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Each and every human being is a whole being, consisting, functioning as and being equal to all the parts as body and mind, but we have separated ourselves predominantly within and as our minds. Self-judgment, projection, reactions, thoughts, feelings and emotions are ways in which we separate ourselves by being both the observer and the observed. Through the act of separation we powerlessly observe ourselves operate throughout our lives, judging, reacting, projecting, thinking, feeling and emoting instead of doing and being. Being and becoming the force that will change the world. Being the change itself.

The point within realizing the separation within oneself is that as long as it exists, self will never be a complete whole; the observer can never be the observed. Only when one’s thoughts, words and deeds are aligned within oneness and equality, is one completely empowered to be a self-willed, self-directed individual who can realize his/her oneness with, and equality to, all that is Here. But this alignment can only be achieved within oneness and equality, because you can’t have oneness without equality, and you can’t have equality without oneness, and you can’t have either within separation.

The elimination of separation involves the bringing back together of self, by forgiving self for accepting and allowing any and all separation. To take yourself back and at the same time give you back to yourself, because separation is an abdication of self-responsibility by looking for sources outside of self to explain or validate one’s internal experiences instead of changing.


The End Of Separation


When all of existence, each and every single particle to atom that exists is one and equal as life = will life exist as the manifestation of who we are as all as one as equal.

Are you aware of everything and all that you touch with your human physical hands – your bed sheets, the carpets, the ground, the clothes you wear? Are you aware that all and everything that exists within your world which you are able to touch is aware as you? Are you aware that the clothes you wear, the pillow you sleep upon, the shoes you wear is you – one and equal as you, that the clothes, the shoes, the pillow is aware as you are aware? Are you aware as you in every moment as that which you touch – that which you touch in that moment is you touching you – absolute one and equal? Do you judge or have opinions/ideas/perceptions resistances, fears, anxiety, angers and frustrations that exists within you of anything or anyone that exists within this world? Do you have thoughts existing in your mind with which you think?

If you’re not aware and if there exist thoughts in your mind or any reaction of movement within you because of memories that come up, or even opinions, judgments that exists within you – how are you able to say that you are life if you are not one and equal to and as all that exist within this existence, living here one and equal within and as you and not accept/allow anything less than who you are in every moment of breath and nor from another as you.

And if you were self honest with you here in every moment of breath as all as one as equal – you would understand that nothing in this existence requires ‘healing’, ‘healing’ is still a construct of the mind within and of the unified field system of the world created by humanity collectively through accepted and allowed participation in the mind. That the soul was a constructed system implanted and manifested within human beings for purposes of separation and enslavement to the mind. That in your very words there exist separation as ‘body, mind and soul’ – and life is not of separation.

You have formed an idea in your mind, a perception and belief of what ‘life is’ – you are not actually living ‘who you are’ as life as all as one as equal here in every moment of breath – clearly seen in your choice of words. So understand – that we are here to completely, entirely stop and destroy all and everything of the mind’s creation as that which human beings have come to believe and perceive themselves to be. Yes – ‘who we really are’ is life – but, in living who you really are as life here in every moment of breath within and as self honesty as you is a seven year process of self forgiveness, focusing on breath, practical corrective application in every moment, living self honesty, self trust and self expression as you to manifest the nature of you in living expression as the living word as life as all as one as equal – is a ‘different story’.

Thus, it is to not just say ‘I am life’ – but live this as who you are in every moment of breath within and as this process until it become the manifested nature here as who you are.

And life as all as one as equal will not step forth in this existence – until all and everything of the mind creation has stopped and ceased to exist.

And all will inevitably realize themselves – not just a few (as this would be separation), though the experience of each one within this process will differ according to application, discipline and self commitment.

So for ‘separation to end’ – you must stop separation existing within you first.