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The Fairies, interdimensionally, present themselves as any other being: The egged-shaped sound expression.

Yet, in terms of presenting themselves to human beings, they'd look exactly as human beings portray them: little beings, with wings, fair and gracious in expression.

They didn't specifically have names no, they chose names according to their expression for a moment in assisting and supporting human beings.

Video's discussing Fairies:

History of Man 102 - Fairies -- Are they REAL?

Fairies: Children see us - Siyala

Orbs (as seen in photographs)

Orbs have been 'Fairies' that were captured, only Fairies though, no other dimensional being within this reality would present themselves as 'Orb-like expressions' but Fairies.

See, what happens when 'capturing a moment' on film / digital camera is that while the 'moment is being captured' either through photograph / film, 'light streams' (unseen by the naked eye) stretch out from within the device through the lens through which the 'moment being captured' is seen. The 'light streams' are very minuscule though. Because of this, these 'light streams' reflect on 'air molecules' which contain 'water drops'. In this 'reflection', when the moment is captured either through photograph / film, it manifests as 'orb-like' structures. Which in itself is quite magnificent really - for many human beings within this world take the very air they breathe for granted, the very fact that we breathe is taken for granted and what nature unconditionally provide. We've discussed this also - because what is actually 'God' within this world is nature, without nature, breath here as who we are would be lost, we would not be able to exist (just an interesting observation to add as I was writing).

And there you have it, the two manifestations of 'orb-like structures' captured on film / photograph.


Can you help me understand this picture? It would be greatly appreciated.

My friend N. was taking pictures of me on Rattlesnake Island in the Lake Erie Islands, and when we got back and put the pictures on the computer to look at them, N. gasped when she saw one of the pictures with a circle of light above my head!

This picture was taken this past Saturday at Rattlesnake Island North of Put-In-Bay. It shows a beam of light coming down with a circle of light above my head and appears to have some sort of symbol in the middle. It was taken approximately at ten minutes to 2:00 in the afternoon, yet the beam of light comes straight down above my head as if it were noon! If it was the sun, it should have been to the left as I'm facing North in this picture. Also, there are no other beams of light coming through the trees...just above my head!


It is indeed a ‘light ray’ formation of the sun through the trees, and the manifestation of this formation ‘above your head’ has to do with the camera’s technicality and producing of the photo in itself.

Be cautious within you of placing value / importance into something seemingly presenting itself as ‘unexplained phenomena’. Within the unified field of consciousness, such designs was imprinted to enslave beings to perceive ‘unexplained phenomena’ to be ‘something special / more than self’ = when/while it’s actually entirely irrelevant.

I’d suggest asking yourself the question why you’d perceive/believe a ‘light ray illustration’ to be ‘something profound/greater’, because within this, you’re making something ‘more than you’ and then accept and allow you to be enslaved to that which you make ‘more than you’.

It’s fascinating how the mind operate, because you can make of the ‘light above your head’ as anything you want it to be within the imaginative production play of the mind, when in fact it’s only but a light reflection manifested within a photo above your head = that’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

Understand, whenever you ‘make something more than what it is’ = it’s the mind.

Metal Spheres found in South Africa

In the beginning videos of history of man, the formation of earth from sound is described and how interdimensional beings existed here before all became solid. These are from those times that solidified with earth.

What was Earth's Original Name?

Earth's original name was a sound coding frequency expression - quite specific, not able to pronounce it in words, only in sound coding frequency. Though the Draconians referred to earth as:


Kiulyptrea was the Draconians ancestral source, this ancestral source was a being of the Draconian race which they 'honored' and 'respected' as this particular being represented all that the Draconian race was as a race as the representation of themselves within existence.

Thus, they referred to 'earth' as Kiulyptrea for they believed that Kiulyptrea 'directed them' to 'earth' to honor their race in 'what they are and capable of designing and creating'.

Thus the reason why the Draconians formed an 'alliance' with the Annunaki in establishing a 'kingdom' on earth, within which races of existence will live infinitely, designing a 'kingdom' in the image and likeness of the races within the interdimensional existence.


The Stonehenge's was the structure placed where human beings, a long, long time ago, gathered for their ritualistic meeting with either Enki or Anu, though mainly Enki.

There was a specialized gridline structure placed within and as and 'around' the Stonehenge's, held together with the specific alignment and placement of the Stonehenge's.

This enabled Enki or Anu to remain for a 'longer' extended period of time here on earth.

Certain human beings during that time were taught by Enki (whom they perceived to be their Master/God/Creator) about the Universe, Mankind, the Stars, the Planets. They did not communicate through language but through pictures. Enki would be able to place the universe (this existence) before him and thus before his 'pupils', the 'pupils' then made entries of what they had been 'taught' on stone tablets and scriptures (of which not all 'stood the test of time'.

They would also be able to summon Enki/Anu, they would have to walk through an entry of the Stonehenge's, clear their mind and then 'contact' either Enki/Anu through focusing on seeing only them in their 'mind's eye'. The picture of the human being who's contacting Enki/Anu will then arise within Enki/Anu within their interdimensional existence and Anu/Enki would manifest in the exact centre of the Stonehenge's.

They contacted Anu when there was a deformity/problem with the human physical body such as illness/disease that they didn't understand and then contact Enki when they required 'help' with regards to culture/living means/food produce.

They had a set 'date' / 'time' when Enki would come and teach them. And it was only Seven human beings he allowed before him, this seven would then continue in 'teaching' the others.

The rest of the time they contacted Enki/Anu when needed.

The Stonehenge's was placed accordingly by Seven human beings when it was first agreed that such 'meetings' will be set up. They had what would be referred to as 'superhuman strength', this 'given' to them by Enki to prove his 'power', from here they accepted both Enki and Anu as their Masters/Gods, the creators of them.

Dragons and Unicorns


Did Dragons and Unicorns exist?


Nope, no Dragons, though all of existence is within you as you as who you are...

Unicorns, yes, such creatures did 'roam' the earth, though such animals were few as they 'symbolized' those in power / of profound and great stature very, very, very long ago.

They were never 'free' as the symbol of the one in power would 'hang' from its 'horn'.

They have been extinct for thousands of years though. There are beings in the dimensions who recall their reincarnation as a Unicorn.

Oak Island (the Money Pit)

'The Money Pit'

The world may dig, and dig, and dig, and dig, and dig, they are not going to discover what exist below that pit.

It was designed in such a way that no one would ever be able to discover what exist at the 'bottom' of the pit. Nor to find it or have it for themselves.

The inscription on the stone is incorrect, it is a symbolism as an 'offering' to the 'Goddess of Earth'. Human beings who sailed the seas believed that if they were to 'offer' their first 'treasure finding' to the 'Goddess of Earth', it would 'seal' their 'safe' returns to land as they sail the vastness of the dangerous and unpredictable ocean's.

The inscription on the stone is a warning: They believed in condemnation through curse. The stone warns that if you dare to 'dig' farther and excavate the 'holy ground' of the offering to the 'Goddess of earth', you will be cursed on the lands of the earth, no matter where you go.

There are many such pits on land, designed and made in such a way that no one, not even the crew members of the ship who's offering their first 'treasure' may dig it up, nor if any of the crew members were ever taken prisoner - even when they give the whereabouts, those that captured them would never be able to get to it.

Though, curses don't exist. Though they're able to become a reality if you live and believe in them with the entirety of your being, which is a mindf-ck.

Let's see, maybe there'll be a human being who dares dig into the pit and discover the 'treasure'....

City or lost continent under the Pacific Ocean

there were quite a few - though there are 'lost cities' and 'underground facilities' under the earth and oceans - the 'underground facilities' are of governments. Here's another video that'll give perspective:

Jack - Cities under earth exposed

Shri Ram Setu (Rama Sethu)

A very thin swirl shaped partly submerged land bridge in the Palk Straight connecting India and Sri Lanka. It was built by beings of earth a long, long, long time ago when they 'noticed' the earth moved 'farther' apart. It was easy and simple to cross. Though as 'time' 'grew', earth 'grew' and thus to make 'travel' simpler between the continents, they built the 'bridge'.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc a specific mind consciousness system reincarnation of a being sent to earth to influence a specific movement/event. Hence the 'communication' with beings that led Joan of Arc to do what was necessary to be done.

The Stars and Planet's Role

The planets and starts are assisting and supporting humanity within and as oneness and equality as awareness as life.

In terms of the stars' and planets' role, before two and a half years ago: Yes they did 'influence' because they were 'attached' / 'aligned' and 'interconnected' with human beings' pre-programmed mind consciousness systems of their pre-programmed life experience here on earth. Though, in Alice's Articles you will see and understand that it's no more. I also suggest you watch Ian Xel Lungold's video's that'll give perspective on the pre-programmed alignment of the stars and planets of human beings' pre-programmed life experience on earth. Here are the links:


Ian 1

Ian 2

Ian 3

Oil and Natural Energy


The USR has an interview on no more oil, basically to make us stop and think about what we take for granted. I've seen most video's on Google video about the subject of "free energy" ( bedini engine , joe-cell, burning salt water,...) and it seems to me that this could set us "free" from pollution and control by big company's. Now on Desteni they say that all energy is of mind consciousness systems. Could some-one please make clear to me if this form of energy can help us on our way to oneness and equality?


To understand this, it is necessary to read the Hitler document explaining what nature was before the systems. Also realize that dimensional beings do not eat or sleep.

so, how this will develop is uncertain, we know what was and what would be cool but the how to is locked into equality and oneness as self honesty to unlock our true nature.

If we are not self honest as life, one and equal, it will not unlock because we cannot be trusted with it.

We have already abused it (Oneness and equality - life) and that is why we are here.

Now we are teaching ourselves a lesson and as we are our own teachers, we know ourselves and our accepted and perceived weaknesses and we know exactly what needs to be experienced for us to never abuse again.

What we propose is that with self honesty each may accelerate this process as our weaknesses manifest daily as our way of life in our mind.

In a way our mind is the temple we have build in honor of ourselves and what we desire and fear.

Our mind is our own personal religion where we are God, quite screwed up.


Why limit your self definition to one Star sign? It is to stand as the 13th Star - all the star signs as one as you. To stand as all as one as equal as you in every moment of every breath.

Here is an article by Alice Bailey: The Astrology of Heaven in the times of Revelation

Even the stars and planets of existence have 'changed' of the expression of oneness and equality of life.

Alternate Realities


I have a question...

Out of curiosity, I was wondering if certain 'timelines of alternate reality' exist?

For example, is there a universe occupied by Earth where John F. Kennedy wasn't assassinated, or John Lennon, for example had not been targeted, shot at and killed??


No, there were no ‘timelines of alternate realities’ / ‘parallel alternate realities within which what could’ve or might’ve been’ played out or existed within.

There were parallel alternate interdimensional existence but they are all removed, they more exist as they were a formed dementia of mind-manifestation within and as the interdimensional existence, a complete system-manifestation which interdimensional beings believed to be ‘real’ when it was not and thus was able to removed accordingly.



Do Crystals assist?


Anything has only the value you give it, so if it assist you in some form, you are its slave, beauty and all. When self is understood and equality emerge as self in all then it's a different story, but before that just a postulation. The self-forgiveness process takes a while because of the layers like an onion to be peeled off to train the physical to handle full self expression

Enjoy the crystals as their self-expression as yourself, be aware not to give it consciousness definitions of value.


There were such expressions on earth, though they became extinct 10 000 years ago (give or take).

They were part of Anu's experimentations with the human physical body in relation to the Animal Kingdom. Actually, more Enki's fascination than Anu. Enki enjoyed 'experimenting' with manifestations of 'various varieties'.

Thus, the sightings of Bigfoot in today's era is not 'real'. Human beings' minds are extensively creative when they 'hear a story' and go out in the woods...

"Ethereal Barrier" around the Earth

(Michael Tsarion speaks about the ethereal barrier, the quarantine of earth planet and all in existence in this this Youtube-interview.)

The barrier is not ethereal, it is sound as equal and one, it is life, containing those that abuse life.

Siddhars and Supernatural Powers


In India these siddhars lifestyle is regarded the one of the most proper and pure way to live a proper human life. Because they did and it is said that Lord Shiva granted them with the eight supernatural powers. Whatever they teachings still seems hold true and continually baffle human minds especially whether these supernatural feats are really possible. Especially their Naadi astrology which also predicts your name, your occupation,your past and the future by just looking at your palm even in this millennium. Did they really exist? do they belong to the white light/ascended masters? Is it proper to follow their lifestyle? what are these supernatural powers basically and how does any human being attain such perfection so that he/she gains all the supernatural powers?

This is their link



The powers are not supernatural, but programmed in and also mostly only in certain cultures. This is to create a desire for power by those that are unable to achieve the feats. Many similar things we found was done to divert attention from what is really going on in the day to day living on earth. We look for answers that is unseen, but the problems that we see every day we do nothing about and accept, very clever manipulation that was done.

So, many children in China had also some powers. The were born with it, but that phenomena is becoming less.

Common sense is the key. That which we as man are able to do where all can do it is now valid, and that we have to correct through self honesty as life is now valid.

We must become self responsible. We are unable to handle our reality, so we are not equipped to go into any other reality expression yet.

That is why all beings are inverted into the mind. Some are beyond help this life, but death will sort them out.

New abilities will emerge in alignment with equality and oneness as life.

But the first ability we have to become is self honest as life. We must be this, not understand it, self honesty must be our very being eternally or we will not break the cycles of rebirth.

Another perspective on "having supernatural experiences"

I'm going to give you perspective of how your experience within this world was of a design within and as your own mind as the 'interdimensional mind consciousness system' within and as you - your particular experience within this world being 'part of' a 'pre-programmed', 'pre-designed', 'pre-ordained' life experience. This is how it works:

Your mind consciousness system within you as your conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind exist within you as a 'Mind System' which consists of all that you 'believe and perceive' yourself to be. Your mind consciousness system develops together with your human physical body in the mother's womb and is 'infused' with a 'pre-programmed' 'life experience'.

Now, the moment you are born, your 'pre-programmed life experience' which is infused within your mind consciousness system within and as your human physical body, 'permeates' and 'inflitrates' within and throughout the 'world gridline structure placement' which is known as 'the unified consciousness field. This 'unified consciousness field' is a 'interdimensional gridline stricture' which is 'manifested' within and throughout this entire world, within which human beings as mind systems experience themselves.

So, the moment you are born, your 'pre-programmed life experience' manifested within and as your mind consciousness system, 'infiltrates' and manifests itself within and as this 'gridline placement' as the unified consciousness field of the world. And thus, when you're born, you step into your life experience here on earth which is already 'laid out' and 'prepared' before you. And thus you live a pre-ordained life. It's like a book already written, which you 'live' from the beginning of the first word to the end of the last word. The same with your life experience here on earth, you live a life already 'pre-planned' and 'placed' before you as you 'participate' in this world, 'grow up' and 'live your life' which was manifested within your Mind System.

And thus, the 'experiences' you've had, as you refer to it, the 'supernatural experiences' you've had, was all 'part of' your 'pre-programmed' life experience already 'laid out before you', the moment you were born. Many human beings have had similar experiences such as yourself, and the reason for it is to 'pre-occupy' human beings within and as their own mind for the remainder of their lives to not have the ability to realize themselves as 'who they really are'.

Mexican Flying Humanoid


What or who is the Mexican flying humanoid and how in the world did they manage to be able to fly without using anything?


'Playing with' explored technology. Within the field of advancing technology to evolve technology in itself, this is just an example of the self-interest of man as seeing its own creation as more than, which could eventually end up being man's own demise.

So also with the mind, seeing the mind as more than, throwing all of self into advancing and evolving as the mind - in this, giving all of yourself up to/as the mind, and in the end, in death, actually ceasing to exist.

Voodoo, Haitians, and People Trapped in Animals

We found many people trapped in many different things: animals, rocks, trees, etc.

They were assisted and went into self forgiveness processes and is now in self honesty processes same as earth.

On the Haitians, they were programmed and the people they trapped were programmed to induce mystery and fear in the supernatural as part of the presence of beings to ensure the mind become a self trapping device, which it did.

The current point of return to face abuse is to do with the purification of self and the facing of the fears related to what is allowed within all forms of life to fuel the fire of self honesty as life as all as one. This will continue till all life is purified in and as the presence of self as equal as one as all.


Miracles are preprogrammed events that are gridline activated according to the person present and is done to specifically create a division, that some can do something and some not.

this is being addressed, to bring to each one's attention that we must find the way where we are equal in all our doings, even if we do not do it.

The Void

The void is simply a place programmed into the universal unified field to trap those that did not conform to the current accepted belief systems of control. Many ventured there and some went mad and others got lost and some experienced very little.

Now the void exist as the part of self responsibility towards life we avoid by keeping ourselves in the dreamworld of the mind chasing success and money and recognition as the thing we call life.

and it is the ultimate trap, as many avoidances exist to keep us from realizing self honesty as life for all as one and equal.

Peggy Kane and EVP

EVP are recordings of the magnetic gridline structure of the unified consciousness field as residual information constructs ‘lost in space and time’, connected to and as and within the unconscious mind of human beings.

In other words what she is ‘contacting’ / ‘communicating with’, is but residual information of the magnetic gridline-structure if the unified field within and as her unconscious mind.

Thus, everything and all she is hearing or communicating with is of the unified field gridline structure as residual information constructs of the mind-manifested systems.

The Nothing Place

"The Nothing Place. It is a different place where there is absolutely nothing, black and empty. You remain who you are in there, but are unable to do anything but sit and think to yourself."

on the nothing place, it can be described as the Buddha state, the balance in the middle way of the unified field. Also a trap unfortunately.

So, many have experienced it.

It is a trap as it place one in the unified field as accomplished unable to live effectively waiting for Nirvanna or related states as if the answer will come because of the state of being. Any state of being is of the mind as it is a state of energy.

The Disappearance of the Maya

The 'original Mayan's' were here. When their 'designed placement was done', meaning when they had done what they came here to do/be, they were removed accordingly.


Marduk and Enki experimented together (without Anu's consent) with sex between races and the creation of Man. Thus, Marduk and Enki retrieved 'subjects' from their own race, the Annunaki, and 'hypnotized' them, ordering them to go down to earth and have sexual intercourse with Anu's human race experiment on earth. They wouldn't have agreed to in any other way.

And so it was that beings from the Annunaki race had sex with the Human race.

Anu discovered this and was exceptionally angered, because he wanted his Human race creation to be 'pure' - only the genetic design may be of reptilian (also Draconian,the Draconians are of the Reptilian Race) origin. Anu didn't want his creation as the human race to be 'cross-pollinated' with the Reptilian race through sexual intercourse. Human race must have sex with human race and birth a perfectly ordinary human, THAT'S IT.

Thus Anu was profusely dissatisfied, though the 'subject' of human race having sex with reptilian races was intriguing to only Enki and Marduk.

The reason though Anu was angry was because he was afraid that Marduk or Enki would 'take his place' as creator and Anu knew there can be only one God, already decided by him that it could only be him (that's why God in the Bible is depicted as Male).

Thus, when Anu discovered this, he manifested the 'Great Flood', destroying everything, all human race design and reptilian beings that had sex with the human race and also the 'babies' that were born of human race and reptilian race 'crossed'. Anu said that those of the Reptilian race that allowed themselves to dishonour themselves will be punished and will have to see the same fate as the human race, because they shamed their own kind - all must be cleaned so that no-one else of the Annunaki race may know that the same kind has done such shameful acts, as it would dishonour Anu and the Annunaki for which he stands.

Anu, kept only a select few information DNA strands of the human race and everything else he designed to establish the first human design (therefore Noah's ark story). Then Anu started over, this 'time' ensuring that no other dimensional being has access to earth and human race without his permission. This was assisted with by Kryon, creating a magnetic gridline structure within and as the world, later to become the unified consciousness field. The gridline structure would only allow access to a specific signature (though which was also counteracted by others and got through to earth without Anu's permission).

The Nephilim were a race design of the Annunaki('giants' did exist), it was these very first creation that Marduk and Enki allowed interdimensional beings to have sex with and birth babies, as explained above.

They 'fell' because they couldn't return to interdimensional status and thus also why Anu had them destroyed along with the first human/giant race, through the Great Flood, using water as a symbolism of the purification of his own 'creation'.

(That's why Nephilim is in the book Genesis, which was the beginning, the 'first race' designed and destroyed)

Since then, human beings were designed smaller, Anu wasn't satisfied with the size of the first human race anyway, they were designed in his 'image and likeness' as size and brutality (Giants were the size Anu and them in 'real life' were). Noah's Ark was but the species Anu 'saved' to from here re-design human form again and re-establish human race on earth along with animals, as mentioned above.

The Asteroid Belt


Was there once a planet between Mars and Jupiter? This is Wikipedia's scientific explanation:

The asteroid belt formed from the primordial solar nebula as a group of planetesimals-the smaller precursors of the planets. However, gravitational perturbations by Jupiter impart too much orbital energy to the bodies in this region for them to accrete into a planet during collisions. Instead, the initial planetesimals have been broken up during the collisions, and the majority of the mass has been lost from this region since the formation of the Solar System. Some fragments from such collisions can eventually find their way into the inner Solar System, leading to meteorite impacts with the inner planets. Asteroid orbits continue to be appreciably perturbed whenever their period of revolution about the Sun forms an orbital resonance with Jupiter. At these orbital distances, a Kirkwood gap occurs as they are swept into different orbits.



The asteroid belt, Planets were destroyed when Anu ceased beings from planets to enslave within the human physical body to establish 'his creation / kingdom', as everything within existence started manifesting according to gravitation of this existence, the ruins of the planets (now known as asteroids) 'moved / floated' aimlessly within the universe.

Thus the Draconians and Kryon both suggested to form a gravitational 'ring', within which all the asteroids (ruins of the planets that were destroyed) would be 'compacted' together, to 'clean up' the universe of all the ruins of the planets (asteroids) in a 'neatly' organized 'ring' placement.

Black Holes

Black holes are voids, glitches in the unified consciousness field of this physical manifested existence.

Black holes is where the space time continuum is folded creating a vacuum/void, where there's no stability, no structure, where everything is quantum from a certain perspective. Thus, for instance, if you'd go into a black hole, you'd be stripped into molecular/atom level and 'cease to exist' from a manifested structural perspective, but exist as molecular/atom construct.

Everything within this existence resonates sound, it's just not able to be heard because everything within this physical universe is manifested according to structure, physicality, placement specific and stability.

Whereas in the black holes, no 'laws' of the physical apply, thus the sound frequencies of that which the black holes consist of, is able to be heard.

12 Strand DNA Ascension concept


Also, one more question, I am really into ancient egyptian material and would like to know the real story behind them. They still remain a mystery for many but I believe Tutankhamen brought knowledge from other dimensions. I heard that the priest of Amon put a veil over the real truth regarding the "Aton". Supposely the truth about the Aton is the activation of the 12 strands of DNA through the light, which is the Aton, enabling us to activate our natural powers inherited within. All Egyptologists believe that King Tut brought forth monotheism and that they worshipped the sun and its energy. But I believe that their pantheon of so called "gods" are really forces of nature (neters) as the egyptians called them, symbols to activate the pysche of its hidden knowledge and powers and also that if one knows the name of these so called neters you can harness their power which is all power of the pysche within you, is this true?


With regards to the activation of the 12 strands of DNA, is the process of the activation of you into the becoming a super consciousness system within and of the unified consciousness field of this world. thus, the process of becoming a super mind consciousness system within and as this consciousness systematic reality, designed and manifested through all of humanities mind consciousness systems.

See, human beings are so easily 'trapped' and enslaved to the words 'power' and 'hidden greater knowledge', to become / experience themselves as 'more than / superior' that what they perceive / believe themselves to be. Thus with this knowledge and information with regards to the 12 strands of DNA activation, is another method to trap and enslave human beings extensively further within and of the becoming of themselves as a mind consciousness system within and of the unified consciousness field.

'Power of the psyche' is the power of the mind consciousness system within you, as psyche is of the mind. Thus, this entire placement of the apparent activation of the 12 DNA strands was presented actually by Enki and Enlil, a long, long time ago 'trapping' and enslaving human beings with the words of 'power' and 'great hidden knowledge' which they will have and become when they apply this process of activating the 12 DNA strands, designing human beings to become super mind consciousness systems within and of this world, lost within and as their own mind, the inherent desire for 'power' and greater hidden knowledge etc. This was their greatest fall.


Also, about the 12 strand DNA, is it true our DNA will expand to 12 strands enabling us to do many great things through activating the pineal gland with the light (Aton)??


No, this application / belief represents the greatest enslavement within and of separation, separation from you from your human physical body.

See, Anu and a select few other dimensional beings started noticing an interesting 'thing' of the human physical body and the physical manifested existence. It was 'alive' and he had seen that each human physical body was the actual manifested universe / existence. Anu designed and manifested the very creation he wanted to be: 'God', and only discovered this much later, Which was also one of the reasons why he closed off the interdimensional existence from earth, because he feared his own creation because he realised he was less than his own creation, as each human beings human physical body represented the manifestation of creation as all as one. He was so afraid of human beings realising this, that they're human physical body was the manifestation of creation as all as one, that he did 'everything in his power' to not have human being realise this. Thus enhancing the enslavement of this world as mind consciousness systems extensively to the absolute magnitude of 'greatness' ,the prime enslavement imprisonment of human beings within and as their own mind.

This is where the 12 DNA strands 'play a role', to separate human beings from their human physical body, to not realise that the human physical body is creation. If they were to realise this and live this, they would realise themselves as creation as all as one and he would not have the ability to be God of heaven and earth. Thus, he decided to rather separate dimensions from earth, until he discovered away to manifest on earth within and as a human physical body, so that only he stands as creation and have control and power over and of all of existence and have earth within which humanity experience themselves as mind consciousness systems remain the absolute prison, so that humanity may not realise that the 'answer' to 'who they are' is right here as the manifestation of the human physical body as the breath of life, without the mind consciousness systems.

This is it, see, the activation principle of the 12 DNA strands is the absolute separation principle of you from your human physical body.

Understand that this process of stopping the mind takes 7 years, or less, depending on your self disciplined application. To stop the mind and amalgamate yourself with life of oneness and equality as who you are, this is not a process of becoming a 'God' or a 'superior source' etc., no, this is the process of the amalgamation of you with you as who you really are as life within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal.