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Ancient Gods and Prophecies


What about Chutulu and the cult awaiting for the alignment to rise him from the depths, is this real?? And the 'myth' of the warriors in the stars waiting to cast out thy wicked?? Is there any possibilities of other unpredicted ancient prophecies unfolding??


With regards to Chutulu and the cult: Yes, understand that there have been many 'placements' designed within and of the unified consciousness field to 'pre-occupy' human beings - just like the book of the 'Bible' has been placed of which human beings 'live by and believe' - everything separation - instead of self alone, as the moment, as the breath - there is a 'connection' / 'belief' to something / someone separate - and the beings don't live practically here as the moment as the breath within and as oneness and equality and is thus lost within and as knowledge and information beliefs / fears - instead of actually living. With regards to the 'myth' of the warriors in the stars awaiting to cast out thy wicked: No - no 'wicked' beings coming from the stars - here's an interesting document by Alice A. Bailey of how the stars and planets assist and support human beings' on earth:

(place link here) (The Astrology of Heaven in the Times of Revelation)

In relation to your question – ‘Is there any possibilities of other unpredicted ancient prophecies unfolding:’

'The end of time' has been extensively misinterpreted - though, here's the link to the video interview lists - have a look for Nostradamus and Ian Xel Lungold's video interviews. (place links here)

So - stop accepting and allowing yourself to be pre-occupied and lost within the unified consciousness field of this world as the mind that exist within you - stop the mind and live - see and hear.