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2007 - 2008

Systems Follow Fear

Systems follow fear to be able to get a chance to see.

It’s all in reverse.

Strange, how we allow the rulers of the world all kinds of ways to promote their message, but limit ourselves. Why?

We are not defined by consciousness - in, not of it - whatever necessary must be done to assist as many as possible, as soon as possible, or we will be the slaves of our perceived morality systems that are illusions anyway.

When we stand as all, as one, to assist all - what will we do?

It is a fascinating situation. If you know who each person really is, what will you do to wake them up?

And when awake - will they laugh with you?..

Fear as Motivation


I AGREE. Mankind needs to wake up, but I left organized religion (Pentecostal to be exact) many years ago BECAUSE OF the fear factor. I'm not going to turn tail and run, but I am going to balk at the use of this kind of fear factor. And yes, maybe I'm wrong, or too sheltered in my perception of what it will take, but c'mon guys - there has got to be a better way. Just because the rest of the world uses fear as a motivator, do we have to?


Have a look - it is real - 10,000 babies are going to be born like this. What fear will then exist? By bringing awareness of the responsibility to each to educate themselves and take responsibility, we present what is here - not placed in the newspapers though strange enough - we have limited access to mediums to reach people, and we require a point that expands rapidly. Many tried till today when the structural resonance informed us of the situation with babies actually. This was stopped, but the seriousness of the situation must be realized - there is a tough road ahead. We have allowed much more than this and are allowing it with war and nuclear fallout with deformed children - 27,000 children are dying a day.

This is unacceptable.

In one day, today, we had more beings subscribed to the portal messages than this month. They will receive regular updates, and so they will assist themselves. I understand your view and would prefer other ways, but the situation call for radical input to gain attention to points that have been covered for a long time. Understand that shock is the way systems will be subdued. There is no nice way for most - because it will just enslave again.

Let us see - if we have some come to read and listen that otherwise would not, I am grateful. Like the LaVey interviews have been very successful with the atheists - all an equal chance to face change.

This video is now already running with high views - much higher than anything else we have placed. We studied the human behavior factor to gain max exposure fast with limited resources. Forgive me if it offends, but I know the children who offered themselves as these deformed babies to help wake up mankind, and I must face them one day and show that I honored their sacrifice and made their message clear to all.

Fear of Being Ridiculed


I am nervous to ask questions…


If ‘fear of being ridiculed’ exists within you - then you’ll someday / ‘sometime’ have to face this ‘fear of being ridiculed’ within you - so, I suggest apply self-forgiveness for ‘fear of being ridiculed’ to not accept/allow you to exist or be controlled/influenced by ‘fear of being ridiculed’. Have a look at the word ridicule and ridiculous - sound similar - so ridicule is ridiculous. Don’t accept / allow you to take ‘ridicule’ personally - because whenever a being ridicule another, their actually ridiculing themselves: That which you’re doing unto another - you’re actually doing unto yourself.

Perspective on Paranoia/Anxiety

I know what you mean with constantly living with anxiety. You show and reveal a front of yourself where all is "fine" and in place, yet you find yourself looking over your shoulder in the subtlest of moments. Or in other moments (if you are sensitive enough to what you are feeling), you feel little electrical shocks in your solar plexus when certain words are spoken or events take place. What I had found is that every anxiety point that I experience is linked to a picture or idea I have of something. And mainly they are associated with what is right and what is wrong from the small and limited perspective of will this be "good" for me or "bad" for me. You see the whole anxiety game that is played by your mind is a system designed to preserve self in assuring that only the best happens to yourself. (Actually the separate identity - Your mind)

The fascinating experience that I am experiencing when practicing honesty with self, the whole concept of what is right and what is wrong starts to disappear because when you are truly honest with self, there is no space for the right and wrong concept to exist.

Thus as I share my personal experience with you, I suggest that you look at places in your world where you are not honest with yourself. A simple example like: People in your world talk about shit, and it irritates the living hell out of you, but instead you keep quiet. Honesty here is that they are irritating you. Speak up! When you really start looking at all the places in your world where you suppress yourself, rather than acting on the honest expression within yourself - This is where the anxiety system has substituted and stood in for self-expression.

The Fear of Deletion


What makes you different than Anu? If other Systems don’t want to be part of human beings, why not leave them alone? So you have Satan and the Devil working with you, but is it fear of deletion, or real WILL to work with you?


The difference is that throughout this process, Anu (and also the devil) refused to assist and support himself within and as his individual process – along with many other beings and are thus no longer part of process – they ‘removed themselves’. Herein is the difference, those who are here, who remained has assisted and supported themselves in proving themselves, that they will stand, remain no matter what until this process is done, until all are one and equal as life.

Satan – no, he’s here because of himself, if he were a ‘system’ = he would’ve been deleted. But he is very much still part of process, because he decided this for himself.

And if we were to ‘just leave them alone’ = that would mean that we accept that part those being represent as ‘programmed systems’ within ourselves, and thus within existence.

We are here to stop the continuation of systems, of the mind – we stand as life as all as one as equal and will do whatever it takes, whatever necessary until it is done: No half-measures. Not accepting/allowing the existence of systems, because it is the very ‘systematic nature’ we have accepted and allowed to exist within ourselves, and therefore existence, that has manifested this current experience of ourselves here within this world as ourselves: Therefore we must stop.

Fear Is Why We Kill

How have we become this, that we kill each other as ourselves? Killing, existing as a physical manifested experience within this reality, reveals how we're accepting and allowing ourselves to 'kill ourselves' through accepted and allowed participation in the mind. Self is becoming non-existent as we have resorted to an existence of enslavement, enslaved to our own fear.

Killing exist because of fear. Beings kill because of fear. The desire to survive in this world, this reality, within which our very nature, our very beingness, is that of fear. Fear of each other, fear of ourselves, of what we know we're capable of doing unto another and unto ourselves.

And we do kill ourselves - indicated through, within and as death.

Death is self killing self - each one killing themselves.

So, we kill ourselves through aging and then dying, and kill each other as self. And if you observe the word kill, kILL, the word ILL within kILL - illness, disease, an indication of how we're accepting and allowing ourselves to kill ourselves slowly but surely as we in every moment accept and allow ourselves to participate and exist within and as the mind - instead of living in and as gratefulness as self for every moment of breath in self presence, here.

Breathing that is the simplicity of self expression.

So, killing and illness exist as a manifestation, existent within this world, to reveal and show ourselves what we're accepting and allowing to be done unto ourselves within ourselves - as what exists within this world is the actual manifested 'truth' of the 'truth' of ourselves within ourselves, as what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as and become.

The question is: When will we actually see the 'truth' of ourselves that is here in this world, as this world, as the true reflection of what we are and have become through acceptance and allowance?

Because when you see, when you realize this - you will stand up, stand up within and as yourself and stop the acceptances and allowances that have created this reality, this world as yourself, to be how and what it is at this moment.

(Bruce L.)

Fear of Girls

In 'point form' let's have a look at the fears:

1. Fear of girls

2. Fear of knowing that you have not had sex

3. Fear of people thinking that you have had sex

4. Fear of people assuming you have had sex

5. Fear of 'friends' finding out you have not yet had sex

6. Because you're 'popular' amongst your 'friends' who assume you've had sex - you fear them finding out you haven't had sex

7. Because you fear their response

8. And thus fear your placement within the 'popular' group amongst your 'friends'

9. Having one night stands to have 'friends' remain in assumption of you through fear of them asking questions or wondering whether or not you've had sex or even like/prefer woman. As to not have them think you're gay.

10. Having one night stands to remain in the 'group' of 'friends'

11. Fear of being ridiculed if 'friends' find out you haven't had sex yet.

12. Fear of being 'labeled' a 'loser' if your 'friends' find out you haven't had sex yet.

Understand the following: You have not lied/deceived anyone but yourself, and have a look at what you've allowed within your world and the experience of yourself because you have been dishonest with you:

You only have one-night stands to 'remain' in the 'group' of 'friends' - to please them, supporting their assumptions of you having had sex, just so that they don't find out/know that you haven't had sex yet. Thus - all you do with them, when you participate with them - is all just to make sure they don't find out that you haven't had sex yet.

You are already having sex - you're fucking with yourself.

Observe yourself with your 'friends' - you're not present whatsoever. What is present is your fear, the fear you have become, and as this fear you are trying to protect your 'secret' from them of the truth that you haven't had sex yet. And will do what is necessary or anything, like having one night stands for instance, compromising yourself extensively - fucking up yourself and your world - FOR THEM??? just to make sure they don't find out you haven't had sex yet.

When you’re dishonest with you, everything else you do from this dishonesty starting point will be dishonest.

Thus - you being with your 'friends' would be your 'world of dishonesty' - where you become and experience and do the dishonest nature that reside within you. Like attracts like - thus your 'friends' are 'supporting' you in your dishonest nature.

At the moment - you're not able to trust yourself when with your 'friends' - or even trust yourself to be self-honest when you’re with your 'friends'.

'Friends' exist of consciousness 'relationship' manifestations – meaning, having 'friends' of this world 'binds' you to a 'relationship' where 'friends' support each other within and as their mind consciousness systems of separation. Instead of standing within and as oneness and equality with all beings in existence.

Thus, I would suggest the following: Observe yourself with your 'friends' - if you're not yet able to stand with self-honesty and self-trust in their presence, but you allow you to be influenced by them through self-dishonesty, I would not go there until I am certain within me that I am able to stand before them in self-trust and self-honesty, not allowing them to influence me in any way whatsoever. Maybe then you'll actually start standing up and not allow them in your world if they remain self-dishonest. Thus, you are directing your world accordingly of what you will accept and allow in your world, and what you will not accept and allow within your world.

Another suggestion is to look at how you have defined you according to sex - because 'apparently' with having no sex - you're 'apparently' inferior, 'less than' etc.

What worth or value of 'who you are' have you placed in sex?

Does sex define you?

Do girls define you?

Do your friends define you?

Taking sex, friends and girls out of the equation, who or what remains? YOU DO! Look at what you have placed value/worth/importance/definition in separate from you, as for instance girls/sex/friends - because all that is, is what you have not yet accepted within and as who you are. You've placed it outside of you - instead of accepting it as you.

Then apply forgiveness for allowing yourself to place value/worth/importance/definition separate from you - and accept it within and as you.

Then - taking girls/sex/friends out of the equation - would make no difference to you - it will not change who you are. When you are here, when you've accepted you as who you are - even being with friends/girls/having sex - will make no difference to who you are.

With or without becomes irrelevant, because nothing separate from you defines who you are, and you have thus not placed value/worth/importance/definition in anything separate from you.

Perspective on Fear

  1. Fear exist because of that which you don't allow yourself to understand, which is actually fear of the unknown.
  2. Fear of the unknown exist because you 'feel' 'safe' and 'content' within and as that which you know - which is usually a limited existence within which you experience yourself, and thus you fear change.
  3. Fear of change exist because you've defined 'who you are' according to that which you 'know' - and thus fear losing that which you know, because you fear 'losing' yourself.
  4. Fear of loss is only able to exist within you and your world if you have defined who you are according to anything or anyone separate from you - that is of this world.
  5. Because you have separated yourself from dimensional beings, you 'fear' them, which is also an indication that you fear yourself.

Here are some points with regards to the 'manifestation network' of fear, and my suggestion would be to apply forgiveness every moment you allow yourself to experience fear, as fear is an emotional energy/chemical reaction that exist within the mind consciousness system - derived through thoughts. If you're not yet completely comprehending the words I use - I suggest you read some of the articles on this site which will be able to assist you in terms of practical forgiveness - Jesus and Veno have done documents (here and here) with regards to practical forgiveness methods. Then also realize that the dimensional beings are you - are one and equal with you and that the world, including the beings within, whether human beings or dimensional beings 'reflect' you. In other words, if you experience fear towards dimensional beings - it indicates that you fear yourself. The world is in Reverse!

Thoughts as the Cause of Fear

Try to speak fear: Not Possible

Now, think fear: Possible

Thoughts are the cause of fear, of intention and of meaning, and it’s the fear based thoughts as the mechanical mind that we trust. This is our brainwashed reality. We are not honest in our departure point of thoughts. This cause division in our creation and self-expression.

Thus, I suggest that all thoughts should be spoken or written immediately to unify the mind/thoughts with the spoken word. See - the world is manifesting as our thoughts, as our fear - yet we speak of great intent, and it is not manifesting.


We’re missing the point. Thoughts are the spirit of words, and because our words and thoughts are not unified, our words are "empty".

So, "ascension", to me, is the unification of thoughts and words as the true expression, in honesty with self in every moment. Then self-deception will be able to be seen and not be such a "conspiracy" as it is now. In a way, Anu and the heaven/dimensions represent our thoughts, and thoughts are that which is controlled and enslaved in this reality because we want this to be protected and private.

We are our own enslavers.

The Cycle of Fear


I’m afraid of myself and my past. I know feeling fear is of the mind but I can’t simply control it.


This is the fascinating thing about us all: we all fear what we have done in our past and that is how we control ourselves in our present and future.

We recreate the same patterns in different ways because all we live is a cycle, and thus we will, in a cycle, always cover all parts of our allowances in self-forgiveness.

We start right here, right now with self-forgiveness - even use the examples given in Self-forgiveness assistance and we let go of the past. Do not worry about writing anything. First establish whether you truly want assist you self-honestly or not - stop the cycle of postponement, through action. Only you can do this for you.

Only you decide if you will change your experience of yourself and see fear for what it is - an illusion which seldom become an actual experience.

So, for the few times a fear really happen, we let all the other fears control us.

We are not beautiful beings - the world shows this to us.

We are a round thing called a head, where stuff tumbles around in utter dismay.

We can stop it - if we will…

and that is an action in every breath.

If Every Human Challenge Their FEARS…


If every human would challenge their fears or do something about them and so on, would this process go faster? Has this process been going so slow because we have had too little people really challenge who and what they want to be in this world?

Because it’s easier to try not to think on all concepts you have in your body and repress them with work, entertainment and so on...All have different problems they need to take care in themselves, but not many do it. We live in the same system... But not many challenge it, to make it the way we really want it... Still we want change in the world... I think we need to be that change we want then =).


Looks like you're starting to realize what it is we're currently 'pushing' human beings to realize: that it's all up to us, we're all we've got. Heaven is already within and as and on earth, meaning that all beings in the dimensions literally stand completely within and as humanity. The dimensions/heaven as it existed before is no-more. If humanity doesn't make it, all in existence won't make it. So, personally I'd like to manifest the actual experience of heaven on earth, as who I am, where all exist within and as their individual self-expression within and as oneness and equality.

That's why we in the dimensions are placed within and as humanity in its entirety. There's no way out, and there’s no exist, no back door. We're in the exact same situation as you and all of humanity are. There is NO-ONE else but us. You have to realize this, all have to. All has to STOP and really start taking responsibility for themselves, then yes, naturally this process will go much faster. Yet, death is the equilibrium of this 'process'. Whether you 'make it' here on earth, or whether you realize yourself when you die - it's inevitable, as we've said so many times. Yet, the actual manifested experience of yourself, as who you really are which stand and remain infinitely, is only possible here on earth…the marvel of all marvels: Birthing life from the physical.

The reason fear exist within humans is because they fear losing themselves, meaning they fear losing their consciousness defined existence, their world, who they are and what they experience, defined according to something separate from who they really are. And that's what we challenge. We challenge who they are - what they have defined as who they are according to something separate from themselves. It's not going to be an easy or simple process, yet beings are able to make it as simple or difficult for themselves...it's in their hands, each human being is in their own hands. All we're doing in the 'dimensions', which is right here on earth, is directing human beings toward and through their transcendence points. They have to actually apply and live their transcendences and realizations as one with who they are. We in the dimensions had to let go and give up the existence of the 'dimensions' in its entirety. We forcibly realized that we defined who we are according to our dimensional existence which support separation. Now, we're completely and entirely within and as humanity - all that exist is earth, and the universe, and human beings, here - with dimensional beings directly accordingly within and as humanity.

Human beings won't hear easily. Your words above are a clear realization, a statement of yourself which not many human beings in this world even consider. Not many human beings even understand the nature or existence of thoughts, emotions and feelings; although they experience this within themselves.

And yes - you, as who you are, must stand as the answer, the example, the change - and we're here to support and direct you accordingly. The simple reason is, as I mentioned before, we are all we've got, so for sure, we're the answer as who we are in every moment. Though for the moment, focus on yourself. Transcend your fears. Stand fearless. And within this, stand up as who you are and direct yourself as other human beings in your world. Continue with your self-dedication. I see within your words you are starting to realize what's actually going on and what's necessary to get this done. Transcend the fear of losing 'yourself' - you are not able to 'lose' anything because who you are is here, as sound, in every moment. Remember, fear of loss only exist if you have defined yourself according to something separate from yourself. In my next Structural Resonance (Phase seven) writings, I touch on fear of loss which will present some insight into the existence of fear within human beings...