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Destonians Logo
Destonians Logo is a social network focused on bringing practical change to the world through its members becoming effective, considerate and responsible human beings. Members focus on investigating the world we live in, how it functions and operates. What it is that drives human beings each day. What are the motivations, reasons and starting points for how we exist within this world. Through this research practical solutions are created, shared and applied by anyone who is interested.

Destonian Wiki - A Practical Manual to Life Under Construction

This Wiki contains material that will support one within and through all aspects of life, ranging from understanding and being able to direct one's feelings, emotions, thoughts, relationships, beliefs, society to world structures.

This is a one-of-a-kind resource presenting research and practical solutions to personal as well as global problems. The focus is on wholeness, completeness and practicality of the solutions and their implementation.

Understand, this is not an attempt to create or form a new belief system, religion or a cult. This resource is the result of research, practical application and cooperation of many people all around the world sharing it with you freely. It's up to you and your sole responsibility on how you approach it and/or utilize it.



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The Universe and History of Mankind

World System Designs

About the Desteni group

Participation Guidelines

To participate within you create videos, writings and recordings focusing on uncovering and unraveling the reality and all it's aspects, debunking the current systems of control, beliefs, abuse and separation within this world and propose solutions publicly under your real name. is then a place where you can share your input with everyone else, easily, in one place and present it to the world.

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