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God in general is usually defined as the supreme being or the ultimate entity which possesses great powers and can influence and subdue anything to it's will.

God or gods are normally a vital, central part within religions with specific beliefs. Religions can have one god where it is usually defined as the creator of all things (as in Christianity) or even many gods, where they can be defined as supreme masters of a part of existence (like Poseidon, god of the sea from Greek mythology). A common fact about religious gods is that they cannot be directly seen or experienced in the physical reality. Therefore one has to have a belief or faith in a god in order to create an experience for self where one believes that the god exists and is 'real'.

The term god can also be applied or used to describe physical manifestations of this world with similar characteristics as described above. As for example: money as god of men, where it seemingly carries the power to decide between life and death of a person and everything in-between, just by it's presence or lack thereof.


The Book: Conversations with God


Ok so I know that there is no "God" in whom we must worship and please in order to get to heaven and have eternal life. However, I do believe that there is a supreme Being or "self" of the universe. This being is infinite love and is essence of the myriad forms of live on our planet and on others. I also believe that recently, he spoke through an author in the books "Conversations with God."

Anyways, I think it would be cool to interview him/her/it and hear what he /she/it has to say!


I loved Conversations as well and it really helped me as a stepping stone. But--sorry man--it was not god--it was a annunaki created archangel Michael pretending to be God, that's why the soul and even politics come into the books later. So alot of value in the books, but built at the core around deception-- the old 95% truth but 5% of the hub of the wheel deception. The way we have always been duped . This angels no longer exists.

The realization that there is no God


I feel kind of sad. Actually, REALLY sad. I always thought that it was the REAL God he was talking to, because almost everything written felt so true and HAS been true in my experience. It would definitely be good to get some perspective on this. But does that mean that there is no GOD at all??


Sorry there is no god just us. We did all of this creation stuff but got stuck in our own rules of godnes, meaning if we separate, we create the mess we allow and are trapped in our creation until we sort it out and because we are infinite we have lots of time to suffer until we wake up

See there is only us

I was sad too until I realized I would be so pissed of at any divine being just because baby abuse exist and nothing is done by the divine being that I will have a coronary.

So when I realize I am responsible then I will stand up and act .