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2007 - 2008

Consciousness is aware of itself. The nature of consciousness is like a field, isn't it?

Consciousness is not only a field, no - it's the manifested reflection of what all beings in existence have accepted and allowed themselves to be equal to. Therefore, all in existence is responsible for the manifested creation of consciousness - because all in existence accepted and allowed the creation thereof. You are able to speak to anything and everything in existence - from atoms to molecules, to water, to plants, to trees, to animals, to insects, to systems, to consciousness and even to structural resonances.

All in and of existence is YOU, is one with who you are and therefore you are not able to judge, resist or deny what exists or what manifests. The reason also being that all that exists, within and of existence: All beings in existence participated in the design, creation and manifestation thereof, we are all equally as one responsible for the manifested expression of existence, this includes consciousness, consciousness systems etc. It's YOU - it's reflecting that which you have accepted and allowed yourself to be equal to - YOU and all of existence accepted and allowed the manifested expression of existence, we all together designed and created the manifested expression of that which we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be equal to, which is shown as consciousness enslavement.

The manifested expression of existence is our responsibility - we're not limited. Who we are is eternal - therefore we have the ability to speak to anything and everything in existence - because it's one with who we are, there exist no separation whatsoever within and as who we really are. And in truth, all of existence as one together, even the structural resonances and consciousness systems, is actually assisting all of existence within the process of self realisation. How? Showing us, in our faces, what a fuck-up we have created and manifested and accepted and allowed ourselves to be equal to.

Therefore, we stand up as who we really are within all and everything that we have allowed and accepted ourselves equal to, to STOP!

I am stressed and hate the system

So - you're realizing the experience of you within this world, which is most certainly not the 'wonderful world' everyone else may / might perceive it to be. So, the only question to ask yourself is the following: Now that you realize how you're experiencing yourself, are you going to accept / allow it - or are you actually going to stand up within you as the statement: 'Till here no further! I am able to give you the 'tools' in application with which you're able to assist and support you with, all you have to do it actually live and apply them as you.

Now, the experience you're having is that of accepting / allowing the 'system' to 'influence / control' you instead of you directing you in every moment of breath. First, let's go through this entire document, point by point, whereby I'll give you perspective of your experience - the 'source' / 'reason' of your experiences then how you live the solution as you.

So, the words 'I hate this system' - is you revealing to you, that you are within you, accepting and allowing that which exist 'outside of you' as the system to influence and control WHO YOU ARE, which then 'manifests' the experience you're currently having within you. So, the question, where and how does this system 'exist' - it exist within you as the manifestation of thoughts, feelings and emotions, so, currently, you are IN the system and OF the SYSTEM - now, how to practically 'live and apply you' to be IN this world but NOT OF this world?

Let's first look at what it means to be IN this world and OF this world: In this world, you are existing in this world, participating in this world, of this world meaning you are accepting and allowing thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, pictures, people, etc. to 'influence / control' who you are and how you experience you within this world - because your mind is a representation of the entire 'system' of the world which we refer to as the 'unified consciousness field'. The world a reflection of what we have become as the 'nature of ourselves' as what we defined ourselves as 'who we are'. It's interesting: Everyone is attempting / trying to 'fix / help / save' the world - instead of realizing we are the world, we are the manifestation of this world as this world - what requires direction to stop what we have done in this world - we must stop ourselves, stop what we have accepted and allowed within ourselves - we are responsible, thus we are responsible to stop. Some have understood this 'point' - but did not realize / understand the extent we require to 'go to' to actually really once and for all STOP - realize it's not a 'fixing / saving' - it is a COMPLETE STOP, for in this complete stop, only HERE do you have the capacity to know thy self - meaning to actually see/realize/understand who YOU are.

What does it mean to be IN this world but NOT OF THIS WORLD: This is the application where you participate in this world - but not accept or allow the mind as thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, pictures or even people within your world to influence who you are within you in every moment of breath. Now this is done as follows:

First - what do you 'know': The mind is the machine which generate all sorts of shit inside you - emotions such as 'hate', exactly as the experience you're having with regards to the 'system' but the actual 'truth' of what you're experiencing is the 'anger / frustration' you're experiencing towards YOU - because 'in a way' you 'know' you're allowing / accepting this - but do not yet know / understand how exactly to STOP it, and it becomes TOO MUCH and then you attempt / try to 'find a quick way out' which some do through 'removing themselves from this world' - but 'removing you from this world' is actually a GIVING UP - not a STANDING UP. Understand, you wouldn't have been in this situation if you didn't already know / understand you could 'walk through this' as actually realize you and what it really means to STAND UP.

Now many human beings find it difficult to comprehend that whatever they experience / reflect / project to something / someone outside of themselves - they're actually experiencing towards themselves - such as the 'hate projected towards the system' is actually anger / frustration you experience towards you - and this is very important to realize - because if you don't realize this / see this - how will you ever be able to take self-responsibility? How will you ever be able to stop what you're experiencing within you? So - in realizing for instance: SHIT! I'm doing this to myself - I'm accepting / allowing this anger within me - then you have the ability / the power to stop it in the following way: Through self-forgiveness and practical application - which is done in the following way:

Self forgiveness: I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed anger and frustration within me through believing or thinking that I am powerless in the face of the system as my mind of emotions and thoughts. I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that the 'hate I experience towards the system' is actually the anger and frustration towards me, because I have accepted and allowed this experience within me and I did not stop it. I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to stop what I accept and allow to exist within me.

Practical application: This is where self-observation is imperative. This is where focusing in breath as breath 'come in' - because as you breathe, you observe you within you, if any thought, feeling or emotions such as or related to anger or frustration for instance 'come up' - you stop it immediately, instantaneously within you. For instance when you overheard your parents communicate about money - and you just 'feel' that anger / worry / fear come up inside you - you take one massively deep breath and you say: STOP! - before it culminates within you. Because what you would've accepted and allowed is for the emotions / thoughts within you to run amok - to the point where you want to punch a fucking hole in the wall - this is where 'self-will' comes in, you STOP those damn emotions and thoughts before they culminate to such an experience within you - and you take YOUR POWER in this moment and say: NO! 'Till here no further - I do not accept / allow these thoughts / emotions to fuck with me anymore! It's quite a liberating experience when you apply this K - so I suggest try it out, do it. And this you continue doing - this is where self-discipline is applied - not to allow the thoughts / feelings / emotions to fuck with you - where you stand up in this moment for you within you.

Then also, I suggest to have a look, either writing / typing the 'points' in your world which cause anger within you and you apply self-forgiveness, for instance if it's towards your parents - what within your parents irritate you / make you fed up / angry / frustrated - you write it all down to the exact specificity of how you experience you in their presence and then you apply self-forgiveness for it - for instance if it's the way they 'treat you' you say: I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to be influenced by the way my parents treat me - I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to take their reactions towards me personally through allowing their reactions towards me to influence me - I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to react when they react instead of realizing that their reaction towards me has got nothing to do with me, but what they are reflecting exists within themselves. Now you also have to test your self-forgiveness to see the effectiveness thereof - if you're in their presence and you still 'react when they react' - you stop you within you, through breathing, silently inside you, you will you in saying: STOP, and focus on your breathing - then you know you still have to apply self-forgiveness because you're still reacting - so you continue until the moment is here where they 'react' towards you - and NOTHING MOVES INSIDE YOU -you remain clear and calm and stable within you - NO REACTION - then you know this particular 'point' is 'DONE' within you.

And this you do with every 'point' in your world with which you react within you - when you do this, you will start seeing for yourself how you've actually allowed and accepted the reactions within you - and how you will stop it through self-forgiveness and application in breathing and observing you in every moment.

How did I create the system?

This is quite an interesting experience - when you suddenly experience yourself in one moment and you look at your situation and circumstance - 'wipe out your eyes' as though you've awaken from a dream and say: How did I get here? How did this happen? And you 'cannot see' how you got into this 'mess' / cannot remember how you got into this 'mess', because the experience of you is as though you are this 'mess', you are in this 'mess' and it seems like there's no way out of it - yet there is. The 'solution' as I have mentioned is YOU.

The question: How did I create this? Is simple: Through acceptance and allowance - through allowing / accepting within you that thoughts, feelings and emotions and memories and pictures and people within your world to influence / control YOU in every moment. Thus - allowing the system to 'direct you' instead of you directing yourself. Realize also that who and what you are in this moment - is a 'product of your parents', a 'product of memory' of your parents mind's as the 'nature' they have become of this world - as children are always born as copies / duplicates of their parents. See - human beings exist of memory as memory = you are a product of your parents, your parents that have gone before you = thus, you are the manifestation of the memory of who your parents are. Thus - the way you 'react' / 'feel' / 'think' / 'experience' yourself is 'based / founded' in your mind's information of memory as that of your parents. You have not yet ONCE IN YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE actually LIVED YOU: EVER - nothing of what you have ever experienced have been REAL from the perspective that it's been an expression of you as who you are - because you've always been the 'nature of the mind' as thoughts, feelings and emotions as memories of who your parents are - so, the mind operates in memory - therefore - you will 'establish / design' your 'life experience' in this world according to the 'nature of you' as what you accept / allow you to be as the nature of the mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions based on memories as that of who your parents are. The mind is programmed - it can only 'operate' / 'design' in memory - thus, you will live / manifest / design the exact life of both your parents together through participation in the mind - so, you actually live / experience your parents' life.

Now - it is impossible to 'blame' your parents - they did not know, they do not understand, they do not realize. As it is impossible to blame the world, blame the mind, blame the system - because have a look: You can blame as much as you desire: But it will not make ONE BIT OF A DIFFERENCE to how you experience you - it will actually only compound the anger and frustration within you, which you will 'exert' out on others - and really fuck yourself. So - the question: What now? Have a look K- currently you are experiencing what you are within yourself - and if you yourself didn't accept / allow it - you wouldn't be in this position / situation in this moment. And for some it's tough to realize, because of you actually realize this: I am responsible for what I experience through my acceptance / allowance of defining me as what I experience within me of the mind as thoughts/feelings/emotions - this means YOU have to STAND UP and take SELF RESPONSIBILITY and some just don't want to do it - because they want others to do it for themselves: Which is impossible of course. The 'shortest' 'route' to self-freedom, is you standing up within you and taking self-responsibility - don't give your power away to blame - god, it's not worth it - really.

So, 'the way out' is YOU - through not participating in the mind - realize that the thoughts, feelings and emotions is not who you really are, then you stop them in every moment as you focus on breathing and apply self-forgiveness - when you experience those emotions/thoughts/feelings just wanting to come up within you - you say: STOP - this is not who I am and because it is not who I am: I stop them.

Me as a System

The system is the manifestation of the nature we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become within.

For instance: The mind as thoughts/feelings/memories/pictures/ideas/perceptions/beliefs is a system as it exists separate from ourselves and thus controls/influence who we are here in every moment of breath. Then we have the ‘unified field system’ – which is the current manifested way this world exists which, through acceptance and allowance control and influence the experience of ourselves within ourselves within this world.

At the moment – yes – we have accepted and allowed ourselves to define ‘who we are’ as the ‘mind system’ and the ‘unified field system’ within this world and within ourselves – beacsue we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to define ourselves according to it and thus experience ourselves as it.

Though – have a look at the video interviews and the material presented on the website for further perspectives and support.

Energy Loss/ Energy Fluctuation

Energy is of the mind - who you really are does not exist within / of energy. Energy is a mind design.

Within this process, as you apply you effectively in every moment of breath - you'll remain constant and stable here in every moment, no energy fluctuations, because you will no longer accept / allow the mind to influence / control / direct the expression of you in the moment here. Thus: energy / energy fluctuations exist of the mind in the mind and not as who you really are.

Also, the mind exist within and as polarity friction such as good/bad / right/wrong and then of course positive/negative - so if you define you according to polarity which exist of the mind - you're in the mind as the mind and it will throw you like a ping-pong ball within yourself as you constantly and continuously exist within either one polarities. For instance - if you fear/resist/judge the negative and only focus all your attention on the positive what will compound / charge itself is the negative - then you go into constant continuous cycles of up-down / up-down / up-down within yourself and in participating in the idea / design of energy and polarity within you of the mind - you so charge / power / generate the mind - because the mind moves / exists as you constantly and continuously participate in energy fluctuations of polarities as positive / negative.

The Design of Polarity - YouTube

Ringing sound in ears


Has anyone transcended the constant ringing/frequency/functioning machine sound within the head? Is it even possible?


Transcription of 'Background Noise to Prevent Inner Madness

22 July 2010 by Bernard Poolman

"The importance of background Noise to establish whether you are actually out of mind or not. It means, whether what you are living is real or not. If there is silence and there is no background noise, you are in the mind, you are delusional, you are in a make believe world, everything you are seeing an experiencing is not real. You will see it is very similar to a dream. In a Dream there is no background noise!!! In the mind, there is no background noise because, there is no living things. In this living reality, everything is alive, there is constant background noise. You can also hear the high-pitching sounds of our electronic systems that is globally active, all the time, so it is screaming in your ears, all the time. If you have blocked this out, you are in the mind, you cannot be trusted. Who you are is completely only a machine then. It's only a make believe personality, nothing real. If you are meditating to get to a state of silence, where you do not hear the background noise, you are deluding yourself. Those that has trapped in believing that it is mastery, are only trapping you to justify their own point and they are actually only looking at self-interest. They will also not promote a global solution for all living things in the world. They will only promote a solution in some far off alternative reality that is untouchable, and you have to belive in, to make it real. They will take you into a total make believe world, where you become completely lost. Background noise, is like side effects. It is the confirmation of what is reality. 1+1 = 2."

Waiting for systems to end


Self corrective application is self discipline.

 What I find is that every system will come to an end, and the faster it comes to an end the better, because at that point we realize its a system. There really are no limits people.


I'd suggest, instead of waiting for systems to come to an end, which would be you trapped in the cycle of having to wait for you as the system to play-out, wherein you in the unraveling of you as the system, is at the mercy of the system in waiting for it as you to stop or come to an point of stopping wherein your experience will be according to the design of the system, then realising that who you really are is not this system - then will have to time-loop again and stand before the same point: 

To stop you as the system here as self directive principle within the realisation that the system is not who I really am, and to apply the living expression of you as self directive principle to walk in self honesty equal and one here, considering all equally as one. 

Don't wait to be at the mercy of the system, wherein you will show you through experience a point of realisation, wherein you'll have to time loop until you're the directive principle as the realisation. 
Be self honest in every moment and apply the directive principle equal and one here. 

(Bruce L.)

The Unified Field Transcendence with Self-Forgiveness

Please note you are in a unified field--the nature of a unified field is specific with no half measures or half programmes

This means - to be able to move freely in this unified field without being affected or infected by it, to confirm that you are free, you must be able to write the self forgiveness as he did in the moment without thought while moving as sound through the program you are transcending. Any mistake in the sentence construction or inability to place the self forgiveness in effective sentences that is both harmonious to read and speak - you have not yet been totally self honest or dedicated your self to yourself effectively.

Understand this is a journey - not for the undisciplined, because the systems that enslaves are pure, precise, brutal discipline, like a software program, it makes no mistakes in it running of a program.

This is also not the only Unified field you will have to transcend program by program - this is the earth unified field - the Universal comes later or hereafter. Understand that equality and oneness guides this for all and no-one will get a short cut or have any of it done for them, each being will do this for themselves, now or later, as this purifies all existence equal and one and bring life together as one and confirms equality.

So make sure you do not become enslaved to some one writing the self forgiveness for you, as then you will "fall" and do it again through a timeloop - and forget everything so it may be authentic next time.

Remember, systems do not care, do not love and do not die as long as they have free power from the ignorant, thus the process may seem harsch, being trapped by systems in unified infinate cycles till next reminder will be harscher, as next time each will remember what they allowed and the compression will be more, thus the pain and frustration will be more, until this is done and self birth self from the physical to be eternally free.

and remember - the fact that you are here on earth means you are not free, you are a slave, yet assistence is here to make sure all make it here or hereafter.


(Bernard Poolman)