amazing. Actually, it is not really amazing, amazing is relative to the starting point of the mind as the being.

Ask if more insight required.

(Bernard Poolman)

Salvia and Out of Body Experiences

The “out of body experience,” as you have stated as “full out of body consciousness,” is not you actually going / moving out of your human physical body, it is an “alternate mind dimension reality” within which you experienced yourself (or shall I refer to it as your mind experienced itself).

The complete experience was of your mind, within and as an alternate mind dimension reality, you as who you are did not leave your body.

Winged move out of her body in one moment, no preparation and no learning - and this will be the only Portal on earth and also the only human being on earth with full complete access to the dimensions - to leave her body completely and experience herself within and as the dimensions here on earth, while another dimensional being enters her human physical with complete and total awareness, then when she returns, to return with complete awareness of her experiences in the dimensions.

This process is not about accelerating your “awakening in the dimensional planes,” this would be separation. We are here to STOP the mind so you may BIRTH yourself as life from the physical here on earth within and as oneness and equality.

The dimensions no longer exist as human beings used to understand. We now exist within and as you, assisting, supporting and directing you to realize who you are, and to stop the mind. There are no more alternate dimensional realms or existences, the dimensions are here on earth within and as human beings. That's it.

Know this: Take into consideration that all of existence is within you as you as who you are and that life will be born from the physical.

All that is required is for you to apply you and take responsibility for you through effective, disciplined application of self forgiveness and self honesty in every moment of every breath, to stop the mind here, and birth yourself as life from the physical here.



LSD Transcendence Experience


(NOTE - of this discussion that took place: This human being asking the question had an 'experience' on LSD, but this experience was not 'real' but a mind projection, the being's inter-dimensional support as a Tree (each human being have a tree within and as them assisting and supporting them within this process) stepped in so that the LSD chemicals won't have an effect, because if the human being had another LSD experience with regards to the consequential effects of the chemicals, the being's mind would've 'f-ked' with him and he wouldn't have made it as he often used LSD.)

While the point of this forgiveness business in my mind is a reconnection, or rather realization of/with the unconditional Self, regardless of experience, it seems difficult to comprehend if one has not had some kind of connection or direct experience with this new kind of reality before trying to rationalize it. The fact of the matter is that most of the writings on this website and all ancient and modern writings regarding the subject are grossly under appreciated by most of the readers. We still tend to attach our own experiences, feelings and opinions to our interpretation of the concept. It is only once one has had an experience transcending experience, feelings and opinion that one can look at the whole picture and with certainty state "I understand". To be able to do this, purely by rationalizing and eventually understanding might never happen as the person trying to understand does not realize that: In applying his past knowledge in the understanding thereof, he defeats the point completely! You will never understand if you don't realize that there is nothing to understand! Only everything to realize. It already exists as part of you, as YOU! Realize it, you are it. But again, without prior experience of a state in which understanding is impossible and yet all-pervasive, this concept is lost on most. What would such an experience require and how is it possible to have an experience without experiencing anything at all? You might ask. Well, to have the 'quintessential' experience of no experience, one must experience everything as it stands without being able to attach our perceptions of the way things work or are to the events taking place. In short, ego loss is required. As ego binds us to this world and creates everything we perceive from our point of view as reality, it is only when the ego is lost (given up\ forgiven) that we can connect again with the true self as oneness and equality. This experience came to me personally about two months ago in the form of the drug LSD. Before this experience I 'thought I understood the concept of oneness, I 'thought' I knew...oh boy, was I mistaken. (Any further writing is based on personal experience and can be accounted for by the friends of mine who shared in this experience. ) LSD produces, through it's action on the brain, a state of ego-loss. A state of total separation from the ego which led me to believe that I had died! But 'I' did die that night, the 'I' which I believed myself to be and all my assumptions about the world and my place in it completely disappeared! Imagine that. All your systems, all your ways of living presented to you in one instant and then taken away. I became aware of my existence as everything, all events were me and I was everything in this world as it all came from my mind! Being the feeble, controlled and scared teenager that I was, I desperately tried to cling on to some part of myself that was familiar to me, something 'real', something that wasn't everything! I failed and spent most of the night in terror trying to rationalize what was happening instead of experiencing it as the only way it truly is, unconditionally.

I believe that through methods other than rationalization many in the past have had similar experiences with infinity as I had that night. The ritual chewing of Peyote by ancient Mexicans, sensory deprivation, transcendental meditation and other, more modern synthesized drugs have afforded many a chance to gaze into the infinite.

Obviously, our ultimate goal is to experience that state all the time. This can only be done by clearing the mind of all that we have allowed ourselves to become and become one again. Yet, I am unsure as to how the "Psychedelic Experience", which is a temporary experience, is qualified in this context. I know that for me it was probably the most profound and revealing experience that I have and will ever experience. Since that night, I find myself being able to recognize the systems in our minds more readily, I understand existence, at least on a personal level, more profoundly than ever before. I see the oneness concept in everything, from poems, to art, to cartoons and also understand what is being said here on this site with greater clarity than ever before. It is almost like I know everything; I just haven't REALIZED it yet. The experience did not change 'me'. I returned from it back to my usual game playing and systematic consciousness, but with greater understanding as to how it works and how it is all bullshit in the end anyway, yet magnificently complex, but more importantly \, that i need to rid my existence of it.

I am interested in hearing from people\beings as to how they interpret this experience or just comments\opinions about it. It is however impossible to understand as Ram Dass puts it: "To him who has had the experience no explanation is necessary, to him that has not, none is possible."


We live as your LSD experience all the time, your experience is not unique and happens when your dimensional support steps in and lets you see what they see to protect you from the drug. Will arrange some perspective for you; it is through guideline of what it is you will become through application, the techniques here is designed for this and already proven to be consistent, and the actual transcendence event is immediate, with proper guidance such event may be permanent, yet such 3d guidance not readily available.

(Bernard Poolman)

Could LSD be a Short Cut to Transcendence?


I thought as much. It seems sort of ludicrous that society would have such a problem with something that has so much to offer. Could this be a 'shortcut' to transcendence? Or is that a bastardization of the actual process? Or (what I like to believe) a gift given to us so trapped in our systems that we may forgive easier and with more clarity (the responsibility obviously taken by the experiencee rather than attributing it solely to the drug)? Interesting.


I had an experience many years ago that set me on a course--it was what I made of the experience--I decided to dedicate myself to be this all the time--took me 14 odd years and many mistakes--but it was the point that motivated me--I was shown what it is to be one with God--to only in the end find there is no God but me directing me as all as one-- so--I suggest--use it as motivation

(Bernard Poolman)


Have a look, you had an interesting experience with regards to oneness and equality, though within your own words you indicated that you were 'trying to rationalize' the experience instead of experiencing oneness and equality as you unconditionally, and it was your tree that stepped in, because if you're going to allow yourself to continue using LSD, you'll surely and certainly find yourself with an extensive, extensive mindf-k. Therefore, the Tree stepped in to reveal to you: You are not prepared and you are not ready. Using LSD will f-k you up even more, especially if the mind still exist within and as you as you and what you believe and perceive yourself to be.

Why an extensive, extensive mindf-k? Because you have proven to yourself that you are not yet ready or prepared to realize, understand, see, stand, live and express oneness and equality as you, what it actually entails to stand within and as oneness and equality as life as who you are as all of existence, because your mind still exists. That's why you 'rationalized' the entire experience instead of accepting, experiencing yourself within and as oneness and equality of life.

Understand, oneness and equality of life is not just a profound experience where you live in apparent eternal bliss, sitting on a almighty chair on your royal ass waiting for everyone else to realize themselves. NO. It is of 'massive' self responsibility, where you stand within and as all of existence of life as who you are as all as one as equal, taking all of existence as you as one and equal as you into consideration with every word you speak, every eye movement, every breath, every bodily movement, every sound you make, every direction you move within and as you as the awareness of everything and all that you do in every moment of every breath as one as equal as all of existence as you.

This is a process. And, I hear what you are saying. But what you're actually 'wanting' and actually stating in your words, is an easy, simple fast way out. IMPOSSIBLE. You will find this nowhere, you will have to do this for yourself as yourself through the 4 count breath, self honesty - when you see a thought, feeling and emotion arise within you to immediately apply - self forgiveness and self corrective application which 'establishes' self trust and self expression.

Eagle walked this process for 14 years to stand, live and express and be who he is of no mind. We've got it only to be a 7 year process; and this will be a 7 year process for each, 7 years of ABSOLUTE focus, self commitment, self dedication, self responsibility, self direction, with self forgiveness, self honesty, self corrective application, breath of life as you breathing.

If you allow yourself to utilize substances such as LSD while the mind still exist, you will deteriorate any opportunity for you within this process. You 'think' or 'perceive' LSD to be a 'speedy' outlet for this process. Man, have you got your balls twisted in a knot.

Thus, the mind would ever so desire and want a 'quick fix', it doesn't exist and you're going to have to realize this, accept this and 'make peace' with this, and walk this process moment for moment, with every breath as the breath of life as you and self honesty, self forgiveness, self corrective application.


Is LSD Really Destructive?


Thanks, that makes a lot of sense, though please don't confuse what I am trying to say as a 'shortcut' to actual, ETERNAL transcendence. I just find it difficult to accept what we have been told about LSD, that it is a destructive, dangerous drug. I think and believe that there are many benefits to such an experience, although it is definitely not for everyone or all the time. For me, as I said, it gave a much clearer insight into the process of self forgiveness and allowed me to recognize that it is what I am aiming for. I say this in the context of "we are all headed towards transcendence in the end". In other words and my true opinion on the matter is: That LSD provides a glimpse into what is possible and inevitable and makes the understanding, commencement and continuation of the process just that much easier, with its (sometimes as in my case) overwhelming revelations about existence. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that LSD is the be all and end all of it, just that it could and SHOULD be used to assist beings on earth in the commencement of their processes by revealing everything at once and then taking it away, leaving the being in search for that place again. It is not practical, possible or responsible to use LSD as a 'way out'. It just offers some insight into minds so corrupted by the systems that they would not realize it any other way at that point in time.(me!) Or to serve as a reminder of what is possible. So I am happy to say that the experience has led me here, now, this place where I can with certainty recognize systems of this world within myself and the world and start forgiving myself for allowing them into my life. Should this experience not be available to everyone?!


Your experience was intervention, or you would have had a mess, as you are well aware. Look at your words. You are already addicted to the substance. In actual fact saying that you are subject to substantiality in experiencing you in totality on a substance. Remember, the same experience will not come, but it will be less and you will end up chasing a dream

(Bernard Poolman)


Understand that your Tree assisting and supporting you,'stepped in' and had to step in, otherwise you would have experienced an event that would have caused great, great consequences.

No, LSD in NOT beneficial in any way, nor are any drugs, especially if you're of the mind. Drugs is NOT beneficial to your process or anyone's process who is of the mind.

We hear what you are saying but here are human beings on this Forum who have not had the experience you had and they're walking this process for themselves as themselves of self trust, self honesty and self expression of self forgiveness: They're doing this alone, through mere common sense and practicality of realization as themselves that they are not the mind.

All that is required to know is that you are not your mind, what you are required to experience for yourself, realize as you, live as you, express as you is life of oneness and equality as who you are: This done through self honesty, self forgiveness, self application and self trust, self expression and the 4 count breathing application.

And, understand one thing, what you experienced in terms of oneness and equality was your mind's interpretation of oneness and equality, was your mind's interpretation of the experience of oneness and equality. Thus, I would suggest not to base your application upon the attainment or becoming or experience of oneness and equality based on your experience thereof while on LSD, because it was your own mind's interpretation of oneness and equality. If you base your application or process on that experience you will get nowhere, because then your starting point is of the mind.

See, we said that LSD is 'dangerous' if you're of the mind, now you've got an idea of the mind of oneness and equality that you 'think' you experienced but you didn't, the oneness and equality experience was the mind's interpretation of the presence of the Tree standing within you as you.

Oneness and equality is not as you described it, how you described it was the mind's experience thereof.

So, if you want to be effective in this process and actually commit yourself, you'll have to drop and let go, self forgive and release the experience of the mind's interpretation of oneness and equality when you were on LSD. Because it was of the mind, not YOU as who you are.


What are the Consequences of LSD?

If I may ask, what would have been the consequences if my tree had not stepped in? And while you say that LSD is not beneficial when one is of the mind you are missing the point. LSD acts to eliminate the mind\ego. Thus the experience is inexplicable as there is no mind to experience or interpret it at the time of the experience (this is why I cannot offer a detailed explanation of the experience) The mind of course does step in later to interpret it from memory but this is not the experience, merely a recollection of it. If this retrospective interpretation were guided by someone understanding the concept of oneness and equality the person realizes what he experienced to be valid and thus begin the process. The experience of no-mindedness or ego loss must be beneficial if that is our end goal anyway. There are humans who can do it without having such an experience but I sure as hell didn't give a damn until I saw what I saw and I'm not sure a lot of people are getting the message all that clearly, maybe some, but not all, thus I'm sure this catalyst to the reaction has valid use!


Clearly you are addicted to the substance and you have a problem, it's all revealed in your words and I suggest you get yourself some help.

It will not assist you in any way whatsoever but you will become delusional, as you have already become delusional.

What you experienced with the Tree is your mind's interpretation of the Tree within and as you while on LSD - LSD DOES NOT eliminate mind/ego - it ENHANCES mind/ego - the Tree stepped in to not have you once again enhance the mind/ego - because if you continue using LSD - the consequences according to your mind / ego's enhancement will be severe. An experience I would not suggest.

Your Tree will not step in again, this time you live with the consequences if you continue using LSD.

Let me put it to you this way - those who have not had the 'experience' of the mind's interpretation of oneness and equality on substances such as LSD - will move 'faster' in this process - because their mind doesn't have an idea of oneness and equality such you have stuck in your mind at the moment -thus, their process will be simpler.

You have to remove that experience from your entire being through self forgiveness if you want to be able to move and expand in this process.

LSD - will get nobody anywhere - you may debate as much as you like - what you're actually debating is for us to validate the 'use' of the substance as beneficial and we refuse to - because only the mind would want and desire it to be beneficial because only the mind can be addicted to the substance.

Give yourself direction, stop using the substance and apply self forgiveness for addiction - release yourself from the experience, the substance and the addiction.

Consequences - look at the drug addicts in this world - they're an example of delusional minds not able to exist without Drugs. A process I wouldn't suggest - thus STOP and start applying yourself through self forgiveness.



Why is the drug so important to bring the solution, like an alcoholic that only find relaxation in alcohol. See, whatever happens, you are going to have to give the drug up and then you will find that nothing was real, all was a drug illusion.

You did nothing for yourself, the drugs did it, so who are you then?

(Bernard Poolman)

Why Does LSD Cause Schizophrenia in a Small Minority of People?


I haven't read up on it that much, but from what I gather, it's only the "fragile" individuals, and it's probably only from bad trips. One suggestion is that it brings out latent schizophrenia.

Also, a larger number of individuals, but still a minority, experience flashbacks or HPPD (Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder).


All beings using LSD develop schizo==the mind split--for some, the symptoms just fit with acceptable spiritual practices and is seen as a breakthrough. It is not, as the being do not face self in self honesty and thus use the split and the experience as a cover for some greater being-ness. The truth is that this world as it is NOW is the totality of each being on earth. Anything but facing this and sorting this out is spiritual schizo.

(Bernard Poolman)




I saw a dragon when I was on ecstasy.


The dragon was a representation of a 'fear' within you, your subconscious mind. See, depending on the 'strength' of the ecstasy, will depend on whether your subconscious or unconscious mind will open up. So, drugs, such as ecstasy, takes you 'deeper into your mind', thus you experience your mind when you're on ecstasy. Drugs not suggested, especially if you're still allowing the mind to influence you or define who you are as the mind. So, the dragon manifestation was a fear that existed within you since you were a child, which manifested visually, projected holographically, because the ecstasy opened it up within your subconscious mind. With regards to the Marijuana. Marijuana support the mind, support the manifested systems of the mind within and as your human physical body and assists and supports the infusions and integration of the mind systems’ within and as you – in manifesting you in totality as a mind, quicker / faster and more effective when using Marijuana. Before I continue , I’ll give you some perspectives as discussions done on the Forum of the website at http://desteni.org/ and also articles and video interviews that have been done at the end of this document – to have a look, it explains specifically how exactly Marijuana supports the mind consciousness systems’ within and as you.

I hear what you’re saying with regards to this world and the current state within which it is, and it’s great that you’re starting to realize what’s going on, but hiding within Marijuana, blaming this world / human beings for how things are, is all self dishonesty. Because the actual real situation, the actual real problem is human beings, the nature human beings have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become. Each and every single one of us, such as yourself, is responsible for why this world is the way it is. We did this, through our accepted and allowed participation in the mind, as thoughts/feelings/emotions/pictures/ideas/beliefs/memories etc.

So human beings find all sorts of problems with this world, with regards to why it is the way it is, instead of realizing that they’re the very problem, manifesting the problem. Why? Because we’re here in this world nothing and no-one DID THIS TO US, we accepted and allowed all of this as ourselves to be the way it is because we’ve never actually stood up and taken self responsibility for self.

And it’s not to unplug out of the system. We’re here to stop the entire system, and you as each individual expression within this world will have to start within and as themselves to have this be done, to stop all and everything we have accepted and allowed to exist within ourselves and this world as ourselves.

Thus, it is not to judge or look down upon anything/anyone within this existence, as this is an application of separation of the mind and within accepting / allowing you to participate in judgment, you’re actually participating in the very system you’re wanting to free yourself from. And the same goes for using marijuana or even believing in enlightenment, thinking, reacting with emotions/feelings, reacting to memories/pictures/thoughts coming up in your mind . All support the mind system within and as you.

Realize that the very system you’re trying to free yourself from, is your very mind existing within and as you, and what you’re experiencing with regards to what is going on in this world, exists because human beings participate in the mind and believe the mind is who they are.

So, it is to stop participation in the mind, and so the process will be for each one, each one individually must stop participation in the mind before we stop what this world and humanity and existence has become. Start with you, yourself, in stopping participation in the mind, facing yourself, standing up and taking self responsibility for all as one as equal as you. Thus, the process for each one is: To face all and everything you have accepted and allowed you to be and become, in this to assist and support you to purify the nature of you through self honesty, self forgiveness, self corrective application and focusing on breathing. Within this process – each one will stand one and equal as life, here in every moment of breath – as each being stand here as life in every moment of breath as the manifested expression of who we really are – so we stop what we have done and become within and as this world. Here are some specifics with regards to self application which will assist and support you within this process:

When a thought come up in your mind – you stop it immediately, either say it out loud or aloud within you: STOP – and say: I do not accept / allow this thought within me – DELETE . If the thought you have has a emotional or feeling connotation to it – here self forgiveness is required, you apply self forgiveness for allowing / accepting the thought and release the emotional/feeling connotation to it – then DELETE the thought For instance, let’s say you overhear your parents fighting and a thought such as, “For fucks sakes they’re such fucking idiots I wish I didn’t have parents” and together with that thought, anger comes up inside you, you say, “I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to blame my parents for being idiots. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to have a thought about wishing not having parents. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to be angry at / with my parents. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to exert my anger, frustration out on them within my thoughts – I DELETE the THOUGHT. “

As you –participate in this world and any emotions / feelings come up inside you such as ‘love’ (the conditional love which is based on only one person within a relationship scenario – this is not love, this is a ‘feeling’ generated by the mind) / ‘anger’ – you STOP, before it culminates inside you / compounds inside you – take a deep breath – if it still doesn’t stop: Self forgiveness Write / type about your ‘memories’ – apply self forgiveness to release yourself from the past – so you’re able to live you ‘freely’ here in the moment of breath – no past / memory influence Also – write/type about your daily experience, so ‘clear your day within you’ – to ensure that you didn’t miss a moment where you didn’t apply you effectively – then you do the correction immediately through self forgiveness – so you start ‘clear’ the following day – not ‘bringing along memories’ from the previous day to influence your experience. Also – if any pictures come up in your mind – DELETE them, who you are is not a picture, the mind works in pictures. Focus on breathing, live self honesty – self honesty being the application where you in every moment of breath do not allow / accept the mind as pictures / memories / emotions / feelings to influence you as who you are – you stop them and apply self forgiveness accordingly. As you apply self honesty, you’ll establish self trust as well as self expression. As you participate in this world with other human beings – observe you, if you react within you towards anyone – self forgiveness required here, also stop any reactions which want to come up within you immediately. The only way to stop the system within you and this world – is practical application as you remain here in breath as you = no Marijuana. So I suggest you stop using Marijuana and start assisting and supporting you individually – you first.

Here is another interesting article by Robert Monroe about ‘freedom’ which will also assist: http://desteni.co.za/Osho/robertmonroe1.htm

You’re ‘young’ – which is great, it’s much simpler this process of beings that are as young as you are to assist and support themselves within this process as the mind systems are not yet so fully/completely ingrained / integrated, so start here in this moment. You have the motivation and will to do this.

If you fuse the conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind through drugs while on a trip, you will believe stuff like being Jesus or some incarnation. All that actually happen is your wishes is flooded into perceptual reality from the unconscious which is like a giant database and you will go insane.

To be able to handle the subconscious and unconscious takes years of specific directed skills, like breath and self forgiveness and self honesty.

Are Drugs the Kingdom to Heaven?

DRUGS: The Kingdom of Heaven by Terrence McKenna

God – where do I begin?!

I’ll start with that I am at the moment here in the Inter-dimensional Portal, having a cigarette while typing – Marlboro Lights to be specific, with a warm cup of coffee right in front of me, in between the keyboard and myself, smoking and sipping away at a delicious cup of coffee and a decent brew of cigarette: Calm.

In mentioning the word calm: I have attained many various states of ‘calmness’ within my explorations while within this world ‘experimenting’ with drugs of any and all variations: And the most hilarious, (of the most psychotic hilarious imaginable) observation is that whenever I’d attain this state of calmness when on drugs: I’d believe it was the first time I’d ever experienced it before! When it was always the exact same ‘calmness’, though dependent on the drug – the experience of that very ‘calmness’ will vary because the drug will misconstrue my interpretation of the very exact same experience I always have = which makes it seem different: But is in fact always the same.

Now, I am not saying me being calm at the moment is because of this cup of coffee before me, or because of the cigarette I just had – no, I’m calm as me. Actually – I can use any word to describe my current experience: Wouldn’t make a difference to me.

It’s interesting how two people can have the exact same experience together, sitting right next to each other, though dependent on the being themselves interpreting their experience – the ‘definition’ of each other’s experience will be different because of the interpretation of that very experience varying between the two. For instance I may refer to my experience at the moment being ‘calm’ whereas another, whose actually having the exact same experience, but interpreting theirs differently would refer to theirs being ‘placid’.

We have too many unnecessary words…

The sound of the words, the expression within which they are spoken by the two beings may vary – even the reason why they would define or describe their experience will vary – the reason for the variation: Interpretation. The interpretation of the experience is the cause for the variation = when both are actually experiencing the exact same thing: But will never know, will never realize.

What if we’re all always experiencing the exact same thing, but we think our experience is different to that of another, merely because of our individual interpretation of that very experience we’re having varies and the words are different because of our interpretation of the experience and also because the reason we’re experiencing what we are experiencing may be different = but is the reason and the interpretation of the experience within ourselves really dependent on the experience: NO.

Words are here to confuse. Words exist as a diversion to our very existence: Yet words are the key to our very existence, the key to GOD, the key to ourselves, the key to me-dom, the key to freedom…fascinating.

Words are what is abused within this world, words are what is abused by human beings – words are the very life that we are abusing, killing = this world is what it is: Because of abuse of life as words – by ourselves – the source, the origin of it all.

No man can say: I do not speak. Even the mute speak – they speak silently inside themselves: The Power of Destruction and The Power of Life exist within each and it’s always been here, right here – always: The answer, the key to existence has been here, the answer, the key to EVERYTHING is WORDS, the most simple, the most obvious – yet unseen, unnoticed.

How and why have we missed the answer, the key to it all – that’s been right here – ALWAYS in words as words?

QUESTION: Where would you leave the ANSWER, the KEY to existence if you were GOD who created it all?

Obviously – we left the ANSWER, the KEY right here – unnoticed, unseen, unrealized in the simplest form, the most obvious place = yet oblivious to all!

The question though: If I were to say: The answer, the key to this very existence is right here in words, as words:

How many would hear?

How many would see?

How many would realize?

How many would understand?

It is no coincidence that in the ‘Book of Life’ as the ‘Holy Bible’ where GOD states: Do not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil = the most misinterpreted sentence that exists.

The very book that contradicts itself, because it is within Genesis ‘the beginning of creation’, the first book in the Bible where this sentence is ‘spoken by God’ – and what does man and woman do as Adam and Eve: They eat the damn fruit.

WHAT IF: The very BOOK, the BIBLE is the very TREE, the words in the book the very FRUIT of ‘knowledge of good and evil’ ‘GOD’ said to NOT EAT FROM – in other words: To not ‘believe’ in the words, to not ‘read the words’, to not ‘absorb’ the words – otherwise you’ll be kicked out of the ‘garden of Eden’ = the garden of Eden, the kingdom of heaven – YOU.

Have a look at the entire BOOK: Good vs. Evil exists everywhere in the very contents of the BOOK – You may do this and you may not do that = good vs. evil. Satan and God = good vs. evil. YET – in the very beginning of the book it reads: Do not eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil…

And whose all eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil: Human beings believing in the Bible.

So: Who kicked who out of the ‘garden of Eden’: WE ourselves DID!

What does it mean: I will return – when Jesus says he’ll come back? It means that YOU are still HERE – never GONE, and you will RETURN TO YOU, when you stop eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The codes are in the BIBLE.

Therefore I say: Words are the very diversion to the existence of ourselves depending on the interpretation of the words = YET WORDS ARE THE VERY KEY TO OUR EXISTENCE – OURSELVES.

I’ve just proved it.

Who will hear?

Who will see?

Who will realize?

Who will understand?

I may have readers with perplexed faces, confused grins – so, before I continue with this, I will ‘leave you here’ for a moment: Force yourself to not try and make sense of it, force yourself to not try and understand it – be PATIENT, and continue reading…

I have within my life experience here on earth had this ‘nagging inner desire’ to ‘want to understand it all’, to ‘want to understand me’, to ‘want to understand how I work’, to ‘want to understand how this world works’, ‘to want to understand how I and this world operate’, to want to understand how each individual one of us operate – from this question I had asked myself when I was 15:

To be continued…

DRUGS: The Kingdom of Heaven by Terrence McKenna (Part Two)

‘I have within my life experience here on earth had this ‘nagging inner desire’ to ‘want to understand it all’, to ‘want to understand me’, to ‘want to understand how I work’, to ‘want to understand how this world works’, ‘to want to understand how I and this world operate’, to want to understand how each individual one of us operate – from this question I had asked myself when I was 15:

Before I ‘get to the question’ – this ‘inner desire’ ignited when I began to observe me, observe people, observe my environment and surroundings and I had this feeling that there’s ‘something here that no-one is seeing’, that no-one is noticing – something that we’re supposed to see, supposed to understand, supposed to know: But we aren’t. This ‘something’ I felt and had seen only in glimpses when observing many people together at the same time, even in hearing the chilling breeze brush through the branches and leaves of a tree: a momentary glimpse of ‘something’ unseen, yet here – and because of this, a ‘nagging desire’ was experienced within me: There’s something here – but we’re not seeing it, it’s almost touchable – so close, yet so far… And it is from here that the question came: What is it that is here, that is right here, that I feel, that I only see in glimpses amongst the masses, which hide in the mysteries of trees and nature – but not seeing, not understanding, not ‘getting’ that I as everyone must realize: But we can’t, we don’t even realize it’s here, we don’t realize that there’s something here – in us, all around us: EVERYWHERE…

And it is because of this ‘nagging feeling’ within me: That I began to explore drugs…

And no, I was never satisfied while here on earth that I had ‘found that which I had been wanting to understand’ – I have only now, in this document within which I type: Realized what it is that I had experienced within me: When you stop looking, when you stop searching, when you stop the adventure, when you stop seeking, when you stop walking the path to discover: This is when you finally realize the answer.

I find that each being has a ‘point’ of awareness within them – some may refer to it as ‘intuition’, where you’re always aware of yourself and the experience of yourself: ALWAYS EVERYWHERE. That ‘something’ I experienced was like a ‘ghost’ a ‘phantom’ that I glimpsed of which existence I became aware of, permeating and infiltrating everything everywhere: Omnipresent. The very phantom, the very ghost that would haunt my entire life and consume me to the very essence of bone of the earth from which I come.

I knew it wasn’t a ‘being’, it wasn’t an ‘it’, it wasn’t of this world nor of the world hereafter, this ‘something’ was everywhere yet nowhere: In the wind, in the movement of the leaves on the grass, as the wings of the butterfly and bee, in the bones of my body, the flow of my blood, the pain in my stomach when I was hungry, as the moment of breath – and I knew it was not ‘God’, as ‘God’ was personified, ‘God’ had an identity – this ‘something’ was not of personification, was not of identity: This ‘something’ IS.

I always strongly believed that people ‘believing in something as a God’ was the most insane creatures to walk upon this earth, demented actually: I could not understand their ‘inner reality’ of what would make them think there exist something or someone greater and more powerful than themselves – wasn’t what exists in this world as those that control money, war and lucrative businesses not the very example of ‘Gods’ in this world, right here? That has that very power ‘over them’ as the ‘God’ portrayed in the Bible?

That was my definition of ‘God’: Someone with so much power in their hands they have the ability to control masses with fear, holding the very person(s) in their hands with the ability, strength to manipulate the being to be whatever is demanded of them to be and the person(s) do – no questions asked. The ‘God’ principle is seen in the greater and the smaller of this world within which we exist:

I saw teachers with such power as ‘God’ – having the power to make or break a child, having the very life of a person in your hands, from the perspective of being a point that would determine the beings entire life experience of themselves in this world is to be God. I saw parents as Gods – the character of God as portrayed in the Bible for instance is played by each human being in this world in some way or another – and they don’t even realize it.

And I occasionally wondered what ‘God’ I would become in this world – and I did become a ‘God’ so to speak – each one of us become the portrayal of God – whether upon another’s life or our own – we are God of ourselves and God of another…

I absolutely despise it when human beings say: You are God, without actually completely, fully comprehending such a statement, without actually completely, fully understanding such a statement and the actual, real meaning, the actual, real truth of what such a statement indicate, entail, encompass – never mind the responsibility that goes with it.

Ah – but responsibility: One of many words that exists that is most often used – yet never actually considered with regards to the truth of such a word by means of actually living such a word as responsibility, responsibility in this world is non-existent. Let me put it to you this way: If beings actually lived the word responsibility – this world would not be what it is. If beings actually lived the word God – this world would not be what it is.

So, in my life experience I searched for methods to ‘tap into’ this ‘source’, this ‘something’ that caused this ‘nagging drive’ within me – as though a ‘ghost’ / ‘phantom’ ‘wanting me to see’, ‘wanting me to realize’, ‘wanting me to understand’, ‘wanting me to notice’, this ‘nagging feeling’ that very ‘something’ driving me to question, driving me to ‘want to understand’, driving all of me – but cannot show that to me, but cannot speak it to me: I must find out for myself, for me. It was like a question existed within me – the question had no words, it was a feeling for which I must find an answer, an understanding, a realization, yet not knowing the question, not knowing what answer I am supposed to find: This experience was a MASSIVE transformation of the course in direction my life would take me.

It’s quite interesting me typing here – do not know what I will be saying in the next moment in any way whatsoever, quite exhilarating and free this experience for me…

So, the very reason for me exploring with drugs was to uncover this ‘nagging experience’ within me, this ‘phantom’, this ‘ghost’ was driving me with – this ‘phantom’, this ‘ghost’ I had only seen glimpses of: But I was certain was here as certain as the very air I breathe, everywhere in everything permeating and infiltrating within and throughout yet nowhere, and within this: Uncovered, explored and investigated the ‘inner workings and operations’ of me and the mind, me and this world, me and humanity collectively.

I explored and investigated everything while on drugs – as I understood and as I was aware of that this ‘something’ exists within and as everything and everywhere, and thus I explored everything and everywhere while on drugs, all sorts and all variations: As many and as much as I could possible handle within the boundaries, constraints and limitations of this human physical body.

I knew there had to be some form of ‘relationship connection’ somewhere – which I had to ‘connect to’ to be able to experience this ‘something’ as me, so that I’m in such a way able to understand, comprehend and communicate with this ‘something’ as me = this is what I was looking for, this is what I was searching for: This is what I had to do, this is what I must do: And it became my sole purpose in life – to connect to this ‘something’ that I felt within me as everything and everywhere, that I knew ‘was right here, but we’re all missing it’.

I had one abnormally obscene life, I myself delightfully surprised that I managed to ‘make it here’ for so long despite all that I had experienced and my human physical body and mind as me endured, the human physical body is magnificent in itself.

I really believed I was ‘helping people’, because I believed that I was ‘helping myself’, through what I had done in this world, through what I stood as in this world, and that’s why the heading of this document is: DRUGS: The Kingdom of heaven – for I really believed that DRUGS were the KEY to the actual, real ‘Garden of Eden’, the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’: Until I realized that nothing of all that I had experienced in this world was REAL not even that which became my ‘purpose’ in life and reason for living: ‘Connecting’ with that ‘something’ I believed I was certain was THERE, was HERE – but unseen, unnoticed by all and so I became a man on a mission, the mission the very ‘carrot dangling before the donkey’ throughout my life, consuming me, possessing me – until death and thereafter: Until now.

To be continued…


Mushrooms Changed My Life


I did mushrooms a few times and since then my perspective of life changed. I became very spiritual and open minded.


Understand that any experiences on drugs – such as you had for example: Are not real. Drugs enhance the mind consciousness system, therefore – whatever you experience on drugs, even ‘mind opening plants’ such as mushrooms or salvia, is actually you experiencing you through the mind, the mind ‘opening up to itself’, ‘experiencing itself’.

Spiritual-experiences on drugs, even the ‘mind opening plants’ as you refer to it, experiences – is literally the ‘mind awakening to itself’, meaning for example: Let’s take an A.I. Robot that is designed. Now, this A.I. Robot is designed to be how it is and what it is, meaning – how to speak, how to behave, and how to experience itself. Experiencing itself in automation according to how it’s been programmed to experience itself. Not ‘knowing’ that it’s actually an A.I. Robot – a ‘machine’. It’s never ‘seen’ itself before as an A.I. Robot, its only seen itself through how its been programmed. It’s never experienced itself as an A.I. Robot, its only experienced itself through how its been programmed.

You give this robot a ‘code’ and insert it into the robot. What this code does is ‘turn the robot into itself’, meaning – to have the robot, see itself and experience itself for the first time – the ‘source of itself’ as being a A.I. Robot – the ‘code’ removes the experience of itself through the programming, and takes the Robot to the source of it’s programming and design – which is itself as being a A.I. Robot.

Within being given the code, the robot now see and experience the ‘source of itself’, the ‘origin’ of itself = meaning the actual experience of the entirety of itself as being a A.I. Robot. Therefore, experience the ‘source of it’s existence’ as being a robot – it’s a ‘machine’ realizing itself within and as itself and experiencing itself in seeing itself for the first time as a machine – not just as what its been programmed to experience itself as and see itself as.

This is no different to human beings and drugs. The drugs is a code which access the ‘main source system’ of the mind consciousness system within and as you – therefore, what you experience on drugs is the mind consciousness system, seeing and experiencing itself for the first time = which human beings have come to refer to as a ‘spiritual awakening’ of sorts.

But it’s actually the ‘awakening of the mind unto and into itself’ = the ‘lala-land’ of the mind in the mind as the mind.

Therefore, spiritual awakening, is ‘mind-awakening’, mind-realization.

Another example to place this into perspective: An A.I. Robot is designed. This A.I. Robot suddenly discovers a mirror – now, this mirror represents the moment you take the drugs or ‘mind opening plants’ as you refer to them. The experiences you have on drugs – is the exact same as the ‘experience’ the A.I. Robot have as it ‘discovers itself’ ‘for the first time’ before a mirror – ‘seeing itself for the first time’ and then ‘experiencing that seeing itself for the first time’. On drugs = it’s the experience of the mind seeing itself for the first time and then experiencing itself within seeing itself for the first time. And every time the A.I Robot stand before the mirror again, as every time you use drugs/ ‘mind opening plants’ as you refer to them – it’ll ‘discover something new’ it hadn’t noticed before – as you will have different yet similar ‘experiences’ on drugs/‘mind opening plants’ as you refer to them – through the mind as the mind – the mind discovering the ins and outs of its own existence.

Therefore – any and all experiences on drugs, or ‘mind opening plants’ = are not real. You’re only experiencing yourself through and as the mind – seeing and experiencing itself.

None of it is YOU as who you really are. Who you really are existent within and as is the simplest, yet most taken for granted, expression within and as this world – that has always been here within you = BREATH, and that is it.

Who you really are is here within and as breath, any other ‘enhanced experiences’- but consistency within and as stability in self expression as breath – as stable, as constant and as silent as a rock - no lala experiences - is of the mind and thus, not real.

(Bruce L.)

Do Drugs Have An Effect On You?


If you reached this kind of state then drugs shouldn't have any affect on you right?


No effect.

(Bernard Poolman)

Question: Are Drugs Bad?

Terence McKenna will still be going in-depth with regards to the consequences of utilizing drugs – though, we’re specific when we state that you will not enter the inter-dimensional existence if you’re using drugs. Drugs enhance the mind consciousness system within and as beings and suppress and extinguish you extensively – all and every experience on drugs is not real in any way whatsoever – and in using drugs you’re only prolonging your process here on earth.


Addicted to Desteni Material


And what about the ones who are addicted to it.?

People I am serious: I need desteni rehab..! sleeping has become useless

at the moment: reading Structural Resonance. forgiveness applications (in my head). Forum headache


Can't be 'addicted to Desteni' - the addiction experienced TOWARDS Desteni indicate 'projection' - projecting addiction existent within you towards something or someone 'outside of you'.

Therefore - identify the 'nature of addiction' existent within you that you project towards Desteni.

Desteni in itself is not an addiction/the addiction - it's the being's nature of themselves of addiction that make their own participation/experience with/within something or someone an addiction.

Exactly as with drugs - drugs itself is not an addiction/the addiction - it's the being's 'nature of addiction' in using drugs that manifest within using drugs - the being individually is responsible = not the drugs.

I have found 'addiction' to be a point that I use to hide to not have to face my world/my reality - meaning, to not actually practically live and face all that is me in my world/reality.

Therefore - I'd suggest to consider not only 'absorbing the words' which would cause it all to manifest as but knowledge and information locked in your mind = which is useless. But to be one and equal within taking the words and living the words practically in your world as you participate in your world/reality and everyone else within it.

So - ensure that you assist and support you to practically live the understandings/insights/realisations within self forgiveness / reading as you participate in your world - to ensure that what you read doesn't just become knowledge and information locked in your mind that is useless - for to be self-effective in actuality - to become real here in and as the physical and actually live self honest self expression = is to apply self honesty in practical living as you participate in your world.