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God in general is usually defined as the supreme being or the ultimate entity which possesses great powers and can influence and subdue anything to it's will.

God or gods are normally a vital, central part within religions with specific beliefs. Religions can have one god where it is usually defined as the creator of all things (as in Christianity) or even many gods, where they can be defined as supreme masters of a part of existence (like Poseidon, god of the sea from Greek mythology). A common fact about religious gods is that they cannot be directly seen or experienced in the physical reality. Therefore one has to have a belief or faith in a god in order to create an experience for self where one believes that the god exists and is 'real'.

The term god can also be applied or used to describe physical manifestations of this world with similar characteristics as described above. As for example: money as god of men, where it seemingly carries the power to decide between life and death of a person and everything in-between, just by it's presence or lack thereof.

2007 - 2008

Are we the children of God?


I believe there is a purpose to live. We, human beings, are the children of God, and we are evolving towards God. That is our purpose of existence. Evolution to the infinite... but that's just my opinion.


Belief-God-purpose-evolution: The concoction of the religious construct of mind, enslaved in belief of purpose and reason, locked into the evolution of mind as system as the mind of man evolve and the world of man is destroyed in the name of 'love' as 'God' = all this as the religious construct concoction manifesting the cock as mind with which you fuck yourself eternally within.

The realization that there is no God


Does God exist?


No – he does not – all that exist is us here within this existence – interdimensional beings, human beings, nature, earth, universe, animal kingdom, oceans, rivers – we are individually and all directly responsible for what we are and have become and is being accepted and allowed to exist within this world, this existence. Therefore, as I have stated, we must stand up and stop this.


I feel kind of sad. Actually, REALLY sad. I always thought that it was the REAL God he was talking to, because almost everything written felt so true and HAS been true in my experience. It would definitely be good to get some perspective on this. But does that mean that there is no GOD at all??


Sorry there is no god just us. We did all of this creation stuff but got stuck in our own rules of 'godness', meaning if we separate, we create the mess we allow and are trapped in our creation until we sort it out and because we are infinite we have lots of time to suffer until we wake up

See there is only us

I was sad too until I realized I would be so pissed off at any divine being just because baby abuse exists and nothing is done by the divine being that I will have a coronary.

So when I realize I am responsible then I will stand up and act .

God and Mind Illusions


If we are all equal and we are all gods then if we repeat to ourselves what we want to happen enough in our heads and picture it then it shall become truth and manifest.

So if I were to constantly think that I could live forever and nothing can harm me and there is nothing I can't do over and over again that is what I will be or that is what I really am but just haven't realized it yet.


Nope – you are not ‘god’ – god in the most limited idea constructed of and by imaginative minds that exist.

And naturally if you only picture or think up or imagine something within your mind, utilizing your mind – you will manifest a design of the mind which you believe to be you but is in actual fact a mindf**k, which will only last for so long as an idea of the mind can only be ‘fed’ for so long – then you’re back to square one where you realize that you’ve existed within an illusionary idea conjured up within your mind and have actually never really lived YOU.


So my intuition tells me that at some point us gods who were all equal at one point tried to enslave some of us gods which makes them seem less equal and they installed systems and rules to make us seem less equal by removing some sort of cosmic knowledge or installing manipulation into our DNA in order to make slaves to serve gods that are just as equal as us. As long as these gods separate us constantly from who we really are we will forever be gods running around lost trying to find meanings that are only brought to us from beings that are manipulating us which we are suppose to be letting happen.

So basically I'm just in some sort of dream world where I can change things if I want to because I'm already suppose to know how but can't use my mind because it's full of manipulative experiences.

ok so once I know all this where does that leave me, waiting for some sign, or waiting for me to wake up from something or until my mind is able to wake up?

What I'm trying to say is what am I suppose to be doing other then be in present time and if I'm always in present time how can I change the future? if there is even such thing as a future?


You’re trying to use your very mind to understand yourself, to make sense of yourself and this is impossible – by your very questions you ask, you have just absorbed knowledge and information of which you are trying to make sense of and haven’t yet actually applied yourself. For instance by focusing on your breathing, stopping the thoughts/feelings and emotions that come up within you in every moment of breath, applying self forgiveness for any reactions of the mind you experience within you, applying self corrective application in every moment as you through being self honest with you = not of the mind, writing etc. = because it is within these applications – you applying you – that self honesty emerge, within self honesty, self realization emerge, within self realization, self awareness emerge, within self awareness, self trust emerge, within self trust self expression emerge = meaning you as who you really are.

So, assist and support yourself through self application – to answer the question of ‘who you are’ for you – because it is impossible to realize you through reasoning /trying to make sense / equating it with your mind.

Here are examples of self forgiveness and self corrective application I suggest you have a look at – if you require further specifics – ask:



Did God create Earth?


In the Bible, on the first page that says God created earth, is that fact or fiction?


Absolute fiction – God does not exist, what is exist here within this existence and also how it exists: We did this – all of us, each one individually through accepted and allowed participation in separation through enslavement to a construct a system separate from ourselves as the mind. I’ll present you with some material and video interviews I’d suggest reading and watching that will give you perspective of how each one of us is self responsible and the importance of standing up and stopping what we have accepted and allowed to exist within ourselves and this world as ourselves through accepted and allowed participation in the mind:

History of the Universe Series 1 - 350 Billion Years Ago

History of the Universe Series 2 - A Change in Existence

History of the Universe Series 3 - The Prophecy

History of the Universe Series 4 - The Portal Opened

History of the Universe Series 5 - The Reptilians Found the Portal

History of the Universe Series 6 - No Support From Heaven

Munchin: Thoughts - the unknown secret of creation

The Book: Conversations with God


Ok so I know that there is no "God" in whom we must worship and please in order to get to heaven and have eternal life. However, I do believe that there is a supreme Being or "self" of the universe. This being is infinite love and is essence of the myriad forms of live on our planet and on others. I also believe that recently, he spoke through an author in the books "Conversations with God."

Anyways, I think it would be cool to interview him/her/it and hear what he /she/it has to say!


I loved Conversations as well and it really helped me as a stepping stone. But--sorry man--it was not god--it was a annunaki created archangel Michael pretending to be God, that's why the soul and even politics come into the books later. So a lot of value in the books, but built at the core around deception-- the old 95% truth but 5% of the hub of the wheel deception. The way we have always been duped . This angels no longer exists.

Placing God into practical terms

My 'definition' of 'God'. Hmm, I would rather place it as the 'practical example' of 'God' that each is able to apply within existence as one and equal - it would be the expression of each human being in the moment of breath within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal as the living word: Self honesty, Self-trust and Self-expression - directing other's as self as one as equal in not accepting or allowing anything less than who they are in any given moment - and will do whatever it takes, will do whatever necessary, no matter what, and will not stop, until each being within existence stand within and as oneness and equality as life as the living word here in every moment of every breath as the expression of self as all as one as equal.

The manifestation of 'God' as the living expression of 'who we are' would be when all of existence is here as all as one as equal within and as self-honesty, self-trust as the expression of life as the living word - when all is one and equal within and as the expression of life as who we are.


The 7 Seals and 4 Horsemen


So I was wondering what the true story behind these events are. Are these going to happen, or is it just designed to keep us in fear and waiting for God to come? Is there any accuracy to them?


It is already happening - but not from the perspective of 'God' coming - no.

Existence is standing up within and as oneness and equality of life so each human being individually within this world may face their own individual 'judgment day' as they stand before themselves, facing themselves, as realize what they have accepted and allowed within this existence, within themselves.

Thus each will stand before themselves, the revelation of themselves as all that has been accepted and allowed within each in becoming the nature of the mind may reveal before them - to stand up, take self responsibility so that we may not again accept and allow what we have within existence for eons of time.

I strongly suggest you apply self forgiveness for the inherent desire for someone or something to come to this world in any / all 'forms' / 'manifestations' - because there still exist a 'desire' within you - for someone / something to come and 'fix' this world and human beings - 'saving' them from their own demise.

Wanting so desperately to have 'someone' / 'something' 'greater' / 'of power' to come and be the 'savior' of us all.

This will not and is not happening in any way whatsoever - the reason I say that I suggest self forgiveness is because you will not be able to move within yourself as your individual process if there still exist a desire for another to come and 'fix' this world and human beings.

No - the 7 Seals and 4 Horsemen have no relevance, though within the unified consciousness field (as we 'cleaned up' the interdimensional existence) they were placed as 'keys' of 'importance' / placement - but was placed within and of the unified consciousness to merely f-k with human beings' minds - thus - we merely removed the constructs which the 7 Seals and 4 Horsemen 'bound' together - for the 7 Seals and 4 Horsemen formed the relationship between human beings and their own mind for the desire, want and need for a savior - instead of self standing up and taking self responsibility.

The God Principle


Could you tell me more about God?


If there was a God, he certainly would place us in a place where we will face our truth.

That would be, he would create all as equal and one and see if all will treat each other as equal and one as God created them and thus in each a nature will develop, in a manner of speaking and so all will then return to face what they have become.

What is important: we are here and we are certainly facing ourselves and we are not accepting each other as life much less ourselves, so what point will God have but giving us the lesson of existence and that is now here, but then there is no God on the other Hand.

There is a God principle - equality and oneness as life - all is that - but all is not understanding or amalgamating as this and this principle guides all existence and is about to take the universe on a journey that will never be forgotten.

And after this, after the pain and suffering of what we have allowed ourselves to become - we will marvel and look back and understand. For now - know this - all will be equal to and one with what they have become on all levels throughout all time and the fire of life will burn till all illusion is no more.

In that we assist and that is what we found and with that realization while we were questioning existence and could not get out, this process became accelerated and heaven is in preparation to assist as this principle -the principle we may call God - yet it is more as it envelops all and is all and thus understand all and thus directs all and will not accept anything less than what each being truly is as equal and one as life.

God is the enslaver of Life?


So, if God is the enslaver of Life, and Awareness and Oneness as Life is what we are, then we are permanently enslaved ?


At the moment, yes.