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What about heaven?

Because you within the mind don't really 'understand / comprehend' heaven - because of your life experience - because of 'what you've done' and because of the 'idea / belief' of heaven / god you don't know if you would go to heaven - that's why there was no answer - release that there is no 'heaven' / 'god' / 'jesus' as thought of in this world - heaven will only be here on earth when all in existence stand within and as oneness and equality as life.

The Son of God = The Son of Man


I have been baffled by the meaning of the concept, The Son of Man. It's so mysterious, like the Holy Spirit.

I understand Son of God. That's simple. But Son of Man is something else. Does it mean, "Son of Adam," or something else? Enquiring Minds want to know. And that's part of the problem. I'm a literal information robot. I work in a library.

If we have to follow this to its conclusion, we'd have to become the rich young man in the bible story who wants to follow Jesus, but was loathe to sell all he had. It is read that the young walked away in sadness, for he couldn't bear losing his possessions. I could probably make it without my laptop, but do I really have to? How are we to live, when you have to buy your survival?

Perspective by Jesus

This is Jesus responding: The Son of God = The Son of Man

I, Jesus, the Son of God am equal to being the Son of Man. Man was created in the image and likeness of God - Man is equal to God, is one with God. My reference to being the Son is as follows: S = The sound of O = Oneness / God N = Manifested as Man as example for all of Man to see their equality and oneness with God as who they are.

“In the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God” or “In the beginning was the sound and the sound was God and the sound was with God”.

Look at yourself - you are the manifestation of sound and words - your words are manifestations of sounds - you're a physical manifestation of sounding words: Hear my words, don't look at my deeds. Look at the universe, at existence - it is all manifestations of sounding words. When Man speaks, God speaks.

I came to earth as an example of who I am as one and equal with God - hear clearly: An EXAMPLE. An example so all may see and hear who I am as one and equal with God - so they may see and hear themselves as one and equal with God. Not to only follow my example - but to become, attain to, live, apply and express who Man is as one with who I am.

What is the definition of God I am referring to: The understanding that I am God - that each being in existence is God - and that all beings in existence as God is in essence equal and one with all of existence, with all beings in existence. God defined as seeing yourself as one and equal with all of existence, with all beings in existence - seeing yourself in existence, in all beings in existence.

I have made this statement above: “Man is equal to God, is one with God” - yet all beings in existence have the ability to express their own individual self expression within their oneness and equality with God, as one and equal with God - as who you really are.

I would press on you not to define yourself as being a 'information robot' for it is knowledge and information without application and directive power as who you are that have placed beings in existence in the expression of separation.

You will not find the answers, you will not find yourself, you will not find that which you are searching for in the books you read, through becoming an 'information robot' by merely obtaining and absorbing knowledge and information - you will find the answers to the questions you seek and search for by living, applying and expressing the words as one with who you are - becoming the living statement/example of who you are as one and equal with God - Oneness and Equality. Who are you within all the knowledge and information you obtained and absorbed? Do you live, apply and express the words you speak as one with who you are in every moment with every breath? Are you a living statement, a living example of who you are? Do you stand within oneness and equality with all of existence, with all beings in existence - clearly stating in every moment what you will accept and allow within existence as one and equal with who you are and what you will not accept and allow within existence as one and equal with who you are? Standing as a living statement/example, speaking the words as one with who you are for all to see and hear who you are - so they may see and hear who they are.

Looking at the world today: It is clearly not expressing the oneness and equality as who beings really are - as one and equal with existence, as one and equal with all beings in existence - taking the responsibility of God. Let's look at the word God and what the letters represent in sound: G = The manifestation of creation O = that is infinitely one D = with who I am, here, in every present moment.

Understand, that your true Self as God - the becoming thereof, the realization thereof - is a process. The first step is to establish within yourself the becoming and realization of oneness and equality that reflect in your world, your reality as you experience yourself as the living word: Living, expressing and applying words as one with who you are. Also the application of forgiveness is part of the process, a tool if you will to support you - letting go, releasing and giving up the mind - your thoughts, feelings and emotions that generate the consciousness systems within humanity that have enslaved who you are through separation. I will be giving more practical examples regarding the process of forgiveness and the 'I am' statements that follow which you live, apply and express as one with who you are.

You do have an understanding of what is not acceptable in this world and what you will not allow in this world - start applying this within yourself, and also in your own reality within which you experience yourself amongst all those you have become acquainted to.

Regarding the rich man scenario - what did all his 'possessions' represent? All his possessions represented all that is of consciousness as that which he has used to define who he is, and would hold on to so dearly, fearing losing, fearing giving up, fearing letting go, fearing releasing himself from his own limited self defined existence, not only as manifested materialistic possessions, but also who he has become within himself - defined by his thoughts, feelings and emotions. Understand that the materialistic possessions he owned apparently, that he had apparently, was a mere reflection of that which he had defined/defied (sound signature similar) himself as equal to within himself - in his mind, his thoughts, his feelings and emotions he was not able to 'picture' himself without his possessions, because they were the only things that was equal and one with who he is.

What did I 'challenge' within the rich man? I was seeing who this man was - what is the statement this man is making as who he is? Understand - all I had was the words I speak that are one with who I am during that time, and it still remains the same today - yes - I also showed some practical examples of who I am - showing them that they too have the ability to do what I do. But in the showing, they perceived me to be 'more than', superior, and 'greater' than who they are - they didn't hear the words I spoke, they looked at the deeds only. I repeat again: Hear my words, don't look at my deeds! I in that moment asked him: Do you choose your limited self defined existence of possessions, which will inevitably return to dust as you will - or will you trust, walk through the fear of apparently losing yourself, give it up, let it go and follow my example, become one and equal with who I am - so I may show you who you are.

Who the rich man really was within himself, wasn't apparent - he was that which he had defined himself as within himself - reflected in his world as materialistic manifested possessions - he was not free - he was not the 'I' as one and equal with who I am - the 'I' had attachments and possessions. It's all about who YOU are - the 'I' that exist within you - who is this 'I'.

If there exist 'fear of loss' within you - that which you fear losing possesses who you are, it consumes who you really are - and will refuse to give it up, let it go or release yourself from it because it apparently supports and defines who you are. Ridiculous!

Regarding your Laptop - no - I am not saying to sell everything you own, or give away everything you own or what you have - all I am asking is that if that which you have or own defines who you are, are you possessed or consumed with the materialistic manifestations in this world, by your mind as your thoughts, feelings and emotions? Fear of loss is of consciousness: designed to keep you enslaved and in separation with who you really are.

An example for instance would be to place everything before you that you own i.e. money, your home/flat etc., that you have, including beings in your world i.e. those you have relationships with, the knowledge and information you have obtained and absorbed in the books you have read - experiencing a state of meditation so to speak. Place yourself standing alone in absolute darkness - then one by one you place everything in your world that you know and that you have and that you own before you as you stand alone by yourself. Place for instance your Laptop before you, then you remove the laptop you have placed before you - deleting its existence in front of you so only you remain standing in the darkness. Look honestly within yourself whether you experience any reaction within yourself, any movement of fear/concern/worry - then apply forgiveness if you do indeed experience any movement or reaction within you.

Then you do it again, placing the Laptop in front of you and removing it again before you, to see if your forgiveness application has been effective enough. If there exist no reaction within you - you are 'free' so to speak from the possession of that which you have/own in your world, you are not controlled or defined by its existence - then you move onto the next thing within your world and so you continue. Where must you stand Kid Mongo: Remaining here as who you are - not controlled or defined or possessed by anything or anyone that is of this world - be in this world - but not of this world!

It is quite a statement you made: having to buy your survival, you actually pay to live in this world, to exist in this world which is unfortunate. This happened through the collective agreement of humanity placing the value of money into materialistic possessions instead of the transference of self expression. Instead of money being an transference of self expression, where all unconditionally express who they are - it has become the accepted and allowed value to be able to survive in this world - enslaving humanity: Money as the manifestation of consciousness in this world. Money being the manifested cause as consciousness for the reason who and what humanity has become - I suggest you read Jack's article on 'The Power of Money' to gain some insight, clarity and perspective to what I am explaining to you here, if you have not yet. He will be furthering his discussion regarding the 'Power of Money' - giving more practical examples for human beings on earth as to how exactly we are indeed able to change the money systems in this world.

Still, the current manifestation of money you are going to have to transcend, not react to the existence of the current money systems that is of this world - do not allow it to control or define who you are Kid Mongo - this is absolutely unnecessary. Yet, at the moment we do require money in this world, but it still does not mean that the current manifestation thereof must control or influence who YOU are. There are solutions that will be placed into action in time to come - you will see - and will be greatly appreciated if you participate in the process to come Kid Mongo - not only for yourself, but for all as one in existence. This is a process which requires patience - lots of it!

Always remaining the directive principle in your world - within yourself - to trust who you are infinitely - as you stand in every moment unwavering and constant. We are here to support you through this process - you are not alone, yet you are...fascinating! We are able to lead the horse to water - but we are not able to make him drink, that's the step you are required to take.

If any more clarity is required - I am here.


Heaven / Hell


I've seen a few of your vids and am curious. Members of my church wouldn't approve of my even asking this question. Christianity teaches us that there are only two destinations after death: Heaven and Hell. In your experience, have you experienced both when people die? I've heard reports of doctors seeing great fear on the faces of dying patients and of them giving descriptions of the lake of fire etc. How valid is this?

Perspective by Jesus

No, at this moment there exist no ‘heaven’ / ‘hell’ as described in the ‘Bible’ – not at all, except human beings facing their own hell, as each human being crossing over will go through the exact same process as human beings here on earth of facing the nature of the mind in separation they have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become and accordingly go through self forgiveness processes together with self corrective application processes to purify the nature they have become to stand one and equal as life, stand up and take self responsibility to stop what we have done and become within this world, this existence.

Though, before the dimensions’ process started – there was such designs within the dimensions as ‘heaven’ / ‘hell’ which existed / was created within the dimensions through human beings’ mind’s here on earth – for instance if a human being within their mind actually believed a ‘god’ / ‘heaven’ existed – they would actually, through their mind, manifest such an perceptual idea within the dimensions where they’d go to when they die and experience themselves there within a dimensional illusion – believing it to be real – when it wasn’t.

So, there was never actually a ‘real’ god / satan – but that which was designed and manifested through human beings’ ideas/beliefs within their mind, experienced by themselves according to their own mind design within the dimensions – though it no more works that way at all – beings that cross-over accordingly go through their processes to purify their nature as ‘who they are’. Thus, when you cross-over, you immediately integrate within and as this existence – even within just a molecule/atom, to within this manifestation – face yourself, all of you – to accordingly stand up and take self responsibility for you: No exceptions – all are one and equal within this process of facing self, standing up and taking self responsibility for self.

With regards to what the doctors were seeing: That would be the last moment of the ‘mind systems’ – realise that ‘who you are’ don’t die, nor does your human physical body really – it’s the manifested systems of the mind as the mind that actually dies – and the facial expression, is but the process of the extraction of the being from the mind systems at death – and the human physical body go through much pain at death as the being within and as the mind systems extract themselves out of the mind systems – and because of the pain, the systems go into shock which will then produce the ‘facial expressions’ as you described.

The only hell that exist is within human beings, as what they have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become as the nature of ‘who they are’ of the mind = the hell that must be faced and stopped so we may stop the hell this earth/this world has become.

The old heaven and the new


The old heaven was quite an experience-- because the soul info was downloaded--the being actually never did forgiveness or corrective action and this lethargy is prominent in the accepted idea of I am presence of consciousness.

Now-- each thought is faced--from all directions and ripple effects-- i hour in heaven is now 1000 years experience as they hace to go through all lives and apply forgivenes and is placed in virtual reality--likeour holographic realities to be tested if they can be trusted with creation-- very tough process.

So I suggest each get their act together and focus on realising responsibility for creation here-- you do not want to face it in heaven-- only a small percentage of trillions of beings have thus far proven themselves --the rest remain in process into infinty to let go of knowledge and separation.

Thus-- this is it-- each one dying walk into this--is shown who they really are--then face all their lives aand must proof they are worthy of themselves as life as all as one into eternity.

This cycle now cannot be stopped-- death is the one stop for earth and on other side is the process-- how long this will take depends on all of us collectively and individually.

As Earth was the starting point of the correction of reality--all is now gravitating into quantum time--where time stand still and the maddness of the world is reveal-- many will run for cover in fear--some will stand up-- few on earth will enter the new-- most only after death.

No - one will have any excuse.

Humans on earth is in a fortunate position--your in this consciousness creation which is the result of all previous lives--stand up here and remain in directive active self honesty and you have done it-- fall inferior or deceive yourself in any way--without corrective forgiveness--then --otherside of the coin.

There is lots of help as per practical living and lots more coming-- but no spoonfeeding--otherwise your own process is comprmised and you become enslaved to spoonfeeding.

I suggest the practical forgiveness till you see inetrdimensionally direct exactly who all in creation si all the time as we do.

When all I's -eyes are open--we are home.