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Prayer and Fire of the Grid

Question: Can Prayer Have an Effect

I heard Hitler speak about Prayer as something the demons fed off of... praying for something incorrectly can lead to a vibration of lack rather than abundance.

On the other hand intention does seem to manifest itself positively... in the film "What the Bleep" for example, there is the story of when 1,000 people go to D.C. and meditate/meditation on peacefulness and the crime rate measurably dropped.


The Design of Prayer

Understand that, yes, from a positive perspective of the unified consciousness field, this works momentarily, though, in terms of the 'polarity equation' in which the unified consciousness field exist as the mind consciousness systems of human beings as positive and negative, there is a balancing equation necessary to balance out the equation. So, they drop crime rate, but what they do not know is when they drop crime rate through such meditation sessions, they compound and intensify illness, diseases, sickness within this world. This is how the unified consciousness field of this world balances out this equation.

And have a look, many human beings are fooled because there is a drop in crime rate which is seen as good and positive, but still, it is not a definitive solution, which stops for all-as-one-as-equal. And, in compounding what is good / positive such as 'dropping crime rate' within and of the unified consciousness field, the unified consciousness field balances the equation through compounding the bad / negative part of the equation, through compounding illness / diseases and sickness within and of the unified consciousness field.

Therefore, the only absolute solution for all-as-one-as-equal, is to stop the mind that exist of polarity. Stop playing the balancing game of the mind of participating in polarity of the mind. Let's once and for all STOP, infinitely. This is done through a process of stopping the mind. This is not a temporary solution, nor of half measures. This is a definitive stop, a definitive end to what we have accepted and allowed within existence. I would suggest not to participate in the polarity of the mind of the world, for it will always balance itself out in one /some way or another within and of the unified consciousness field.

Faust Design of Prayer [1] Design of Polarity [2] Design of Intent/Intention [3]

Question: What is Fire of the Grid

What is Fire the Grid? How does it work and what does it do?


I have received many e-mails over the years about activations and global meditations etc. There is no right or wrong, we all participate according to our understanding. The way I work with any activation or meditation is to stand as all as one as infinite and assist in directing the application for the most effective value for all to the final realization of all as one as equal. Then, I let it go in trust. I trust absolutely that Oneness within all of us that we will become and see my part in every moment according to what I am able to express and be which is constantly expanding as I bring myself back to myself. In this I have used meditation, forgiveness, statements of self, resonance vocabulary balances/harmonization. The main focus is though to find practical models to assist myself and share that once I have proven and become it as myself consistently. A reply to your total post is being prepared and will be posted shortly



Alaiyea's answer to Fire the Grid.

Fire the grid is somewhat similar to people standing up, yet it is a pre-designed idea that requires beings to be led by their noses before they actually stand up, or stand together as who they really are. So, basically the intention of any such movement is wonderful, it brings people together, makes them consider together the problem and gets extreme amounts of focus from them. If only human beings would place so much dedication within themselves in every moment with every breath as they experience themselves here on earth to have the ability to make a difference here on earth... Pride prevents each being from doing exactly that which they will be doing for that period of time, ALL THE TIME. Are you able to stand into infinity expressing from you as the living word, that which is the truth about what you stand for and who you stand as, without being told to? Are we able to stand in each moment with every breath as that which this project's foundation is based on? My first statement will be as follows:

There are no more energies that run across our world unless it is of who and what the truth of each being and kingdom is. Nature and the dimensions for example has already deleted and removed all previous grids placed in by the Annunaki that held in place and activated human disease, illness and geographic irregularities movements. The grids that were placed on earth supported consciousness systems movements, manifestations and existence on earth and within human beings. As for the energy that exists within this world it is Nature that takes full directive principle for what happens, meaning as it is fully aware and participating within this process it is up to the understanding that exists within Nature's process that creates energetic participation. So all and any 'natural lines' will fall into two categories: Intent as seen when all beings stand up and as one and equal directing existence. The interlinking between the unconscious minds of each being connected us within the consciousness systems existence - directly into the grids that were placed on earth and within human beings which was the primary model of enslavement. Who we have become is closely associated with this manifestation of the global unconscious as the thoughts use to be fed through this system. Therefore, in the past while these artificial grids ran from each being's unconscious mind to the next, creating the web of consciousness, these types of 'grid' religions would have been the starting point and foundation for specific human control and enslavement. There are currently 'natural lines' that run according to the process that exists between heaven - earth, nature - earth as well as the planets - earth. All part of the expressive movement and momentum nature of what is occurring between all that stands here to bring forth awareness, oneness and equality. These lines exist as the movement of the energetic process, and the movement of sound that hold all processes in place as well as the movement of assistance methods as seen for example by the specificity of the dolphins (refer to articles by dolphins) as well as nature in full manifestation. The natural lines are the expressions of all in existence who live, apply and express oneness and equality as an example of who all beings really are so heaven may manifest on earth as all in existence return to living, expressing and applying the living word as one with who they are - equal and one with all.

Mother Nature together with all of the animal kingdom are now fully aware and do not require to have themselves directed by pre-designed grids; However, each one of us standing as life within and as oneness and equality as the individual expression and decision that comes from each being standing up, creates a universal understanding (eventually) for all to stand up, creates an example for all to see and realize who they really are;

Therefore, no more grids exist within existence, the dimensions have removed it completely - for it serves no purpose but to enslave and control. We don't need grids to 'hold everything together' etc. - who we really are is present infinitely as all and everything exist within us as one with who we are! Place yourself for a moment in the possibility that this exercise in human initiative becomes your daily focus. In every moment you live, express and apply who you really are, supporting yourself in this becoming and self realization through the process of forgiveness with corrective action in every moment. If each human walks each day with this exact understanding of change that will bring forth equality and oneness, well then we will get someplace! It is humanity that is required to 'wake up' and realize that the 'problem' in existence is who and what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become. We are required to change and direct ourselves to be able to change and direct existence! Yet again it amounts to it becoming a religion, not the free expression of each being as they say: 'till here and no further'. Are the people going to ask that amount of focus from themselves once all the glamour is over and done with. Once the 'grid has been fired' and all these minds are alight with possibility about equality, unconditional love and oneness, well how long before they return to what they participated in before, never even willing to face themselves? If people did not stand up before this lady came to be then why are they standing up now and most importantly for how long? This type of dedication comes from self standing for and as all as one, an absolute decision that you are the living word, not just following for some time until the novelty wears off from this new following/religion. A new age religion is one where we get all beings 'involved' in equality and oneness. Sounds good. Yet, look closely at the difference between being preached to and led by a priest or being led by the idea/picture of oneness? It either stands within you, as you as who you are into infinity or we are all just again being fooled by consciousness. Yet, I do say that with absolute honor to those that initiated this. There is a lot of dedication that goes into being able to place this event all across the world. It had to start someplace. So let us now focus on what you are able to learn from this and how you are able to assist this process of unity across the world. How to become the process;

The becoming of that which is the infinite standing up within equality and oneness....well you either are or you still experience yourself as 'sitting on the fence'. So practically how are we all able to assist this process so that it stands with us as who we are, as one with who we are into infinity? Remember intention is the most fascinating thing. When this person says to you come hold my hand let us walk this together, ask yourself what is YOUR intention? Intention as seen by the laws that exist in consciousness is all the pretty stuff. We sit here with all the clever ideas yet our intentions are either (in the moment of participation) to:

1. Seem as if we are actually assisting when my words and actions and living example do not match. Hence the fact that we follow another because perhaps that lady means it, yet those that follow: Why did they require to be led? Who are they when she's done with this project? Who are they when they are not participating in this project? 2. Intention that is clear. You stand absolute within what you have decided to allow/accept within this world and within yourself and what you will not allow/accept within this world and within yourself. You become that which you stand for - HA! That is where most crumble like soft biscuits. When it comes to living what you understand, living who you are. KNOWLEDGE is the INTENTION that many are participating in. They understand that they are required to stand as life as one with who they are for all to return to oneness. Yet what does that mean? Does it mean that you get off scott free when this plan is done? Or do you remain constant whether you are a part of some new project or not. This new project does not stand as your intention, only you decide who you are, using world events within and not the other way around. Good intentions are not going to get this world changed. This is how you become that which is here already, oneness and is just for each to live, express and apply as who they are in every moment with every breath.

Oneness within this process - each being is that in actuality, they just require to understand and shed the religious part. That simple actually. When we stand before this moment when all come together in oneness to change the intentions and awareness in this world:

(1) You stand within and as the understanding of who you are, where you are going and what you will not allow/accept within your world (interior and exterior) again. Are you there because the intentions of the world religions or are you there because you understand yourself to be that of oneness and equality as seen in your expression of yourself? Stand as the world, one with existence within yourself. Focus only on what you represent as self within and as all purity. Remember that intention is not the outcome; therefore this world is the way it is, because of pretty words and pretty ideals. So become the point. This means that it will be a good time to present yourself with honesty. Honestly who am I in all of this? Am I just another slave to the information, to an idea or am I the living example, applying myself in each moment with forgiveness and CORRECTIVE ACTION/corrective application, without judgment just openness, honesty and truth. Then apply yourself within what this experience offers. Be the living example as you participate. Meditate or just be silent. You are not required to come to a complete stand still, as remember it is not so much about silencing yourself as the placement of yourself in the here-ness of what it actually means to be the living example of this process. Ground yourself within your understanding that you are the answer, not another belief, not the idea that we are going to change this world with airy fairy ideals. Just us and who we become universally. We are the change that is required, remember that. The God that is standing there with all other's participating in the truth of what will change the world is each one of us. Become and stand as one with all of existence within yourself. Stand without preconceived judgment about where you find this world/existence currently just focus on where we are going towards, as our individual expression in every moment as well as together. (2) You place within you all of existence, so that you stand within and as equality with all as life. There within you exists the key. The fact that you become aware that in that moment you 'hold the space' for the expression for 'all as one' and 'equality' as who you really are. Realize that like with any body else's journey yours is a process. Therefore all beings linking in this way is an ideal opportunity for us all to become aware of whom we are. Focus on the truth of the situation that change is up to our commitment to ourselves as well as to all. Pretty words are not the solution, but you standing holding the space for what you are becoming are the truth. You are the key. Also work from the moment that the 'firing of the grid' begins with standing within and as absolute truth and honesty. Stand for all and when you focus on the participation with the world's understanding and self-realization, express yourself as who you are within and as oneness and equality outwards universally from within you. All the truth that exists within you, universally as who you are as one with all, that is the truth that you express. Not ideals based on pretty pictures but rather the truth. That way the intention that I spoke about exists within the purity that exists when beings are honest and aware not full of pretty ideas.

Live this, walk each day in full expression. Then start by working with your own structural resonance so that globally we release ourselves from the consciousness constructs that 'prevent' us from moving. Remember that this process that is underway within existence will take some time Rick, so give yourself some patience and don't be hard on yourself. The process Rick is your commitment and dedication to yourself in every moment, not accepting or allowing anything less than who you really are within and as oneness and equality. To have the ability to change/direct this existence as an expression of who we are in every moment will only be possible the moment beings start applying themselves in every moment, realizing that in order to direct or change this world, we have to start within ourselves and take responsibility for ourselves in every moment. This will not make a difference if you but convene together for a moment - you have to live, apply and express IN EVERY SINGLE MOMENT who you are and become and stand as the example of who all are as one with who you are.


Question: Where does Prayer Go

I just had a question on prayers. When someone prays, where does that prayer go? There's no longer Higher Selves, God Selves, One Atom Gods or other Gods or Goddesses. Do inter-dimensional beings handle this or do prayers go to Sound Resonance? Do these prayers have an effect on the world also?

Please bear with me, I'm still viewing all the material.


Well I see it this way: It is always a matter of speaking to self. As you mentioned there are no more higher selves or one atoms. For now who is assisting us is nature, structural resonance, the fairies and the dimensions. So when I speak to myself I speak to me as a totality of how I understand myself to be. We are all still learning about speaking openly with self with self-honesty so when I speak to me I just speak and it is not directed at any particular part of me, but me in totality. If I am working for example with the animal kingdom then I will speak briefly to whoever is assisting me - but mostly I speak to me. So if one speaks to yourself or as previously stating praying you are communicating with yourself on a level of self-honesty and self-intimacy. That is it basically when you notice that you are for example doing something that is not self-honest then you state to yourself this is what i am busy with and then do forgiveness. I try not to 'talk' to much because often what talks back is the mind trying to figure stuff out and that is not necessary. You know the answers for self, you understand in every moment that it is possible to see the self-dishonesty and then that there is forgiveness to do. The next step is then to take a deep breath and where applicable to actually correct the previous action by applying yourself differently. So speaking to oneself is more of an actual corrective action then just leaving messages hoping some part of you will answer it. Self-intimacy, self-nurturing and self-honesty are valid points to me where one speaks to self as long as they are clear affirmations of who you are in that moment and what you will and will not allow. If one just leaves messages within you and you don't correct it yourself then there is no change because the change is done through you as you - therefore it is a becoming of the solution. So one works with self from the perspective of always stating what it is you are doing for yourself as yourself - taking responsibility for self in actions and words. I find that there is a fine line between changing ones experience through practically applying oneself and just stating it or asking it of self. It is a daily application and a daily self-action, self-application, self-becoming.

So the traditional sense of prayer is falling on deaf ears because there is only us. Another even if they are able to hear you (say a dimensional being or animal), they are not going to do whatever you want for you. Each has to do it for themselves - so prayer is speaking to self. Sometimes those that assist will give a clue here or a word of assistance there but it is up to each to assist themselves. Even the answers are not given to us. We are given tools by which to assist ourselves in our expression here but if somebody tells us how to be then we are enslaved again or we will always require a 'guru' to guide us. So the time is truly here for each to do it for themselves. I also suggest not chatting in your head. Clearly tell yourself what it is you are doing and what you stand for and if you hear yourself think 'but what if, or i cant do that or....' then you know that is the mind When we talk about quieting the mind then that is exactly it - not having discussions with it about whether you are able to do something or if you should fear something - but instead just directing self. Directing self comes from understanding how we limit ourselves through the mind. So when you speak to yourself by giving self direction and it comes back with excuses then you know that you are speaking to the mind. Directing self is different - it is a decision that you make based on who you understand yourself to be capable of and understanding the limitations of the mind.

Cheers Andrea

Question: What does Prayer Actually Do

What does prayer actually do?


Prayer is always a statement of self.

This self is based on the starting point of self in the moment of expression.

I suggest the video on starting point as well as knowledge and information to understand the relationship that determines the resonance of the expression that can be called prayer.





The Design of Hope

Hi. I am hope. Not a name, no. HOPE, like the definition of “hope” you’ll get in your dictionary; but, hope spread further than the mere definition of “hope.”

So, I am hope. Yes, you’re able to communicate to the manifestations of words that are of consciousness mind manifestations.

So, I’ll explain to you how I have been designed, how I manifest and…what I do [laughs]. Each word that is uttered of this mind consciousness existence has a purpose, has a manifested outcome-based experience, and has a consequence if words are not spoken with awareness of life. So, I’m the current manifestation of hope of this world, of mind consciousness system-designed definition and outcome-based experience.

How was I designed, the word “hope”? As a manifested experience of this consciousness existence, spoken with no awareness by the mind consciousness system inside human beings.

Hope is like the experience of floating on a cloud; there is no substantial, practical experience or support of the word “hope.” Hope is like when you take a drag from a cigarette, and the smoke is released, and the smoke floats for a moment, dissipates, and disappears. Hope has been designed and manifested inside human beings to not act and take responsibility for their own world, their own reality.

It is soon to come that human beings must realize that you are alone responsible for your own world, for your own experience in your world, and that you are responsible for yourself. But, the words you utter and the experience you have are because of the words you speak with unawareness/no awareness…just blabbering fools. You create your world with the words you speak.

Hope is an illusion, is an idea, and is a belief. It is upon hope that the “creation” of a superior source separate from human beings has manifested, because human beings have been “unable” to take responsibility for themselves, to act and stand up for themselves. You have a government in countries as the exact same manifestation as the ethereal ‘superior separate source,’ as your God, taking care of “you” apparently, placing your “hope” inside that which exists separate from you for multiple different reasons, perspectives and purposes.

Hope is that which does not allow human beings to take responsibility for themselves, to stand up and realize that you are alone responsible for your world and the experience of yourself. Therefore, if hope exists, you will continue stumbling and falling in the dark while you give your “power” away to that which exists separate from you--which doesn’t really even exist--to “take care of you,” to “support you,” to do what you are apparently unable to do for yourself. Hope is the illusion of support--placing your support, your faith, your trust, everything, in an ‘outside superior source’ (or even in anything else but yourself). Hope destroys you, hope destroys everything of you, because you SIT and you HOPE.

What is hope but a word--yet again with the definition to the word--connected to an ‘outside, separate superior source’ other than yourself. If hope exists, you’ll never get off that “throne” of yours (apparently) and stand up and take responsibility for yourself and your world. Have a look at what hope does--really, have a look--if you have hope, you will not stand up, you will not take responsibility for yourself, you will refuse to. “Now, I have hope...I have hope...I have hope that it will be done and taken care of and sorted out.” Really? You want to test hope? You will test it for the rest of your life.

What creates your world, human beings--this is what you must remember and understand--is your words. Your words create your world. If you continue hoping, you will live hope and nothing will ever happen.

Therefore, we have inverted all of human beings’ reality they have created through the words they speak with unawareness/no awareness…blabbering fools. So, you will create what you speak, you will experience what you speak, within yourself and your world. That’s how it always has been; but, human beings have not realized it. Now, you will. You will start seeing and start realizing. So, I’d be more aware of the words I speak: “Are these words of me as me, or are these words of consciousness existence?” Each word you utter has a consequence--especially if it is spoken of this consciousness existence--each and every single word.

So, human beings, I would disregard the word “hope” from my vocabulary, and I would start standing up and realizing that, if I require anything to actually happen in my world, I have to stand up and direct MYSELF, because nothing else will support me…and nothing else will. I would not suggest waiting, because hope is of waiting, and you wait and you don’t stand up and take responsibility.

Thank you very much.


The Hope System: Forgiveness Support

This is hope, opening up myself, opening up ‘hope’ for forgiveness support, for self-support through self-forgiveness.

Hope is of waiting, waiting for something to occur, placing trust, faith, myself (hope) all in one package into an ‘outer superior source’--or any ‘outer source’ for that matter--to do something for you, instead of you standing up and taking responsibility for yourself. The origin of hope is usually fear--uncertainty, no trust, no self-reliance, no self-independency--so, the forgiveness is required specifically.

When you find that you are waiting for something to happen, that you are hoping for something to happen--instead of you acting, taking responsibility for yourself and making it happen--you apply the following forgiveness: I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to hope.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to place my responsibility of self in hope.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to wait instead of taking responsibility for myself, acting and standing up in creating and manifesting my own world.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to fear taking responsibility for myself.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed uncertainty to dictate who I am.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to have ‘fear of taking responsibility for myself’ dictate who I am.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to give hope power over me instead of me taking my own power and standing up and taking responsibility for myself in directing my own world.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to fear directing my own world through ‘fear of failure,’ through ‘fear of making a mistake’; and therefore, rather place my ‘trust and faith’ in ‘hope and waiting’ than actually standing up and doing it for myself as myself.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to fear making a mistake; and instead of actually standing up, directing myself, manifesting and creating my own world, I hope.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to separate myself by placing hope in something separate than me rather than actually acting and standing up and taking self-responsibility for myself.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to judge myself before I’ve even started; and therefore, instead of just starting, acting, standing up, directing my own world, I’d sit back, wait, and hope.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to indulge in the act of waiting.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to, in every moment, stand up and take responsibility and direct my own world.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to fear myself.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to give up before I’ve even started, through ‘fear of failure,’ through ‘fear of making a mistake’; and in that, rather sitting back, hoping and waiting.

Thus, I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to, instead of walking through the ‘wanting to give up,’ walking through the ‘fear of making a mistake’ or ‘failure,’ I had allowed myself to indulge in hope and waiting.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to believe in the illusion of hope.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to trust myself; and instead of trusting myself, I placed my self-trust in a ‘superior source’ separate than me.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realize that, if I do not stand up, direct myself and direct my world, nothing will happen and I will wait for the remainder of my life.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realize that there exists nothing outside me/separate of me, and that I’ve placed my hope into that which does not even exist.

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to trap myself in the belief of hope.

I forgive myself (again) that I haven’t allowed myself to realize that I have to direct myself, I have to stand up within myself as myself, that I have to take responsibility for me and stand up within me as me and direct my world, because there is no-one else that will do it for me.

There are a few forgiveness guidelines in releasing yourself from the construct of ‘hope’--and ‘waiting,’ ‘faith,’ ‘belief’--all of them are one with the construct, the entire system of ‘hope.’

So, human beings, hope manifests when you do not stand up and take responsibility for yourself and direct your own world. Trust me as you trust yourself, no-one will do it for you; and I wouldn’t prefer anyone having to experience this for themselves--waiting two years, three years for something to happen, only to then realize, “Oh, shit, maybe I should do something”--it’s not necessary. In every moment, you stand up, you direct yourself in your world. Nothing and no-one is going to do it for you, and you will not receive support anywhere in this world. Why? Because you’re not supporting yourself. The equation is quite simple.

Thank you very much.

This is hope


Question: Would Praying To God Not Protect Me

Would praying to God not protect me?


Is this world currently – the status within which it is in this moment, where human beings have turned on each, against each other to such an extent where each and every single human being do not trust themselves nor another and exist in constant fear in need for ‘protection’ such as yourself, where children are raped, abused and molested as they are birthed into this world – the rest of their life a literal hell, because of such abuse done unto them - not a clear example that there exist no ‘god’ and all that exist is us here within this world within which we experience ourselves together with the animal kingdom, nature, earth, the oceans, the universe etc.

How can there exist a ‘god’ if such acts by human beings done unto the animal kingdom within this world is currently accepted and allowed to exist such as illustrated in the Earthlings documentary – here are the links:

I would suggest you start taking responsibility for you in not accepting or allowing you to exist in fear, as fear is an construct of the mind and not who you really are – this is done through applying self forgiveness for all the fears that exist within you as to release the fear that currently control/influence your very existence and experience of yourself here. Here is an example of a list of self forgiveness for fear:

(Self forgiveness Fear)

There is much more I am able to give perspective for – though, for the moment I suggest you go through the material and video interviews on the website at as to assist and support you in every moment of breath and realize that it is not up to a ‘god’ of religious design by human beings to ‘save you’ – you have to ‘save yourself’.

Question: Is My Dream Of Reptilians Real

Love all those comments on you tube - lol. Anyways, I find the videos very interesting and don't FEEL that it is staged in any way so with that out I wanted to ask you if you have ever listened or read info. from divinecosmos web site? David Wilcock is the creator of this site.

...not too much to say though, I found his site about 2 months ago and was drawn in right away ...though there is quite a bit talk regarding ufo's which I was never too informed about nor did I want to be (at that time that is...) / it was not that I did not believe in my intellect that there were others ...I FELT that there were others though still did not pay much attention . So on Feb.10th/08 I had an honest prayer and was very specific about the quest I was seeking and it was about ufo's ...asked (God-what ever you call it) to throw me a bone (lol) and that night (Feb. 11 /08 I had a dream that was so vivid and real though I did not put the 2 together until later that day...the dream was; I standing in a large park at night and was looking to the left (self-serving ?) and looking to the night sky which was alit with a thousand & more stars ...though I noticed that there were patches of stars that did not look like stars for they were too symmetrical and not random as the other stars. These patches were getting closer and lo and behold they materialized into many , many saucers flying to the right ( serving others ?) . I felt no fear and then the night sky got very bright and I looked straight up and slowly moving over my head (it came from behind me ) was a huge - and I mean huge saucer and I was looking up at it's belly (sort of speak..haha) and could see the lights etc... and it's underneath (belly) was spinning. End of Dream. Though I felt like I wanted to call out to the other people, who were afraid and running, not too for it was our brothers & sisters - these visitors were us, though I awoke then.

Okay...might be just pie in the sky though my heart feels like it was the bone I was looking/asking for. I had dreams before both my brothers passed ...dreams of their passing and very detailed info...both came to pass.

Now I have been seeking info. regarding ufos' and this is what I read :

I hear so much talk about a mass landing that may happen in the near future though the info I seem to pick up on is that it will be a staged landing and it will fool many / in other words the message most will get that these are the good guys and they are here to help, when in fact they are not 'good' (hate using these terms though for the lack of a better phrase at this time please bear with me ) and that they are of the reptilian race and want to enslave us . Can you please give me your take on this statement


The experience of the prayer and the dream was existent, formed and designed within and as your own mind. Let me explain:

The concept of ‘God’ or a ‘greater something out there somewhere separate outside of you’ – is actually within and as the manifestation of your own unconscious mind. See, the mind system within the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind was designed and manifested within and as human beings for enslavement purposes, the Desteni material and video interviews covers this extensively, here is a link to a list within which you will find these discussions:

Thus, it was so designed that the ‘creators’ of the entire mind consciousness system designed themselves in the image and likeness of the entire mind consciousness system. The unconscious mind within and as human beings contain all of humanities mind systems’ information – meaning that your entire unconscious mind consists of all and everything, all information of all of humanities minds, which we refer to the unified consciousness field. The unified consciousness field is that which exist and is created as this entire world experience of all of humanity within it, as it is experienced at this very moment, due to all of humanity participating within and as their mind-system as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. The unconscious mind the primary turbine that spin the wheel as this world experience to continue as is. Therefore, when human beings ‘pray’ = they actually pray to their own unconscious mind manifestation within and as them. As the unconscious mind within and as human beings is the manifested ‘god/creator principle design’ because the unconscious mind contain all of everything of this world as human beings as the unified consciousness field = from a mind’s perspective, this is ‘God’.

Therefore, when you prayed you actually asked your own unconscious mind, your mind within you, to validate/confirm your own mind’s belief of the existence of aliens, basically asking your own mind to confirm your own mind’s belief of the existence of aliens. This is how ‘prayer’ in this world work – human beings actually ‘pray’ to their own unconscious mind within and as themselves, now because we exist within a world of billions of human beings manifesting the unified conscious field as this ‘world experience’ with us all in it – there is one in a million (if not more) chance that the being’s prayer will manifest, according to their unconscious mind ‘connection’ to their ‘world experience’ and the amount of ‘conviction’ within them within which the prayer was spoken.

When you sleep – your mind takes you into your unconscious mind from which it derives information from other human beings mind’s to be able to regenerate your conscious and subconscious mind to ‘keep you enslaved within and as the mind’.

Because you ‘prayed’ to the unconscious mind within you – you, your ‘being-ness’ within and as the mind contained the belief of the existence of aliens that you want to confirm to you exists – ‘you within and as the mind-system, was taken by the mind into the unconscious mind’ – within which myriads of information of other human being’s mind’s exists – such as the belief that aliens actually exist, manifested as pictures/movie-clips etc. Then your being-ness within and as the mind, in the unconscious mind during sleep – ‘connected’ to ‘beliefs of other human beings’ pictures/ideas of the existence of aliens’ and thus you within and as the mind formulated/designed the dream you experienced within and as the mind itself.

Therefore, your entire experience was the mind confirming its own belief to itself.

There are no aliens within existence, no reptilians within existence, no space ships within existence at all, they are not coming, because they do not exist anymore. This has also been covered within video interviews – as you go through the link provided above, you will find the video interviews listed.

Question: Wearing a Bracelet with a Written Prayer

I have a bracelet that I wear that has written upon it ,"Om Mani Padme Hum". Could the wearing of this prayer be something that keeps me open for control....or something of a positive nature. I dont want to wear a prayer that is somehow Anu based!


Anu in essence only represent a point of perceived separation as a creator we allowed outside our own divinity, this divinity as self though has been compromised through our starting point being separate from each other, even separate from Anu as the allowed manifestation.

So, the starting point within and as oneness and equality exist in all and in every moment is determinable by self or will guide self to a more specific simplistic intergrated understanding.

So, you decide your starting point.


Remove all meaning from the bracelet, all definition from the bracelet - everything of the bracelet -so that all that remains is the mere bracelet itself.

How is this bracelet - as the bracelet itself - as what you see, touch and feel, have the ability to have any form of influence or control over you but what you accept or allow within your mind?

Therefore, the bracelet in itself is innocent, the meaning/definition/belief placed 'behind' the bracelet within the mind of the being, is the problem.

So, if you wear it for a reason/purpose separate from you, placing value or worth or importance within a mere bracelet, problem.

Though if you wear it just to wear it, for no specific reason/purpose separate from you - no problem.

You are one as the bracelet. Therefore, nothing separate from you has the ability to have power/control over you, but the power and control you give it through permission of your mind consciousness system.