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2007 - 2008

Are the leaders of the world aware of Desteni?


Are the human leaders of the world that are behind the curtain actually aware of the situation this website has presented and hoping, through their planned actions, to end the loop? All signs are pointing to the planned annihilation of the majority of humanity by nuclear holocaust that is planned by the elite. They will be hiding safely in bunkers under Australia when they perpetrate this within the next four years. It is said that nuclear explosion disrupts soul energy.

So my question is: what are the intentions of the elite as according to the knowledge of 'the dimensions'


There is much ‘assumption’ that exists with regards to the ‘Elite’ and the ‘Illuminati’ situation that currently exists within this world and they are most certainly not prepared to annihilate humanity as earth is their domain, their ‘kingdom’ with which they have the opportunity to ‘play God’ – and would not give up the experience of such power and control through a nuclear holocaust here on earth within and as humanity. There is one thing the Elite and Illuminati have: Patience

I would suggest not to ‘place’ you ‘faith/trust’ with what you ‘gather’ of ‘information’ of this world with regards to the situation of the Illuminati and Elite: The situation may not be as it seems. And whether they are aware of us or not – it is irrelevant.

Benazir Bhutto is currently in process of completing a document with regards to the origin of the Illuminati and Elite – and how the world currently operate with regards to the ‘relationship’ between the Illuminati and Elite and ‘how this world got to where it is in this moment’, which would be interesting for you to have a look at, so here are the links:

Benazir Bhutto - Me In Death: Part - 1

Benazir Bhutto - Conspiracies and Solutions - Part 2

Benazir Bhutto - The Truth Hurts - Part 3

Benazir Bhutto - The World as a Corporation - Part 4

Benazir Bhutto - World Control - Part 5

Have a look: Injecting fear into societies with regards to a ‘nuclear holocaust’ is but another means of controlling masses through fear. Thus, I would suggest you not ‘focus your attention’ on what might/may happen in the ‘future’, but to focus on you, in what is necessary to be done here: In this moment of breath as you.