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What is HELL really?


The 'hell of the mind' - this is the 'real hell' - the 'truth of what human beings have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become' as the nature of the mind - where you face all that you have accepted and allowed - this is what each one will face and will have to 'walk through'.

So we will so be certain that we will not do this again unto ourselves and unto others as ourselves - look at earth: The pain, the suffering human beings, the animal kingdom endure: This is hell - we're in it - here - this is what we have to stop, this done through first directing you through self forgiveness and self application - then assisting and supporting others as you - so we can stand up as life - birth life from the physical and stop this hell we have accepted and allowed through participation in the mind.

Here are video's I suggest you watch - to see the 'true nature of man' - this is what we must stop - this done through applying ourselves in every moment, to not participate in the mind, but live who we really are, you have to stand up here on earth K- stand up for you as all as one as equal for life as you:

Earthlings - Full length documentary (multi-subtitles)

Is HELL really burning in fire?

No - as I said - we're already in it, and it will get far worse, humanity has not yet seen hell, it will become worse as a manifested experience until humanity stand up for themselves and take self responsibility - and no-one will escape it, death is not an escape - deliberately removing yourself from this world is deliberately not taking self responsibility and one will have to face the consequences of this: Not suggested - so - stand up, and take self responsibility for you as life.