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An Agreement between two or more beings is the decision these beings make to unconditionally assist and support themselves and each other within their individual processes of self realization. This is a self willed and self directed decision and as such it is not based on an emotional and/or feeling stimuli.

An Agreement is where two or more beings are able to assist and support themselves within and each other, as each stand-alone (as all one) - not accepting and allowing anything less than who each other is - as each stand in application and expression for all as one as equal as life as who they are.

Relationships in this world have been defined as "loving the other for what they are / what they have become". Within it is implied that both the "good" and the "bad" that exists within those in a relationship is accepted, allowed and seen as "normal". This gives rise to all kinds of reactions and conflicts between those in a relationship.

Within an Agreement, all that is self dishonest - all the limitation that exists within and as our minds - is not tolerated. Therefore, those that are in an agreement only accept, allow and push for themselves and each other to be effective and trustworthy beings that stand as the principle of Equality and Oneness at every moment of breath.

In an Agreement there is no space for jealousy, doubt, control, manipulation, secrets, arguments, reactions, conflict, betrayal, anger, fear... In case any of these arise they are dealt with in the moment - thought self forgiveness and/or breathing - so as to not allow such limitations of and as the mind to influence the actions of those in the agreement.

All is revealed, all is shared in an Agreement communication is direct and clear and what is best for all is the foundation for all interaction.

In essence, an Agreement is the self willed and self directed decision to express individually and in a group/team all the potential existent within the human being that is beyond all the limitations within and as the mind.

It becomes an Agreement, when the two beings are experiencing life together as one, both in full expression as equals. Even when the other leaves it does not change who you are. You are not depending on each other. The relating and agreement if agreed must not change who you are infinitely or influence who you are, like in compromises. So for a moment-- relationships will be complex to reveal all complexes and a suggestion for those deciding to walk an agreement is to create an agreement vocabulary where they together state the words that they are going to live in the agreement, where the vocabulary between two beings are harmonized to become of equal and one; where both 'transform' their vocabulary of words expressed within and as oneness and equality - where each word you both speak, within and as communication with each other, is the expression of you within and as oneness and equality.

How to start an Agreement?

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Practical Perspective on Agreement that could save a lot of Misery

Agreement Course - Redefining Relationships

The purpose of the agreement course is to establish an effective self-agreement – to from here develop an effective agreement with another as self. Thus – the course a practical support in the process of living what it means to be equal and one with another as self.

Tired of a stream of failed relationships? Want to find resolution to the internal and external conflict in yourself and your relationship? Exhausted all your options with finding The One? Do you blame yourself for failed relationships? Has your search for a twin-flame burned out?

Within this course you will empower yourself with:

• Being able to understand your past so that you can change your future in relationships

• Stop 'searching' for relationships and learn how to 'create' a relationship

• Develop effective practical skills for conflict-resolution

• Develop effective communication skills

• Develop skills for effective practical living together

• Learn how to develop lasting intimacy with yourself and/or your partner

• How to commit you to yourself and/or a partner in an agreement that supports growth, expansion and self-development

• Learn to utilize masturbation as a tool for compatibility and effective agreement alignment

• Be introduced to sexual communication in agreements

Relationship and Agreement support

Self-Forgiveness in Relationships – The beginning of an Agreement

If you ever in your life experience would 'prefer' a 'proper' Agreement experience in self-honesty with this particular partner - sex in the equation is irrelevant, it's with regards to each others intimacy in communication - you have to sit before her and do self-forgiveness with your partner.

You say: I have to forgive myself with you for what I have accepted and allowed myself to manifest within my life because of my self-dishonesty within me: I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to be self-dishonest by defining our experience as a 'relationship'. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to 'hide me' within this relationship.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to look for love and acceptance and recognition in relationships (so you do self-forgiveness from the perspective of why you have been in this 'relationship' with your partner in the first place - open and self honestly you apply self-forgiveness - not 'looking/wanting a particular outcome whatsoever). You can ask if your partner would like to 'like to' make an agreement with you - understand that this has got NOTHING TO DO WITH RELATIONSHIP / SEX - but two beings assisting and supporting each other, to be able to communicate intimately which is only done in self-honesty.

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Opinion or real?


Agreements based on the practical actions that support each as life in form equal and one is real. 

Agreements based on manipulation or the betterment of some at the cost of another, is opinion manifest.