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Gnosticism and Knowledge


I hate that maybe the existensialists may have been right. Always thought they were short-sighted. The Gnostics have always been my favorite historical figures because they seem to know that the "God" that people prayed to wasn't Good or Wise, and in some teaching, a Demon. And that the "real" God was totally unknown and Alien. And that Jesus was sent to break the influence of the Creator Angels, the Archons. The Gnostics were driven into extinction, so that tells me they were a corrective measure. Or were they part of the plot, too?


Teresa's answer Typed by Andrea 2 July 2007

Taken from internet: [In order to free oneself from the inferior material world, one needs gnosis, or esoteric spiritual knowledge available only to a learned elite. Jesus of Nazareth is identified by some (though not all) Gnostic sects as an embodiment of the supreme being who became incarnate to bring gnosis to the Earth]. You know what is fascinating about the way the White Light use to do things? You would become aware in one life time about what is going on or even perhaps start understanding that nothing is real, realizing the allowed and accepted control and enslavement. Then you die and the White Light strips your memory clean, yes I am sorry to tell you that whether you were the most impressive Gnostic, most angry Satanist or a person who was hardly able to remember their name, all of them stripped of their memories completely to be recycled in the dimensions where they become but a memory in human beings mind, remembered in history. Only memories relevant to your next experience here on earth, you may keep - as apparent lessons you must learn. Yippee! What a complete waste of time, considering that many people wasted entire lives running around knowledge, never actually becoming what they understood, yet they 'felt safe', they felt they attained or reached something. It did not matter who you became actually because the White Light would always be one step ahead. On your death bed you might have known the secrets to the pyramids (just a simple example) but the White Light had a fascinating regime consisting of who shall reveal what and when. Nothing before and most certainly without them knowing about it. Occasionally people would walk around spreading words of good will about who we really are and that we are beyond this world, yet somehow the White Light always had a clever plan. They knew exactly how to use any knowledge to enslave people even more with. Are you honestly able to recall one Gnostic or for that matter existentialist who honestly came back life time after lifetime saying: “They can't catch me”? The standing of who they are both here on earth, reflected in the words they speak being constant and consistent - no - it just somehow always seems to disappear! So we as the dimensions were merely pawns in a much larger scheme. Now of course..... well the understanding of each being is endless, baring in mind of course that to do so and keep the understanding one must become the living word, live the words as one with who you are infinitely, expressing and applying who you are in every moment, so that no matter where you are, whether it be in the dimensions or on earth you stand as the statement: I am here, infinitely constant and stable: I am the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The Anunaki, our creators, were much sneakier and sly and deceitful than you are even aware of. We have already had to face, understand and overcome/disengage (which is great because it shows us who we really are) many thousands of their creations. Some such as the Gnostics that place within one being large amounts of information - enslaving them to their own 'wisdom'. Gosh, you have no idea how information is able to enslave you to your future direction, your ideals, desires. Anything that determines you according to something else....well the creators required us to believe eternally in that didn't they? So yes you are right Jesus was such a being that was able to speak about equality, oneness and how to walk 'beside' him as the full manifestation and truth of ourselves. Unfortunately as with the many examples (of which there are many millions more) he was unfortunately just another pawn - the White Light influenced and changed his words and examples to support the White Light's enslavement and control of humanity. Jesus was shown earth and that humanity had 'lost they're way' and informed Jesus to please manifest on earth as an example of who they really are, so human beings may realize who they really are once again, show them exactly what each being is capable of. Interesting that the White Light was willing to ensure that we actually saw another being who had that kind of information? Perhaps as the creators of our own outcome we did indeed prepare ourselves well? The White Light allowed Jesus's manifestation on earth - showing and directing through communication who they really are, because the White Light knew that it had the ability to change everything that was experienced with Jesus on earth by humanity to its liking and preference. This is how it slots in;

So they gave Jesus the permission so to speak to manifest on earth, to show you equality, oneness, peace - who you are as God and so forth. Now what the White Light did during Jesus' experience was implant into each being the religion/belief construct. Doing this so that the human beings didn't hear Jesus' words as one with who they are and perceived God and Jesus' coming to be the power of some greater spirit/manifestation/being that exist separate from who they are: Not realising or hearing the words Jesus spoke as them being equal and one with God as Jesus/Jesus as God. So what better way for us to ultimately have to test ourselves and stand up....but that to the ultimate idea and belief/religious system connected to the separation and enslavement of ourselves as who we really are. I mean if we really weren't going to prepare ourselves well we would have given ourselves easy stuff to overcome hey? Instead we as the mind constructs that created the White Light gave ourselves the ultimate challenge: Create a belief/religion. Then we enslave ourselves totally, through the perception/idea of separation and with all we have for thousands of years to the 'apparent' religion/belief Jesus spoke about.

Of course if we were actually not as clever we would not have prepared ourselves well. We would have left oneness and equality/ the realization of who we really are as the 'prize' at the end of all things. Instead we tested ourselves to ensure that we truly stand up as God, within equality and oneness as who we really are - no matter where we are, within what we are or what we have created and designed in existence. So Jesus was sent to ensure (without him being aware of it of course) that each beings locks into their religious/belief matrix. The religious matrix designed us into the definition of who we are, with greed, obsession, enslavement, separation, money etc. that our only truth will always be our deceit and that we remain separated from all because we are all only equal to some God outside ourselves and that means equality is something near impossible. Also that you are never actually equal and responsible for your actions because then Jesus goes and dies for our sins - actually what he was doing was dying so that the consciousness within each was shown to be easily removed, never who you are. Also to show that Jesus remained when consciousness 'attacked' his words and deeds. Now we are left with the most interesting choice, we either remain enslaved within separation, or we break away from each modality, belief, religious fantasy to ensure that we as the Image and Likeness of God understand fully who we are! What better way then have our truth as who each one is firstly for thousands of years be horribly misunderstood; so that we are finally then able to embrace who we are. Interesting our creators were enslaving us so that one day they might live here with us at their 'beck and cal' and then we as the original Atlantians, stand up within their clever schemes, pushing past all of this and transcending! Discovering ourselves as who we are even in the ultimate manifestation of enslavement and separation.

Interestingly we will be doing many articles about the process of heaven in relation to the Anunaki, how Jesus played a role in the understanding of enslavement and of course we will soon be showing each being that there is life beyond this existence. Our current creation of heaven and earth is indeed not all. As we overcome what we have allowed we move together into the new/unknown. But first each being must see for themselves where we are currently so that they stand up yet again for themselves and for all as one.

Mother Teresa

Christ Energy


Christ energy: Is the elevation of the mind’s consciousness to present human beings with the illusionary experience of placing themselves upon a throne of ‘supremacy’ and ‘superiority’ from within the principle of ‘enlightened self interest’ = enlightened self interest, meaning: EGO of mind.

Energy in itself is limited and is the ‘life force’ of the mind. Who you really are is not defined of energy, if you exist within and as and of energy, you exist of the mind and thus within separation and enslaved to energy of mind in itself.

Speaking in Tongues


The 'speaking in tongues' 'scenario / events' - were all of the pre-programmed mind consciousness system within human beings.

Such human beings who would apparently 'miraculously' have the ability to 'speak in tongues' has a specific Interdimensional mind-switch system stored beneath their unconscious mind placement that is designed to be activated when specific words are spoken by another human being.

When a human being thus speak the specific words - the other human beings' mind switch activates and the programmed language that was manifested and designed within the stored placement underneath their unconscious mind activates - and then infiltrates the human beings entire mind consciousness system - presenting the presentation that the being is 'possessed' of sorts and then has the ability to apparently 'speak in tongues.'

Such moments are all 'part of' the design of the pre-programmed / pre-ordained lives of the mind consciousness systems of human beings.

Thus - 'speaking in tongues' is but a placement implanted within only certain human beings to be activated when specific words are spoken and then infiltrate the entire mind of the being - a programmed design of speaking languages.

Human beings that still 'speak in tongues' - a mind f-k - we are giving this direction. Though - if we were to remove this placement the human being would die as it is 'part of' the human beings entire mind consciousness system - therefore it has the ability to infiltrate the human beings' mind entirely and 'take it over' for but a moment.

Thus - such human beings will either get here and understand their experience or remove themselves if they know they'd be more effective in the dimensions than here on earth to have the ability to realise who they really are.


Perspectives on Gnosticism, Jesus and Lucifer


1. Can we say that Gnosticism is a far less "polluted" version of original Jesus teachings than Christian (could better say "Paulian") Religion?

2. Can we say that the Demiurge (Jaldabaoth) corresponds to Anu?

3. How about Sophia/Lucifer, that in the Gnostic tradition is the image of God Most High that was imprisoned in matter in order to perfect it? Can we say that the "fall" of Sophia/Lucifer represents the process of enslavement of man done by Anu/Demiurge?

4. How about the difference between Jesus and Christ? It would appear that Jesus (the man) at a a certain point fully manifested the Christ (the dimensional being). Is it true?

5. Can we say Christ represents the awakened Lucifer, the Man who has "remembered itself" and can now overthrow the Demiurge?


Yes--seen in context of pollution--the principle of connectedness and interconnectedness with nature assisted much in reflecting upon self.

Now on the Anu personification principle--many different personifications existed in the programming-- but focusing on Anu as God and anything challenging the concept of God--as evil and enslaving-- thus the reason why all that bring the freedom principle into presence as absolute--are removed through the fear inherently programmed as the accepted Universal I am-- thus the problem of freedom is immense--

See--the I am as all that existed--was Anu programmed--How? by enslaving all existence through forgetfulness thus creating a "deep" inner connectedness to something greater

Obviously the Anu story is not the beginning--neither is all the races that existed or communicated to earth--

There was another existence of "near" perfection that existed before that--this will come in history of man and even that is not the beginning, but simply the first major point of honesty that through creation into the current point of discovering self honesty

we also found a female version of Lucifer==called Lucinthia-- the feminine has been a vast challenge due to much deception programmed in it as it and that it manifested from the first point of transcendence as a point of need and revenge and manipulation and control

this plays out in the sins of the mothers--as it is the mother that is the primary programmer of enslavement of the children--especially through the concept of "love as fear" justified as protection against the world

So-- where fit Lucifer-- that will reveal

The concept of Christ has been programmed as a super consciousness system--see Macdonald-Bayne interviews

Thus-- Jesus never became the Christ--he understood that already to a degree before he manifested and manifested from that principle

Understand that Christ is a principle within unification-- not a being as manifest--when it manifest as a being--it is an entity as is any manifestation of God--an entity


the access to all this is available to all man as equal-- there is though one point man must proof to self--self honesty and self trust and self-expression as the trinity as one as creator, created and creation--and each being give permission to self as self as each being at the understanding of life unified decide who is really life and who is system slave

that is the magnificence of all of the process over billions of years--you are not really enslaved but to what you create and accept as yourself and for yourself and only man--individual--will permit access to self when the proof of life understood is absolute and infallible

within oneness and equality this is common sense--each man is responsible only for self and will be no more than what you proof yourself to be equal and one with

so--why am I in this?-- A mirror--maybe--does it matter--no

it is irrelevant--hear my words--is this common sense

How can any of what I present enslave any-one--impossible--why--all enslavement is what man has placed themselves as equal and one with--

so the oneness and equality principle is the principle within and as the balance in existence and in expression as it always balance according to the expression of the individual point called man and balance as the experience of the man that creates, believes or accept it as self

After all--as Crowley state so clearly and Peter Tosh and so many--yet did not actually became--man is God--equal and one to what man create

Tattoos and Devil Worship


Do tattoos worship the Devil?


Lol, no – unless you within your mind exist within a belief, an idea that you do – your mind will make you believe that the belief is ‘real’. Here’s a perspective given of tattoos that’ll assist:

‘Tattoos and piercing of the human physical body have no effect on anything whatsoever but the value, worth or meaning you give it within and as your mind as well as the reason for doing it.

If tattoos or piercing is done for you: Fine – though if it’s done for a separate reason outside of yourself: You will be a slave to the tattoo or piercing done because it’ll control you from the perspective that it has ‘more meaning’ or ‘more value’ that you yourself as who you are.’

The Bible - truth or fiction.


Is everything in the Bible true or fiction?


Fiction – here are articles done by Jesus from within the interdimensional existence – within which you’ll understand why: (Jesus - Responsibility) (Jesus - I am not coming on a cloud) (Jesus - The forgiveness of Jesus) (Jesus - The guidelines of forgiveness)

(Video interviews done by Jesus -to be placed here)

The Kabbalah

We found the kabbalists in the dimensions in their own CLAN, as separate as all else, only saving their own asses, not giving a shit about life - only about their system. So NO MORE Kabbalists in after life.


Religion as Mind-Possession


religion is omnipresent and an inseparable part of life, in such a way that for me it was 'invisible'. I was quite astonished that there are lot of religions around the world, or that one can choose NOT to be religious at all - fascinating!


Interesting, this Point – as it shows/reveals the extent of living-acceptance of/as religiously following religion to the extent of being possessed with and as it that no other point/decision/way of living is seen/recognized/realised, but directly walking into and/or seeing that religion / religious-aspect Only as it has become self completely as manifested-Possession, basically showing how possession of/as One Point operate/manifest within/as oneself and so into and as one’s world/reality.

The Searching Experience

This searching many undergo when a change/alteration/deviation from their original design/path of programmed life-design manifested, though – how the unified field was previously designed, beings were always ensured to be caught into another trap/possession of/as religion within and as a different forms, be it –from religion to relationship or spirituality to money or religion to business – all organizations were designed/programmed into and a resonance of/as possession to ensure beings remained enslaved within the system, that – no matter where they go, they remained trapped in the Mind, not realizing that – the key, the answer is to stop searching, and realize: “I am Here – this me, that is here in and as every breath is the one that is and always has been the creator of what I have become, within and without.” Now, beings will continue searching and falling – until they realize to stop the search and be here, and then we’ll be here to assist/support as they assist/support themselves within and as self-responsibility.

So – here at Desteni, you stop the search as you realize your self-responsibility and take that self-responsibility through walking through manifested-consequence and utilizing the opportunity to stop, stand up and change self to not recreate the past, but live here as a example of self-honesty as equality and oneness. Which is a process to be walked, but – you’re taking the first step.