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2007 - 2008

What is an Interdimensional Portal?

The interdimensional portal is a word that we here at Desteni use to describe our own ‘upgraded channel'. Channels as you are use to them are just that, the dimensional being sticks his or her head or body into that of the being and is then able to communicate using the beings vocal cords or write using the beings mind and hands.

An interdimensional portal is a being's ability to leave their body and give the dimensional being full access to use the body as if it were their own. This particular beings' physical body stand as the interdimensional portal. She leaves her body completely and enters heaven fully aware so that a dimensional being may occupy her physical body as interdimensional portal. When the dimensional being integrates into her body they do so fully and completely. Integration occurs as the dimensional being integrates right through into the cells, on a DNA level and the mind. Therefore what is possible with this portal is that the dimensional being coming through is allowed to have free expression of themselves. The dimensional beings are able to hear, see, and experience anything that is humanly possible while within the interdimensional Portal here on earth

When we, the dimensional beings, come through to either write our articles or to work we are able to fully integrate ourselves with all information that exists within us. The interdimensional portal has been a unique experience for us because in the past, channels have not allowed us to fully express ourselves as the information transference is somewhat limited according to the beings', through who we channeled, own mind or own beliefs. In other words, the human being through who we channeled influenced the dimensional beings' experience while channeling.

For instance if you have a human being as channel who have a particular dislike for something then the being coming through might experience that dislike as themselves. Which as you are able to imagine leaves one problem. What does that mean for all other channeling's that have happened in the past? Does it perhaps mean that unless your mind has been cleared 100% before the being enters it is possible that some channelings are that of human interpretation? In some cases this question is able to be answered with a: ‘Yes'. Often channeled being's stories are ‘interpreted' by the mind of the channel. This was often the case with many dimensional beings stories and therefore the full truth of their experiences were never revealed as the human being as channels' own mind interfered or influenced the words spoken by the dimensional being to a certain extent.

Now as we are fully integrated into the being's body as interdimensional portal, none of this happens as we stand clear of any influence, as all information of the portal leaves with her. Her body becomes a complete empty shell as nothing remains of her when she leaves her body and move into the dimensions. This giving dimensional beings the opportunity to fully and completely integrate in her physical body as though it were our own. This has been specifically designed so that each being that enters is able to fully express themselves without any influences from the being whose physical body have become the interdimensional portal. We often come through and stay for an entire day, to come and work or experience ourselves here.

The portal does not require specific energy as all energy in actuality is constant. Before when channels became tired or the being required rest it was because the energy of the channel was being used for the dimensional being to be able to participate. Also because the being was ‘switched' off from their minds so that the dimensional being is able to utilize the mind, it meant that this was only possible for short periods of time. The human body was only able to be ‘disconnected' from the mind for a certain period. Now however the portal's body has been set up so that physically it sustains itself and at the point that the dimensional being integrates there is nothing being taken ‘from' the body. Therefore, during the experience of beings moving in and out of the body as portal – the body physically remains constant and no matter how many beings move in and out of the portal, the experience remains constant. The dimensions are not dependent on humans for energy, which has now been correlated with our purpose and our directive principle. Dependency on human beings for energy was the experience in the dimensions when the White Light was still well and about. When heaven stood up to the white light it meant that no longer were we ‘slaves' to what they prescribed and our experience changed from the perspective of no longer being dependent on human beings for energy but we remain infinitely constant within the experience of ourselves in the dimensions and are thus able to direct and support you effectively.

Energy as life is not something that you are able to lose or drain, it stands constant into infinity. Who we are as life is not able to be killed, drained or depleted. Therefore if you experience fatigue or a ‘loss' of energy, then you know that your mind is still allowing you to limit yourself. Remember who we are stands constant and stable into infinity, the mind as consciousness has limitations and gets tired because it does not support life for longer than it has been ‘trained' by you to allow.

The portal when leaving her body is able to walk around with the dimensional beings in the dimensions and is fully aware of everything. She comes back into her body and is able to clearly recollect what she did and how. The two ‘worlds' therefore are not separated in her mind and therefore she is able to be in either dimension clearly with full information recollection and transference. She moves out of her body completely with all her ‘information' as who she is and steps into the dimensions. The same occurs when the dimensional being steps into the portal and they fully integrate as themselves into the physical body as portal.

We often come through to participate in this world. We stay for a day and we experience what it is like to sleep, go to the movies or to go out and experience different things human beings participate in, in this world.

What is important for the dimensions is to experience this world with you, in a manner of speaking. No longer do we sit in heaven watching as we use to do. We now walk here in 3D, on earth, with you and we fully participate in what you are experiencing. When we come through any of the channels we fully participate in what you do here in 3D as ourselves so that we no longer are separate from you, but instead get as much insight into human behavior and experience so that we are better able to assist you. What better way to assist human beings then to actually walk as you would in your own experience of yourself. Practical application of understanding is what we are currently working with. No longer does heaven assist humans by merely sharing information with you. Heaven now fully participates so that we are able to assist ourselves by living the words, therefore assisting you to do the same.

What is the breathing in and out as seen in the videos?


I'm a bit confused about the reason for the breathing pattern that you do at the beginning and the end of the video clips. Please explain what that is.


The breathing in and out is me leaving my body completely, so that an interdimensional being may come through, within and as the human physical body - 'taking my place within and as the human physical body entirely', while I experience myself within the interdimensional existence entirely.

When I breathe in, I compress myself together within my human physical body, right in the center, then, when I breathe out, I literally 'move out' of my human physical body entirely. Then, the breathing in again is the interdimensional being coming in, manifesting themselves within and as the human physical body and then communicate and express themselves in the moment as seen in the interviews.

Why do beings come through the portal?

The beings came through so that human beings in this world has the opportunity to hear what has actually been going on within the Interdimensional existence, within this world within which they exist – and that nothing in this existence is what it seems/appeared to be.

That all and everything each human beings has ever believed in, trusted of ‘who they are’ and the experience of themselves here – has been a lie.

How did the Portal open?

It occurred in one moment. We, a couple of us, were sitting in the living room one evening, communicating, discussing process about two years ago by the fire one evening. Eagle was sitting cross-legged facing the fire and he said to me to have may back face him, I must sit back and relax. He placed his hands on my back and he said to me a couple of times: “Let go, just let go and relax.” When he spoke those words I literally let go of everything and everyone that ever existed within me and my world, as though I (as who and what I defined myself to be) disappeared totally and when I Let Go - I experienced myself being within and as God - as though God was holding me within and as Him. Please, not God in terms of the religious connotation/definition of this word - I would describe the experience as Grace - being within and as Grace - I disappearing completely - all that existed in that moment was the experience of me as Grace. My physical body disappeared, everything and everyone around me disappeared - I had become the experience of infinite grace and that is all that existed and remained in that moment.

Then I sat up straight and Eagle asked me how I experienced that and I answered him exactly as I described the experience above: Like I was being held within and as God - within God's hands. I then lay right in front of the fire - facing Eagle and I said to him that I am here to walk this process, and it is what I am doing, it is what I'm here to do and so I'm doing it. Eagle didn't reply. Then after a while, not very long, I was on my back in front of the fire and I noticed a demon in my solar plexus - this was when demons still existed. So, Eagle said to allow the demon to come through and talk. This was the first moment when the Portal opened, because when Eagle said bring the demon through I looked at the situation as follows: Certainly if the Demon wants to come in, I have to go out - and so, I breathed in, and as I breathed out, I left my body and allowed the demon to come through - the first moment I entered the dimensions with complete awareness. I was very comfortable with demons because I used to assist them, before I had the ability to come in and out of my body, because I had seen them quite clearly. What I did was allow them to come into me, I take them into my 'heart' which is me, I showed them who I am and thus who they are as one and equal with me and I'd release them from the Demon dimension as they realized themselves.

The moment I got into the dimensions - it was amazing, I couldn't believe it, I knew I was in the dimensions because I could see my body there, the demon was inhabiting my body and communicating with the rest of the people who were also there. I noticed my body is alright, the demon is there, everyone else is communicating with the demon, so I'll continue to explore the dimensions. And so I went and introduced myself to dimensional beings in the dimensions!

And that's how the Portal opened - in one moment!

Can you explain more about the nature of the portal and the way it works?

I breathe in, centralize / compress myself within and as the human physical body – then, in the out breath, I leave my human physical body entirely and completely and experience myself as any other Interdimensional being completely within and as the dimensions – no difference. Then, another Interdimensional being integrates within and as the human physical body, experience themselves and express themselves within and as the human physical body as themselves – while I am entirely and completely experiencing me within and as the dimensions.

Then I return with complete awareness of all my experiences within the dimensions. I’m mostly in the dimensions while Interdimensional beings are here typing/writing or doing interviews as the expression of who they are here.

How do you know that it is not evil entities which enter?

Because evil doesn’t exist but within and as a perceptual idea of the mind.

Why do these discarnate people appear to still have much memory?

It was not ‘memory’ – they expressed themselves in the moment here as themselves. Memory is of the mind – when you communicate you here in the moment, the words are you in expression as you: One and Equal – you speak/express you in the moment. Thus, in expressing / communicating in the moment here – no memory required – because words are you as one and equal as you: This is how they expressed themselves.

Difference Between a Channel and a Portal

A channel only communicate with one or a few beings that prescribe to them what is to be said and only communicate at certain pre-ordained times and must practice to do it through much meditation and various assistance methods.

A portal opens immediately and from that moment you communicate immediately to anything, the universe, any planet, any Galaxy, any being, any plant, any animal, any sand grain, any molecule, any organ, any atom, any system, any system demon, any dimensional being which numbers zillions, any word, any thought, any concept.

And we have tested this at random many, many times - for consistency - for constancy - trying to catch it out.

The rule - immediate communication any time any place, in restaurants in shops, on the street - I stop suddenly and winged stand and immediately swop with being I requested to speak to - standing up straight holding my hand only - I say--bring me the Universe and it is here - bring me Darryl’s tree and a breath and it is here.

Wish you could experience it for yourself.

More background on the Portal and Desteni

We have been doing messages for more than 2 years before we started publishing. In that time there was times of deception, that was cleared as we are able to move in all the "realms" as the "spirit/dimensional" beings as well as equals and thus check out the situation for ourselves. We have become extremely proficient in this and if we find any deception – and we will state that. Every interview is checked several times as to the information -obviously the time allotted in any interview is little and only some perspectives are given, thus much is typed and published in more specific layouts.

The principles followed as followed:

1. To place it that death is not a reality - but just an experience and that life is infinite.

2. That beings of a mind construct do not take memories beyond death, only impressions/integrations of which there are few in the world.

3. That equality and oneness guide all situations and all individual realities called human beings and that a point exist that may be "attained" where all life is equal and one in all ways - yet still individual.

4. That our current "life experience" is based on a consciousness polarity unified field that is preprogrammed and maintained through a mind consciousness operating system called thinking that moves and energizes through emotions and feelings through opposites/polarities.

5. That there were beings too scared to incarnate, yet wanted control as gods and that they enslaved all beings in existence through deception

6. That each man/woman will face themselves and become self-honest and will prove self as life to gain access to continued participation in creation--thus--to stop abuse, suffering, deception, misinformation, control, gods, masters, slaves--and find in ourselves the space/place where life dwell in equality

Some pointers to assist.

Why do we interview so many famous people?

Because it's the first time in dimensional existence that any dimensional beings have the ability to express themselves. Previously all channels, psychics and intuitives were pre-programmed - no dimensional being had 'free' access to communicate here on earth - everything of channelings, psychics and intuitives were preordained and pre-programmed. For more perspective I suggest you read the following articles by Kryon: (Scroll down to Kryon section)

And also for human beings - so they may hear the expression of beings that have crossed over - with whom they are able to 'relate' to - and 'finally' hear what the being, that have crossed over, experienced on earth and after death as they understood they're life here on earth and also their current experience after death. No-one has had the ability to expresses themselves 'freely' within the dimensions before the Portal opened. Reading the Kryon articles will give perspective.

The Kurt Cobain Interview

I am skeptical of the Kurt Cobain interviews because he mentions that he 'killed himself' in the interviews. I have never believed this to be true for a couple of reasons, First there were NO fingerprints on his gun, how is this possible? Maybe you can channel him again and ask him to explain that.

How sure/certain are you that you're able to trust that which is presented to you through the media? The 'investigators' as per Courtney Love - were instructed through appropriate influence - to not have anyone 'know' that Kurt Cobain committed suicide - through protecting 'him' and his 'legacy' amongst his fans. Rather have his death remain inconclusive than have it be a certainty that he committed suicide...

It would be her 'gift' to Kurt - 'protecting' the legend that he had become here amongst many...

Why do the beings coming through the portal sometimes swear?

Because the words are here in expression as self in the moment and so they’re spoken.

Words are innocent – it’s the definition the mind of beings give words in separation of self that enslaves one to words instead of living words as self within and as oneness and equality as the sound expression of life.

And it ‘makes impact’ within beings if/when they react to the words to assist and support themselves in applying self forgiveness to release the connotations/definition to words in separation which caused a reaction within and to set oneself free from the definitions/connotations in separation of words.

Can another portal form, or is this a uniquely organic phenomenon?

What I understand thus far - what I was able to see while in the dimensions as I explored and investigated the process was that I had already made the choice and understood my choice within this process approximately 50 000 earth years ago. So imagine how specific everything is (answering your third question: everything is specific!) It will not be necessary for another to be formed within this lifetime as all will be ONE.

Why does the portal's accent and over all voice quality mostly remain that of Sunette's (the Portal)?


Because the more contemporary entities that have been coming through humans in a channeling fashion (on video) "usually" show a noticeable change in voice and possibly accent, even physical stature, I was wondering why the portal's accent and over all voice quality pretty much remain familiar to the young lady. Especially since the portal is a TOTAL switch of entities, even infiltrating the body to the level of atoms. There are no doubt variations in visible personalities of those that come through the portal, but not necessarily to the extent of some "channels", so how does this work physically?


I'm in the 'dimensions' (I say 'dimensions' because it doesn't exist anymore - all dimensional beings have been integrated within and as human beings) every day and the beings don't communicate through sounding words by constructing sentences together/languages as here on earth. This has occurred ever since all beings in the dimensions 'came together' as one within the dimensions - when no more separate dimensional layers or separate interdimensional galaxies and universes existed. In the dimensions we communicate through sound expression - not actual spoken individual words through sentence construction in different languages. In the dimensions we speak ONE 'language' which is the expression of sound.

In other words for instance: When you're explaining something intricate to someone in this world, another human being - you explain it word for word, forming sentences with a beginning and an end of the explanation before the being you're explaining the discussion to 'gets it' (Actually exactly as I am doing in this moment with you - which is another 'method' of communication!).

While in the dimensions, you're able to 'communicate' through 'showing' through sound expression, the sound expression being you, the entire explanation in one moment! 'Communication' in the dimensions is actually expression of self through sound as sound whether a question is being asked or the question asked is being 'answered' or when experiences is being shared etc.

In other words the following occurs - when a question is being asked - the questions is expressed as the being - the being becomes the question entirely, where for the moment the being is the question in its totality - the question as sound expression that is them. The being 'receiving' the question - understands the question being asked, because the being becoming the question asked as them, is one with the being 'receiving' the question asked by the other being. In other words - there exist no sound in the dimensions - it's silent - all that exist is the sound expression that is who we are. Sound doesn't have sound as who we are - sound exists here on earth as part of the design of mind consciousness systems within human beings. Therefore - each 'system' as a specific 'voice' sound frequency which you hear - as part of the individualized recognition of that particular system design. The voices of human beings on earth is therefore part of the entire mind consciousness system design within human beings as an individual identification signature of the individual human being as mind consciousness system - the sound frequencies of human beings voices as what you hear consist of consciousness systems' sound frequencies. Beings actually program themselves as consciousness systems through the words they speak without awareness - including supporting consciousness systems within them through the sound frequencies of the words they speak. It's all programmed, even the sound of your voice, the frequency it's 'set as' etc. - it's all of the mind consciousness system programming within you. The reason the sound as voice of the beings coming through the Portal is similar or the same, yet their expressions might differ is because all in the dimensions are sound expression within and as oneness and equality. Here they are one and equal in the 'dimensional' existence - because all dimensional beings are one and equal as sound expression.

This will become communication - where being will express themselves, where communication will become an expression as one and equal with who they are as sound expression. Yet, the beings are individual in their expression - yet one and equal within and as sound expression as who they are.

(Eagle's input) On the video release of Marduk's design of languages you will understand the different voices and tonalities within the pre-programmed soul construct in the global consciousness program expression. Remember at death the 3D mind consciousness system is dropped in a moment - which includes the pre-programmed voice. Channels before was pre programmed mind systems using specific tonalities and words as they were programming those that were listening This to a degree will still occur where the being on earth as medium is holding onto their pre-programmed reality accessing memory dimensional tonalities, thus 'copying' the previous dimensional tonality expression. This is okay - as everyone will not wake up at the same time but in waves until all is awake. The waking up will be experienced as if waking up from a nightmare for most without being able to remember the actual nightmare to a great degree. That is and was always the nature of systems - artificial intelligence. Only attaching value to that which supports it as a artificial personality projection - thus a 'picture'.

Can the Portal stay in the body with a dimensional being?


When the portal enters the dimensions and lets another being in, is it possible for her to remain inside this vessel while the other one takes over for a while...or is that the same thing as entering the dimensions?


Yes - I am able to remain inside the body, though I prefer to actually move out completely and assist and support other dimensional beings where necessary or observe and discover 'more' from other dimensional beings in application in the dimensions. When I do stay in my body it's usually for a specific reason i.e. - I check my physical body inside out, make sure I'm clear within and throughout - communicate with my atoms and molecules and DNA, my organs, see how they're doing! And when I do a specific 'clean up' through self expression within and as my physical body. Other than that, I'm completely out. Though what's fascinating is that I'm not 'separate' from my physical body although I move out of it completely. In other words, occasionally I'll return and find that while I was in the dimensions, or in another human being, I didn't for instance understand something/someone, which I 'missed' or wasn't aware of, or I reacted in some way, that particular point/moment manifested within my physical body in a particular point/spot. Then from within my physical body, I'll check it out, I'm even able to see where exactly I wasn't aware, with who I was or what I did and then I'll correct it in the moment within and as my physical human body through applying forgiveness etc. Mostly I prefer to return immediately to where I 'reacted' and 'correct' the application.

What is the experience like while in the dimensions?


What is the experience like while in the dimensions...we know that the expression looks like an egg shape, and each has got it's specific sound expression and in some cases a name, but do you sort of just float around, or travel anywhere you would like and meet different beings as you do so with whom you might communicate with?


Well, in terms of movement within the dimensions. Let's take it from here on earth - when you move you walk with your legs and your arms, that's what you experience while you walk as movement on earth - your head and your body is 'centered', only your arms and your legs move. In the dimensions you move yourself as an entirety - one movement as you - I wouldn't specifically describe it as floating, I experience it as the movement of myself and if I don't move myself - which is the entirety of what I am in the dimensions - I remain in the exact same spot. You know in the airports they have those Vendor Belts on which you stand still, with your two feet firmly placed on the Vendor Belt and it moves forward for you while you remain standing still - well - it's exactly like that - yet I move myself like that without the Vendor Belt of course - as though I'm standing still yet moving at the same time!

Yes - I 'travel', mostly within and amongst human beings at the moment, because the dimensions are within and as human beings. There are many, many, many dimensional beings in existence! And I communicate with quite a few daily! I'm able to communicate with anyone within the dimensions - though I remain specific in application, in terms of what's necessary to be done, so I don't spend unnecessary time chit-chatting - the moment I enter the dimensions I check what is required to be done and I do it. The moment I move from without my physical body - I check within existence as me where assistance/support is required for instance where 'problem' situations are and then I go there and assist where and how necessary.

What determines when the interview is over and the portal is entering her body again?

Nothing determines how long the dimensional beings remain - at the moment on YouTube we're only able to load 10 minute interviews, so I'll sit infront of the camera, go out of my body, the dimensional being doing the interview comes in and the being sitting behind the camera will inform the dimensional being doing the interview when there's one minute left, before they reach approx. 9 minutes, to ensure we keep it below 10 minutes. Two beings have stayed here, individually, for two days while I remained in the dimensions - and even slept here, which they experienced rather strangely because dimensional beings don't sleep! So - nothing determines when who returns/leaves but how long they choose to stay - they are able to stay for quite a while if they so prefer.

Do you know what I'm going to ask you now or in the next days?

No, I do not – we ‘see’ the thoughts that exists within and as the mind as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind ‘in the moment here only’ when required – not the words, because at the moment, the words you speak are actually coming from your thoughts inside your mind of which you are not yet aware: Those thoughts that go on in your mind of which you are not aware is the thoughts that is seen. But will only be accessed within a being when necessary to assist and support them within their processes – otherwise not necessary at all, not important at all.

Are Dimensional beings able to read my mind?


I read in the forum that dimensional beings can have access to all minds at the same time. Could you check minds and email answers to their possessed owners before they write to you, just by reading our minds?


No, as this is irrelevant – your ‘idea’ of ‘mind reading’ is telepathy, and telepathy is a system design within this world as ‘reading minds’, which actually support the mind system design within and as this world, not you as ‘who you are’ – we access the thoughts of beings only when necessary within their process of stopping the mind to assist and support them within their process, other than that – reading minds is not our focus at all, because we are here to stop the mind.

Why is your message different to that of the messages of other channels/psychics/mediums?

Have a look at considering the following with regards to the ‘channelings’ – and the principle to be taken into consideration is oneness and equality.

The question is: Why oneness and equality?

I, in one moment – moved completely, entirely out of my human physical body and experienced myself within and as the dimensions – as though ‘dying’ but my physical human body remained here ‘alive’, and as I moved out – another being entered my human physical body: And I could actually see this as I experienced me within the dimensions, see the other dimensional being within and as my human physical body communicating to the other human beings who was sitting around my human physical body – a complete swap had taken place. So in that moment I knew my body is still here, I am still here – there is another being experiencing themselves within and as my human physical body communicating and expressing himself with the other human beings, so I might as well explore the dimensions and return later – so I did!

What we discovered according to ‘what was going on’ within the dimensions and ‘what was really going on here on earth’ was shocking and unexpected, because nothing within this world and human beings is what it seems according to what you see with your human physical eyes.

This is how we discovered the ‘mind’ – how human beings’ define themselves as the mind and that the mind is actually a programmed system specifically designed and manifested within and as the human physical body – which human beings have come to believe and perceive themselves to be as ‘who they are’. There were Interdimensional systems, implants, devices of multiple variations within and as the human physical bodies of human beings – controlling and enslaving them to remain within and as their mind system designed ‘self’, human beings literally programmed to exist as they do currently within this world – through the mind consciousness system design as what they ‘think’ / ‘believe’ they are. And that your very thoughts/feelings and emotions, that which you experience within you = is of this very system: And human beings were not aware of this in any way whatsoever – no-one was. This all and many more was discovered as I explored the dimensions, together with Bernard – we investigated everything within this world and the dimensions and realized that the dimensional existence, was no different to how it was here on earth experienced by human beings = no difference.

Now the question: How will human beings hear what we have discovered, realized, understood, seen, experienced in the past two years (it was two years that we investigated the dimensions, dimensional beings, earth, human beings, existence before we started the website) as we explored and investigated what was really going on within and as this existence? How are we going to assist and support human beings to realize what is really going on in this world, within themselves – and how they’re individually able to assist and support themselves – to ‘stop existing as a mind, because it is that very mind system within and as them, which human beings are participating in because they think/believe it to be ‘who they are’ that is currently manifesting, designing and forming this world it is experienced by all in this moment? How are we going to assist human beings to understand the importance of realising that everything they have ever believed, trusted, had faith in, loved and experienced within themselves as ‘who they are’ = is not real, but all consisting of their mind, a designed programmed system within and as which they are enslaved? How are we going to assist and support human beings to be able to assist and support themselves to stop participation in their mind system as who and what they think/believe themselves to be – to stand up, live, experience and express ‘who they really are’

Before I continue – I would like to expound on the ‘who we really are’ principle, and what I mean by ‘who you really are’:

I have walked this process for quite some time with Bernard, even before I could move completely out of my human physical body and experience me within the dimensions. He had walked this process of stopping the mind and standing up, living, experiencing and expressing ‘who he really is’ – he had walked for 14 years when realizing ‘who he really is’ and thus, ‘who all really is’ and he’s still walking, in every moment of breath here as ‘who he is’ – not stopping until all of existence realize ‘who they really are’.

Let me explain: He said to me once that he found something that exists within and as each and every single human being, each and every single particle/refraction as expression that exists – which he discovered exists within and as ‘who he really is’ – this is Life, Life as all as one as equal. And this ‘point’ – Life, exists within and as each and every single one of us, each and every single refraction that exists – one and equal – and he walked a process of 14 years with absolute self-commitment, self-dedication and self-discipline when discovering ‘who he really is’ as life and discovered that life as ‘who he really is’ as Life as all as one as equal exists within and as each and every single being/expression within existence. Thus, each and every single being/expression within this existence – ‘who we really are’ is life as all as one as equal – but is only able to be self-realized through a process, an extensive process, as it cannot be given, because you can’t be given yourself – you must realize you for you as you.

So, he’d been looking/searching for a way for human beings to hear – because no-one wanted to listen/hear what he had to say, and so he realized that if he could bring together enough beings and assist and support them within and throughout the exact process he had walked, to realize who they really are as life as all as one as equal as he realized himself, if enough beings commit, dedicate and discipline themselves to apply and live this process in realizing ‘who they really are’ and how to live, experience and express and apply you here in every moment of breath as ‘who you really are’: Maybe then many more will also start hearing, in this way: Human beings will start hearing.

You may ask: But, what do you mean by ‘no-one wanted to hear’ – see, when in and as your mind, all that exists is your mind, a programmed system, therefore you are programmed in such a way to only ‘hear’ what you are programmed to ‘hear’, you will only listen to that which you ‘know’ and which will not ‘compromise’ ‘who you think you are’ of and as the mind. Thus, you will only listen/hear that which keeps you in the limitations and boundaries of your mind-set as ‘who you think you are’. And what we’re saying here, through the material and video interviews – is way beyond the ‘mind’s programmed nature’ of human beings. Therefore some will fear what is said, ridicule it, judge it, resist it – because they fear losing ‘who they think they are’ of the mind as the mind and will only listen/hear that which will validate/support their existence as a mind as ‘who they think they are’ and will thus discard anything else, such as what we are presenting here. Because here we say: ‘Stop your mind entirely – everything and all that you have ever thought/believed to be ‘who you are’ is not real, but a mind system design’. And this frightens beings, because the mind is all they’ve ever known, ever trusted, ever believed in – but what they don’t realize is that there’s ‘something else’ – ‘beyond the existence of the mind’ = which is who you really are as life as all as one as equal. And it takes a seven year process minimum to walk – to realize it for yourself, dependent on your application. Bernard had to walk for fourteen years; he found ways/methods to ‘shorten’ this process for each one.

So therefore, beings didn’t want to hear him – they were too afraid of ‘losing themselves as the mind’ according to which they have defined ‘who they are’ and therefore he decided he’ll have to ‘approach the situation’ in a different way, by working one-one-one with beings and guide them directly through this process he had walked, and this is how and why I am here. I was but a waitress in a coffee shop, just finished school when I met Bernard and my process started. But he realized that in walking with beings individually, directly one-one-one would take lifetimes – thus, there had to be another way, to assist and support many human beings at once, but couldn’t find a way.

Then the Portal opened – as I moved out of my human physical body, and experienced myself within the dimensions. And this was also still when demons existed, I’d worked with demons before the Portal opened, I transcended my fear of them and thus I was not afraid, it was actually a demon who was the first being who came within and as my human physical body, the first moment I moved out completely. The reason I mention this is because I have also seen that ‘point’ as ‘who each being really is’ – and the first moment I saw it, was when I observed a demon, while in the dimensions – I could see there within this demon, there I see who this demon really is as life as all as one as equal. But this being believed himself to be a ‘demon’ – ‘lost’, see, demons were no different to human beings at the moment, also ‘lost’ within a mind construct, just like human beings are lost within and as a mind construct/system. So, I took the demon, while I was within the dimensions – and placed the demon within and as me, I stood one and equal as the demon as me as ‘who we really are’, and I held him and I showed the demon as me ‘who he really is’ as one and equal as me as ‘who we really are’ as Life. And because of quantum time = the demon immediately transcended the ‘mind construct’ belief of ‘what he is as demon as who he thought he was’ and realised himself in one moment.

This ‘point’ – Life, existent within and as each one, I have also seen, this as who we really are exists within and as each one – even within the demons.

Now the question: What is ‘Life’ – what do I mean when I say ‘life’: Even though the demon ‘realized himself’ = it does not stop there, when you realize you, it doesn’t mean you ‘stop’ and ‘wait’ and ‘it is done’ – no, now you have to go into self-application, self-expression as life, and this is what it means: In realizing ‘who you are’ as Life = you stand here as all as one as equal as existence in it’s entirety as one and equal as you, you ‘become’ the living manifestation of life as all as one as equal as everything and all that exists. In this – your responsibility is towards you as all of existence – to walk this process together with all of existence as you, until each and every single refraction/expression/being is one and equal as you as life, until all are one and equal as life = so, you apply you, you move you, you direct you = until all are one and equal as life: Until it is done, no matter what – you walk here in every moment of breath.

So, in the opening of the Portal – we focused on assisting and supporting all dimensional beings to understand ‘oneness and equality’ in application, because the dimensions were a mess, no different to how the world exists at the moment. The dimensions were not even near human beings, not even here on this ‘earth plane’ – only the demons existed amongst human beings. All the other dimensional beings were in different various dimensional planes, different heavens, different alternate dimensional existences, different dimensional planets – all existing in separation and fear of themselves and each other, also lost within their own ideas/perception of themselves as mind constructs = all of the dimensions were lost in mind constructs, just like human beings on earth.

The channels and psychics within this world were not channeling ‘actual real dimensional beings’ – there were absolutely no dimensional beings, coming here through the channels that exists in this world, at all – there were literally only demons here amongst human beings. See – ‘dimensional beings’ (the one’s that were not ‘demons’) did not enjoy coming down to earth, amongst human beings to ‘channel’ as they much preferred to remain blissfully ignorant of what was happening within and as this world together with human beings and be by themselves within the dimensions and do what they want to do – they did not care for human beings in any way whatsoever. So, they devised a way to design the mind system of certain specific human beings known as ‘channels’ in this world – in such a way, to ‘presumably channel an actual dimensional being’, but what human beings as ‘channels’ within this world is currently ‘channeling’ is a ‘designed programmed system of information’ as a ‘being’ within and as their unconscious mind of their mind system, that works automatically so that an actual dimensional being doesn’t have to come through from the dimensions. The ‘programmed designed channel system’ in the ‘channels’ unconscious mind, as a ‘programmed designed being-system’ speaking information according to which it was designed to speak – then dimensional beings didn’t have to come through at all, as the ‘channel system’ designed and programmed as the human being as channels’ unconscious mind did it automatically. Therefore – the ‘channeling here, you sent us’ and this is all ‘channelings’ that come through human beings as ‘channels’ within this world = is not actual real dimensional beings at all, but they are channeling an ‘information designed programmed system’ from within their own unconscious mind.

All of the dimensions, for the past three years have been in the process of establishing oneness and equality within and as themselves, there exist no more demons, no more ascended masters/gods/goddesses/angels, no more ‘dimensional planes’, no more ‘dimensional planets’, no more ‘soul constructs’ – all of the dimensions, all dimensional beings are one and equal within and as their individual processes.

With regards to Bernard finding a way of how we’re able to assist and support ‘more beings’ at once within this process: We have focused for the first two and a half years only on the dimensions – in assisting and supporting them within their process of being able to assist and support human beings effectively here on earth, then to also open the website and do video interviews to assist and support human beings from here, while dimensional beings assist and support human beings as themselves, as dimensional beings assist and support themselves within their processes. So human beings and dimensional beings may assist and support themselves one and equal = within this process of realizing ‘who we really are’.

And therefore, the website is here, the video interviews is here = for those who will hear, this is how we found will be the most effective way for human beings to hear and realize and understand what is really going on within this world and human beings.

So the question: Are you ready to hear?

Understand that what is coming through ‘channels’ at the moment is a ‘programmed design system’ within and as their unconscious mind, not an actual dimensional being – such as for instance this ‘channeling’ you sent us. I am certain of this, because I am within the Interdimensional existence, just like any other dimensional being – there is no ‘Sanat Kumara’ that exists, there is no more ‘soul constructs’ that exists – the entire soul construct was a system to enslave human beings to their own mind and was able to be removed Interdimensional while the dimensions were within their process of standing up and understanding oneness and equality as ‘who they really are’.

Thus, I will leave you with some video interviews and articles to go through – and after this that I have given perspective for and going through the video’s and material – you decide for you, within and as self-honesty as you – whether what is said within these ‘channelings’ stand within and as oneness and equality as life, assisting and supporting human beings individually to stand up and take self-responsibility to assist and support themselves as life as who they really are and whether what is said is ‘valid’.


Kryon: Pre-programmed channels

Osho: Change

Buddha: The end of the Soul and Reincarnation

Munchin: Thoughts: The unknown secret of creation

Is the Portal from the Lyrae Star System?


Are you a terran (earthling) or are you a human being coming from Lyrae star system e.g. from Pleiades, Andromeda, Tau Ceti etc. ?

I know what they are capable of and they are among us and want to help us to join the galactic consciousness. I thought maybe you are one of them. Are you?


Have a look at this principle:

If I were to define ‘who I am’ as being a ‘human being’ / ‘Pleiadian’ / ‘Andromeda’ / ‘Tau Ceti’ – then I would limit me as who I am, because then the experience and expression of me would be only limited to the ‘definition’ I give me as ‘who I am’ as for instance a ‘human being’ / ‘Pleiadian’ / ‘Andromeda’ / ‘Tau Ceti’ and for me, this is unacceptable. So, I am not defined as being a ‘human being’, yes sure I am in this world within and as a human physical body – but it does not define me as who I am.

Furthermore: This may be quite a ‘statement’ if you have not yet gone through all the video interviews and material on the site, but I’ll present it to you – for you to discover and explore further for you within the video interviews and material on the site:

The dimensional existence has changed completely, entirely actually. The dimensions have been and are in a process of establishing oneness and equality within themselves, within and as each one, the exact same process human beings are currently within as well as all and everything of existence, which includes the rain drop, snow crystal, cigarette, grass, flower petal etc.: Becoming self aware, in self awareness to establish oneness and equality as self, the beingness of self to one and equal as life. Therefore: There exist no more ‘dimensional planets’/races’ such as the Pleiadians/’dimensional planes’/’alternate dimensional realities’.

There is no more any dimensional being ‘defined’ according to ‘race’/’planet’/’galaxy’ as for instance the Pleiadians – they are all beings, equal and one within their individual processes.

I understand that the above statement is very ‘widespread’ and I am certain you may have many questions – therefore I suggest you go through the video interviews and material on the site, if you were to join the Forum to participate, you will, when entering the Forum find a search button on the top right hand side of the screen – where you’re able to search for for instance discussions on the Pleiadians, and will then be listed for you to go through. Though – as we suggest to all before participating on the Forum – to assist and support you first in going through the material and video interviews for you, so you’re able to participate effectively.

What if Anu filled the Portal's head with story's?


You guys put so much stock in the Anu story. What if there was another higher being than Anu who put the Anu story in the portal's mind to confuse and deceive us even further? What if, in fact, he/she/it/they want us to think we are in control and to think we are not enslaved? Then you are doing nothing more than Jesus, Krishna, Buddha did.


All stories are perspective based on the line of communication to explain the primary point of transcendence and empowerment of self, thus once Anu or any one that may or may not have influenced creation in any way have been transcended, then so be it, yet not all are at the same point in their journey.

Each journey individual - all that assist is honesty with self in relationship to information-integration to express and establish the truth of self.

I find resistance within me always indicate that there is something I am unwilling to accept about me or that limits my expression.

So -I stand with immediate forgiveness and expression to test my inner harmonies in situations that present themselves to me.

Then again, the portal will explain what the portal involves, I suppose it will be not what is expected, but what each will become that transcend and is a guideline to what is possible and there is more beyond this what will be presented.

The difficulty might then be the mind unable to comprehend that this is possible and try and prescribe how the experience must be or interpreted.

Thus the reason for self-honesty.

Remember that access to all creation is determined by the equality and oneness of self in expression- no other point applies but this.

How do you live daily with this certainty?

Because it’s who I am and I am certain of why I’m here and what is necessary to be done – that we cannot continue to exist in this way and we will inevitably return to this world and I would most definitely not want to return to a world in such a state. Therefore – I am here – we’re all here, infinitely and I cannot continue to exist in such an existence and I understand that I am responsible for how and why it is what it is – therefore, within this – I take self responsibility for me and accordingly direct and move me – to no more accept/allow this existence, me to continue as I have – and stop. And thus support and assist all others as me to stop – so we assist and support each other as ourselves to stop, stand up, take self responsibility for ourselves – realise/understand what we have accepted and allowed – no more exist in separation/fear but live who we really are. And so it is and so it will be until it is done.

Portal looking to her left


Connecting with Desteni has had a profound impact in my life and I am very thankful.

This is a query about the first introduction to Desteni video. It puzzles me...that the one speaking keeps looking to her left and it really feels like she is looking at something. When she pauses, often she is looking at something and specifically getting information from that something. This is suggesting to me that she is reading or taking cues from someone. It is almost ridiculously obvious. Is this to fend off skeptics and intellectuals?

How could these channelings be deceitful if these teachings are valid... How can you prove that she is not taking information from something/someone and is actually channeling Jack.


No, we access sound while here within and as the human physical body – therefore looking left. We come within and as the human physical body and express here in the moment as ourselves – no preparation whatsoever.

And we are not here to ‘prove anything’ – you have to prove you for you whether you will stand up in self honesty for you as life as all as one as equal or continue to exist within and as self dishonesty and fear of the mind. And if you base your process or you assisting and supporting you on ‘the validity of the Portal due to your assumption of cue cards’ = this is self dishonesty. Then you assisting and supporting you is in separation dependent on a point outside of you.


Feeling nauseous while watching interviews


watching winge's channel videos is starting to drive me mad. first of all, no matter who's she's channelling her eyes always look either straight down up or to her left. never once out of all these people and things she's "channelled" has her eyes ever looked left. it's beginning to make me nauseous. i can't watch them anymore because of it. help. what should i do?


The experience of watching the video's within you, is not because of the being communicating within and as Winged 'looking left'.

The mind, within and as you, will always try and attempt to find one point as 'excuse' or 'reason' as to why self support and self assistance within self forgiveness and self corrective application in self honesty is not applied, and then stick to that one point and fight for your limited existence as a mind, because of fear, the fear of 'losing you' as 'what you have believed yourself to be' as a mind...

The experience within you is WITHIN YOU - and has nothing to do with the video interviews, because you are responsible for what you experience within you - and at the moment, with regards to the experience within viewing the video interviews: You're accepting and allowing the mind to direct you, instead of being self directive and stopping the thoughts.


How do you know that you have the only portal?

Because I am the only being within this world that leaves my body completely, entirely and exist, experience, express and apply myself within the dimensions along with all other dimensional beings.

I leave my body entirely, completely - and another being comes within and as my human physical body, full complete integration, literally swapping, and communicate, express, speak as themselves as who they are - I am not within my human physical body at all. It's like dying - though, my human physical body remains here 'alive' in expression as breath.

So - while I'm in the dimensions, the dimensional being is here completely, entirely as themselves. Then, I return with complete awareness of all that I have experienced within the dimensions, once the dimensional being leaves the body.

There is no other human being within this world existing that is leaving their body, totally and completely - as though dying, and have another being within the dimensions integrate within and as their human physical body entirely and completely and experiencing and expressing themselves here within and as their human physical body - while the being whose body it is, is within the dimensions as a dimensional being would experience themselves. Therefore - I am certain as me, that there is no other being within this world that is currently here on earth and leave their body entirely and completely while another being comes through within and as their human physical body.

Understand also - it is to hear the words spoken, the words - and apply and live the words as you for you. As this process is for all, each one individually - to assist and support themselves to stop participation in the mind, to stop what we have accepted and allowed within ourselves for eons of time that has manifested this current experience of us all within this existence. To stand up, 'till here no further - and live, express and apply who we are in every moment of breath within and as self honesty and self trust: One and Equal.


The Portal and terminology


And not to be rude, but if you are a dimensional portal does that not mean you would have access to ALL information, and thus not struggle with your terminology?


Terminology: The mind analyzing it’s own terms according to it’s own programmed design.

Therefore, ‘terminology’ terminates self-expression – terminology is a construct designed to terminate self expression to approach communication logically through the mind, logical assessment of knowledge and information – herein, enslaving the being to the mind through terminology.

Instead of beings allowing themselves to speak themselves within and as self expression – the beings coming through within and as the Portal is expressing themselves here in the moment unconditionally and is thus not limited and constricted to the designed construct of terminology of mind.

Therefore who you are within self-expression here in the moment is not able to be defined according to ‘terminology’.

(Bruce L.)

Leaving the body


Is there more of a description such as were to concentrate the compression of your being at the brain or heart and where to push yourself through and out of your body?


Understand that leaving your body and experiencing you within the interdimensional existence by being Portal will occur naturally in one moment with one breath – therefore, by you ‘wanting to concentrate’ means that you are trying/attempting to ‘leave your body as being a Portal through using your mind’.

Leaving your body is not a concentration – it’s a natural self-expression, as natural as expression of breath within and as the human physical body.

Leaving your body is a process – it will not ‘happen’ through you ‘forcing it or concentrating on it’ to ‘want it to happen’ or ‘must have it happen’.

Leaving your body as being a Portal as self expression – is ‘dependent’ on ‘who you are’ as the ‘nature of you’ – and you will not be able to leave your body as being a Portal through trying/attempting to force it to ‘must happen’ through the mind.

You will be a Portal when you as ‘who you really are’ as the nature and beingness of you is proven self-honest.

Meaning, if you still accept and allow the mind to control or influence you – have reactions and fears towards anyone or anything and do not stand one and equal in self honesty as life as you here: You will not be able to leave your body and experience you within the interdimensional existence.

So, quite a process for you ahead still in assisting and supporting you within self honesty, self forgiveness, self corrective application and breathing – and standing one and equal with and as the human physical body.

Leaving your body is not a doing - it's about 'who you are'.

(Bruce L.)

Why is it that Interdimensional Beings come through as (male/female) gender?

They're not 'defined' by being male/female or 'masculine/feminine' - though for the moment within this process their expressions are specific for the purpose of process as themselves as all as one as equal of life - yet - interdimensionally we exist as sound, the sound harmonic expression of life, thus, not male/female but sound within and as oneness and equality.

Inconsistencies in Interviews

Please note that the interviews are not planned or a script that is followed or preprogrammed and the beings are like me and you and will make some mistakes, if needed in some cases we can ask for explanations as they are able to move "time" and see where the error occurred.

We note some points during interview, but let it go,as it is a natural self expression and we are interested in the essence of the message

obviously with great inconsistencies we would like to investigate - as that is normally a starting point situation misunderstood between the presenter and the viewer

We prefer inconsistencies from time to time as this makes sure no - one follow the dimensions or the portal as some belief system - that is not the purpose or placement of the portal - The portal is a support for each being that choose to participate in self understanding and self expression

Any inconsistencies though to be shared to allow us to check it out and make sure the information is valid and stable

(Bernard Poolman)

Does Winged go into a trance?

No - no trance - she goes out of her body completely and experiences herself, fully aware within the dimensions - exactly like any other dimensional being - while a dimensional being comes through her human physical body - integrate completely and becomes the 'inhabitant' of her body, while she's in the dimensions completely - then also returns with full awareness of her experiences in the dimensions.


Is Winged a reptilian?


I was just wondering if winged was a reptilian. I have nothing against her, I just speak from watching a video where winged's face turns all of the time.. I would pass it off as video problems but I saw another reptilian video that was exactly like this. Of course, it was claimed the person in it was reptilian.. This could all be coincidence and just video problems.


We compress the video interview twice after we download the interviews from the video camera to the computer - thus we compress the video interview to its ultimate to make upload on YouTube faster.

Thus - what you see on YouTube - with regards to the 'clarity of the pixels' - is because of 'too much' dense compression to make it suitably faster for us to download the interviews on YouTube.

'Reptilians' do not exist and there exist no 'shape shifters' as human beings on earth either.

Anu's 'ultimate plan' was to manifest on earth within and as George Bush - but didn't because of the Portal opening - f-king Anu's plan in one singular moment - thus also the reason why George Bush's mind is deteriorating.

We have removed all reptilian lineages coding/construct within and as human beings' human physical bodies - thus - there are no reptilians inside human beings and no human beings are reptilians for that matter.

The only 'thing' that exists within and as human beings is their own mind consciousness system - that's it.

This is given perspective within the History of Mankind videos.


Do beings retain memories when returning to and from the Dimensions?


Does your/our human mind retain information from the multidimensional being that just occupied your/our body when the occupant is in the multidimension upon their/our return? / Does Winged remember/retain what was experienced by the Interdimentional Being that was in her body while she was gone?

Perspective The portal contains all information of all--and when winged return--all that happened while she was where ever in existence--is immediately available.

Portaling as a natural expression


I am the guy that is one of your friends that has imaginary friends on You Tube, but I have come to the point of exhaustion. My life seems meaningless now. I am continually searching for more and I know insofar that the only way is by becoming a portal. Integrating interdimensional reality as one with myself being physical - as manifested, integrating 'heaven' on earth. I have been attempting this process for years first commencing with astral projection, but was never able to 'go outside of my body.' Now the information that you have presented is even more fruitful, but even after watching the videos on how to become an interdimensional portal, I still don't understand the process of how to become an interdimensional portal. The information seems evasive to my understanding. My inquiry is if you can provide steps such as step 1 do this, step 2 then this, and then step 3. I believe that will benefit me more. As I write this letter, I feel the need to shed tears. I have been longing for years for a connection within to find out who I truly am. And becoming an interdimensional portal, I believe, will put the search to an end.


Being an interdimensional portal is being yourself – portalling is a manifested self expression of ‘who you are’.

Though within your words, indicate that you’re believing that ‘being a portal’ will be the solution to how you’re experiencing yourself – in this, separating you yourself from being a portal, manifesting portalling as an ‘occurrence’ instead of self expression here.

‘Being a portal’ is not the solution to how you’re experiencing yourself - it cannot be, because in you stating that ‘being a portal is what will ‘help me’ – you’re placing your trust within something else ‘outside of you’ instead of trusting yourself.

You must be the solution – you are the solution to the equated ‘problem’ you experience within you – and living the solution as you, is through applying self forgiveness and self corrective application in self honesty.

So, ‘step by step’ – I’d say starting with applying self forgiveness and self corrective application in self honesty – also ‘writing yourself to freedom’.

Here are some practical examples together with the video interviews and material suggested for further perspective:

1. When a thought come up in your mind – you stop it immediately, either say it out loud or aloud within you: STOP – and say: I do not accept / allow this thought within me – DELETE 2. If the thought you have has a emotional or feeling connotation to it – here self forgiveness is required, you apply self forgiveness for allowing / accepting the thought and release the emotional/feeling connotation to it – then DELETE the thought – for instance let’s say you overhear your parents fighting and a thought such as: ‘For fucks sakes they’re such fucking idiots I wish I didn’t have parents’ and together with that thought, anger comes up inside you, you say: I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to blame my parents for being idiots. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to have a thought about wishing not having parents. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to be angry at / with my parents. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to exert my anger, frustration out on them within my thoughts – I DELETE the THOUGHT. 3. As you –participate in this world and any emotions / feelings come up inside you such as ‘love’ (the conditional love which is based on only one person within a relationship scenario – this is not love, this is a ‘feeling’ generated by the mind) / ‘anger’ – you STOP, before it culminates inside you / compounds inside you – take a deep breath – if it still doesn’t stop: Self forgiveness 4. Write / type about your ‘memories’ – apply self forgiveness to release yourself from the past – so you’re able to live you ‘freely’ here in the moment of breath – no past / memory influence 5. Also – write/type about your daily experience, so ‘clear your day within you’ – to ensure that you didn’t miss a moment where you didn’t apply you effectively – then you do the correction immediately through self forgiveness – so you start ‘clear’ the following day – not ‘bringing along memories’ from the previous day to influence your experience. 6. Also – if any pictures come up in your mind – DELETE them, who you are is not a picture, the mind works in pictures. 7. Focus on breathing, live self honesty – self honesty being the application where you in every moment of breath do not allow / accept the mind as pictures / memories / emotions / feelings to influence you as who you are – you stop them and apply self forgiveness accordingly. As you apply self honesty, you’ll establish self trust as well as self expression. 8. As you participate in this world with other human beings – observe you, if you react within you towards anyone – self forgiveness required here, also stop any reactions which want to come up within you immediately.

Here are examples of self forgiveness and self corrective application:

It is within the ‘searching for more’ that you’re manifesting the experience of ‘exhaustion’ within you – see, beings believe that there ‘is something more out there somewhere in something/someone else’ = in this separating themselves from themselves here, instead of self accepting self here = realising that I am here with and as me in and as breath, and that the belief/idea of ‘there’s something more out there somewhere’ which leads you on a trail / path to ‘find yourself’ somehow = is the mind.

Understand that it’s not about placing your attention/focus on ‘wanting to be a Portal’ – it’s about ‘who you are’ within self expression here in every moment, through naturally assisting and supporting yourself within this process of self forgiveness, self corrective application, breathing and writing yourself to freedom in self honesty – you’ll naturally express you in being a Portal.

Being a Portal mustn’t be your vocal point of reason for you – you must be the vocal point of you within and as you.


The portal presenting proof


If we do it for one – where we present proof – then we are supporting the mind, thus we will place only world events to the for, as a collective manifestation. Each being is in their own process of self-honesty - in this self-honesty is each in equality and self-responsible -thus all are assisted equally.

So - then it is up to each themselves and the real truth of each being is faced by self and so we get to clarity on an individual basis and each, -if they so choose may stand up as self and for self then the world change because we change internally and that we proof to ourselves as our world become our inner being reflected as an outer experience.

First - we have to face what we have allowed which is not easy and not predictable and not programmable - as each must do it as self for self.

So, we are really alone, yet we have each other to support each other.

(Bernard Poolman)