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The abuse that exists within this world is due to the self abuse that exists within and as us, that we've accepted and allowed to become us.

Herein, beings are being abused, such as you have experienced, within this world - abuse exists, because we're accepting and allowing it to exist - and we're the origin, the source of it.

Therefore, it is to stop existing within self-abuse, because as/when each one stop existing within self-abuse - no abuse will exist.

Therefore, we start with ourselves, as we are the starting point of it all.

I'd suggest observing you and your world and where/when/how you're accepting and allowing self-abuse to manifest within and without - and from here make a stand: I will not accept/allow abuse within me and my world.

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Opinion or real?


Does abuse exist in Reality as Common sense support for all life one and equal or as outflow of an opinionated reality where all are separate in self interest as opinionated personalities?