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In the process of getting to know ourselves, the world around us, and how we exist within this world with eachother, there are a few tools with which we can aid ourselves to move more effectively and more structured through the amounts of information that we already have acquired within our lives and new information that we want to integrate within our lives.

Blogging and Vlogging are tools which we can use to aid us going through information.


Blogging is writing about a specific topic and making that writing public.


Vlogging is speaking about a specific topic in front of a camera and making that video public.

How does this work

One of the major underlying principles is getting to know yourself, so you know what you deal with and how you can change through such understandings. Though understanding yourself or this world is not something that will happen over night. It's an active process of you living in this world, seeing things, adapting to things, and through that shaping your life and your understanding of this world in very intriguing ways. Though these processes of seeing, learning, adapting, coping, and living are not separate from each other. It's one big process wherein every single aspect influences motives, perceptions and thus all your behavior in general. One simple example of this would be:

"You at the age of 5 walk in the supermarket together with your parents. You see something that like, because of the color and the picture that is on the wrapping. You decide to take the item and put it in your coat. When you leave the supermarket a beeper goes off. You see your parents reacting in a peculiar way. After some investigation they found out that it's this item that you placed in your pocket that made the beeper go off. Your mothers face looks red and is very upset with you and begins to talk louder to you than you are used to. You look at the lady behind the counter, who has a little smile on her face. Your father's face looks angry. And after your mother paid for the item, you walk out of the store more fast than you are used too."

Herein you can see that there are different motives as to why someone behaved in a certain way. You can note specific ways of perceptions. And when reading this example you made projections about the situation's: How you would feel, How the kid feels, essentially you are trying to reconstruct the situation from an individual perspective and a more general perspective, so that you know and can reflect on your own understandings, your behavior and your experience.

Through blogging and vlogging you assist yourself to smooth-en this process of all obvious and less obvious 'thoughts' and 'experiences' and see how you in totality actually function within this world.

There are different approaches to blogging and vlogging and your personal approach will change from topic to topic and will change also through time. The reason why this is an fact is because through consistent blogging and vlogging, you get to know yourself more and more, and through that create a specific intimacy with yourself, with the topic, and the information and actually all that it entails.

At first when one starts to 'blog/vlog' one will see that these early writing's and video's will not be placed publicly. There are several reasons for that, and the reasons will become obvious once you've started making one. Always save your writing for future reference, so always make sure the title of the writings reflect the content.

The difficulty of beginning

Before people start blogging and vlogging some people have a hard time getting 'started'. They don't know what to talk about, how to approach things. The only valid advice that one can give at such a time, is to 'let it flow, and don't judge whatever comes out'. Some people made amazing vlogs and blogs just by letting everything go and go with the flow. Just keep in mind one thing: Always make sure that your starting point is clear. And if it's not, then you have already found the first the thing to investigate!

Blogging and Vlogging will eventually become part of your process and you even might discover, as many have, that at some time the experience of mandatory/voluntarily will cease to exist. You will discover how much you are able to aid yourself, and you will discover the joy that comes with that.

There are always people writing new blogs and making new vlogs, and we encouraged you to read/see them and share your perspectives and or questions with them.