Equal Money System

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Definition of an Equal Money System

An equal money system indicates an economic and monetary system which is a new system, unprecedented in human history. As such it does not lean on the understandings and concepts of economics and money, as it is currently or has been implemented in this world. In essence, an Equal Money System, operates and functions in all facets on the principle of equality.

From this standpoint, an Equal Money System places the highest emphasis on dignity and respect for all living beings on the planet, in order to establish living dynamics that are best for all, creating a "heaven on earth for all".

The Equal Money System puts Life ahead of everything else, this is exemplified through the unconditionally guaranteed provision of an equal amount of money for all members of the human race. This money will, at all times, cover the costs of each individuals basic needs, from birth to death.

The structure of an Equal Money System is flat. This denotes that all participants of the system are equally responsible for the system - a shared responsibility that embraces all aspects of governance such as health care, food and water supply; hygiene and clothing; housing and shelter; and infrastructure. An equal money system consists out of two main principles against which all it's measures are evaluated. The first principle is total equality of all Life, including nature and animals. The second principle is that all decisions are to be conducted and implemented to function and operate from the premise of what is best for all.

Implementation of a global Equal Money System

The premise from which an Equal Money System operates and functions requires the participation of all in various capacities. This indicates that an Equal Money System is centred on a direct-democracy approach where the participants in the system have equal votes to decide what is best for all in creating a functional economic and political system across all aspects of society. The logistics of such global Equal Money System are tackled using digital technologies.