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General outline of the Equal Money System

Equal Money (EM) is a comprehensive, Earth-friendly solution that is being developed to replace the old world-system of Money – designed for power and control, with a new world-system of Equality – designed to function in the best interests of All. The basis of EM is that, all life is created equally; and as such, All are entitled to an equal opportunity to live a dignified life. Within and from this starting point, people from all over the world are coming together (on the Internet), investigating the current world system, keeping what is good, and redesigning the rest. So, could this be opportunity that, “We the People” have been waiting for, a chance to create our own version of the New World Order - one in which All are supported and cared for?

The Equal Money System (EMS) is an emerging paradigm shift that fundamentally transforms the global monetary system – from its historical role as a hierarchical pyramid designed to transfer the wealth of the world into the hands of the few and bind the rest of the population to lives of debt, devastation, destruction and destitution – into a new system of balanced equilibrium in which all life is honored and provided equal standing in a world that is best for all. This comprehensive solution is being developed by a global network of people standing in the awareness that all life is of equal value and hence must operate by and through a monetary system that recognizes the principle of equality of Life; in effect, a new world-system of Equality as the design of what is Best for All. Such a proposition has nothing to do with the old paradigm, therefore any attempts to burden the EMS with old definitions simply do not apply. Life itself is the new emergent paradigm and will determine the substantive value of every living being as being equal to every other, and upon the substance of this new paradigm shall emerge a monetary system in which all are afforded a life of value, quality and integrity and within which the whole is equal to the sum of every part, and every part is equal to the whole.

The basis of the EMS is that all life is created equally; as such, all are entitled to an equal opportunity to live a dignified life. This multifaceted global project has established the foundation of awareness for this new paradigm and involves investigating and redesigning most if not all of our current world systems. The new paradigm posits the a priori requirement that centralized systems of limitation and control must give way to decentralized life-based principles. The essential building blocks of a life of integrity must be accessible and within the self-directed control of all human beings. The “necessities” of earning a living must be replaced with equal value monetization, replacing debt bondage with a new system of self-generating capacities for every man, woman and child. Communities, nations and the world as a whole must transform old systems designed by the minds of self-centered men only interested in control, limitation greed and the extraction of wealth that has created a veritable cannibalization of our entire world, into a sustainable future that honors life and all beings, including the plant and animal kingdoms and the natural order. When one commits to this paradigm shift, the integrity of the Equal Money System becomes self-evident: the EMS goal of implementing best living practices and solutions so that all human beings may once and for all co-exist as a Sustainable Living Force of interdependence and mutual cooperation with all of life and each other.

As the former world of centralized and hierarchical control loses its grip on humanity, the new, decentralized system shall move beyond the acquisition and control of the few power-hungry individuals that have controlled our world and led it to the brink of self-annihilation. In this new world, every living being becomes a whole system, self-contained and self-directed, and at the same time fully interdependent and integrated into the larger whole of a world community in which all shall prosper. In the Equal Money System humanity shall leave behind the illusions of lack and limitation; we shall forego the necessity to consume and extract the substance of this world in order to fuel an out of control world money system that has no relationship to human integrity and value. The Equal Money System is not another economist’s model based on capital scales, actuarial tables, bank ratios of settlement or market forces of supply and demand; rather, it is based on the removal of quantification of humans, animals, resources and land, and walks into a new paradigm in which quality and value are established on the principles of life, equality, balance and sustainability, in which what is good for the one is good for the all, and thus leads us to the question: Could this be the destiny of mankind and the pinnacle of history as We the People create a true New World Order in which All are included and Life itself determines the value system that runs this world?

Implementation of a global Equal Money System

Participation by all

Members of the Equal Money System participate in various capacities to ensure smooth functioning of the system, and to uphold the principle of equality. This illustrates that an Equal Money System is centred on a direct-democracy approach where the participants of the system have equal votes to decide on 'what is best for all', in creating a functional economic and political system across all aspects of society.

Participation in the Equal Money System is indicated by our shared existence in this world, wherein each individual takes responsibility for contributing to the subsistence of the system as well as being the recipient of unequivocal support in all that is needed to conduct their life comfortably. This beneficial set-up facilitated by the Equal Money System creates a symbiotic relationship among human beings and their habitat in equal measure. It implies equal agreements are formed on how equality is achieved through a starting point of equal support granted to all.

Government and leadership

Every form of government as it has been known up until now will no longer exist, and this extends to the judicial and tax systems as well. All campaigning and competition as it is currently associated with politics have no place in the Equal Money System. In the Equal Money System leadership takes on the form of response-ability with integrity of upholding equality for all living beings which will be measured as what is practically best for all. Leadership is thus earned through ones unwavering living of equality.

Leadership is carried out by each individual member of the group, which exemplifies the applied direct-democracy approach where all are working together to make collective decisions on the premise of what is best for all. Individual members, who have a proven track record of speaking and acting with integrity, may hold positions of supervision and administration. However, positions of this kind do not hold any power over others. They are merely an organisational tool in facilitating management of procedures or processes, in the execution of previously determined decisions made by the group in the principle of what is best for all. Individuals in these positions are nominated by the group through consensus, whereby these positions are held on a one term non-renewable basis.

As individual leaders in their respective fields all are all driving to create the best conditions for all, thus there is no need for debates, attitudes or opinions. What each leader is contributes to the research committees are options pertaining to the handling of specific issues. These considerations for the research committees determine whether new projects are able to be considered making sure that the equality principles are upheld. Propositions made by the research committees are publicised and democratically voted upon to determine the view of the people. This approach will bring an end to all deception and manipulation which are the ingredients in political decision-making. Through self-organised governance, generations to come will enjoy continual well-being and thriving within the principle of what is best for all.

Logistics of administration

The logistics of such a global Equal Money System are tackled using digital technologies. These technologies are readily available today but require revision to be fitted into the new context of equality with consideration towards equal and guaranteed distribution of equipment, access and education. Through the efficient and focussed use of digital technologies it will be easily possible to create an internet infra-structure which streamlines communication and facilitates real-time connectivity between all members of the Equal Money System, regardless of language or location. Automated and digital technologies will furthermore make the system cheat-proof.

In an Equal Money System, existing infrastructure and technologies will be re-purposed if possible. For example, mass food production will look for established production methods and facilities from existing corporations, and will appropriate these to create suitable facilities that meet the requirements 'what is best for all'.

In an Equal Money System, the allocation of money and resources will be managed through digital technologies. The system is established through the use of codes that identify the individual with relevant information concerning aspects of their existence within the system. Currently, the use of a microchip for each person may be the most viable path in effectively collecting and managing the vast amount of global data that will be needed to run the Equal Money System on the principle of equality.

Use of technology

An important factor in this is that all aspects of the implementation will support the common goal of equality through the practical application of 'what is best for all'. This approach will eventually reshape the way we communicate through the various channels, whereby all use of digital technologies that are non-supportive of the evolving Equal Money System will become obsolete. Consequently, soft and hardware development in support of an Equal Money system will expand the use of digital technologies, creating autonomous users because the technology will move from the hands of a few to the hands of the many. This is the direction of development that will be visible in every sector of society, where typical jobs that do not support what is best for all, will simply no longer have a place in a system based on equality. Manufacture of items that are purely made for profit will immediately cease to exist as they are based on exploitation and opposing equality. From this perspective the concept of 'compulsive work' does not exist which, in turn, will reshape the use of time by the individual and the collective. Thus, the members of the Equal Money system will be able to live a life that enables true self-expression because they no longer work for 'work for survival'.

Transitioning from a capitalistic system to the Equal Money System

Those who are working as a group towards the establishment of an Equal Money System, the Destonians, understand that it will take time to bring about a system change. We estimate that it will take until the year 2020 for the entrance of Equal Money into the political arena where "one man, one vote" will be used to build the foundations of an Equal Money System. In the meantime Destonians support the economic reforms summarised within the Basic Income Grant (BIG), as a viable path to make the transition from surviving in a competitive and exploitative system to one where government support of the individual's basic needs is guaranteed.

It is important to understand that the Basic Income Grant still operates within the capitalistic system. For example individuals may own or rent houses through the governmental subsidiaries and guarantees derived from the BIG. Such a system is not based on equality and only allows the intermediate relief from all the suffering that humans are experiencing in their survival.

The basic components of the Equal Money System

1. Give to another that which you would like to receive. This is a fundamental basic human right, such as basic living requirements from birth till death. The basic living requirements of each person is pre-planned and the person is setup for life for what it is that they will require to live within the current trend of a particular era.

2. No person will work for money. Work is considered a pleasure to be performed voluntarily, people will participate according to their interest and because they understand it is a physical act of love to give to others. As Kahlil Gibran states: "Work is love made visible and as love is good and money is evil, working for money creates evil as the world demonstrates".

3. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This statement describes the starting point and behaviour necessary to include all into all considerations and decisions made in the Equal Money System, to support 'what is best for all'. Within this, we move from the starting point of equality and equal access for a life to be lived in dignity. We are creating this system wherein we all agree to give to each other what we require to live a satisfactory life. We apply this understanding to the raising of children, ensuring that we pass on the necessary tools of maintaining equality to those who determine the future of the system.

Education and the Equal Money System

The task of the educational system in the Equal Money System is to support and assist each human being in becoming and acting as trustworthy and reliable decision maker who is, under all circumstances, motivated to create and maintain a world that is best for all. Therefore young humans will be educated through the physical interactions with the environment, specifically the growing and preserving of life forms and food supply, which further entails the effective use and management of resources.

Basic Education

For humanity to become one and equal, we must introduce the culture of equality to all that are born into the Equal Money System as early as possible. Enculturation of equality starts from the time the child is born and adults must learn to treat children as equals from birth. Teaching in this context is to demonstrate to children of any age how to conduct one's life so that one's decisions are made from the starting point of what is best for all. Therefore parents will need to be educated to raise their children in a manner that supports each child as an equal member of the humanity, rather than belonging to a specific family lineage. In the Equal Money System blood relations between family members do not have any significant importance because through equality all members of humanity have equal importance and responsibility.

Education is a key to equality. Every child in the Equal Money System are educated in a wide range of subject matters as it is understood that through education each person is empowered to make educated choices and decisions. The completion of basic education is mandatory as this will provide the individual with tools such as, so that all members of the Equal Money System are equally educated. The primary subjects will range from reading, writing, speaking, environmental studies, math and science, which prepares the individual to further their education in the fields that they may find interest in.

Education during the teenage years will begin with a four-year training programme where youngsters come together in groups on farms, and are introduced to learn and work in the labour-force that underpins the basic food production in an Equal Money System. While this programme teaches youngsters to learn to stand as equals to everything here on our planet, to act as fully self-responsible beings in all their deeds and words, they will also be able to develop adequate social skills through their interactions with other teenagers. This characterises the new human who will prosper in harmony with planet earth and eventually be a true 'custodian of the planet earth'.

The DesteniIProcess

To move from the current world situation to a level of understanding, awareness, and action that is necessary for humans to attain the position of 'custodians of the planet earth' a process of self-development is required. Destonians, the group of people who are working towards the implementation of an Equal Money System, are aware of this fact which is why Destonians have developed courses and tools to assist themselves in learning to live in oneness and equality. The courses are available through the DesteniIProcess for anyone who is interested. Through the DesteniIProcess an individual is provided with the know-how, tools and materials, as well as peer-to-peer assistance to self-develop to become self-responsible as equal members of humanity. The main tools within this process are self-honesty and self-forgiveness and these are practically applied through writing and speaking.

Additional information can be found at the Equal Money website or at EQAFE.


What is the Equal Money System not?

The Equal Money System is not a dictatorship nor is it associated with the ‘New World Order’ - it is a system created by democratic means, founded upon the principle of equality through the practical implementation of 'what is best for all'.Each and every person's voice will be heard and no one is disregarded. Those who cannot have a voice, for example animals, will be included within the principle of equality.

Why is an Equal Money System not like communism?

When people react to the word "equality" by likening it to communism, they are demonstrating an ideological inclination or indoctrination due to political propaganda that the word has imprinted in their mental perceptions through knowledge of historical developments. Aspects of equality were part of the theoretical Marxist idea but Marx never gave practical pointers to implement the idea on realistic terms. Hence, it remained a theory and nothing more. There are some similarities between the Equal Money System and some of the Marxian ideas. For example, a classless system and equal living condition for all are such shared ideas. Mostly the differences between theoretical Marxian ideas and the Equal Money System are in having a living system through practical implementation of the principle of equality rather than a theoretical approach.

The discrepancy between the political ideology of Marxist communism, and the countries that were governed from the so-called premise of communism, was and is that in reality these regimes were an extension of capitalism. Those regimes, of which China is still an example, were brought to power through money and war, and the exerted the same type of control upon its citizens as in capitalistic societies. China today is a glorified capitalistic system where dictatorship controls the country and caters to a 'white elite' with money. Products for consumption are produced by Chinese workers who are exploited for cheap labour. The consumer products are then marketed in the US and Europe where they are bought without recourse to the conditions under which the production took place. The main factor here is the buying power of a Western world.

Moreover, the capitalistic systems, such as the US, have used the idea of Communism as a form of propaganda to promote capitalism as a system of freedom and choice in comparison to communism as a system of enslavement. Therefore, the word "equality" also triggers fears within people, fears that are pertaining to the loss of individualism. Yet, people who react in fear, or even consider ‘world equality’ as utopia, will falsely believe that they are free in a system where freedom is equated with granted purchasing power maintained through self-interest and greed.

In an Equal Money System the main force is equality as applied and implemented principle - in short, as lived experience. Communism is a political ideology that works under the current monetary system. In an Equal Money System, to ensure that there are no decisions made from the standpoint of political or traditional preferences, a mathematical principle is applied to create, at all times, what is best for all under all conditions. Equality as lived application is without precedence and has no historical references because it is foremost a new economic system that is open, meaning its sphere of influence stretches past nations and societies over the entire world.

The Equal Money System, as an open system, has the starting point that is inclusive of all living creature. In that it is also differentiated from communism and socialism because abuse cannot and will not exist. In communist regimes of the past and the present, what people shared equally was a poverty point while leaders were functioning from a point of power and ego - thus creating the same hierarchical structures as in the current capitalistic system. In addition, communist regimes were engulfed in fighting capitalism and those who were in opposition of the communist regime - hence abusing money and resources for the purpose of warfare.

In the Equal Money System there are no reasons for the squandering of resources or the need to uphold ideologies because the premise of functioning is that everyone is equal and only what is best for all is implemented - thus poverty and warfare is a thing of the past.

Equal Money is not anarchism

The word “anarchism” is an umbrella term which groups political and religious thought (such as Christian anarchism) in a number of traditions. These are underpinned by the basic idea that societal structuring of individual and collective human relations can function in the absence of a centralised authority.

In the last two hundred years, the various movements of social or collective anarchism have, in their essence, dealt with the distribution of labour and the role of property. This does not compare to an Equal Money System because the main focus here is neither material nor economical. Both of those aspects are merely necessary within the practical concerns of life. Equal Money’s main focus is on living beings with the central idea to uphold, support and assist all that is living, in equal ways through taking practical steps in the physical world that are engendered from self-responsibility. Thus, how aspects such as labour, ownership, and property are dealt with from the social and collective stance is determined through the application of the principle of equality, to achieve the common goal in establishing what is best for all.

Historically, individual anarchism has strongly supported ego-based human relations (see Max Stirner). Here, individuals are encouraged to will themselves through their ego to form and cultivate a union in the interaction with others while freely following one’s desires. Supporters of this approach are convinced that conflicts and suffering can be tackled and resolved if this union is maintained. From the perspective of an Equal Money System, the human ego is not a viable path to be trusted in creating a better world that includes everyone. The reason being that the human ego operates on the basis of thoughts and the mind in general. Desteni research clearly shows that the mind works in ways that keeps people separated from each other through mechanisms of deception and abuse. This is done through feelings and emotions which trigger manipulation and sabotage of Self and others, always promoting only one thing: the perceived benefit through self-interest.

When tracing various developments of anarchistic thought and action, it becomes evident that these movements have acted through opposing established systems. As part of a reactive manner, the movements have utilised abuse, such as violent acts against those who do not support their ideas, and other ‘anti’ stance activities such as general strikes. In an Equal Money System, abuse, of which violence is one form, is eradicated through the elimination of ego-based interactions between people, animals and the environment. Abuse has no place in the principle of equality and the achievement of a society in which everyone acts in the best interest of all. This fact is inherent in a life of equality because when all are equal there can be no conditional antagonism between persons because each member of the Equal Money System has equal access to all and is equally supported by all. The development of mind technology to educate oneself to live a life in equality is currently undertaken by Desteni's Educational Research (for more information see DesteniIProcess).

Some traditions of social anarchism will form their ideas incorporating concepts of mutuality, reciprocity, and voluntary action, yet the basic notion of “earning a living” still holds true even in the face of proposed currency reforms. In the Equal Money system, money is not regarded to be on equal footing with life, it is purely seen as an organisational and accounting tool which cannot be used or abused to equate a person’s ability and capacity to perform work with their living requirements. Thus, an Equal Money System spells the end of poverty because everyone is equally taken care of on the basis that they are a living being, they are equal in their participation through sharing the same physical condition, and are equally provided by that which is already here in support of life on earth.

When money is in the service of life as with the Equal Money System, the idea of anarchy comes to an end because all stop the pursuit to earn one's living through performance in the exchange of money. Life has no longer a price tag and cannot be sold. All that is needed to live will be granted and supported as explained in the principled approach to the Equal Money System.

The Equal Money System is not a resource-based economy

The concept of a resource-based economy is a recent development which looks at possibilities of getting around the use of money through declaring all resources of the planet as common heritage for all. Proponents of this approach are found in the Zeitgeist movement and the Venus Project. Supporters state that besides money, credit, barter and any other system of debt or servitude would not exist in a resource-based economy. On the level of human relations this is achieved, according to Zeitgeist supporters, through more meaningful ways of relating to other people. From the Zeitgeist perspective this will emerge from the fact that the individual will no longer have to worry about keeping a job which greatly reduces mental and physical stress.

Several questions are prompted from this context. How will humans suddenly start to relate to and with each other in more meaningful ways when human nature has a track record that lays down centuries of abuse and self-interest, regardless of which economic system governs human relations? Without rigorous self-investigation and practise of self-honesty, how will those who form the government in a resource-based economy remain free from corruption? How will it be ensured that resources as common heritage stay common and are fairly distributed?

The resource-based economy, as proposed by Zeitgeist supporters, is strongly hinged on cutting-edge technologies produced in new and innovative ways. The idea is that through modern technology the environment can be better protected, the cities re-designed for improved living, and more effective transportation systems and industry plants can be build. However, technology is advocated without looking at the root of the current ways we apply and implement technology and what that means in the face of a new type of economy. It is unlikely that newly designed cities will get rid of abuse, that by living in these cities we suddenly know how to decide and act from the starting point of what is best for everyone.

Changing the way we interact in the world is not a material procedure, the process for a better world does not start with creating a better exterior but rather starts with us, and who we are as people, what we have allowed and accepted to exist in the world and what we create as an expression of ourselves daily – it has to start with the realisation that we are all responsible, and that only if we take responsibility we can make changes. This is why the Equal Money System begins with the human and the process needed to transform human nature so that we can implement a system that supports everyone equally. All exterior and operational aspects are emergent from this process of transformation which is based on understanding how to decide and act from the starting point of what is best for all.

Why the gold standard will not work

When humanity used gold as a standard for exchange of goods and services, as early as 600 B. C., the economic difference between people existed just the same as it does today. Poverty and fear of survival have underpinned our societies with or without gold standard. The change to gold standard from fiat currency does not change the fact that we put a price on life. It will not end abuse nor will it stop corruption. Again, this is yet another approach where we look at the problem in separation of ourselves. The collective problem that we are faced with is not one that can be solved by making minor changes to the system we have created, which is what the return to a gold standard implies. To create a world where everyone is taken care of equally which is what Destonians are here to bring about, we must understand that the change begins with us, individually and collectively.

An additional consideration is the belief system established around gold that is not being questioned when considering gold as currency. From this perspective humans have collectively agreed that gold should have a preferable position among the metals on this earth. That is to say we see in gold (and silver) more value than in other metals and thus have determined that these metals can function as a monetary vehicle while others cannot. In this regard we are justifying the inequality of metals from a point of belief. When applying common sense we see that the belief system of gold (and silver) serves nothing more than to hold on to scarcity and promote disparity of those who are allowed to own gold - thus money, and those who are not.

How has money ruled humans?

Money is not intrinsically evil nor does it propagate greed. In the current system it is the way money is used and defined, that is promoting greedy behaviour by all, we have all are agreed upon to keep the system as it is. The rules of what money is based on can thus be changed. An example of such a rule, is that no one has a right to any money unless someone has worked for it. This rule dictates that children will not be supported in this world unless they have parents who work to earn money and are therefore able to sustain the child's life, or indirectly receive money through the redirection of taxes. In some cases, when there are no parents that support a child, a child may be helped by a charity though this approach is not effective enough to have any significance in the bigger picture. A consequence of this rule is that children born on earth in the current system have no right to exist. The fact that the child is life, here on earth, does not grant it any right to receive any means to survive and thrive. Rights are coupled with the performance of labor, and if you are unable to buy yourself the right to exist through labor, someone else must be found that can buy that right for you.

This 'money' rule creates a situation of fear because under these conditions no one’s existence is ever secure. Your ability to live and survive is permanently dependent on your ability to get money from the system. Here we can easily see that it is the rules of the economic system that are creating a struggle for survival. It is important to see that such a struggle is the result of the rules made by society, and most importantly that these rules are man-made. They are not a condition that is imposed by life, it is a condition that is imposed by man onto other man.

Many use the argument that ‘the struggle for life’ can be found in the animal kingdom as well, which is then brought forth as the reason why such a struggle is inevitable in general. However, when placed in the proper perspective, this line of reasoning is invalid because there is no actual reason for anyone to suffer from starvation. Starvation is man-made, it is a form of deprivation. There are plenty of resources to feed everyone on earth. This is a known fact and the reason why we have not changed this situation is because of ill-will encapsulated in political and profit-based acceptances.

In our current system, money is created out of thin air. It is a make-believe system wherein we have created a value separate from the existence of all that is here on earth. With the result that we have created a system of inequality and polarisation because money is not made available to all. Therefore if money is causing the problems in the world, we make from money the solution to the problems.

Greed is created from fear that at some point there will not be enough for everyone. Thus, this makes up the excuse to grab as much as possible in self-interest and even start hoarding; disregarding anyone else who might have the same need. When in fear one can only act in self-interest, especially when the fear is underpinned by fearing death. However, when all are provided for, and all can be trusted to provide for others, when access to whatever is needed is always guaranteed and freely given, then fear and greed no longer fit in the picture.

In the Equal Money System, forms of greed will disappear and will be replaced by trust because people will realise that there is no need for such behaviour. Thus, money can actually be used as a key to change the human experience on earth. When all live a life of equals with equal access to all there is, competitive behaviour is eradicated because no one will need to fight to secure their share or gain more than someone else. The result is that no one has to fear of being robbed when walking the streets and we can actually start trusting each other.

In the Equal Money System, we are assigning a new value to money. Money = the value of Life. Within our current monetary system you have to prove that you are a worthwhile human-being by working for money. Within an Equal Money System you are recognised as life and this is why you and everyone is given unconditional support equally.

Money thus becomes the management and accounting tool to assess and organise resources, ensuring that everyone is provided for equally and granted access to all services and goods required to live in a efficiently functioning global environment. Consequently within this global environment, the human is placed into the position of benevolent benefactor in the construction of ecosystems.

With regards to the current money-crisis, one must understand that it is not due to money being created ‘out of nothing’, but solely due to the exploitative characteristics of our money-system, which is build on loaning money with interest. By contrast, the Equal Money System is there to simplify living on earth by creating the best living conditions for all, without power and control by a few over the many.

As explained above, money as credits will be a tool at each person's disposal to gain access to adequate resources so that all can live a dignified life. It will not be a ‘loan’, it is everyone's right to have this money as credits, because all resources on earth are here to support each human-being equally.

Why do we need an Equal Money System?

Understanding why we need an Equal Money System requires us to look at the state of the world with Self-honesty. Through Self-honesty we can assess and admit that each human being exists as a slave, living in fear and anxiety - with no life of their own. Our lives resemble machines that perform tasks for money to ensure survival, while being entertained by the system in a number of ways; through drugs, sex, consumerism and so on. To survive in the current system, working for money is a prerequisite which has been readily accepted by the public although we see other beings on the planet, such as animals who have, when the human does not interfere, their basic needs met by using the resources of the planet freely. For humans, it is a given that individuals direct the unfolding of their life not as life itself but rather as slave for money. We do not have free choice, we have limitations to chose from, and all aspects of these choices are tied to money. The reason why we need an Equal Money System is to become free from strife and fight for survival - to learn who we really are, what we enjoy to do with ourselves, who we enjoy to be with and so forth - in essence allowing man to live a life of expression and find his own purpose in life.

There are many examples where we have to make choices that compromise how we live in this world because these choices have money at their root. A typical example are artists who do not tick the boxes for monetary support that fulfills the agenda of funding bodies, and instead works to express themselves regardless of the current trend in art. Unless the person comes from a wealthy family they will have a hard time making sufficient money to survive. Another example is someone who marries someone else because they have money, and marriage was the only way to ensure safety and comfort in their life. If one does not follow the preset ideas of the economic system than one might end up struggling for survival. On the other hand, one may buy into the notion of career and will spend a large portions of one's life performing tasks to accommodate job expectations - only to be left with the question at the end "what else is there?". The Equal Money System puts an end to this kind of existence, it will give each human the possibility to live a pleasant and dignified life through giving and taking responsibility, and through self-expression.

We are existing in a world where starvation, malnutrition, trafficking, slavery, prostitution, war, water shortage, contamination and pollution of the environment, is allowed and accepted to occur because the economic system we adhere to is oriented on profit making rather than on the preservation of life. Severe living conditions are created by humans and affect all living beings on earth - many of us life a life of utter suffering and negligence; we do not support our fellow humans so that the suffering comes to an end. We know that our current system is not working and that suffering and negligence cannot be stopped by passing the responsibility on to someone else - be it the government or charities.

A question you can ask yourself is this, "Am I prepared to exchange lives with any living being on earth?" If you look around you and see the suffering that is allowed to occur on earth you will realise that you would not want to answer this question. So the question then becomes, "Why do we allow and support the system as it currently exists?" It is time for radical change, a change that brings about one world where life is respected and honoured.

In an Equal Money System we would, through practical application, stop all suffering that our planet is currently experiencing. In an Equal Money System all resources are shared because "need goes before greed", always. We understand that the people who will mostly fear moving towards the Equal Money System are the ones that already have everything that gives them a dignified life. Do you not want your fellow man to live a dignified life? If your fellow man leads a dignified life whereby all their human needs are fulfilled, has a great education, is socially integrated into your society, would you not feel safer in your environment? Would you not feel safer if your children could go anywhere at any time?

We need an Equal Money System to bring everyone to the level of leading a dignified life. Those that are currently living a satisfactory way of life through having enough money, will continue their life in this way with only changing their current hierarchical status in society that is enabling the creation of such wealth. This implies that no one is fought against or excluded from this system, it is created at the best interest of all as equals.

Wouldn't it be better to have no money at all?

In the Equal Money System money will not exist the way it exists now, with rules and regulations that support the belief system we have established around the use of money. In the Equal Money system, money becomes a tool to organise and manage the allocation of resources, such as food and clothes, for each member of the system. An economy without money at this stage of the human evolution, where people are acting from self-interest and greed is not viable. We can see this already during the typical after-holiday sales, chaos ensues every time when people will get carried away by their greed and become violent. Equal money is a very specific measure that will make sure each individual will obtain their allocated resources and have their basic needs met. In sum, money in the Equal Money System is a tool that allows for managing distribution in an orderly fashion.

Furthermore the only alternative to money is barter, though to use barter at a world-wide scale as a replacement for money – is quite impractical. Barter furthermore places a value on objects for which the prize to pay becomes life again. If you do not have a valuable resource you can use to barter with you are in the same position as having no money - and this would not be a change to our current economic system where you also have to have ownership (either of material value or skill/performance capabilities) of something to be used as payment for what you need.

What about those who do not want it?

The Equal Money system will only be implemented through a democratic process of voting, thus once enough people have been educated as to the system and have come to realise the benefits of such a system, the Equal Money System will be implemented. It is thus up to each one of us to make sure that the message is carried forward whereby we create an educated generation of beings that will carry our future into an Equal Money System. If you have not yet seen the benefits of an Equal Money System and you are in the minority of the population who have voted an Equal Money System into power you will be faced with your idea of separation as your country moves into an era of co-operation and support. The Equal Money System with its implementation will support you as an individual, as working for profit to be able to feed yourself will be phased out as the Equal Money System is phased in.

It is not mandatory to partake in the Equal Money System - nobody is going to force you against your will. Though, the stupidity of not participating in the Equal Money System must be realised; here is a solution, a system that will give you free access to all the resources you require and need in order to live a satisfactory life – not only for you, but for everyone else as well. How could you not wish to be part of such a system? Realise the opportunity that awaits you with the Equal Money System, an opportunity you give to yourself and others at the same time - and it will result in all living a dignified life in a society without poverty and starvation.

What about those who cheat it?

Deploying technology throughout all aspects having to do with logistics and administration of the Equal Money System will be important because this way we can direct the development of technology to be cheat-proof. This is why the Equal Money System will use digital technology to automate the majority of the tasks. In this way we take out the human from the equation who is prone to deceive, cheat and lie in order to receive more than another; computers are not influenced by human emotion and as such will not cheat anyone. The particular point of accepting and allowing the belief that human nature is unchangeable (people will always act from self-interest, e.g. lie, steal and so forth) will be dealt with from the educational perspective and is part of the self-development process that is required for each human to engage with to live in a system of equality.

Comparing the Equal Money System with government-run well-fare systems, where people will cheat to get an advantage, is pointless because here money is used to put a price on life, whereas in the Equal Money System, life is priceless. If everyone’s basic needs are taken care of, how can you cheat to get more? You will only get more basic needs, which you already have as a constancy within your life.

Another form of cheating describes those who are lazy and are not willing to contribute their fair share. Within the Equal Money System all your basic needs are taken care of. The question that you will have to answer for yourself is this "What will I participate within when all my needs are taken care of?" You will find that there are only so many movies that you can watch or social events that you can attend before you start getting restless in wanting to participate in ‘something’ else, ‘something’ meaningful. So, cheating will in a sense becomes useless, as you will simply be able to receive that which you would like to have without cheating.

Examples of a 'working prototype' or pilot project in Namibia provide a track record that human values change to cherish life. Namibian communities adopted the Basic Income Grant and demonstrated that once community members' basic needs were met, they in turn sought to give back to the community. In essence this proves that the Equal Money System's unconditional support of all is the way forward because human values that are based on equality, where one is able to give and receive equally, will develop and persist.

Why does the cheating for more money exist? The answer is that due to lack, and/or the desire to have something that someone else has, therefore one is willing to cheat. However in the Equal Money System all have the same standard, the same economic wealth, all are millionaires, thus the incentive to cheat is missing from this picture.

What about those who are not motivated to work in the Equal Money System

Motivation has been part of the current way of creating desires and needs within people, where it has been inculcated that to fulfill these needs and desires one has to perform a job. Motivation is inherent to the capitalistic system of rewards where every 'thing' has a price tag and no 'thing' is given freely and unconditionally. This is part of the belief system we adhere to, we accept that this is how things are, without further questioning where our motivation originates from for us to conduct our daily living. A system of rewards does not exist in the Equal Money System.

Motivation in the Equal Money System is to create, preserve and maintain a world where everyone is equally and unconditionally supported by all, so that one's ability to express oneself is not determined or limited by money anymore. This is what motivates true caring for one another - where money has no place as 'object of power' in the motivation of self-expression.

Investigate the number of unemployed people on benefits in societies, such as Europe and South Africa. The current system can take care of them in terms of provision for food, shelter and clothing - albeit very poorly. However, the results are that many live in ghettos, with stifled aspirations. In the Equal Money System ghettos will disappear as everyone will have the resources to have proper housing, food, clean water and most importantly education. This will enable those who were previously unemployed to pursue their interests and put their skills to good use. Laziness is not an inherent human characteristic. It is the result of an abusive environment, where in a hostile world many are constantly put down and forced into submissive behaviour, eventually they give up in creating a better life for themselves.

What if I want things that are not part of my "basic needs" that cover my living requirements?

In the current system we acquire material goods because we pay for them with money. In the Equal Money System, if there is a desire for a specific item, the individual will have to motivate his or herself to get involved in research and manufacture of that particular item. However, this will happen in collaboration with others. Hence the item to be produced has to be of interest to others and must be best for all in its nature.

If everyone has their needs met with Equal Money, who will do the work that is required to be done to sustain society?

Currently we live in a system that consists of uncountable jobs and tasks that need to be performed. The reason for these jobs to exist is due to the current economic system. In this system, everyone has to perform a job to access money, without money one cannot exist in this world. If we look at the nature of these jobs, we will see that they are not necessary jobs to support physical existence and quality of life on earth. When looking at this situation in self-honesty, we can easily see that for instance, a corporation sells a particular product which has no real purpose. Though the existence of such products and services is justified through the need for employment, where it becomes quite irrelevant if the product or service provided has actually any relevance to the quality of life on earth. As long as there is a market for such products and services that allow the corporation to make money and be a source of income for its employees, this type of 'make work' is accepted because without it it would be impossible for many people to survive in this reality.

Take a call center job for instance, many companies employ call centers to increase their sales. If we take a closer look here we se that those companies are merely trying to sell a product because they need to survive as a company by generating income. So the employees of such a company together with the employees of the call center are performing a task that is not actually contributing in any way to the quality of life on earth, or at least where the quality of life on earth is not seen as having any priority. In the Equal Money System such jobs will no longer be necessary to be done. The only reason why these jobs exist is to generate income. We are not even talking about those jobs, tasks and professions in the current system that are harming and destroying life on earth (e.g. cutting down the rain forests, hunting for animal fur or ivory, weapons development and trade. Another example is the global military spending and the vast dimension of the military domain, with thousands of soldiers to be trained for war and killing. Would anyone join the army if they had no need for the income? or any other destructive business for that matter?

In the Equal Money System, typical jobs would be centred on these topics: Manufacturing of clothing

Building and maintaining of housing & living infrastructure

Energy production, such as electricity

Providing clean drinking water

Sewage system building and maintenance

Agriculture/Food production and distribution

Education and schooling

Health care


Computer and software


Many people will ask, "who will do these necessary jobs or tasks? Or, "why would anyone be motivated to do anything?" Let’s look at it this way, do people require to be paid to have the motivation to wash themselves? No, most understand it is necessary to be done as a matter of hygiene and also because they enjoy doing it! So here we have an example of an action that is based on understanding and that is not done out of profit, but because it is part of ‘taking care of oneself’. Though, to wash yourself, you would actually require water that comes out of your tap, and because you live in a community and you understand that everyone would benefit from having water, you understand that it would be far more effective to have one coordinated system of providing water for everyone, instead of each individually having to sort out their water issues by themselves. Then, within the community you come to an agreement as to who will take responsibility for making sure there is water. This is basic common sense. It has nothing to do with profit-calculations, but with looking after oneself in the understanding that ‘what is best for all, is best for me’. The same procedure can be applied to any requirement that would then form a public service. With the currently available technology, it would not even be necessary that everyone works a job because the jobs that exist would not be based on the need for income but on the understanding of what is best for all.

With a gradual implementation of the Equal Money System people will be assigned to tasks that require immediate action to equate the living conditions of all people during the transition period. Later on as the Equal Money System matures, people who have interests in specific fields are able to choose how they would like to contribute and participate to express themselves within the system - they will take the lead within those fields.

How can you make sure 'basic needs' of everyone are met?

This will be done through a system of conscription, where everyone who finishes the equivalent of high school will commit to a 4 year mandatory labor programme in any one of the area’s that are required to operate the basic support system of the world. This will ensure that the basic needs for everyone are covered by the system. The basic support system includes food production and all the public services. Also, in an Equal Money System, local activities will take on a new meaning. Communities will work tightly together to make sure everyone is accounted for, there will be much more exchange between neighbours as the neighbourhoods and communities will be the building blocks of the equal world system. The Equal Money System is a social system where you are known to your community, and all that is required for your life to be lived in dignity throughout your entire lifetime.

Why use money as a solution, will money not lead to corruption again?

Even though the system is called Equal Money – there is no ‘money’ as we know it today in our current financial system. It is a paramount aspect of the Equal Money System that money is only used to 'run' the distribution system of services and goods. The Equal Money System as distribution system is not based on money, it is based on what is required by a person on an individual level to live a comfortable life and what that same person is willing to take responsibility for. When the Equal Money System functions at its optimum level people will not have greed and hording hard-programmed into their interactions with the system. Thus, this makes Equal money a system that functions to distribute that which is required for all.

Wouldn't it be better to have no money at all

Yes, of course. Eventually that is the goal, to create a world without money. However, we cannot magically shift to a world without money because of the manner in which we function on a physical level in this world. We exist in this world on a physical level which is integral of a belief systems that produces an illusionary control of the physical in the name of money. From the beginning of our lives we have been programmed to make money the centre of our existence. With no exceptions, all decisions we make are based on money. Therefore we must first change ourselves and we do this in the least painful way by creating a system of equality. Through a system of equality we free ourselves from the 'programme' that exists as the money system within each human. Through a system of equality the addiction, fear and control that money holds on us can be removed. Once freedom from the current system exists we are able to move into a system without money because the system that controls money has been removed.

Most importantly this process has to happen on a practical and physical level. We cannot just stop using money, as we have proven to ourselves through the many addictions that exist in the physical world. Other approaches such as the Zeitgeist movement and the Venus project proclaim no money but this is unrealistic because the people who are promoting such an approach do not comprehend the role of money in our world. At Desteni we approach a change to a new world from a realistic stance where we understand that we need money to make the transition to 'no money'. This is encapsulated in the Desteni message and it is suggested that you investigate this for yourself.