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2007 - 2008

Conscious Mind

Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind is part of the Mind Consciousness System design and consists of and exists as the downloaded information transferred into and as us from our parents and the generations that have gone before us.

The Mind Consciousness System is inserted into the human physical body as the baby is developing. While this occurs, a transfer is created where downloaded information from the mother's and the father's Subconscious Mind and their parents before them, an entire "family tree", is transferred into the Mind Consciousness System of the baby. This is what is referred to as "the sins of the fathers".

The Subconscious Mind thus consist of all the downloaded information from the past generations and as the child grows up, from the Subconscious Mind the Unconscious Mind is developed. The Conscious Mind is activated as the child starts participating in the world and the downloaded information from the Subconscious Mind becomes the child's personality through which it designs his or her own personality. From there thoughts start manifesting.

This is then what the child start forming itself according to, all the information it sees in the world, TV, media, school, teachers and it is from the subconscious mind that the child develops its personality.

There is no such thing as an "individual personality" as all personalities are based on and copied from the personalities of those that have gone before them, as parents and family members.

It is through this system design of the "sins of the fathers" that the system continues to exist through and as us as human beings - and through which we remain enslaved to literally live and exist in the past.

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Words and the Subconscious

An interesting thing you may notice with yourself or others is the tendency to replace words, for instance: depression with deception - it depends on the way your preprogrammed subconscious has cross-referenced words with pictures in your reality and sometimes you won't even notice it happening till someone points it out. Don't react when this happen; this is a help to see where your wiring is messed up and require direction and self-forgiveness. Do Self-Forgiveness - direct the info as yourself as a placement of who you want to be into infinity, breathe deeply and correctly stated your way from this moment forward. The point of cross wiring has been revealed and empowered you to correct yourself -- thus you prepare your own way in this way.

Be careful when you correct a point and it is not standing as a statement of life as who you are in harmony with who everyone else as life is, a time loop will occur and you will face a lesson--again self-correction will step forth and so on

Ask questions if not clear and share your cross wiring experiences as an exercise to proof to yourself that you are laughing WITH yourself.

Support with releasing the Past

Assisting and supporting self, I, me – is not dependent on the past in any way whatsoever, though it is important to have a look at past experiences to understand and see and realize how the past is currently influencing you here, which has assisted and supported us with a guideline within this process, though only a guideline as all and everything of this process is dependent on YOU, and ‘who you are’ here in every moment of breath.

See, from within a unified field perspective – you actually exist in the past and future which manifest the now/present – beings’ are trapped in the now/present through the past and future – because human beings constantly exist in the now/present through being concerned of the past and fearing the future – so the past manifest the future within and as human beings’ experiences in this world. Therefore it is suggested to write about your past, and as you write – to apply self-forgiveness – for you yourself to realize how much of the past is actually determining and influencing ‘who you are’ at this moment. So, you always exist in past and in future which manifest the now/present which is the construct of the unified consciousness field of the mind – trapped and enslaved within the past of what happened and the future of what might possibly happen – not actually living SELF HERE in and as breath.

Therefore – it’s to release the past within you entirely – through writing and self-forgiveness, because for the past to exist a future must exist, and in letting go of the past, you let go of the future and you LIVE HERE AS SELF in and as BREATH unconditionally – no more conditioned by the past or the future creating the now/present which enslaves you to the unified consciousness field of mind.

Unconscious Mind

Why have we as systems not been deleted yet?


I know lots of dickheads would show up and say lots of stuff that you guys probably dislike but I learned with my time on earth that I should even consider those dickheads sides, just so we can kill the option that we might be impervious, and sometimes things that sound stupid has some truth behind. as for all the other races and galaxies that you guys deleted, are you sure there were no real life with those beings, what make us different from them? or you guys said it so we wont dwell on it instead of focusing on here and now.


Here it’s quite interesting: There were beings that were just programmed systems / ‘ideas’, which transformed themselves through their individual processes as actual ‘beings’ – for instance Satan. Satan was just an idea/manifestation of an idea that manifested and transformed himself into an actual being – thus, went from being a programmed system, to an expression of ‘who he is’. Though, fascinating – the ‘angels’ / ‘gods’ etc. that were really just programmed information systems – refused to assist and support themselves to birth themselves ‘into’ living expressions as ‘beings’ = and there was an equal and one opportunity given for all that existed within the interdimensional existence. So there were many ‘programmed information systems’ that transformed themselves into ‘beings’ as ‘who they are’ in dedicating and committing themselves to life as all as one as equal as who they are = the rest was simply ‘deleted’ / ‘removed’, they ‘chose’ to remain ‘programmed systems’, so, in truth – ‘deleted’ themselves. Only ‘programmed systems’ are able to be deleted.

You are within the exact same process = currently a programmed system as mind, in the process of birthing you as life from the physical as ‘who you are’ as all are. Though = if you do not make it here, you’ll return to the dimensions and continue your process there, if you refuse to assist and support yourself there – you will remove you from existence to not give you the opportunity to birth you as life as all as one as equal as who you are.

Systems do not know that they are systems and thus act from fear--thus sufficient events must take place to develop common sense to realize that life in self honesty that include all life as equal as one life--is where the polarity will not exist.

Can the mind bounce back


Last year, I suddently found myself becoming actual oneness (or at least so it seemed)at a specific point in that time, it felt like I could play with reality, just by loving and accepting all as me. That by stepping out of a point of existence of me as a person, and into wholeness, I could change everything. In the end of that, I felt left with the choice of leaving all I had ever known. I didn't do that, cause I didn't know where to go, or how to support my life as a body even. So I went back to my personality systems dreams and this specific life.

Here I have been for almost a year now, and I still feel like my path is to disconnect with this specific life. How does that work? Because I sometimes feel like I must be able to do "It" from this life, also to assist the people already around me. But at the same time, its like this life is dead, and that I am going around in circles, keep repeating the same dramas etc. Like I am holding on to the system, with everyone else in it as hostages. But by leaving this specific life, I also feel like I am abandoning these beings through me playing them out as specific love characters. So, how does this work? Because I feel like, the me I knew before, has been deleted already, and I am just waiting In the Dark. 

Is it like with the dead chicken still running around without a head?


Consider self movement, self actualization as all here moving practically as common sense within the bounds of physicality as breath. 
The mind will always be here, it is us when we abdicate ourselves and create a system to look after us, this is the mind, our ruthlessness in self interest. 
It will always be part of us, thus breath and always remain alert. 
Study Osho, much assistance in his insights.