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2007 - 2008

Music as Self Expression


There are only a few free forms of expression left in the world. Music is one of them. There is a lot of music which is made with the mind, and not as the self, but in the midst of crap one can find people who have something real to say.


There exist no free forms of expression within this world, as free forms of expression would imply that each one participating in the form express free, and this is not so. 

To you, music is a free form of expression based on your opinion as what you defined music to be due to your experience towards music. 
Another being has a different opinion of what they define music to be based on their experiences towards music. 

Therefore consider, not to define a form 'out there' to be the key to free expression, as this is the ultimate limitation within separation, implying that one can only express freely within certain constricted forms that exist of this world such as music.

I'd suggest considering you being the living form in physicality of free expression here in every moment of breath, free expression from the perspective of standing here in self honest self trust and living equal and one, not defined or limited by/through what exist of this world. 

Then expression in itself is not defined to/towards something only such as music, as you are the one that determine your expression within something as something, therefore, it's not music in itself that is free expression, it's the being participating within it as it that express themselves as the music. 

Within this, expression is not limited to music only, each one standing equal and one here in every moment as expression, is free to express themselves within whatever they participate within in this world, not only music.