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What was The White Light Construct and why did it exist?

Originally when man was created, we were solely created for the purpose of enslavement by a race of beings called the Annunaki. They created the mind construct that consists as our entire body to ensure that we as human beings could be controlled and directed as slaves.

The Annunaki were a race that enslaved other beings due to how manipulative and deceitful they were, so that they could have slaves to always ensure that their world were prepared and taken care of – with gold provided to them from human beings as slaves from earth. That is basically what we are doing to our world: We are creating an enslavement environment for them, which they were planning on visiting again one day.

They were power hungry beings that go about preparing entire planets so that they are able to enjoy its resources, so you are able to imagine how entertaining this planet was for them.

You are able to read more about the Annunaki to get an understanding of who they were.

As you are aware your mind is reliant on the direction of an outside source to ‘tell' you what and how to function as. Throughout your existence you have always relied on either; society, religion or your genetics to dictate your actions as behaviours of other beings around you within your environment which you copied and moulded to become your own – defining in this way your consciousness personality.

When the Annunaki created us they placed within the entire design of our mind consciousness, the desire and need for this direction induced by others - to remain slaves to others in power and control instead of all as one existing in equality.

What they then created was the entire White Light construct to support this. The White Light construct was a conscious implant and manifestation within our consciousness (mind) that was to be the master control point behind the Annunaki's enslavement and control.

The White Light was firstly placed within each being as the entire mind set around ‘I will serve you only O' Great White Light/Master' - that then being how the White Light consciousness system of the Annunaki enslaved us. This being consciousness manifestation of the idea of oneness and equality – the White Light systems was one system within human beings consciousness wherein all remained equally enslaved and controlled by this one system. Dividing races and religions to keep us occupied in believing that there is a higher purpose for our existence.

Everything that you participate with comes from the White Light, from religion, to society to politics. Everything that is man made come from this structure of control and manipulation. A perfect prison was created where everyone could believe that they were free all the while every thought and every deed was pre-programmed in exact precision to ensure the ultimate goal of enslavement. This enslavement started many millions of years ago.

Now of course, we are slaves to everything that they have placed within this world, as the race of beings that created man kind were planning on ensuring our enslavement to be properly in place for when they returned. So within each is placed an entire network of consciousness based on being enslaved called the White Light.Then what they required was for us, to always be guided and directed so that we could be kept enslaved.

Now the very interesting thing that happened was that as I'm explaining to you about the history (briefly) you'll understand that there were particular beings that were created (originally) to bring forth human evolution and to ensure that we remain as one enslaved unified system. Jesus being sent to earth is an example of such a being (amongst many). He was enslaved to ensure that the enslavement of mankind was kept in place – this Jesus was not even aware of as he was deceived by the White Light. So what sounds to you like Jesus on a cloud was in fact the White Light manipulating the truth of Jesus' experience here on earth designing his words into a religion of separation being followed by billions to this day. Jesus will be soon correcting his own history to bring forth the truth of what really happened while he was on earth and the true reason for why he came in the first place. Keep in mind that Jesus (amongst many) had come to give us specific direction and we're a part of a group of beings originally created to ensure that oneness and equality stands within this world. The consciousness of the White Light ensured that his words were miss-represented – creating a religion instead of what was supposed to be experience as the becoming of human beings as the living word as who each really are.

There are many ways in which enslavement functions, carrying a signature of the White Light; beauty, glamour, status, enrichment, enlightenment, power; all names of different games to be played to keep the humans eternally busy. All these games designed so that no one may wake up and ask the questions that may stop enslavement. If you would dare to ask these questions the White Light made sure that all your support would be removed.

Now what I mean with support is actually a dichotomy at the moment, because to live in this 3D world you actually have to participate in the systems already designed by the White Light construct. That means you require money to buy food, shelter, clothes etc. And if you dare oppose the already structured way of how this world is put together by the White Light, your world ultimately has to fall apart because the White Light would not support you in your endeavor. It remains a dichotomy because we actually only require support from ourselves in order to live in this 3D world, but we made slaves of ourselves.

The White Light became a living consciousness ever evolving as we were evolving; creating traps so vast that even we forgot who we were. It created the need for it to exist and we believed that we needed it.

Other than the conscious aspect of the White Light an interesting thing occurred within human evolution. Once we started thinking about our own need and requirement for this ‘White Light' to always direct us (consciousness) it then placed itself (with assistance of the Annunaki) as an actual construct that could enslave us even further once we died. So they created heaven.

Heaven was placed so that once you pass over you could once again be directed and controlled before you were sent back to earth into a new body.

Within heaven was placed Masters (that directed everything), angels, demons, guides and so forth. So therefore when you ask where is God they simply inform you to look at what has been created in this world and then look at how cleverly we have been enslaved.

So, to put the White Light into context: There were 27 masters (dimensional beings programmed by the creators) in heaven that directed mankind with mind consciousness, religion, money, fear, control and sex. They placed within us thoughts, feelings, desires and the need for global leadership. They utilized all these heavenly beings (including demons) as well as placing more and more systems (implants into the human body) that would support further enslavement and control.

If you were to understand (which will be explained) who we really are (who we were originally created as) then you will come to understand that we don't require anybody to lead, direct or control us. We are able to exist within and as oneness and equality.

It was due to trust that we allowed ourselves to be enslaved. We have allowed ourselves to place our trust in consciousness systems as who we have become – a system designed in the image and likeness of separation and fear of loss.

With placing our trust into something outside ourselves – human beings on earth have for some time now no longer been able to trust each other at all. Trust in this world had been transformed into deceit and manipulation.

I realize your main concern is why are we not able to just enjoy religion and a belief in higher beings? Well I am asking you to understand that we are the highest beings and there is nothing higher than us – where all stand within and as oneness and equality within existence. If you place your belief in something apparently higher outside of yourself – you allow and accept enslavement – this is the application of enslavement within separation. It seems somewhat impossible to believe, I know looking at the current status of the world. This however is the product of our enslavement and deliberate de-humanising of man kind, leading to further requirements to be directed, enslaved and controlled.

We were not created to become what we are now. All are equal, Jesus, Buddha and so forth, it is just that these beings were allowed to express their full self as part of man's assistance. Therefore they ‘appear' to be above us, but we are in fact all equal and capable of so much more, if we stand as life and equality and we break the bonds of slavery once and for all.

What is really the difference between ourselves and Jesus but the fact that Jesus lived his words as who he is, he applied and expressed himself as who he is and he came to earth as an example for all to see who they really are – that's it. We're all equal and one – the only difference exists within our application and expression of who we are in this moment on earth.

The reason why we say the White Light was and not the White Light is, is because we as the dimensions with assistance of the awareness of some humans on earth have managed to remove the entire construct dimensionally that stood as the White Light as well as the Masters who stood behind the system. No more Gods, demons, Ascended Masters, Angels and so forth. What we have realized is that such self-defined placements and positions as Gods, Masters and Angels were ideas within the White Light consciousness system - which stretched also within heaven - to ensure further enslavement of something or someone being more than who beings believe themselves to be on earth. This separation had to stop – and so we did.

The existence of anything or anyone being more than another only exists within separation as consciousness which in turn allows for enslavement. Beings like Jesus, Osho, Buddha and many more are currently here on earth, standing with all the other dimensional beings bringing awareness to each of you. We in the dimensions (people that have passed over) have stood up as who we really are in heaven and stand for all of existence in oneness and equality.

What remains of the White Light is merely mind constructs as who human beings have become that require be recognizing and removing from consciousness. The White Light in essence has become so ingrained within human consciousness that human beings as who they are in this moment on earth have become manifestations of the White Light system – this is where heaven comes in to stop the final movement of consciousness on earth within human beings.

Have a look at your behaviour as who you are in this moment and you will see separation, judgement, greed, desires, needs, wants, hopes, beliefs, thoughts, relationships, fear of loss – these are White Light constructs within the mind consciousness systems as who each human beings has become. Look at the status worldwide – separation, fear, control, dictatorship – earth and the experience of all within is designed and manifested in the image and likeness of the White Light system. You're all in it as it – that's why the dimensions are here to bring forth heaven on earth in the image and likeness of oneness and equality.

The White Light construct is further explained in the example of the Soul Contract game as well as under the explanation of systems.

What was the Soul Construct and why did it exist?

The Soul Construct was the entire process placed within a soul's ascension to higher consciousness enlightenment. This was basically the placement of a soul system into a human body designed with many constructs and obstacles within (to ensure failure), to come to earth so that we apparently are able to ‘grow'. To apparently learn lessons, to apparently become enlightened, to apparently ascend etc – only having the ability to apparently achieve this with beliefs in greater powers as Masters or Gods etc.

What this entailed was firstly the design of a human soul system preprogrammed to be on a path that would lead it to its maker (God/Master) – depending which belief or religion you've been enslaved within.

The original soul system does not even begin to describe who we really are as it was a representation or copy of our entire being according to the enslavement model. Within the soul system within human being's physical body as what they believe themselves to be – was designed the fear (which became our conscious fear) of God – in truth the fear of who we really are. As long as the fear of who we really are exist – we'll never go beyond the fear of ourselves to find the truth – but instead remain enslaved within the White Light mind consciousness system.

Within the design of the soul system as who each human being has become was the belief of some greater power outside of who each human being really is which allowed for the existence of beliefs and religions which are followed by many to this day.

The soul system supports separation – so you believe yourself to be a soul with everything else it entails based on information and knowledge as experiences of others – the soul construct in its entirety was based in separation.

Most human beings who believe in the soul construct existence and experience – experience this has who they are because they were pre-programmed to when the soul system was implanted within their human physical body connected to their mind consciousness system. Through this acquiring and ensuring further separation and enslavement.

It was originally through the creation of the soul's transcendence journey how the White Light managed to control man kind. First was placed a need, desire and want for guidance and leadership, then was placed a fear of something greater than us where we perceive ourselves inferior and unworthy of its presence and therefore the soul construct was placed within each being. This is the base foundation principle as the design of the soul system and soul construct.

The White Light required placing a soul system through which human beings as apparent souls move so that they are always able to be directed. This system came in two forms:

One was the soul system placed within the physical body, connected to the mind consciousness whereby we were constantly reminded that God/ Masters/Higher Forces exists outside of us and that we are reliant on their mercy as guidance and direction for our survival (basic subliminal messaging).

The second is the soul construct was within the dimensions (heaven). It consisted of your soul's journey/ascension/enlightenment once it reached the pearly gates/ dimensional planes and how your soul always strove to ‘better itself' – through apparently ascending through planes of existence. The soul system in essence was merely a preprogrammed copy of our true selves designed by the White Light, which it will never get to see God/Masters unless it transcended everything possible.

Now this as you are aware of possess a big problem for the human being. Not only are we not able to stand within this requirement as they never allowed us to overcome anything (which I'll explain), but if ever you did become aware of your transcendence they would erase your memory once you reached heaven/the dimensions. Are you able to remember all your other transcendences, every single one of them through all your previous lives?

Now here is why you could never transcend human behaviour or who you have become here on earth:

If indeed you were aware that the human nature was not what the essence of the soul system stood for and you strove to eradicate such horrendous actions, thoughts and behaviours the White Light would ensure that your mind consciousness was upgraded to ensure that you always remained enslaved. In other words – if you were ever to discover the truth of the soul system and soul construct while either within dimension or earth – your consciousness will either be upgraded to ensure you do not ask further questions or your memory or presence will be completely swiped. Yes – within the dimensions such ability did exist – where you then will not remember anything you've experienced and you'll be sent for recycling back to earth to ensure you remain enslaved.

Let us use an example of your basic: “I am now overcoming or not allowing greed” life transcendence points. You one day realize that ‘spiritually' greed is not of who you are (according to the soul's requirements) and you do everything possible to transcend the allowance and application of greed. You pray, meditate, worship, change your behaviour or participation within this world - whichever form your beliefs take you to. Once you have reached the essence of your understanding in terms of becoming a being who's apparently transcended greed then the White Light would place within you further constructs based on your own transcendence to ensure further reliance on the White Light. They could trap you faster than you are able to say fooled. Honestly, when I look at what I have had to transcend instead of transcending the White Light itself I am only able to cry - sending all within endless cycles of apparent ascension which leads to nowhere except further enslavement.

They would take your transcendence awareness and connect their one power source (in the form of systems – how it is fed globally) to it. Meaning, once you became aware that greed was in fact not of who you really are they then (cleverly) went and within that connected so that now you were not only feeding them (as a global consciousness) but also bringing into consciousness the next set of behaviours, that will then again become part of the global consciousness.

Remember the beings (the Annunaki) that created us created our desire to transcend and learn more about our ‘maker'. Therefore they knew exactly how to entrap each being into further enslavement. Each being has been specifically designed to feed this world's masters and systems, therefore something which you consider transcendence within the vocabulary of consciousness - is all a lie.

So, let's say the White Light required globally for all beings to feed the system of greed all they do is they implant the desire, need and want for more within you plus on the other side of the scale they then create beings that go against as resistance to greed to ensure that the exact same global greed system remain fed. See – the soul system and construct was designed in polarity – no matter which way you turn within your behaviour of application – you will always feed some form of system – if not the exact same one you have endeavored to transcend.

Have a look: This being who's apparently transcended greed because it's not who they are according to the soul requirement delegation – they do not transcend, but in essence transform their change in behaviour and application regarding greed – to resistance. Resisting that which is apparently not of the way a soul is supposed to exist and participate within the world – you're in essence then still feeding the system of greed globally due to your resistance of such an application. That which you resist persists. Whether you are greedy, apply and participate within it or whether you resist greed within your application and participation – you still remain feeding the exact same system you've perceived you've transcended.

This I could talk about all day but basically it comes down to the soul system being moved from body to body through reincarnation (already implanted with all information which consist of memories and experiences of the beings' participation in previous lives) with a particular transcendence required and if you don't transcend you must do it again, keeping you in a continuous loop within all your lives here on earth. If you do manage to transcend you become enslaved to further rules within consciousness (e.g. Then you'll always fear and worry about greed as the experience of the resistance thereof).

The soul construct took on various forms as well.

The first was of course as I have explained the poor soul striving for thousands of lives to meet its maker or becoming of worth and value through ascension. Let me just add that we have no more soul systems or constructs (copies) just our own self in our dimensional form (who we are in essence minus human physical bodies).

The second was the enslavement of the soul once it got to heaven. How many times have I seen myself being enslaved once I got to those gates/dimensional planes? I would stand there in awe of these majestic heavenly beings and they would simply tell me where to from there. I would either end up being a demon or a Guide or a Master; I was once even an Angel! One moment they require implanting consciousness information into you so that you go to earth as an Angel or Guide and 100 years later they turn you into something else – whichever they prefer you to be or do. You are either the Angel or demon creating further fear and dependency on God/Masters or they send you into a body where you feed consciousness by living within the fear and control of some higher force or power - all this done to keep the ‘soul' enslaved and none the wiser.

Each and every construct that is in the form of a belief and religion and your ‘new- aged' way of thinking has been preprogrammed within a soul system as who human beings have become, supporting the soul construct existence.

Now of course the soul system and soul construct have been removed and destroyed and no longer exist. We in heaven/dimensions have stood up and realized who we really are as awareness, equality and oneness. We are no longer supporting, allowing or accepting any and all systems and constructs of separation within and as consciousness.

Still, this idea about the existence of a soul remain within the consciousness minds of human beings as who they have become and it is now up to each and every human (with the assistance of the dimensions) to let go of the pre-programmed information. To allow all to become who we really are without the control and enslavement of the soul system and construct.


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