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2007 - 2008

What is here and what we have become is an atrocity, and we have disempowered ourselves completely. Nothing short of everything stopping will sort this out, and that is unlikely with major motivation like massive continuous calamity unfortunately.

We are doing our best to intervene, but that seems more and more unlikely to be possible.

Yet we may be able to start again with a smaller group and not create the same situation, unfortunately, we are trapped in this until we sort this out ourselves, even if we start as the amoeba again. (Lol)

There is nothing that can be done for the homeless, they have accepted their demise already, the only beings that maybe assisted effectively is children. For that they must not be with parents thus many illnesses will target parents and many children will need homes and effective support. Be prepared.

The animals will be looked after by nature and the animals themselves, man will not be able to do anything, but stop or die. We will get through this, maybe a big group maybe not, that we will see.

Unfortunately recent events in the world is pressurizing world leaders towards nuclear conflict as they are losing control of the masses and no solution is effective - no control is effective.

This is really not an acceptable scenario, but equal and one no intervention is possible without a workable alternative, and the alternatives have not been embraced by enough to make a difference.

(Bernard Poolman)

Video Links for More Support in the State of our Society

Is there communal development


Should we not be starting movements to end moneys rule? Like organic living/green energy... if one can support themselves or those around them through communal living, then money is of no use. The governments, are they helping humanity or attempting to keep their power afloat with money? Things seem cloudy at this point and self responsibility and self will is required for us to team up and finally kick the bucket of BS and the limited box of the matrix.


We are practically testing this on the farm to see what will be effective. 

Not so easy, so may dependencies that escalate the moment more people are in a group. 

We need a solution at the design level of reality, for instance, to not need to eat at all or shit at all --shit for instance is a big problem--every person shit and piss daily and this must go somewhere to be decomposed and it infiltrate the soil and even the water resources. 

At the farm we are between 15 and 20 people at any one time, that is a lot of shit and piss daily. 

10 dogs--13 cats --horses. 

There are dedicated shit collectors daily --lol the human existence is directed by the shit we produce.