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Turning Knowledge into Practical Living


Noticing the letter V you used in your reply: V for Vendetta - Yes I had the pleasures of enjoying such a movie, I usually, along with some other interdimensional beings, integrate into Sunette and watch the movies with her. The Matrix also is the absolute perfect depiction of the truth of what is actually manifested on earth and what human beings have become - fascinating. Human beings, some, realize what the Matrix was portraying - yet all that steps forth are words, discussions, conspiracy theories instead of: O' my 'God' - this is what is happening, I realize this, I see this - I have to stand up and do something about it, find a way out of this for myself and for all who are still engaged in the Systems/Matrix (Common Sense?!). Common Sense doesn't exist in the world, it didn't either in the dimensions until we were presented with the question: Why is knowledge not in practical application? Why don't you live and apply the words as one and equal with who you are? It's as it has been said: Knowledge without application/living words as one with who you are - is useless!

What I am merely expressing in words is who I am, who I am which I have placed into practical application and lived as who I am, yet the process always continues because we are infinite! There's much I must still realize as myself, yet what I am sharing with you in my writings is my process, as a practical example for all others to support themselves as I have supported myself. Remember, although what I write is an expression of who I am, to you it becomes knowledge and your responsibility is to apply and live the words as one with who you are so you may also support yourself in actually living and applying words as one with who you are. Within the sharing of my process, you may use that which you find may support you - please be careful - I'm not saying follow the words exact to the tee and have me become some 'great teacher' crap. Make it your own. We may write and we may type as much as we please, which is supporting us in our processes as well, it has most definitely supported me - but it remains knowledge to those who read unless they actually go for it and try it for themselves - we in the dimensions, within our writings and the words you read are the examples of who we are through the processes from consciousness to awareness through forgiveness with corrective action and placing knowledge into practical application.


Knowledge and Application


It’s interesting that one would ‘tend to want to search for answers to questions outside of self’ – instead of realizing that the answer has been right here: You, from the perspective that human beings think/believe one must ‘search / seek’ for an / the answer outside of self, separate from self – when it’s not about searching/seeking for answers to questions separate outside of you, but asking the questions as you, to answer the questions for you in assisting and supporting who you are. Because it is ‘who you are’ that is important – see, it’s not about the questions or answers: But ‘who you are’ in asking the questions – so that the question asked is asked from a perspective of assisting and supporting you within and as ‘who you are’. The starting point of you, must be you – not anything/anyone outside separate from you.

I would not refer to what is said as ‘knowledge’, as it is the expression of beings in the moment as ‘who they are’ expressing themselves in the moment here – yes, you may receive what is expressed as the being as knowledge, but important to take into consideration is to realize: Knowledge without application is useless – meaning it is useless to just absorb information/knowledge – your ‘mind system’ can only take so much, it is to actually live and apply that which you hear as knowledge as you, to live words as you as ‘who you are’.

Because we’ve only always absorbed information and stored it as knowledge in our minds – not actually ‘living who we are’, not actually living at all – just beings with minds’ stored with information and knowledge and that’s it.

So, I’ll leave you with some video interviews with regards to: Knowledge and Application and ‘how it works’, also documents that’ll assist – so as to ensure that you don’t just ‘absorbed’ information as knowledge, but actually also assist and support you to live you, live words as you:

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