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Does the Illuminati exist and is the New World Order trying to happen? WHat can we do to stop them?


this has many departure points and angles, some videos are covering this already

the focus is on self, the principles in practical living topic allows each being to become directive involved according to application

Assistence in general is to make people aware through ones own experience of the assistence and value of self-forgiveness, selfhonesty, self trust etc

this has guided us and always stood the tests of "time"

understand that all beings manifested as systems in any form only exist in the defined form that we allowed within ourselves in one of the 3 mindsystems

this is attended to by the structural resonance as each being and directed appropriately untill the individual awareness is expanded to take directive self-expression responsibility. This is a process and as much assistence as possible is given without tempting the mind into overanalizing and creating more systems that then become systemdemons as a separate manifestation