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Self-Honesty is the ability to take a clear and fresh look at oneself and one's situation. Within seeing oneself objectively one is able to determine where one stands in relation to one's honesty, even and especially if, one observes something one does not like and/or would rather not see.

Through having Self-Honesty as the Starting point of Self, one to accumulates What's Best for All through the principle of the Equality Equation.

2007 - 2008

Self-Honesty as the journey of breath


Self honesty as you is the journey of breath as you live and in the moment you see who you are as you live, in that moment exist the transformation of self to wholeness as the moment, until the next breath -each moment is unique till all moments are whole and equal and one as life in and as wholeness as self.

Is Anu to blame for our Dishonesty?


The problem with us in every moment of presence, we are dishonest as man, which is not Anu's fault.

Heaven was in the same problem, all of heaven fell in Self-Dishonesty.

So all of creation is now equal - Dishonesty breeds what we have in banking, governments, education, medicine, war – look:

Who participates by being here in creation?

We do.

Which means we are dishonest because what do we do - we accept dishonesty as part of the world and then try to ASS-SEND by sending our asses somewhere else and washing our hands of it.

This world, all creation is our responsibility and self-honesty is our responsibility. Look there is only one choice for each man in every moment

Self-honesty or self-dishonesty and this is the only way man will solve the problem of creation. In this man is equally dishonest, until creation is corrected through self-honesty

We are not greater, we are life and all is equal as life. There is no higher or better form of expression.

The key for each being in creation


And the KEY for each being in Creation iiiiiiissssss====

Self Honesty in every moment and when all is self-honest, we are all one and Heaven on earth is here.

But one point of dishonesty, a being's process start from scratch as one point of dishonesty dissolve all previous honesty.

See - the world is what it is because of the dishonesty being accepted by all and the only choice that exist in every breath and in every moment - is a choice between honesty and dishonesty and this choice determines what we create together.

You cannot assist any being in their dishonesty, but through awareness and not accepting their behavior at all cost until they understand the value of self-honesty - this is tough.

We had an honesty evening with the dimensions last night - it was brutal - all thoughts for each being was revealed - all dishonesty and they had to understand the dishonesty without being given the answer, otherwise they will be dishonest again.

Thus, the key is to focus on self. Your own self honesty at an individual level will change the world because, people around you will see and so will understand and apply. This is dependent on one thing, the COURAGE to be self-honest at ALL cost - only then CREATION steps forth.

What to do to those around you that remain dishonest?

Direct intervention and direct confrontation with commonsense. Thus, I am not very popular. In fact because of it there is some nice resistance - yet people return for more. Face to face I reveal and get straight to the point and am always consistent, never compromising. This is only on face to face assistance.

I even take on people I meet for the first time and sometimes 2 years later I get a thank you, that is how long the self-realization took.

Risk your friendships for self-honesty, risk all, or self-dishonesty will creep in again.

The same application was applied in Heaven, direct intervention, taking no crap at all, not even a fraction. It took 2 years to get to the principle being understood and agreed by all.

The point of creation and equality for all reached in Heaven - self honesty or self-dishonesty with full revelation on every point too. See before secrecy was allowed through an old agreement of choice and opinion - thus self-dishonesty ruled the Universe.

No more - each will experience what they allow.

Be disciplined, but if you judge yourself on a mistake that is also self-dishonest as the self-forgiveness and self-honesty for immediate correction is always available.

Self honesty as self - within and as oneness and equality - utilizing common sense: Thus, place the situation within and as you is the situation is not supporting / assisting you within your individual process of oneness and equality of life as self honesty in every moment of every breath: You give the situation effective direction.

Thus - it is you being self-honest with you - is this expression within you of directing the situation for a specific purpose / outcome - or are you doing it for you - your process - your expression within and as oneness and equality?

You direct your world effectively as necessary to assist and support you - thus don't you see - that you were already participating / creating the very situation to which you now placing within and as you to see / observe yourself within and of self-honesty whether this will situation assist / support you within this process - and if not - you STOP it or give it effective direction.

(Bernard Poolman)

Self honesty and Purification

A pointer for the moment, see your words, you are facing self-honesty in many ways and the changes you perceive in a moment and place into action immediately, is the only effective real way I am sure you will find. In that you are developing self-trust in you. Do not expect an answer of what to do - be in the breath and find you in all ways - yourself as self-honesty and share it in words. Do not mind reactions, as it is uniquely yours and only immediate action you are sure immediate is changing your perspective to I am here - with no definition is real.

Who we are is beyond definition, we are not even life, that is of form and the current method of form we indulged in is still very limiting.

Observe desires and wants, they are limiting temptations.

In the end -as one and equal - in a purified state in the form as life for the moment we have a point where we as one are equal as self-honesty and see each other as who we are -as me and as you as me -when I am you and you are me and we are equal in all ways - we are one and what will we be? That I see as a point not here until all is equal and one, otherwise I find that I again go into separation - in that we find the action possible.

Do not mind understanding all I am placing, absorb it as self, let it go and walk in every moment as self-awareness and self-trust due to self-honesty and what to "do" will emerge.

Why Forgiveness and Honesty


I wrote something and wanted to ask if it`s the way it is and the reason, why forgiveness and honesty is so important: 

Suppression is seperation, seperation is fear. 

What would happen, when no suffering, no anxiety, no fear would be hidden, if we wouldn`t hide behind make-up, fashion, hollywood, if we wouldn`t isolate and numb ourselves with sex and personal wealth.

What if the TV would show exclusively the suffering in the world, if everyone would confront himself with the darkness one suppressed inside and sees where it came from in first place, to be able to forgive oneself, instead of dazing, instead of burying it deeply and infect everyone one meets.

Deep inside us, in our truth, we are all the same, one and equal, we are life itself. If we wouldn`t hide ourselves from the pain and the fear anymore, we would see it and we would be able to forgive ourselves and true life would replace it. That would be the end of seperation and fighting each other, because an organism which fights itself is doomed.

Is that the way it is? That we infect everyone with our suppression we bear? By the ripple effect? Or is it on a far deeper level, another law I haven`t understood yet?


Natural laws form part of the illusion as we have become it, equal and one. 

In reality there is principles, no laws. 

The principle of equality and oneness, this is always the direct outflow of who we are, even in the illusion. 

I suggest some more reading as the nature of your questions border on deliberate deception as if you do not walk this for yourself in common sense.