Emoto and Water

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Emoto and Water


Masaru Emoto has done some fascinating work with intention and water crystallization.I would like to hear water speak about this phenomenon and and/or other dimensionals address this topic. It seems perhaps incorrect to label all prayer/intentional expression as unproductive given the positive things that have been measured.


With regards to Emoto's work, his starting point does not stand within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal. For instance, when the word 'One' is spoken, the crystals in the water form according to the word spoken of the sound vibration of the word from within the human being, as the human beings' current 'sound vibration' of the mind.

When the word 'One' is spoken again, the crystalline formation of the word won't be exactly the same, will differ. This is because the starting point of the being is not within and as oneness and equality and the sound within which the word is expressed - is not the sound harmonic of life. So, it is to speak a word, for instance 'One' when spoken within and as oneness and equality, as the sound harmonic expression of life, the crystalline formation of the water - with regards to the word 'One' - will be exactly the same, every time it's spoken constant and continuous.


has anyone heard about the research that Dr. Masaru Emoto has been doing, photographing frozen water crystals? "The messages from water are telling us to look inside ourselves"


The question to consider is whether the snowflakes are the Nanotech of the Enslavers of the unified field. We are trapped by perceived beauty easily, yet even Emoto's work indicate and is based on the polarity equation. Thus his departure point being diversity.

When self directed, will man be able to place the directive crystiline water in their cells as one and equal as a single repeated form or will it be incorporating all forms.

Many interesting questions arise within the oneness and equality expression and the current accepted parts of this reality and their picture form they present.



What happens to water when humans pollute and treat it like we do here on earth, not understanding consequences of our actions. What happens to bottled up water? How does this change it, if in any way? How does water purify itself (if it does)? What happens to water when it is carbonated?


See Emoto's research--water form according to the participant

I drink water as me, thus I set up myself to automate the sustenance required as the crystalisation of the water as life as one as equal - lots of words - but necessary to place the creation string together and slow down the process and make sure of the purity of self expression.

Emoto shows how water crystalise with sound, yet they have been unable to prove oneness, because the starting point is sound and not as sound as one.

In water you see the resonance of the observer, it shows the geometrical formation of the system as person reflected. Example: if you judge Hitler the water will reflect your judgment— it take many layers to manifest that into actual form within and initially it will become you as judgment as an entity.


Water & Paranormal Events by Bernard Poolman

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