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What is the problem with Tolerance?

Tolerance, in this world, is directly related to Acceptance and Allowance. The idea of Tolerance, as Accepting and Allowing - or giving permission for people to have 'opinions, traditions, values, beliefs, definitions' that they live and apply in their daily lives -- that you do not necessarily 'agree with'. A key word here is 'Respect'. It is seen as 'honorable', 'good', 'noble', 'virtuous' to 'Respect' and 'Tolerate' the opinions and beliefs of others -- even if you do not 'agree with them'. The opposite of 'Tolerance' is 'Hate'. The opinions, beliefs, traditions, values of human beings are allocated here within an accepted Polarity design of either 'Tolerating / Allowing as 'Positive' - or 'Hating / Fighting' as 'Negative'.

The problem with this is that such a Polarity design of 'Tolerance / Hate' exists because Humanity is Divided through its opinions, belief systems, traditions, cultures, values. Each person assigns in fact a make believe value to their own Self Definition as 'My beliefs and opinions and thoughts and traditions, etc' -- and then expects the rest of Humanity to 'respect and let me have my opinions and values, belief systems, thoughts, and traditions, etc.' So - look at this with Common Sense: you have almost 7 billion Human Beings all expecting each other as individuals and groups to 'respect and let me have my opinions, belief systems, thoughts, traditions, values, etc'. And, when you look at what Human Beings do to themselves and each other (and have been doing for a loooong time) in the name of their opinions, belief systems, values, traditions, thoughts, etc' - is it all things that you would not mind having done unto you? Would you like to be made to starve or exist in poverty because you don't have money? Would you like to be brainwashed from birth being taught to worship god and fear an eternity in hell for example? Would you like bombs dropped on you, or to be tortured in the name of War fought for someone's beliefs, opinions, values, thoughts? I mean, the person born into poverty is made to suffer because WE ALL Tolerate the current Money System.

How about Relationships -- look at how, in this world Human Beings in Relationships Tolerate each other having secret thoughts and opinions about each other? Or different beliefs and definitions of things that create conflict in the Relationship? Look at how many people start out Tolerating the things they 'don't like about each other', attempting to 'respect each other's differences', which inevitably leads to conflict and emotional outbursts of disagreement / anger / frustration when the truth of each one comes out as 'I hate when you do that!' 'I can't stand this anymore! I'm leaving!' 'I can't be with you anymore because I'm not in love with you anymore because I don't like the way you look'. It began with Tolerance and ended with conflict.

And look at this world - you have conflict in every aspect of the 'Human Experience', created because Human Beings are not able to 'infinitely Tolerate' each other. I mean, for Tolerance to actually 'work' as Human Beings would like it to - each one would have to exist entirely within their own secluded and isolated bubble where they would not be able to influence or affect each other in any way whatsoever. Then everyone would be in their own world with their own beliefs and opinions and values and would never have to worry about another person being in conflict with them. There would be no consequence to your beliefs that would affect another being -- you would just affect you.

But, the reality of the situation is that - we are not in our 'own little world'. We are in a world that we SHARE. A world that we shape collectively as Humanity. The Reality of Tolerance is that we are Tolerating each other to have beliefs and opinions which form the foundation for all kinds of abuse and conflict. And why? Because we want to have our own beliefs and opinions and values -- want to be 'our own unique self with the traditions and customs and values that I prefer' -- and why? Because that makes you feel like you have 'free will', and are 'choosing to be who you are' -- you feel like you have your own unique 'self'. But in fact, when you look at where this so called 'unique and free willed person' has come from, Self Honesty, you - and all Human Beings - have learned our beliefs, opinions, value system, etc from other people! We are not original! We did not even choose who we will become -- because who we are has been entirely determined / shaped by the circumstance of country / province / state / city / town / village / ethnicity / race / culture in which we were born, the people who Taught us and the amount of money that was available.

So, the only reason we want others to Tolerate our beliefs and opinions and value systems is because that's all we think we are -- "I am my beliefs and that's all I am". But you are in fact just a clone of the beliefs of others. So - you don't in fact know who you really are! No one does! We are simply repeating that which was input into us which we accepted as 'who I am'.

Tolerance is based on fear of losing yourself. One Human Being Tolerates another's beliefs, because you fear to lose your beliefs - you don't want your beliefs attacked. So, people who exist within Tolerance actually exist within Fear and Self Preservation / Self Interest.

I mean, this is obvious - why else would we Tolerate the war / greed / corruption / violence / neglect that exists in this world, other than that we do not want anything or anyone to interfere with 'who I am'. Everyone actually knows that who you currently are has been shaped by the world as it exists, and requires the world as it exists to remain as it exists and not change -- because then YOU would change! If the world were to change, you would no longer have the life you have right now! You would lose that which currently defines you!

So, the question is - is this acceptable? Is Tolerance acceptable behavior for Human Beings? Common Sense is - NO. Common Sense is, we require a solution for this world. Common Sense is, war, conflict, greed, corruption, poverty, starvation, abuse -- MUST END. But to end this, we have to actually stop Tolerating that which is the basis of the abuse and suffering which exists in this world -- which is the belief systems, value systems, opinions, traditions, patterns of Human Beings.

I mean, if your life and your 'self' is defined by the current consumer 'way of life' -- then YOU are part of the foundation of abuse in this world. Because, the current system cannot exist without economic inequality, without inequality of education and ability, without inequality of power and worth.

It is the responsibility of each Human Being to investigate and evaluate Self Honestly - What am I Tolerating? What am I giving permission to exist through my Tolerance? To deny this responsibility is to deny that you have an effect on what exists in this world -- which is not so. As the family of Humanity / Animals / Nature -- all Here on Earth, what are we willing to Tolerate in the behavior of each Family Member? Does it make sense to Tolerate a family defined by division and separation and conflict through beliefs and opinions and value systems that do not consider what is Best for All as the Collective Family? Obviously not.

The end of Tolerance is the beginning of Responsibility - to no longer 'exclude' what is here through Tolerance. But to Include all that is here in each of our starting point of considering ourselves in relation to everyone and everything else that is Here. Within this, no polarity as 'Tolerance / Hate' is necessary in evaluating what is Here -- because you simply look at what is Here, look at the starting point of a being, and evaluate whether that being is accumulating or giving permission for conflict / division / abuse, or accumulating that which is Best for All.