Love and Light

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Philosophy, Belief and an Idea that focusing on the positive and ignoring the negative will bring the best possible results to the one that is applying the concept of Love and Light.


Love and Light


Can you talk more about light and love


Light is the deception, the lie introduced within this world, to human beings – to ‘honor’ and ‘praise’ and ‘live by’ as another mere reflection of the exact same principle as ‘God’ – the ‘light construct’ is no different to the ‘God construct’, and so the same with ‘love’.

Love, light, God = same thing, different words, representing an illusion of belief, of faith, of trust, of hope – where you ‘live by’ ‘light and love’ = which is not different to the religion of ‘living by God’. Defining yourself according to words in separation and attaching value to those words – thinking that they are to be worshiped and praised, locking you into the enslavement of the religious construct through placing your ‘faith’ into an idea and illusion of ‘light and love’.

Have a look: Religion and Spirituality no different: Within religion – you have God and Christ; within spirituality you have light and love. God representing light and Christ presenting love – spirituality exist within religion, therefore, spirituality is religion – though, the only ‘difference’, exist within the words – within religion – Christ and God as Love and Light is portrayed as beings, religion worship the manifestation of the words in projections of beings and spirituality worship the words itself. Thus = there exist no difference.

Within religion, exist the polarity of God (Light) and Christ (Love) as Lucifer/Devil/Satan (Dark/negative) – no different to Spirituality – where Light and Love is worshiped and ‘the Dark and negative’ is feared, ridiculed, rejected and resisted.

And religion as spirituality of light and love in itself is worshiping or praising or ‘living by’ something or someone within a representation of being ‘more than’ self, ‘who you are’ – together with fearing that which is ‘evil, negative, or dark’. Existing within and as the very polarity of ‘positive/negative’ / ‘light/dark’ = which governs and control the entirety of you.

Living by and according to light and love is no different to religions ‘living by’ God/Christ = lost within polarity and enslaved to ‘something greater’.

Therefore = light and love represent the enslavement of self within separation of self.

You cannot know or understand what love is – if love is not ‘who you are’ here in self expression which you live unconditionally practically within this world within the starting point of self honesty as all as one as equal as life. At the moment, love is but a belief within yourself, no different as a belief in a God, within your mind – therefore, love is an illusion – used and abused, hiding the dishonesties and deceptions within self that is accepted and allowed to exist of the mind. The truth of self hidden through the projection of truth within the illusion and belief of ‘love’.