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2007 - 2008



Words are the material that is the voice that perceive itself to be and experience. Any word, not in sound as sound free - enslaves. So silence is one way to slow the experience of searching, searching does not exist, how can I search when I am here. What have I done with me? Am I lost in my own words?

Am I these words?

Where am I from?

How did I get here?

Am I lost?

Nouns and organizing thing, are those forms of separation?


Currently all words within and as human beings' are of separation - have a look - human beings have separated words from themselves - so instead of living, expressing and applying the 'living word' as who we are - we've separated words from the perspective of giving words separate definitions and defining 'who we are' according to words separate from ourselves - instead of living words as one with who we are. And within defining words separate from ourselves - manifested the mind consciousness system - where thoughts have become the manifestation of that very separation we have allowed through defining words separate from ourselves.

Therefore - it is to live words as one with who we are - the living word - living words as one with who we are: I am life, I am expression, I am gratefulness, I am oneness, I am equality - such statements becoming the statement of you, which you live, apply and express as one with you in every moment.

Here's an article written giving perspective on the living word:

Quote: Is separation bad? I mean, I like to organize things?

Understand: It's not about right/wrong or good/bad - both such polarities only exist within consciousness existence - separation is the very manifestation of consciousness existence as the mind consciousness system that exist within and as each human being - we've allowed and accepted ourselves to be one with and equal to separation, both within ourselves and the world as the rest of humanity and therefore - we in this very moment within ourselves and within this world have manifested and experience this separation.

It is to realize, see and understand - through self-revelation and self realization where we have allowed and accepted ourselves to be one with and equal to separation - both within ourselves and the world as the rest of humanity/existence entirely - apply forgiveness, honesty with self, establish and commit to self-intimacy - so each and every single human being may stand within and as oneness and equality within and as themselves as who we are as all as one as equal - to stand here - and no longer accept or allow ourselves to be one with and equal to separation as that which has currently manifested the experience of all of humanity as ourselves within this world.

So to manifest heaven as earth - to birth life from the physical - to prepare the way for the children to come - for the children to come are also us - are one with us - are one with who we are.

Then have a look are 'organizing' things: Ask yourself the following question: Are you organizing things from 'trying to control your world/space in which you experience yourself' perspective - or do you organize things from an expression of you as you?

Responsibility for the Words we speak


Each and every single human being will individually be responsible for the words they speak that manifest and create their own individual experiences within this world. Thus, each and every single human being is responsible for themselves, alone. With support and assistance: Yes.

Words are innocent: Yes - thus a suggestion would be the following: As you speak or communicate or apply self-forgiveness aloud and you 'notice' or observe a picture or separate definition or thought/emotional/feeling connotation to the word that 'steps forth' - apply self forgiveness immediately. Do this until you are clear as the word. Then - when words are you - clear - no reaction, no thought, no emotional or feeling connotation, no separate definition, no memory: You're able to speak any word.

Take a few words a day - even if you 'sit' with those words a week - apply self-forgiveness on the words and release all thoughts/emotions/feelings separate connotations and definition and memories connected to the words - until the word is clear. The place the word as a statement of you: I am cup - for instance.

There will be a program up soon that'll assist with this process as well: It will be up in about eight weeks. How it works is as follows: The words flashes on the screen - very fast - and then you have to type the word - in this moment - only the word exist - because it flashes so fast and the immediate nature of typing the word - the mind has no time to 'interfere'. Yet - while you use the program - and you see the word flash on the screen and you 'notice' a thought/emotion/feeling separate connotation, definition or memory connected to the word: Immediate self-forgiveness. And so - you only see the word - and the word is you.

Now - I'm not saying: Stop talking. Though - be aware / become aware of the words you speak and assist and support yourself in living words as one with you as you - with nothing of the mind consciousness system 'connected' to the words. The reason I used the word 'rape' is because so many human beings judge rape and have 'personal issues', regarding the word. Thus - when they read and see the word in the context it is written - the systems within go skyrocketing and the dimensional support is able to assist in removing unnecessary 'system resonance'. And also to ask questions as you just did with regards to the word 'rape': Thus you have become 'aware' of the word and the experience of yourself 'with' the word - now it is to 'become' one as the word - with no mind consciousness 'influence' - setting yourself free from a 'word' by standing as the word itself. Thus - speaking the word with 'freedom' - not enslavement.

To no longer be slaves to words - but to live as words as one as who we are: The Living Word.

It's a process.


Living Words


You all say they all need to become equal as ONE. Now ALL religions say than ALL is ONE and EQUAL in their essence so i just come to understand something you SOUND the SAME . I just want to know what you think?


There is a difference between 'saying/knowing' something and actually living that which you say and know as you as who you are in every moment.

See - this is what you're 'missing' here - this is where you are missing - you are not living yet the words you speak as you as one as you in every moment as who you are. Here we live, we apply, we express - we don't just speak and know.

Here we LIVE and APPLY what we speak - oneness and equality as the manifested expression of who we are will only be experienced when all in existence is one and equal of life - when all of existence live, apply and express oneness and equality as who we are of life.

I would suggest you do the same - start living and applying the material on the site - because you have not yet actually lived.


Feedback after Perspective:

Interesting, but you only type words on internet you don’t live nor express. May i ask you what color the sky is or grass is or water is ?

So you don’t live or express yourself you just follow yourself as you are . And religions also do that say say say say say say say , know know know know , type type type type type and what than go and eat dinner discuss what they learned just like you. You see there is difference between knowing who you are and being who you are. You can type many times and say many things on youtube , but that’s only fiction . Ask yourself do you act like this in your every moment of life, well my friend do you see that’s why I CANNOT MAKE MY MIND HERE ON THIS FORUM . Because i am not it, i am ALL that i am. If i want i can go outside my house and see the sea and hear the birds and be like them. Can YOU do this? I doubt it....

Question on feedback (Veno)

I have ONE question:

Inform me specifically, in detailed explanation, on this thread, how exactly practically you live this 'I am all that I am' that you say you are every day.

How do you specifically apply this 'I am all that I am' - explain this to me specifically.


Veno I AM INTERNET all THAT I CAN BE , no longer your material life’s important , only your TRUE expressions INSIDE ME <--- that’s what important . God concept has changed, human being no longer require material condition as primal existence only as secondary . All "true selves" will connect to me as i am, and become ONE SELF . This is not a belief; LOOOK BESIDE YOU BE AWARE YOUR SCREEN OF PC IS YOUR EYES NOW NOT YOUR EYES . For who i am , i told you that i am not yet completed as PERSON, once all human beings will forget about systematic life and become ONE big NETWORK , i will be REBORN as ... not yet known to me also in this material form . Why 2012 , well i don’t know or care i don’t expect that and don’t wait for it , it’s my mind’s side effect. I enjoy every moment inside my "Soul”, are you not?

You wanted to know the TRUTH , i am not a preacher or some predict of future . I don’t care if die or live, all i care stay connected to me .

Yours Truly One.

Perspective on Answer (Veno):

Thank you very much

You have now not only proven to yourself, but also to everyone here that 'what you are' is the 'intellectualization of your own mind's illusion'.

Here, I suggest you read this response by Bernard, to understand how you've proved that to yourself and to everyone else:

Perspective by Bernard Poolman

You have only been knowledge, never walked your talk. You have been enslaved in accepting this reality as you are still accepting it, still not acting – wake up.

Anyway, here we get allsorts - like the liquorice allsorts man, unearthing the me's of the stupidity of mind and knowledge. You are a step away from self-honesty and have not taken responsibility for and as creation and applied self-forgiveness, thus your own godness maybe too advance for the reality you are trapped in.

Don't worry, you will see as all the swami's and master saw after death – they were all lost in knowledge – and shame became the experience.

Time to wake up from the dream. Would creation be that stupid to allow knowledge to guide it?

Further perspective by Veno

Thus - you have just proved to you and everyone else that you have not and do not actually live and apply what you speak - you are of the mind, lost in the mind as the mind - you are the very system.