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What can one do to support oneself financially without having to continue supporting the system?


Consider this:

Realise, that – what exist within this World-System, as it Function and Operate through Businesses, Corporations and Industries and How it Move within the Money/Financial-System - we have created, established and manifested as-Is, because of the starting-point within ‘who we are’ = and this we did over a long, very long period of ‘Time’ and so became what it is Today within which we ‘live’, or actually ‘survive’ shall I say and upon which we’re currently ‘dependent’ for that ‘Survival’.

So, within this:

We cannot ‘Judge’ the current World-System as it exist, or how we exist within the World-System, we accepted and allowed it and within Submission – gave ‘Way’ for the World-System to exist as it does, and how we exist within the World-System. So – how the World-System exist and how we exist within the World-System as it and we exist at the Moment, has been so by our own doing through ‘Time’ and within our acceptances and allowances within ‘who we are’.

To ‘Change’ this – is going to take ‘Time’, meaning – a ‘Process’ of ‘sequences of events’, as well as a Stand within what we’ll accept and allow and what not within ‘who we are’, both within and without within the Principle of Equality and Oneness.

Thus, – realise, that: For the Moment – find a job within which you can practically assist and support yourself with Income, while you’re practically assisting and supporting you within changing ‘who you are’ in living/becoming the Principle of Equality and Oneness = until we’re in a Position, wherein the Equality and Oneness as ‘who we are’ within, will manifest as a World within which Equality and Oneness is equal and one as ‘who we are’.

So – in terms of having a job – earning money: You’re participating in the World-System as-Is, you cannot at the Moment ‘run from that’ / ‘deny that’, meaning – at the Moment, commonsense is: To exist in this World, you require to earn Money to be able to support and assist yourself in existing in this World / participating in this World. And it’ll be so – until we change it, so – until we do, support and assist yourself with income – within which you’ll have to ‘participate in the World-System’ as-is, though realise that – your participation in the World-System ‘doesn’t define who you are’, what you stand-as and what you’ll accept and allow and what-Not within the Principle of Equality and Oneness Here.

So, get a job to assist and support you Financially – and walk who you are within the Principle of Equality and Oneness Here – until who we are within is equal to and one with who we are without within the Principle of Equality and Oneness Here, as all as one as Equal.

(Sunette Spies)