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Question: SynChronicity and Numbers/the 11:11 Deception

I have been seeing the numbers 333 for as long as I can remember, everywhere, from getting it as change, from seeing it on the clock, checking my phone credit and even when I checked the views on this. Is there any significance in this????


Here goes:

You're seeing the programming code of the 'oneness system' of the mind consciousness structural resonance system: The 'oneness' of you as a mind consciousness structural resonance system.

This oneness system exists in the formation of a Nonagon (which is a nine sided polygon) and it's code exist as 333. This oneness system consist of 27 System Demons altogether, such System Demons forming the entirety of the mind consciousness structural resonance system, the oneness system, the oneness of the entirety of human beings as 'who they are' as a mind consciousness structural resonance system.

Understand that such 27 System Demons are that which forms/formulates who human beings are within the system of a mind consciousness structural resonance within them in the formation of a Nonagon. Yet, there may exist 'more', as Systems exist as layers upon layers upon layers. Here, I am merely explaining the basis/foundation of the oneness system.

Here is how it works: As you're able to see above. This is the manifestation of the 'oneness system' within the chest area of the mind consciousness structural resonance system, which human beings have come to believe themselves to be. The 'programming code' of this 'oneness system' is 333. The reason for this is the following:

3 - (Two or more in my name and I am there) 3 - (Two or more in my name and I am there) 3 - (Two or more in my name and I am there)

Thus, 3 x (Two or more in my name) forming the trinity of the 'oneness system' of the mind consciousness structural resonance system.

Thus, 3 + 3 + 3 forming nine (9) triangular shapes, altogether forming the Nonagon as the formation of the 'oneness system' of the mind consciousness structural resonance system.

Thus, 3 (total corners/vertices of one triangle) x 9 (total amount of triangles) equals 27 System Demons. As each corner/vertices of a triangle as a 'point' represents a System Demon.

See. even within and as each such triangular formation/geometrical shape of the Nonagon as the 'oneness system' exist the statement: 'Two or more in my name and I am there' because of the following: If you take the basis of each triangle, consisting of two 'points' for instance one 'point' as corner/vertices representing a System Demon, thus you have two System Demons as the basis of the 'to-be-created' triangle. The third System Demon as the top point as corner/vertices of the triangle is the manifestation of the two bottom/basis System Demons. The System Demons explained this in a video: Sacred Geometry Triangle Demon.

So, let's say you have for instance Fear of Death - though - Fear of Death Demon System would be the manifestation of the 'top' point of the triangular formation within and as the Nonagon formation of the 'oneness system' - thus you'll experience 'Fear of Death'.

But, there are two other System Demons together that have manifested the System Demon of Fear of Death as the top 'point'. For instance, the 'cause' of your experience as 'Fear of Death' originates from for instance 'Fear of Loss' and 'Fear of Change' together.

So, you have the Fear of Loss System Demon and the Fear of Change System Demon together forming the 'basis' of the triangle as the two points/corners, then forming together the Fear of Death System Demon as the top 'point'/corner, forming one triangle within the entire 'oneness system' Nonagon formation. ... 'Two or more in my name and I am there'. So - the entirety of one triangle becomes you to which you define yourself accordingly. And thus, so it each for each triangular formation, each triangular formation becoming you - to which you define 'who you are' according to the entirety of the 'oneness system' in the formation of a Nonagon.

So, for each one of the nine triangles that form the entire Nonagon formation - there 'you' exist - as it is said: where two or more come together in my name: I am there - and this 'I' is you as per the definition of yourself according to the triangular formations which form the entirety of the Nonagon. So, altogether this is 'nine' different 'I's' to which you define 'who you are' within and as the mind consciousness system structural resonance system - manifested as the 'oneness system' within the chest area of each and every single human being.

The basis of the 'oneness system' exist of 27 System Demons - of which there exist nine (9) 'You's' - so - it is to 'identify' each and every single System Demon - through the System Demon Interviews - and apply the suggested forgiveness's. Also the forgiveness's suggested by the System Demon are the foundation of the words required to be spoken aloud while doing forgiveness - you have to go into what is required to be forgiven 'more' specifically.

Therefore - your attention have been 'set' to the number 333 - when you see this number - it 'activates' the entirety of the 'oneness system' within you - especially now that you have given the numbers so much 'attention'.

I suggest to apply forgiveness in releasing the experience/value you have to the numbers 333 and the reaction the numbers brought up within you - understand that if there exist any reaction or value placed into numbers - you are the slave to the numbers. So, you must stand so that nothing of this world influences you in any way - and the same goes for numbers.


Question: Is there significance in the age of 27

Now you have just made me worse, lol, not really , but 100% fact I am 27 and my birthday is on the 27th of October, really no joke, You had to mention 27, as if 333 wasn't bad enough. Although I know I can not be a slave to numbers, the hair stood on my neck when you mentioned 27. I realized that was my b-day, but then my bro started laughing and asked me what age I was, I realized shit I'm 27. That's a serious coincidence or what? Any significance in that?


27-28 is the age of no return for many--where great choices are faced

so--no coincidence--but a gift

what gift will you give you?

life or ???

and that requires you to show you

so--in a way--all the numbers a gift-- to realize how easily we note some things and miss others maybe?



[Another perspective - we create what we give attention to--some notice 11:11--because a lot was written about it and it "made sense"-- now the sense create--see how it may assist you--look for what is specifically happening when you notice the numbers--maybe there is a gift in it--I like looking for a practical support within things and happenings - Eagle]

Question: Where to Begin Not Being a Slave to Numbers the numbers are a system demon....i have paid way too much attention to numbers all my life.....not being a slave to numbers is going to be some serious work for me to remove .... where to begin?


Self Forgiveness in every moment - those numbers within which you have placed significance/importance/value - apply self forgiveness for the reasons/purposes and definitions you have placed 'behind' the numbers - so that all that remains is numbers - nothing other than what they express themselves as in this world: Numbers - that's it.


Question: Numbers that Consistently Appear

Q: The numbers that have CONSISTENTLY appeared throughout my life are 7 2 and 9. This is my birthdate, license plate, employee number at work (has been on multiple occasions), my school number when I was in grade school, and you know those times when you are spacing out or thinking about something and you suddenly look up to see what time it is? I can't even tell you how many times I do that and some form of 2 7 and 9 show up. Unsurprisingly, these numbers have become my favorite and I use them whenever I can...



All you do is apply self forgiveness - release the connotations to the numbers the moment you see them and react in any way - for instance if a thought / memory 'pops up' when you see the numbers - to the moment where you'll look at the numbers and the numbers is merely you - here - no relevance in any way whatsoever to who you are in the moment.

This is the self disciplined specificity required in every moment.


Question: What is the Point if Seeing Numbers All the Time

I was wondering what the point of seeing numbers all of the time is?

I see these numbers constantly:

143, 543, 343, 443

111, 222, 555

and of course 1111


If you place any relevance / importance / definitions / connotations to numbers, any numbers for that matter - you are a slave to the numbers because you exist within and as separation with yourself as the numbers.

Have a look - you 'think' numbers have importance / relevance because other human beings within this world placed importance / relevance within numbers - who are a slave to numbers, controlled by numbers within the experience of themselves in this world.

Numbers are innocent - it's human beings' minds that place relevance / importance / definitions / connotations into and of numbers within and of separation - and they they're f-cked - 'lost' in the numerical enslavement they have designed within and as their own mind.

It is your mind that is 'intrigued' with numbers - not you as who you are.

Thus - I strongly suggest you apply self forgiveness in any and all numbers you see in the moment - so when you see any number and you react with thought, feeling or emotion - to apply self forgiveness instantaneously and immediately - self disciplined specificity - to no longer accept / allow yourself to be controlled or enslaved by any numbers that exist within existence.

Thus - setting yourself free from numbers within this world - at the moment - if you allow / accept numbers to influence you in any way - you are actually saying that you are less that and inferior to numbers: Stupid isn't it?

Common sense - stop the enslavement of your mind to numbers - apply self forgiveness so that when you see numbers - you have absolutely no reaction / influence within you as who you are in every moment.


Question:Is there something behind numbers

Numbers have been used as 'code' within and as the unified field - a 'language' in itself of the program by which this unified field move through equations based on perceived 'choice' that exist within human beings.

There is no real significance in numbers, as there is no real significance to anything that exist of this world - be it numbers, humans, animals, nature, money, food, religion, spirituality, dimensional beings, earth, the universe, science, education and the list goes on - the 'significance', the word 'significance' is derived as a 'state of mind' or definition to something or someone separate that is seemingly bizarre / intriguing but not yet understood / comprehended. Much like with your experience of the number 8 - you have defined significance to such a number because of it's seemingly 'bizarre' nature - and because of the 'seemingly bizarre nature' - you 'think' / 'believe' it must have some 'value' / 'importance' of sorts, which equals 'significance', when it does not.

See - I am able to say to you: Hmm, yes - seeing the number eight signifies that you are 'reaching the infinite state of awareness' and it's close - and I'm certain you / any human being would've 'liked to hear this' - but the 'point' I am making is the following: If you 'think' / 'believe' that there is any 'particular significance' in anything / anyone separate from you, such as numbers, or giving it some form of 'value' because it's 'seemingly intriguing' - you are within you leaving open a door for 'influence' to be fucked in some way or another.

For instance if you'd have placed any 'value / significance / importance' in the number eight - all your 'attention' within you would be diverted to the number eight, then you as who you are is not focused here as breath - realizing that numbers are just numbers within this world and that's it, that's all there is to it. See Chimp how ONE POINT of 'diversion' can 'control you' if you allow it within you.

Have a look - placing 'significance / value' into a number - your 'attentions and focus' within you is THERE in a number - FOR WHAT? Use common sense Chimp - what are you then saying about you - that a number 'carries' more 'intrigue' / 'interest' than you here? Human beings attempt to 'grasp at something for something' - anything that will seemingly hold 'importance' to 'hold onto' - instead of realizing the importance of you here in moment of breath.

So - I'd suggest to just let it go - realize that numbers are what they are in this world, nature is what it is in this world, you are what you are in this moment - the only 'value / significance / importance' numbers or anything or anyone else has is the definition you give it separate from you.

Though - you're able to 'use numbers' as you in the manner of them assisting and supporting you within this world -'take it back to you Chimp' - always. Not giving it / perceiving it to be 'more than it is' - meaning numbers are numbers. So - in seeing the number eight, it represents 'infinite loop' - the 'infinite mind loop' manifestation of the mind within human beings which manifested the unified field as the world within which we experience ourselves. It's the number, the number eight (8) according to which this entire unified field of mind's as human beings are 'programmed as' - it's the 'base number' - so that humanity 'infinitely' remain as mind systems within this world. Realize that even 'infinity' is a 'program' - infinity is designed to exist in an 'infinite cycle' - what is infinity actually really?

Infinity is the definition of something that is programmed to continue in the exact same cycle as signified by the number eight - so, the exact same program to 'run' / automatically constantly and continuously in the exact same cycle - have a look at humanity, nothing has ever changed - it's just gotten worse, human beings' nature have remained the same - thus, 'infinity' is a 'programmed system that has a beginning and an end' as it will 'implode' and 'turn into itself / onto itself' - have a look at the beginning of this world - where 'the infinite program of the unified field began with human beings as mind systems' - now we're at the 'stage' where it's starting to 'turn into itself, unto itself' and because this reality is a space-time continuum - it takes 'time' to do so and this world in it's current status speaks for itself as human beings are 'turning onto' one another in deception, dishonesty - through murder, war, abuse, poverty - but they're actually doing it unto themselves as one other.

This is the 'end of the infinite program of the unified field as mind system designed according to the base program code signified by the number eight'. And human beings cannot help themselves - because they are this very 'infinite program' designed in the code of number 8 - which is now in it's stage of self destruction = the end.

Infinity' is not 'endless' - it does end, even infinity has an end - the end inevitable Chimp - which is the end of the unified field as mind systems. Infinity only exist of this world as a programmed system signified by the number eight as the design of the mind system and the unified field - which can only exist for so long when it will self destruct - which is currently happening to this world and humanity - really - this world currently speaks for itself.

So, the question obviously is 'what now' - what do we KNOW is that who we really are is not defined by 'programmed systems' of the mind of the unified field - I can 'say this to you' - but you have to 'find this out for yourself' Chimp. At the moment you as many human beings are in the mind, of the unified field, in the 'infinite programmed system loop' which is in the process of self destructing - so, you'll either experience this 'self destruction' as you = which is not preferable as it will be a hell inconceivable / unimaginable to the human mind - or you apply you to be in the system but not of the system. The 'self destruction' of the 'unified field generated by human minds' cannot be undone - it is already done and manifested and playing out - we cannot fix what has already been done. YET - you are able to 'walk through it' in awareness as you of life as who you really are - WHY? So that we do not again do thus unto ourselves and each other as ourselves as what we have accepted and allowed since the beginning - which has caused what we have done and become in this moment here.

So Chimp - release you from the infinite cycle of the mind within you - this cannot be done in one moment, yet it is done in every moment, the moment as breath - the 'infinite cycle of the mind' within human beings exist as the now of consciousness - when you exist in the past present and future - the unified field exist of the past, present and future, because this is where the 'infinite cycle' of the programmed system of the mind derives it's 'information' from to have the ability to exist within you - the only 'moment' where the 'infinite cycle' does not exist - is in the moment of breath - you in awareness here as the moment of breath - this is where the mind 'stops' for that moment and you are aware - where you are in the system but not of the system - only you in awareness of breath.

And so you walk Chimp - here in awareness of breath - until the awareness as breath becomes the manifestation of you - this 'moment' when this happens is unpredictable as it will 'depend' on your diligence and discipline in application in every moment of breath. Only focus you on you as breath in awareness Chimp - until it manifests as the living expression of you - the moment when you as who you are is always here - and the expression of life as you stand absolute.

Alright, this is all I have for the moment - if you have any further questions, you may ask.



Question: What are Your Thoughts on 11:11

11:11 – is a holographic digitalized placement allocation within the unified consciousness field of this world – pertaining to the human beings pre-ordained life within and as their mind consciousness system for enslavement purposes.


Any significance placed on a number is of the mind, the mind wanting to add meaning or value to what is real, to what actually exists physically. A number is what the number is absolutely. Where the number remains as it is in absolute clarity no matter what. A number 9 indicates a quantity, nine apples are nine apples, period. Imaginings around an absolute value is the mind, indicating an energetic polarity as separation from what is physically here and in the moment constant. Adding qualities of happy or sad are additions – or addictions- as projections of added value by the one viewing the absolute value/physical through the veil of the mind. Better watch out, soon all that is seen is the projected value! This projected value can be an indicator of separation from what is real, from life, from being all as one as equal. So, it is nothing to fear, just something to clear up. At first it seems impossible because that projected value has come to seem to be so very real. The media and television and our education system maintains projected values that separate focus from what is absolute, constant and physically real as self as life.