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Say your throat is sore, support the body with a chemical bridge like a medicine and so on which is a temporary bridge supporting the body chemically, to deal with the chemistry changes that’s taking place because you are changing your addiction through using Self Forgiveness and therefore, you have a sore throat.

Therefore do not deny the simplistic common sense that one must then support the body with the necessary chemicals, because the body is chemical in every way so that it can deal with the adjustments you are making within the way you are living by applying Self Forgiveness.

The 'cure' for diseases is extensive disciplined, specific Self Forgiveness together with extensive, disciplined, specific practical application in every moment. The guidelines for self forgiveness and practical application in every moment is here within the material and video interviews on the website.



Healing as in taking away pain and inner conflict, trauma and depression in a being is not acceptable, because whatever you remove for a being will return 4 fold.

Thus it is to show a being how to heal self within walking the process of living and applying Self Forgiveness and take practical action in this world to stop the mess we are in. This is the only acceptable way to assist and support another to Heal oneself.

The healing that is done through spiritual healing is self deception and separation.


Pain Relief

If one requires relief from pain: take a pill. The pain will return later, but the cause will remain.

Any release of emotional gunk will eventually return in a new more advanced form if there is no permanent resolution to the cause in all the minds within which it exist as the greater consciousness.