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Responsibility Inverted Within

Each one within this existence is responsible for what exists within and as this world – because of the very nature as ‘who we are’ that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become. And have a look – we are all here within this world, this existence. So each being’s ‘nature’ as all that they have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become has been ‘inverted’ into and as self – thus, each human being is responsible for what they experience within themselves and their world – because your world, within which you experience yourself will reflect the nature you are within. And that’s why this world will be a disaster as each human being comes face to face with the nature of themselves within their world which they call ‘their life’ and this is certain and this is inevitable – so that each one may realise, see and understand that each one of us individually is responsible for what exists within this world as it is experiences by all – and by actually facing the nature of ourselves which will manifest as actual experiences within ‘our world’ – we will in such a way finally within stand up and say and realise: ‘I must stop – I must stand up and actually stop what I am doing to myself.’ This standing up within self will either be directed through certain specific experiences that must take place before human beings ‘wake up’ – or immediately start applying themselves here in every moment of breath within and as oneness and equality as life.

I’d suggest start here in the moment of breath – to not have to first go through certain experiences within your world to finally understand, realise and see that you are indeed responsible for you as what you experience as you within and as this world.

The choice is yours: Either self honesty as life in every moment of breath or self dishonesty of mind in separation and fear – though realise that that which you are within will manifest as one and equal to what you accept and allow you to be without as the experience of you within your world.

Responsibility for Other People

First you - first you in every moment - making sure you're stable and constant as who you are as life as the living word as the expression of who you are in every moment - no mind - first you taking responsibility for you - others are in their individual processes for the moment.

Then you'll realise - that it's not about convincing others - nor about 'taking responsibility' for them - they're responsible for themselves - but it will be direct intervention when you realise that they're allowing and accepting themselves to be less than who they really are and your world will transform as you'll not accept or allowing anything less that who anyone is - because you don't accept or allow anything less than who you are - as self honesty exist as the expression of you as who you are.

Yes - you'll direct others as one with you - as it'll be an expression of who you are - through your own experience - then assisting and supporting others will not be of knowledge and information - but as an expression of you as who you are.



May Truth Set You Free

Yes – you will face the truth of you as each one will face their truth as all that we have accepted and allowed within ourselves as the nature we have become – to so stand up and take self responsibility as all as one as equal to no more accept and allow what we have done unto ourselves and others as ourselves.

The only ‘truth’ that exist is who you are in every moment of breath as the ‘truth’ of you in expression of you in the moment: Either self honest as life as all as one as equal or self dishonest as fear of mind in separation

Things Need to Be Stopped/Solved

It’s common sense. How we have existed and accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as the nature we have become must stop – we cannot continue to exist as we have and still are – look at this world and see: This has to stop.

Taking Responsibility: Work, Be a Slave and Rush

No - this is not what self responsibility is. You're still looking at self responsibility from a mind's perspective of-this-world definition. Self responsibility is when you start taking responsibility for who you are in every moment of every breath.

When you see/notice that you're allowing yourself to 'delve' within the mind of thoughts - the mind of thoughts that is not who you are and apply self honesty and self forgiveness with self application in that very moment.

When you see/notice that you are allowing yourself to participate in emotions and feelings that are of the mind that is not who you are and apply self honesty and self forgiveness with self application in that very moment.

This mentioned above is taking self responsibility. Self honesty which equals self trust which equals self expression - together with self forgiveness and self application - the process of stopping the mind to you as life may birth yourself from the physical.

And so each one will take responsibility for themselves - stop the mind and birth themselves as life from the physical and so heaven as earth will manifest as the expression and experience of who we really are.


No One Has Ever Been Free

What you’re missing is you – within taking self responsibility for what you’re accepting and allowing to do unto you yourself by you yourself alone.

No-one as ever been free – if freedom existed, the manifested reflection of ourselves as who we are as the nature we have become as the mind and the manifested experience of ourselves as who we are as the nature we have become as this world as it exists in this moment, wouldn’t exist.

You’re enslaving yourself in separation through within and as the very acceptance and allowance of the existence of your own mind – because the mind is the manifested reflection of the nature of who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become throughout eons of time – so see: No-one has control or power over and of you, you’re dis-empowering yourself and controlled by yourself – by your own nature or beingness you’ve always been and become as revealed and shown to you within the manifested design of and as the mind.

You Decide How to Experience Yourself on the Forum

You decide the experience of yourself within where you are and what you do. You will either decide to have a starting point of Ego whereby you participate on the Forum to justify your existence of and as mind – or your starting point is you in self honesty to assist and support you in this process of self realization here: See – it’s always all up to you yourself as you determine the experience of you here: Self responsibility.

My Heart Tells Me I Was Created Different From Others

No – you’re exactly the same, otherwise you wouldn’t have been here in this world with and as all others.

"I Am Special"

A slave to some divine source…

Herein showing yourself that you’re disempowering yourself within being controlled by a belief of defining your existence according to and as some ‘divine source’ that has an apparent ‘plan’ – and you’re a ‘special being’ that has a ‘task’ within it – existing for something or someone else ‘outside separate from/of you’ that is apparently ‘greater’ than you – when all the while we’re the one’s that did all of this as you see within this world to ourselves and all others as ourselves by ourselves – the magnificence of fucked-up creators, creating a fucked-up reality within which we continuously fuck-up and still continue wanting to blame and exalt ourselves in some form or way – to justify what we’ve done and become.

And one can state you don’t want to be controlled or overpowered – yet you’re controlled by some ‘divine source’ within a ‘task’, overpowered by some ‘divine source’ who is ‘greater than you’ – and all this existing but as a mere belief within your own mind.

See: Only you can stop yourself from accepting and allowing yourself to be controlled and overpowered – stop the mind and self realise you here.


There is only one starting point--one or not one which is separate and lead to flow out starting points--but all boils down to one and equal to what is being allowed--that is the nature of being

Sarcasm used in awareness to infuriate a mind system is very effective. When of no mind one use it without any inner movement, but for an assisted outcome, yet this is also taking responsibility to walk with the being and to let go if the walk will take years to overcome the point.

When sarcasm is linked to energy movement it is of the mind and useless.


Responsibility of Poisoning the Ocean

We all did as one through the way we expressed our understanding of our mind reality. You are responsible by the fact that you are here and use money for instance. Money comes from industrialization, and that poisons the oceans, so in taking part in the money system, each take part in the abuse, destruction, war, etc.

To separate you from the problem with living in a special/remote village for example only is an excuse to hide the fear of standing up and be counted. It will make no difference and you will place yourself in a position where you are unable to make a difference. The difference is made in this world in participation because the system trap all the people that care in apathy unable to move because they squirm at what must be done.

Role & Responsibility of Getting a Girl Pregnant

Free Parenting Support: EQAFE Parenting Series

You have to ask yourself: what kind of solution do I want in this situation. Do I want a solution that suits me alone, or am I prepared to actually be a solution myself for everybody involved? Also, you have to figure out what the Real problem is here. Stand equal to all those involved.

Any 'family-pressure' you have is only a fear of the mind - disregard it. Self-forgiveness if it controls you.

If you have particular dislikes regarding the baby - which could influence your decision to be responsible towards the child - then apply self-forgiveness on all those feelings. The same goes for the girl. This is where you face yourself (because your feelings towards them got nothing to do with them, it is all in the mind.)

I would suggest starting with self forgiveness, because you need to begin clearing your starting point within this situation so that in self honesty, you see what do do that will support you in this.First, just write everything down. In detail, write out this whole situation - leave no one and nothing out. Create a tree of all people involved in this situation. What do you see as your obligations, and to whom and what are you obligated? Observe and write down all and any thoughts, reactions, emotions, feelings pertaining to specific family members, the girl, the child. Be specific in writing out the nature of each relationship. Write down all the options you seem to have, and observe where you are feeling fear, doubt, uncertainty. this is where self forgiveness comes in. As you are writing, and observing what you feel and think - apply self forgiveness aloud:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give my power away to this situation, thereby accepting and allowing this situation to have control over me

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear not knowing what to do

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear being self honest with my family members

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear being self honest with (the girl)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that whatever decision I make, I will be stuck with forever

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear not having money

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear being in debt to my parents

Just some examples, but in this way, go into specifics about everything you feel and think within your current situation. because in doing specific self forgiveness you will give yourself a clearer perspective on what decisions best support you.

Having a child is a responsibility you should be taking care of in your life since you are THE ONE WHO brought this being into this world, saying you are the father not the mother is not justification to say you didn't, and because of your mind-set about this relationship, it's UNFEAR you to define your behavior with your child -- Be a Man -- it's your child, being a father or a mother in this times is not easy thing RIGHT?

The baby won't ask for you to LOVE her/him, neither for you to get back with your ex-girlfriend for example, kids needs the company of someone who gets into their worlds and communicate with them: playing, laughing, running, dancing, etc... You may think the child don't understand or won't be affected by your actions, there is not best thing to do, self-response ability is required.

It's not about love. It's about you taking responsibility for your actions. A being is coming into this world, which is your child and this child still needs guidance and assistance. And what if you don't want to take responsibility because you just don't feel like it? Place yourself in the girl's shoes for a moment...

Any resistance or 'I don't want to' in taking care of the baby is coming from your mind. It IS self-dishonesty. So, don't use apparent self-honesty in a way that covers up your actual self-dishonesty in resisting to take your self-responsibility. So, what I would suggest you do, is look at your resistance, why the resistance, why not just do it, what's holding you back? Just 'not wanting to' I mean, look at it... That's just you not being able to come up with a better excuse.

Do not separate you from the baby (as with all) you are one and equal. So what would be the best solution in self honesty... What would you as the baby consider a practical solution to this?

We have to take self responsibility. A child requires a stable and safe environment to grow up in.

Why would a child require you in it's life, that is after all what it comes down to? Are you able to contribute:

1. Financially 2. Foundation, meaning assisting in building a support structure within the child. Let's face it, people are not equip to raise children because people are per-programmed systems and thus raise children to become per-programmed systems. If you see this within the world and you realise within yourself that it is up to us to change the way we raise our children - then there you have a starting point.

It is not necessary for you to have an attachment, that is the whole point of why the world is the way it is because of our ideas of Love and wants and needs and ownership. Look within that and you will see why this world is the way it is. However what you do have here is the opportunity to assist the child in becoming self-honest, self-sufficient, self supportive and self-responsible.

If you understand that for yourself and apply that for yourself, then yes, you are able to assist this child. To not raise the child to become another mind system consisting of thoughts (wants, needs, desires) and emotions (which keep the world systems in control of us) and to show the child that it is not dependent on anything, only what I mentioned above as self-support - to not become another emotional, thinking system in this world.

For further perspective it's suggested to read through the Veno Structural Resonance documents as well as the other documents for more of a perspective on the mind consciousness systems I mentioned. The articles written by consciousness will also give you insight into how we have been designed as slaves to consciousness - and this is how each prepares their children - to continue being mind consciousness systems to support the greater systems of the world.'

This is where you within self-awareness of what is happening in this world is able to stop the future generations to be slaved to all constructs and systems. For further insight into the design of the systems I suggest watch the design series (eg design of Love).

Indeed - you really have to get one thing straight - you require no emotional attachment to your child whatsoever - the whole googoo gaga love thing was a fallacy and is actually truly dependance - being dependent on someone else for something. Now if you can't support a child financially - you might want to do this - learn to apply forgiveness for yourself - offer to the mother of the baby that she begins to apply forgiveness - then your child will learn to apply forgiveness.

On the mother and child - STOP making that one excuse "I feel no connection to her or the baby" - because really there exists two choices - assist the baby or don't assist the baby - there exists no choice; I feel no connection to her or the baby so therefore I wont take care of it - once you remove that one justification - everything will seem clearer - and you can make that final choice. So practical solutions:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I must feel a "love connection" towards my baby in order to assist him/her.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that because I have no "love connection" that gives me a reason to not assist my child.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that the "love connection" is real.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that a man MUST take care of his duties as father.

Those are some nice thorough forgiveness - remember - I'm saying - remove the justification and the choice(s) will become more clearer.

As suggested, look at your starting point within this. Is it based on what is best for you? Or what is best for all as one and equal?

This World Represents Us

Understand that this entire world, depicts us, each one – thus, we have to take self responsibility for ourselves, for all and everything of ourselves as ‘who we are here’ and ‘adjust’ the nature of ‘who we have become’ to no more support what we have accepted and allowed to exist within this world as ourselves.

Each human being participating in their ‘programmed system as mind’ support this world system as how it currently operate. This world system is the ‘programmed system’ of the mind’s of all. Thus – we stop the program as mind – we stop the system of this world as it currently operate, because certainly – we cannot continue to exist in this world as is, nor the children to come. We must stop. So, I’d suggest to take self responsibility for you for all and everything of you – to no more be just a ‘programmed system’ of mind existing within a system.

Assist Yourself to Assist Desteni

A suggestion to assist humanity is to realize that the very problem we face is our beingness--that which we are being as it is shown on earth and as we found it to be in heaven--thus--as in heaven so on earth was an actual similarity.

To assist us in this and thus assist yourself in this we suggest that beings start with a blog in sharing their individual process of self forgiveness and self honesty in the purification of self beingness in a practical way --thus to share what you experience and what ways you find in revealing what humanity have accepted as life and what ways you find in practically changing that as yourself into equality and oneness as life. More information on that you can find here: Journey to Life Blogs

We are in this world. We are here and here is where our beingness is in manifestation. Thus in our finding practical ways to STOP what we have become and FIND our true BEINGNESS as LIFE as equal and one as ALL is the focus currently.

Many on the Desteni forum are already in this process, because to stop enslavement each must do this for self and no-one can be self honest for another. Thus through example--we become the beingness of Life and in that we stop the mind as what it has become. Any suggestions on effective practical solutions to assist are always appreciated

Understand that the Portal is a temporary assistance. We have to become the portal to life and self honesty ourselves and thus pass through the eye of the needle

Thanks for your support.


100% Responsible for Everything In My Life

Yes - and you will start to realise this as you change through application of self forgiveness and focusing on breath and stopping the thoughts, feelings and emotions as memories within you in every moment through self discipline, and self will.

This is what each one must realise - that each one is individually responsible for what each experience within themselves and this world, in this world. I mean - how much more shit must humanity go through, experience, endure before they finally ask the question: Why? And realise that they are doing this TO THEMSELVES?

The question is: when are you going to stop 'waiting', not accept / allow blame and TAKE ACTION in every moment, self responsibility and stop what exists within you which is not who you are? I suggest in this moment - even as you read the words - you start in the moment here - there's no other 'place' / 'time' to start but in the moment, and each one will start realising that they're individually responsible through acceptance and allowance - depending on when they've finally decided they've had enough and realise they have to stand up and take self responsibility.