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2007 - 2008

The Food Crisis and Directing myself

You are coming from fear - see? The portal is not something to believe in -or a religion - more than sufficient info about what goes on inside you have been given.

The food stock point-up is common sense -the floods around the world destroyed major crops, as have pests and rodents - see the news. Then there is the pressure on money. The current money system is based on debt - so- when debt reduces -money becomes less. Food prices will go up - so stock up from that perspective.

On money in the banks: Eventually all money as we know it will stop - but for the moment it is required.

Understand that the game played in the world is done for a few to have all power, some countries will have more problems than others - this is based on history and the abuse of power. The world must and will change; in this there is common sense, because when one has money while another starves is unacceptable, so convincing your mom to hide money is a fear - what is the point? She is in her process - and you in yours.

You are fortunate to be where you are supported - many are not so fortunate and must do all kinds of things for food. Your process is self-honesty or if not self abuse that will become the abuse of others. In this you decide who will be the master - you or your desires. To base though your foundation of self-movement on anything outside you - only abdicate your responsibility to yourself. So - you decide - are you manipulating your money out of your own fear? Are you really applying your own discipline within yourself or looking for a way out to not take responsibility?

The portal is not going to save you from yourself. You are going to do it for you or not do it for you, that is really irrelevant to anyone but yourself and is the same for all beings.

Fortunately for those that do not do it this life there is death and so all will face this self inevitably and all will stand alone and stand up eventually, that is determined by self and no outside point will be able to be blamed.

So - this is your crossroad - who are you? Who will you be for you? What will you be able to live with, within yourself?

You are your own temple. What will you allow in it? Only you will know the truth on earth - that is how it is on earth - after death though all is revealed to be faced. We propose doing it on earth, but not a requirement - each in there own process. I know - either here or hereafter, you will stand up and walk with me as life - as equal and one.

Applying Self within Reality


Hello, i have a problem since my whole life probably. It's about knowledge, is like i can't absorb knowledge that without a application instantly to something it dissapear in a instant. If i don't apply that I'm reading it dissapear. For example, i start to read a manual to how a program works. so my first impression is, "oh i don't understand nothing , lets grab the program and play. I "feel" that tiredness when i try to read something. I've made a self search and what I#ve found is , myself with the question , "ok but where i can apply this?" "i need to apply this" "it's useless" and in some form i have fear to something, I'm not clear in this, i had fear to something that i can't remember exactly.

I've tested if the problem was "if I'm not good enough" or something like that but isn't that now , it used to be a problem but not now. Perhaps i've separated my self from knowledge with the definition of "it's useless" and that's the playout of this self programing?

i know that knowledge is shit without application, but in terms of study something is a problem and this world works with knowledge, i have to find a method to study and apply and the same time, i'm not sure how to deal with this.


A point to consider with regards to you particular reaction to 'Knowledge' is that, in fact - everything you participate-within in your reality is 'manifested-knowledge': Education, Television, Communication, Participation - everything exist-within and has been manifested/created from/as Knowledge, what we are as the Mind is manifested knowledge and information infused/substantiated with/as energy and personalized with preference/morality, creating 'individualized personalities'.

So, if you self-honestly have a look, you don't actually have a reaction towards Knowledge-itself, otherwise you would have had a equal-reaction to/towards everything and everyone in your reality/existence, you have a particularly-specific reaction to/towards that which you require to apply discipline and effort towards obtaining to become practical in this world/reality. Therefore, it's not the manual or the Knowledge that you're reacting to - you're reacting to the fact that you have to walk a process, step by step in reality and actually apply/live discipline and concentration/effort.

Giving Yourself Direction by Mother Teresa

Hi my name is Teresa. You might remember me as I was here on earth, called by my name of Mother Teresa. Thanks for communicating with us, we (the dimensional beings) are currently assisting here in 3D with whatever questions you might have on direction as well as assisting you on how to give direction to yourself.

Firstly I would like to greatly emphasize that we as the dimensions use the method of transcribing or channeling to write to you. We either come through the interdimensional portal, which means that we use the body of the portal for our writing. She leaves her body as we enter and then we use her body for writing or communicating. This channel that I am writing through now is what one would call transcribing. It is when the being stays in her body as we partially enter to do our typing. So basically one could say that both of these channels are psychic as they have always been very intuitive as well as able to communicate with dimensional beings. Yet, when I come through to type it is me, Teresa that writes to you!

So let's begin. I mentioned to you that I have understood that you have some questions relating to your direction and how you are able to give yourself direction. Well firstly I would of course mention to you that firstly we are all here to do exactly that. We are all becoming more and more aware that we are not merely robots and that we are in fact here for something greater. Perhaps you have experienced the fact that something within you speaks to you about a purpose that you have not yet understood or experienced, perhaps even in this world. I wonder perhaps if you have even thought about wondering off to a different reality just to be able to express yourself.

Yes, indeed many beings are currently facing exactly that, as we start this process between heaven and earth. Now we stand here amongst humans and we place ourselves between you and the mundane systems and we speak to you about who you are. So who are you? The current call it 'mind set' here on this planet is that many beings are never even aware of themselves let alone aware of their purpose(which is whatever you make of it). Let us not forget that each being is connected to all other beings, we are together in this world because of who we are, We are all the one singular expression of the God-self that has been split into billions and trillions of separate (structural) life forms so that we are able to fully experience ourselves. So many expressions. Yet we do remain connected within our own awareness, something that you in the physical body as the mind are not able to identify with as humans seldom experience this oneness that we speak of.

A long time ago humans forgot that we are all one and that we are equal. Throughout time we lost our understanding in a way because we decided that our mind is much more fun. Becoming more of the mind was regarded by us to be the easiest and most certainly the most well regarded way.

So to start with I mention this so that you as well as all the people reading anything from this web site may realise that we as the dimensions are here assisting all humans in fact all kingdoms here on earth, so that eventually we are all united in our understanding. In the meantime we will stand beside each being telling them the truth about who they really are and that they are in fact not really fully expressing themselves at all. So firstly I would advise that you start understanding your own process by understanding the process of the beings that have gone before you so that they are able to assist you, even when you are not aware, just walking beside you, talking, assisting. Read the story of Osho, myself, Jesus, any being that will tell you how they were able to break free from their own imprisoned mind set to once again walk here with full understanding. Heaven and earth are currently both undergoing huge processes, this you might have noticed from our writings. As we write here we are all undergoing major changes, both for ourselves as well as a part of your process. We walk as you here on earth so that we as the dimensional beings are able to fully understand your process and assist you with what is best for all. So we are currently assisting many beings such as yourself to return to awareness. By this I am of course speaking about understanding who you have become so that you are able to understand and assist yourself in moving forward.

By direction one refers to the ability that one actually has to embrace all and everything that you are able to embrace, actually. Direction of self is more a process of placement amongst all things in this world then it is the requirement to be something, or someone. To direct oneself is to firstly understand who you are directing. What does it mean to direct oneself? Are you able to freely move as each opportunity opens itself or are you bound by fears? Generally speaking of course people are too afraid to give direction to themselves.

Secondly we have forgotten what it means for us to fully express ourselves. How often do people take one singular experience and express themselves fully? Are we actually lacking direction or have we actually never fully expressed who we are, in relation to all things. Firstly I would like to speak about the article that I am currently busy with. We as the inhabitants of this ever expanding world are at a loss when it truly comes to standing within equality to all things. We have forgotten through many thousands of years that equality to all things is what we have on a way separated ourselves from, not because we lack insight into things more because we are lacking....ourselves.

The insight that one obtains into any particular facet of oneself is fascinating, one is able to spend hours speaking about this world, about what is fascinating, yet it actually means nothing as many beings are disconnected firstly to themselves then to all these miraculous discoveries we make! People find web sites about just about all and any topic the mind is able to fathom. Yet none of these beings actually become close to and understand the information. Hence the fact that we are able to share what we have 'read' until we are filled to the brim with information about the experience, yet are we ever anything more? Are we the pockets of information, listlessly walking around, with bags under our eyes because we are lacking in intimacy with all things? We lack intimacy with our world.

We are these memory systems that feed on information. That is actually all that each being becomes in this world, are great big computers, storing thousands of gigabytes of information, expressing only that which they deem necessary. So as for your own self expression. You are currently facing this world of fast food mentality and short sighted appreciation for who you are able to become. The first thing to realise is that I am not able or wanting to tell you who to become. The days of master versus servant are over. If I tell you that you are good in one particular field then you will apply yourself due to my observation. I am however able to tell you that there are few things you are not able to express yourself in. You are however the only one who is able to decide what direction you are to take.

I would firstly suggest you read the article by Jack about structural suppressions and how to correct them, as well as my previous answer written about beliefs, meditation and other questions. I give insight into how to start doing forgiveness on what you have allowed to exist in your life, truly though looking at each participation, each memory that does not allow you to move, and each personality trait that determines who you are now in each moment.

Remember that each personality trait is just the words to describe 'those things that you allow and won't allow'. So begin by looking at who is (your name)? Write down your entire life story, from young explain to yourself how you got to where you are now. Candidly sit with a pen and paper and ask 'right if I am to understand me in order for me to give myself direction, well then how did I come to be?' write down each participation from young that made you into who you are now.

This is how forgiveness works: I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to become afraid of direction, or I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to never realise that relationships are not necessary, as I am all I require in this world. Some of these forgiveness's might be somewhat difficult for you to grasp.

Just realise that firstly in order for you to give direction you should understand these few points:

1. You have no control over this world. People will make their own decisions. Do not judge yourself or others for what they have allowed, just realize that you are the director of your own existence, here now with the tools that you have.

2. Now realise that before anybody is able to trust themselves to walk this path as themselves they must firstly as I have mentioned forgive themselves for that which they have become. Read the article by Jesus on forgiveness. Only once you have completely understood and forgiven yourself then are you able to walk beyond the guilt, fear, pain, anger to actually direct yourself. Wow, then directing oneself is absolutely possible as nothing stands between you and your own directive principle.

Only when we allow emotion, thoughts, fears to stand as who we are, will we always rely on these things, and trust me - that will get you nowhere. As long as we rely on the mind with it's limited perception to direct us we will always be that which this world has become. Stepping however into awareness is a lengthy process, which I require of you to understand. We are currently starting with this seven year process, whereby many beings on earth won't get to fully understanding of themselves as the living word.

Many beings will be required to stand up to themselves as the mind creation in order for us all to step into this new world. When you step from this world into the new you will become the living word as the image and likeness of God. Beings will no longer walk around blindly without a clue as to who they really have allowed themselves to become. Heaven has taken directive principle here on earth with regards to the establishment of this new process.

Many will not make it as they cherish the mind as its full manifestation here in 3D, too much. They will choose to stay as this mind creation, projection, walking and experiencing themselves. By this I am referring to the participations in this world, as lies, deceit, fear, hate and the list goes on!

So step number one is to realise that no matter what you will face who you are now as well as who you will become once you stand independently to all things of this world. You will either face this here or once you pass over.

3. Realise that this process takes the average person about 7 years, so be gentle with yourself. Just start by participating in this world with courage, honour for all things and absolute honesty with self. The process that we are all currently facing and have been actually for years will take you to all forms of self expression, so that you may understand yourself better. Do not judge anything that you realise about yourself, as it is all a part of your process. When this is done whether you are here or in the dimensions you will stand beside all that have done the same. Those that are not willing to at least take the first step which is honesty with self will not be given eternal life - simple. So as for eternal directive principle you are currently just starting a process that will take many attempts (possibly) and many years. The 'other' direction you speak of is that which you do as yourself in each moment while breathing and reminding yourself that you are the Image and Likeness of God.

4. Firstly remain grounded. While you are approaching your directive principle with understanding of self through forgiveness you must remember to remain grounded. The mind is a sneaky devil. You will often hear us speak about the mind and that we are to shed consciousness so that our true potential may step forth. So realise that there are a few ways to remain grounded in your approach. Firstly remain clear on who you are currently (as you have discovered through your exercises) and then remember to not allow further mind creations, meaning: don't get involved in another concept that places you outside of yourself. To fully understand this please continue the articles written by other beings such as Hitler, Jesus, Alice, Osho and so forth.

Basically it means that we have for long enough placed our direction and purpose outside of ourselves as determined by others. If it is not from within as who you are, through the words you speak then you are just following information. Slavery is what we are busy releasing ourselves from now as we for to long have been given direction by those that enslave us. So follow another and you will enslave yourself again.

What I am doing is assisting you by giving you direction, not making you become me or anything I prescribe. I am not telling you who you are to become either, only you will give direction to yourself eventually, just remember that you are your own directive principle. We are walking this path with you, yet you must realise that there are different levels of directing self from one moment to the next. Just remain here (grounded) with no judgements, just breathing and assisting yourself by understanding why you are doing what you're doing. Are you being honest in what you are doing? Each moment as you move ask yourself why you are moving toward the next point - that is where awareness of self starts. That is the simplest way of giving direction in each moment firstly as it prepares you to be honest and clear in your direction. When you are honest with yourself even on the small stuff you are awakening within you the key to your directive abilities.


So basically start with forgiveness on all things you see, think about. Ask yourself constantly why you are moving and participating in everything you do. Then you will be able to already direct yourself better as truth uncovers where you are not clear or why you fear movement and why. Then ask yourself who are you in relation to this world. If you are much better able and equipped to challenge yourself as a being that stands within responsibility and self-awareness then direction is possible. Remember currently this world directs people not the other way around. A lot of things have to change before we are all free to fully express ourselves, like the money system and so forth. But understand that you in the meantime are able to start with your own self-awareness.

To direct oneself regarding a specific career or relationship one must look at them as different areas of self expression as our reason for working differs for the reason why we desire to be intimate with ourselves (this seen on the misrepresentation of relationship to another). We are currently directing 3D (earth) as ourselves (the dimensions) so that all may understand their directive abilities better. Therefore I implore that you have patience as this directive awareness takes time. In the mean time read as many articles that will assist you with understanding forgiveness, honesty as well as the understanding of self in relation to all things in this 'reality'.

Keep focusing on yourself, don't give up and take self exploration one step at a time. Remember that currently, to put it in a nut shell beings on this planet are either bored stiff as they don't understand what it means to live, or they have not connected fully with themselves as they are to connected to the matrix (what we call this system - this world). Therefore everybody is plugged into systems that feed the powers that be of this planet....see we are speaking about extensive things here, which if you were to understand the extent of it you would not judge yourself for 'lacking' in direction.

Take a moment to read many of our articles and start with understanding self. Understand the beings process then apply it to yourself. This is most important that you become the solution, knowledge without practical application does not stick. You will then just become a dead empty shell filled with information. Use common sense with regards to all things, that is mostly how we at Desteni work through things and how we got to this point actually - from following and applying common sense!

Then start another process whereby you ask yourself who you are as you understand yourself (after process one) in relation to what you require to direct yourself in, meaning career, people etc. Then perhaps ask me again for more insight. Many of the articles here at Desteni go into applying forgiveness and how to start understanding this world.

Thanks for communicating with us. Please feel free to speak to the other people who are currently participating in discussions on the forum, they have some fantastic insight!

(Mother Teresa)

To Move or Not -- Moving Self

Live in every moment of every breath, so that no matter where you are, with who you are or what you do: I am here and I remain - unchangeable, not accepting or allowing anything or anyone or anywhere to 'influence' who you are in every moment as every breath.

Understand that you are not required to 'search' for yourself - as who you are is here in every moment of every breath. Thus - we're in this process of stopping the mind - so, in every moment, of every breath - you live self honesty, so where a thought, feeling or emotion arise within you - you immediately apply self forgiveness and stop the thoughts, feelings and emotions because they are not who you are.

The practical methods of stopping the mind within this process are the following:

1) Self honesty in every moment - when a thought, feeling or emotion arise within you - to apply self forgiveness immediately Self forgiveness.

2) Self corrective application - to live self statements as who you are for that which you have applied forgiveness for - for instance if you did self forgiveness on judging another, comparing yourself to another, you make a statement which you live to not allow judgment or comparison within you again such as: I am equal and one as me - I do not accept and allow separation within me.

3) Breathing


Directing Yourself When You Wake Up

In the mornings when you wake up - this is the moment where breath as awareness as you must be here as you - the very moment you wake up.


Because if you open your eyes and you allow your mind to run, the very moment you wake up - which gives you that experience of 'not wanting to get up' - like a heaviness as though it's almost impossible to stand up - you reactivate your entire mind consciousness system. When you wake up in the mornings as I describe above- immediately will yourself to apply self forgiveness for allowing the mind to be reactive by participating in thoughts and energetic reactions within you that give the experience of 'not wanting to stand up'.

The 'difference' of the experience of yourself during your day occurs at the moment you stand up in the mornings, the moment you wake up in the mornings - waking up as the breath of life and then just continue focusing on the breath of life as you as you get dressed, brush your teeth, eat breakfast etc. And if you don't wake up as the breath - focusing on breathing immediately - and give the mind the opportunity to 'run rampant' - don't accept / allow the energetic reactions / thoughts to consume or overwhelm you by applying self forgiveness.

Stand up in the mornings. Stand up as the breath of life as you - do not stand back for the mind - stand up as you - wake up as you.

Don't be so hard on yourself - take it easy and take it slow - there is no rush - remain here as the breath and apply self forgiveness in every moment if a thought, feeling or emotion step forth - that's it.

So - remember: It is the moment of waking up in the morning that makes the difference.

You know in the Matrix movie where Trinity is on the floor pointing her gun up the flight of stairs and she says to herself: 'Get up Trinity, GET UP!' and she wills herself to stand up - so you must do the same - it is the will of you as the strength of you within you - will yourself to stand up David - no one can do it for you but yourself.

Self Discipline/Self Direction

Keep it simple man - really - it's self discipline - STOP for a moment as you read the words here before you - STOP - take a deep breath and start again - then in the moment when a thought/feeling/emotion arise within you - apply self forgiveness immediately.

When it seems that everything is getting 'too much' - STOP - take a deep breath and then start again - by focusing on your breathing, applying self forgiveness for any thought/feelings and emotion that arise within you within and as self honesty.

Just STOP and start again - don't judge yourself when you're stopping and starting again - what does it mean to STOP for a moment and starting over again: You're standing up in that moment when you say STOP - taking directive principle for you, taking your power.

You might be surprised at the 'result' when you apply yourself in this way: STOP when everything gets 'too much' - then take it easy and start again - SIMPLE.

further perspective: Initially I did self forgiveness only on the "bad"--this is many years ago--then as I move--and the bad was moving out--the real bad stepped forth--all the good --we tend to not see or want to consider--so--then I forgave that as well--and then only the mind stopped-- silence--no thought--just living words--inside and outside self always the same--now self trust is present. this is the key to self--inside--all movement--outside--all words--same--no point where a movement occur inside and something else spoken or done.

Self Judgement & Self Direction

To sort this world, we have to realise that only one being actually exist and that we are all the same, and when you know you in self honesty, you are always specific - -not right or wrong -- specific as to cause and movement within a unified field as systems, then we assist. That is not judgement -- judgement would be to accept yourself as somehow flawed and incapable of being perfect in the breath in and as life in every moment.

So judgement of another is to accept their lesser expression of themselves as humanly flawed. The greatest judgement of another is to do nothing when they are lost in their perception of polarity and confusion and not direct them as the life they will become once fully realised. This is the realisation each will become -- life as perfection equal and one.

See the words. Whatever is placed in words speak for itself as itself and shows what is equal and one as it. Thus as we are placing the words of life as life, we place ourselves as the words and so the words appropriately states in the beginning was the word and the word was God/life and the word was with God/life. Thus to hear judgement is to accept anything less than this in yourself or another, not the misconception definition linked to judgement for enslavemnet through religions and education to cause polarity. As you see what I place, my words as life has no polarity -- it is or is not. When it is, we are equal and one. When it is not, we are not eqaul yet and still divided -- there is no good or bad -- just what is accepted or not. (Bernard)

Supporting Yourself & Humanity

We are in a difficult scenario. Heaven is standing up and is able to assist to a degree, mostly so far it is interviews and stories. The problem is most of humanity cannot read effectively. Most are following pictures and stories on TV as soap operas and adverts.

We have to work with what we have. That means we must understand the systems on earth and use it to assist us in helping each other in waking up each other.

At this stage the most effective part we are able to play is the video interviews. How does this system work? Through a placement of what people apparently like --like favorites and ratings and belonging, thus, how do we make sure as many people as possible are exposed to the video? We share to as many as possible without fear of losing connections or fear of ridicule.

People are sheep as systems that follow other people because lots of people are doing the same thing, thus to lead, we have to create the point for people to follow.

If you understand what I explained--please assist in creating a point for people to follow and come with suggestions to bring more awareness. Even assisting in distributing videos to as many sites as possible make a difference.

A suggestion to assist humanity is to realize that the very problem we face is our beingness--that which we are being as it is shown on earth and as we found it to be in heaven, thus, as in heaven so on earth was an actual similarity. To assist us in this and thus assist yourself in this, we suggest that beings start with a blog in sharing their individual process of self forgiveness and self honesty in the purification of self beingness in a practical way. Thus to share what you experience and what ways you find in revealing what humanity have accepted as life and what ways you find in practically changing that as yourself into equality and oneness as life.

We are in this world -- we are here -- here is where our beingness is in manifestation. Thus, in our finding practical ways to STOP what we have become and FIND our true BEINGNESS as LIFE as equal and one as ALL is the focus currently. Many on the forum at are already in this process, because to stop enslavement each must do this for self, and no-one can be self honest for another. Tthus through examples we become the beingness of life and in that we stop the mind as what it has become.

Please then share the link to your blog so that we may place a link on the website.Any suggestions on effective practical solutions to assist are always appreciated. Understand that the portal is a temporary assistance. We have to become the portal to life and self honesty ourselves, and thus pass through the eye of the needle.

Thanks for your support. (Bernard)

Prove You to Yourself

I cannot prove that my self-expression is corrected. You must prove that to yourself, because after all, what is the point of me being more than you -- no point. Thus,apply what we suggest -- (the tools) we tested this with various beings and it worked where ever it was applied. No application = no result. So really in your hands...

See if the explanation make common sense: No-one can assist another before assisting self and the only assistence is infinite and that cannot be faked or showed as each must see it for themselves.

What haveyou got to loose but consciousness? You are not going to find me, you are going to find you, depending on your honesty with yourself. So I do not require you to do anything, purely placing this as clear as possible that there maybe no excuse of I did not know how to purify myself.

I also see this as a proces of self purification and only self can do that. No one else, no master, no religion, nothing. This is inner work and you are your own mechanic. We wil share our experiences we have been able to proof as constant and consistent and trustworthy. (Bernard)

Simplicity and Self-direction Practically

Understand what I realized: We are all fucked. So, I focused on simplicity, to find a solution on how we may all be able to co-exist without killing and maiming each other. The result of the dimensions were unexpected, but based on self application in self forgiveness and self honesty and self trust, these things are based on life, so it is unpredictable. Life is unpredictable and will respond to absolute self expression --no manipulation or fear.

I was born in Namibia and raised on meat 3 times a day. It is a desert country with mainly meat as resource, so I was a Christian as child and I make decisions based on practicality, simplicity and designed practical solutions. Thus, I planned specific businesses to have sufficient money to support a group of people. We have to do that again to be able to eventually support more people as this process will take years, to hope for an outcome without practical action has always proved futile, and I have existed in hope before.

I suggest practical action to support self while spreading practical self awareness that will actually work in this world, thus--stay out of the mind.

I eat simplistic. I stopped meat without any side effects. I studied my body extensively and attuned it as an instrument to guide through self forgiveness and self honesty, so much so, that it speaks and any person trained to read bodies can read it in vocabulary that do not exist in the reader, so-very fascinating assistance. The software we designed for vocab will assist in this.

My reading skills I developed to the extreme --this is a very important skill-- to read with insight and with purified vocabulary to be able to see the unfolding sound and to identify the deceptions programmed into the unified field. We may have to specifically train people in some of the skills, yet are looking at how to inter-dimensionally upgrade people to do this fast. This is not yet effective unless people are here. (Bernard)