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Writing Yourself to Freedom

Self-writing – or also referred to as "writing yourself to freedom" – is the application of self as sitting down in front of a keyboard, or a collection of white papers armed with a pen, too then start writing. And not everything is to be written – it's no dairy – but it's instead you for the first time being self-intimate, as you explore the depths of your mind, and dig up, define, and put a name to all of that which happens within and without. It's you learning to understand yourself, as well as your world, as you type everything of yourself out and within this place new statements of yourself to be lived.

And so you type out the past and create the new as the correction to be lived – because self-writing is you discovering your weaknesses, and the points you've for so long attempted to supress and hide – now they'll glaringly stair you in the eye as words on the paper or screen in front of you, and as such you're now obliged to place down the correction – as you're to change your weaknesses into strenghts.

Thus – self-writing is the process of walking oneself out of the mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions and into the physical, as you write out your inner chatter, reactions, and your physical behaviors, your inner most secrets, shame, guilt – all of it! You reveal it all and consquently allow yourself to let it go – and you open up the door for self-correction, self-creation and the eventual stand of yourself as self-perfection; it all starts with writing.

With self-writing you open yourself up and used together with self-forgiveness it's extremely effective. Through self-writing you map the points out, and through self-forgiveness you let them go, and with self-corrective statements you place your correction to be lived – this is how process is walked. Thus – self-writing is in-fact oneself walking process and 'working' with oneself.

Though there is a difference between self-directed writing, and mind-regurgitated writing (also called verbal diarrhea).

Self-Directed Writing

Self-directed writing is the application of yourself as knowing where you're going with your writings – and that is towards a solution, towards a conclusion, towards you actually making a statement for yourself through your writings as how you're going to change yourself, and become a more effective human being.

Within the application of self-directed writing there is no unnecessary words being placed – one write that which one see is required for one to support oneself to stand up from a experience, or give direction to a point, or gain clarity on a situation; and when it's done one stand up silent, stable and able – ready to go out into reality and live the self-correction.

Something to look out for when determining whether you're writing self-directed is your physical experience of yourself: when writing self-directed you'll become clear, silent and still within yourself.

Mind-Regurgitated Writing

Mind-regurgitated writing is the opposite of self-directed writing – it's when you write hours on ends about one point, and you circle and re-write, but you never actually arrive upon a conclusion and never give yourself any clear self-direction. You but instead write, write and write (verbal diarrhea) until the sun goes down, the moons goes up, months passes and you grow old – jokes aside: it's when you don't conclude your writings.

Realize and understand that self-writing is but a tool for your to give yourself self-direction, clarity and stability – though to do this you must actually use your writing as a self-statement, and direct your writing as yourself – wherein you end verbak diarrhea and instead give yourself a solution = this is how I am going to live from now on – this is what I will stop – this is what I will apply self-forgiveness upon – etc.

One way to notice that you're participating in mind-regurgitated writing is that you don't seem to get anywhere, and there is no silence, clarity or release experienced within – then you know it's time to take direction of yourself as your words.

Thoughts and the Nature of Self

Your thoughts represent that nature of you – what exists within your thoughts is what you have accepted and allowed you to be.

Writing is not a reflection of thought – in writing you are here in the moment, what you write is who you have become in this moment, as in writing you see yourself before you clearly. Thus, writing is a reflection of you as who you have accepted and allowed you to be and become – so you literally see you as you write/type right infront of you. In this – you are able to transform you, because in seeing you before you – here you self honestly are able to transform the nature of you – through applying self forgiveness as you write. And you will most certainly realise/understand much of you as you write within and as self honesty as you.

Suggestion is to sit down, write and see what’s here – and accordingly adjust you as you write/type – transform you in the words you write.